Train Yard 

The weather was getting colder, more comfortable for the Russian girl, and causing her to be outside more often than when the sun was blazing down upon her. Night, especially, was the best time for the red head, for this was when her hands would begin to itch with their typical need, memories of the flickering flame taking over her mind, filling her with need. It was the only thing she could think about as she stomped along the grass, imaging just how much better it would look if it were up in flames.

Not now though, no, there were people around. She couldn't see them, but she had heard of the dangers that lurk in this part of down. The drug dealers, thugs and possibly the less threatening homeless. She wouldn't end up in the home again, and so she would have to find the perfect place, but the need was strong. Very strong. She wanted to see the flames, she needed the flames.


"Just a little will not hurt. She hummed, bending to grab at the nearest object, a random bored to be exact. Wood, it would burn nicely.

Eyes looked towards the opposite end of the board, and with just a tiny bit of concentration. Flash, a flicker started, growing more and more as the red head found herself squatting down, transfixed on what danced before her.

"Beautiful." She whispered, a smile forming on her lips.

Abel didn't quite know what to think of the cold, except that at the end of the day when he was all worn out and sweaty, it was really nice to cool off with a walk in the evening air.

He had finished cleaning up and clocked out, the last out of the shop tonight except for his boss, and had stopped by McDonald's for a small cup of coffee. Now he was touring through Crestview, walking along a bridge above the trainyard and feeling comforted by the blue-collar feel of the neighborhood. It reminded him of a much larger, much greyer version of home.

He took a moment to pause at the railing and feel the wind cool the sweat on the back of his neck, unfocused eyes gazing down at a dark, dingy spread of tracks — unfocused, that is, until a sudden flash of light drew his eye. Was A giant fire? No, a small fire and a lot of red hair??

She was completely and utterly absorbed in the show before her, hazel eyes taking in all that they could, even with the sting of the heat causing irritation, she did not blink. She would not, could not, miss a single beat of this marvelous sight. It was through her devotion to the flames, that she did not notice, nor feel the presence of another nearby, mind pushing for the fire to grow higher and higher.

It had not been a good idea for her to start the fire here, not a good idea for her to start a fire anywhere with her history. The addiction was strong within her, and the need to burn more grew, and it was highly doubtful that this single board would do the trick in sating her desire.

Such was the life of a pyro such as her. She would not be satisfied even if the whole world were to burn around her.


Not having seen the fire start, it wasn't immediately obvious that its origins were of anything other than lighter fluid and a match. He took a drink of his coffee and watched, thinking only what a strange sight it was.

A kid messing around? Someone battling some crazy? He had no idea, but wasn't ready yet to keep walking.

The stick could only last so long, and while she did try and hold out from the sting of the heat as it neared closer and closer to her hand, she eventually had to just distinguish it completely, raising from her squat with a sigh, throwing was little of the stick back onto the ground before turning to notice some dude staring at her.

A frown made its way onto her lips, eyes narrowing as she looked up towards him, a hand falling onto her hip. "I am sorry, but is it often that you stare at women who are minding their own business?" She called, more angry at herself than the man, for her power could have just been discovered because of her own negligence.

He knew he'd been busted just a second before she called out. Straightening a little guiltily at the railing, he gave her a sheepish smile. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. The fire just caught my attention. Everything all right down there?"

He didn't seem to realize that she was the one who had caused the fire, Evelina immediately relaxing in the realization. "Yes, everything is okay." She called back, feeling a bit guilty on how she had snapped at him, but at the same time feeling it was just when he had simply been staring at her all this time and had not once called out to her.

"Fire certainly catches the eye, and so you are forgiven." She informed, moving a bit closer to the man for easier conversation. "I apologize if I had you worried."

Her anger and defensiveness flagged quickly, which allowed Abel to sag back over the railing in relief. You are forgiven. He had no idea who this young woman was, her look incredibly striking, her English accented. Also the flame thing. "It's no problem, really. Should I ask what you're doing with the fire?"

She should have known that the fire would not be dropped without question, most people holding at least some semblance of an aversion for it. She supposed it was not quite a common sight to see a female, or any person for that matter, to be messing with fire as she was.

"It is probably best you do not ask." She answered, really having no excuse in mind for why she had been messing with it in the first place.

"How about you? Should I ask why you are walking about so late at night?"

Well..he had asked permission to ask. He smiled sheepishly, as if being a pedestrian was suspicious activity, then pointed to the little logo stitched onto his suit. "Just got off work. I'll leave you alone though — stay warm, all right?"

Get it? Hee, hee.

Raising a single hand, Evelina watched at the man left, heart beginning to slow as she realized that she was indeed in the clear, and having no interest in having another close encounter, Evelina made to go back home as well. One night of danger was enough for her.


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