Spinning Round and Round

Chihiro wasn't sure what to expect from teleporting, but it certainly wasn't that. While she'd expected to be disoriented, yes, the level at which it hit her nearly knocked her off her feet the instant her feet were once more on solid ground inside of this strange man's apartment. It felt as though she couldn't breathe for a moment, and as Hiro stumbled away from him to try to find something to hold onto, she found that the world around her spun with each movement.

Eventually, the young woman just sat on the ground with her head between her knees, hands clasped in her hair. The headache that had just begun to fade from her little bout of clairvoyance was now back in full force, something she probably should have thought of beforehand.

"Well," she gasped out, finally managing to begin to catch her breath again. "That was... You do that every day?"

Her weight being suddenly wrenched away caused him to stumble forward, thankfully into the side of his couch and not a sharp table corner. He stabilized himself quickly and turned to assess his passenger. Unlike his previous jumps, this one didn't cloud his eyes over and he was able to transfer locations with mostly clear eyes. A first!

His excitement at the marked improvement would be short lived, as he heard her groan in discomfort. Chihiro probably looked and felt like he had that first night.

"Hey, you okay? I'll get you some water." He moved into the kitchen and filled up a cup. No time to do something fancy, hope she was fine with tap at the moment.

Zachary knelt down and set the cup next to Chihiro. Smiling nervously, he ran a hand through his hair. "And uh yeah, sorry. First jumps are always the worst."

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