Kensington Quarter 

Kensington Quarter was awash with all types of festivities of the season. Tonight was all about Oktoberfest. Various live music with the audience singing along could be heard provided graciously by local bands making it their sole purpose in live to perform polkas, waltzes, jigs, and just general merry music throughout the venue. Visitors were meandering between the many tents showcasing crafts and wares for sale as a few here and there adorned drindles and lederhosen. Walking amongst all the happenings brang warm smells of fresh baked goods and poured alcohol caked on breath or cups. This corner of Cordova was alight with joyous fun and laughter even as the sun went down. If anything, the party actually kicked off then as people milled in after work and snowflakes began to fall with the leaves.

Natalie had made her way into Cordova after work, which she assumed would be safe considering the sheer amount of people present and how could she not go! Plus, she had Boris to keep her company. It was Oktoberfest, one of her favorite festivals of the year, partially because it was in the fall and partially because it was always super fun to go around dancing and making things. The food was an absolute bonus.

With a dressed up Boris on leash walking with her, she had made her away around for a bit until a particular tent had stood out. It was a station just to make Edelweiss hats out of paper in a sort of origami way with many things to decorate them with. Walking up, she sat down and watched how to do it before taking a crack at the craft. Halfway through folding the hat and Boris stood up to put his paws on the table, wanting attention and curious now that his sniffing rounds were done. Pushing a nose against a bottle of glitter, the golden was successful in making it wobble a bit. Natalie turned to look just as the whole thing fell onto his head in a colorful rush of plastic metallic squares.


Zachary didn't know what he stumbled into. A drive into the downtown area to visit his bank's main branch had been redirected due to an unexpected build up of traffic. As he had tried to leave from the bank he was surprised to discover a large pedestrian crowd moving towards the square. There must be some kind of festival going on, and well, he had the time, so Zachary drove along the backstreets until he found a parking spot.

Following another group to the festival, he immediately was struck by the loud music and the massive mugs of beer being passed around like currency. Oh, he realized that he must of have walked into an Oktoberfest celebration and a quick mental check did indeed prove they were in fact in October. Finally all the knee high socks and odd hats made sense. He didn't know much about the festival in general besides the goal of drinking and eating your way through a German feast.

Well he was hungry, so sign him up.

Nearly every tent had beer and some kind of food, so it was easy to secure his own mug and a fresh pretzel. Weaving his way through the crowd, excess foam splashing out of the mug, he spotted an open seat right outside a couple tents. Sitting down he tore off a chunk of pretzel and happily began chewing the warm dough. Zachary let his eyes wander as he people watched. He caught the movement of a big yellow dog in the tent beside him, wagging its tail and attempting to jump up. The dog moved forward and in one second to the next had managed to tip an entire jar of glitter down its body.

A loud laugh escaped Zachary as he watched the poor thing shake its head, trying to dislodge some of the sparkly dust now clinging everywhere.


Negin sat at a table outside of a cafe. Her legs were crossed and an elbow rested atop the table's surface, allowing her palm to hold her chin. She stared at the festival happening only a hundred yards away from her. It had been Peter's idea to go. He had thought it would be fun. Negin thought staying at home and watching a movie would have been more fun.

The large and mighty Bubba lied at her feet while they waited for Peter to return with beverages. Negin tore her gaze away from the festival to stare into the cafe. She stared at his back as he stood at the counter, waiting for the drinks to be made.

A few seconds later, the drinks were handed to him and he turned to walk back out to her. Negin rose from her seat. Bubba pushed himself up to his paws. His tail wagged at the sight of Peter as he handed Negin her latte.

They strolled through the festival. A smile was put on her face to mask how tired she had already become. It was overwhelming: the large cluster of people, the urge to have her light eyes trained on Peter like a hawk. Fortunately, the boy stayed at her side while the dog walked on her other.

Loud laughter caught their attention, causing them to look to see a dog with glitter coating its face. Peter giggled before turning to look at Negin and said "Can I ask to pet her dog?"

"Uh — 'course," she replied. The smile remained, despite the prickle in her chest.

"Boris, oh nooo!" Grabbing the glitter bottle off the ground, she placed it back on the table before turning towards the now happily wagging and sneezing golden who seemed pretty unfazed about this turn of events other than shaking its head repeatedly. Natalie took both of her hands and tried to pet off the glitter in long strokes, apologizing to the crafting lead, but it was kind of a lost cause till the dog had a bath.

A laugh had her looking over while wiping around Boris' face. Seemed some young guy that vaguely tickled with recognition was getting a big kick out of this, and it was definitely funny, she could agree there. Turning back her attention to her dog, she stroked his cheeks, still trying to get what she could off. "Y'know what you're absolutely right. I think this was needed for your costume. Who could resist a sparkle dog?"

And as if on cue, an approaching little kid had Natalie looking up with a smile, still holding the golden retriever's face in her hands. "Hi, there." An ask to pet her dog had Natalie moving the leash around so Boris could have more free reign as she replied, switching around in the seat so she could face him. "Of course! This is Boris." The dog in question wagged its tail happily and leaned immediately in for pets. "I think he likes you. What's your name?"

The dog looked quite pleased with all the attention now being lavished on him. Zachary's lip twitched in sympathy for all the glitter that poor girl would be finding for weeks after today. That stuff got everywhere.

She had turned briefly towards him, his laughter louder than he had previously assumed. At least she didn't looked annoyed at his outburst, but she did look familiar. Maybe she had been a customer at his shop recently? He'd have to look at her again to be sure.

His view became blocked as a mother and child duo entered the tent, followed by a dog of their own. The nice wholesome gathering of pet lovers made Zachary wistful again for one of his own. He'd need to go back to the shelter someday soon.

Taking another bite of pretzel, he chewed unhurriedly and watched as the family and girl interacted.

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