Sea of Years

The Cage 
 Outside of the news, things had been quiet. There had been little drama in the way of pack troubles or general territory infringements and the likes. The nights that he did vampire patrol turned out fruitless, which was mostly a good thing. Boring was good, right?

 He was working the Cage tonight, plainclothes security, an undercover trap ready to spring on unsuspecting troublemakers. The building was not exactly warm, thanks to subpar heater conditions in what felt like early winter, but the growing crowd was sure to warm things up. Two men duked it out in the ring, throwing sloppy punches that lacked any great form but still shed blood. Dante watched from his dark corner near the door, settled on a stool, jacket tucked under his ass, beer in hand. It was little more than something to sip occasionally, a small comfort that would never be enough to get him drunk.

 His beast was well accustomed to the commotion of this place, but it did little to deter him from the common desire to slip into the ring on his next break.

Ceder Creek was 'interesting'. So far since rolling into town she had full on jumped into the deep end with both feet but at least Alex had a nimble landing and seemed to had found herself welcomed into the fold of things, getting the lay of the land hadn't been overly difficult once she no longer had to keep looking over her shoulder and now the only thing left was to track down that pesky job notion but she was in no real rush and was probably going to end up taking Alina's suggestion about the clinic. For now, however, she was going to follow through with getting a look at the cage.

It had been an intriguing notion from the moment she had been told about it and her visit tonight was fuelled by a trained fighters wild curiosity but that was still a part of her that nobody here knew about and she had no reason yet to disclose that she was a paramedic who did a little more then just 'dabble' in martial arts. At least not yet, she still wanted to settle in and get to know the pack first.

The underground location wasn't too far from where her hotel was and with the help of a description from Julie, she had figured it out well enough. The dark entrance way was filled with the scent of sweat and blood but it wasn't an over powering thing, she had to adjust to that sort of thing pretty damn quick with her line of work. Once inside the room didn't look overly busy (yet) but those who where already here seemed more interested in the two guys in the ring, she watched the two of them briefly but it was pretty clear that neither of them where very good technical fighters.

Alex stood there for a brief few moments before she glanced over to her right and realized she was only a foot or two away from the guy sitting on the stool, it became pretty clear at that point that he was a wolf but more then that he had a familiar touch to it. It was that same flair that had been in the bar where she had met Alina and that possibly meant this guy was pack.

"That get better as the night goes?"

She nodded a little towards the ring in the centre as she spoke, there was no disrespect aimed at the two fighters but it was pretty clear they hadn't been serious about the match.

 He could feel her approach before she came in the door - but when she did, she brought with her the telling scent of wolf, and the tingle of a pack member, to boot. Dante sipped quietly from his beer, not feeling particularly like sparking up a conversation, though he knew it was important to get to know pack mates well. At any rate, she took care of it for him by speaking up herself once she'd laid eyes on him.

 "Depends on the night," he said simply, but honestly, voice gruff. She might not be impressed, but he enjoyed any fashion of nose-breaking and bloodshed.

With her eyes having adjusted to the dark tones and bright spot lights it looked as though she had correctly guessed that there wasn't a particular dress code, from what she could see it was a mix of pretty much anything that anyone could come up with and that suited her just fine. Business casual wasn't quite her style. Tonight she had gone with a not fitted pair of tan khaki and a black hoodie over a white tee, there was nothing stylish about it but at least there was a practical side.

There wasn't any surprise from the answer that she got from the guy, nor with the gruff nature of it either because it all kinda seemed to fit in with the atmosphere of the place.

"Surprise by the minute, got it."

A muffled crack coming from the ring pulled her attention away from Dante but she didn't need a closer view to know that one of the two men had just broken something, a busted up hand or a nose was probably the culprit but either way she was somewhat glad that it wasn't a problem with her name on it.

With the brief pause in action as the 'mishap' was dealt with she returned her focus on the guy and figured she should follow the civilized notion of introducing herself.

"I'm Alexis."

 Dante, despite the great anti-social man that he was, was quite aware of his own beast's curiosity of the other as it sniffed around the inside of his brain. Somewhere there on the metaphysical plane he could see it, a brownish wolf that seemed so far to have little out of the ordinary about it. The man ignored it for the moment, but couldn't deny the way the animalistic nosiness bled into his own being, eyeing her as she spoke again. Her words warranted a quiet chuckle. Indeed.

 "Dante," he returned, overall unbothered by the commotion from the ring. It was the sort of thing he'd gotten used to over the years. "You the new kid on the block?"

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