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Mountainside Planetarium - Clutch Only 
October 20th, 10 PM
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Suit, Tie, Shoes, and sigh, Mask.

Savannah and Ellie had arrived some hours before to assist in setting up the decorations the three of them had gone through the process of picking out. It did not take long, as the underground common room was not a particularly large space. The girls had done wonderfully in finding decorations, and Edvin found it easy to find a place for the three taxidermy crows he had picked up on his small excursion with Robin amongst the petals, candles (fake, of course), and pumpkins they had placed atop the piano and various tables.

In the corner, set aside and to be untouched by all in attendance save for the few volunteers Beauregard had secured, sat a table of small finger foods. For the undead guests, there were champagne glasses on a table nearby the piano, with a glass drink dispenser holding a recognizable dark red liquid. It would not be appreciated by some, but those of the Clutch that did not mind would likely find the option useful if they did not fancy putting in the effort to secure a volunteer. When all was said and done, Edvin was pleased with how well everything had come together. Once he was finished securing the last of the balloons, Edvin thanked the girls and dismissed them and himself to get into costume.

It was not so much that he was ashamed of the costume he had put together. The suit, for what is was worth, was well made. The shoes were nice, and he did suspect he would wear them again. The mask, however, was something he did have to put a great deal of consideration into. It was what made the costume believable. WIthout it, it would be somewhat difficult to parse what he was dressed as. And yet, something so ridiculous was not in line with Edvin’s sensibilities. There had been the temptation to seek out something perhaps more subtle, but somehow it had felt like cheating. The spar had been fair, and he had lost.

So, he would swallow his pride, keeping in mind that he was not likely to be the only one dressed in a silly costume. When he finally did come to join the gathering party, it was with a smile on his lips and head held high. If anything, it would be a fun story to tell if his costume was questioned. For now, he would go about his night if nothing particular was out of the ordinary.

There were a number of guests present now. Some human, most undead. Edvin scanned the room of faces dressed in various costumes as he strolled through toward the table with glasses, a soft smile on his lips.


 Greta had not dressed up for Halloween in years - she had not done much beyond handing out candy in, what, a decade? So, as nice as it was to have such a thing to attend in light of the holiday, it had been something of a struggle to come up with a costume idea that wouldn't look absolutely ridiculous on her.

 In the end, she settled on something that was both historical and relevant to her interests; she was no Christian woman, but Joan of Arc was admirable enough. A full, genuine suit of armor had been considered, but ultimately she had decided against such a clumsy and loud and, frankly, excessive. The costume she had settled on was not exactly accurate, per se, but was a lot less unreasonable and generally easy to maneuver around in. With her hair in a tight braid and a sword in her hand, she hoped anyone who was privy to world history would be able to pick up on what she was.

 Even from across the room, it was easy to tell what Edvin was - or so she thought. A crocodile, though she didn't quite understand the significance of it. The bow-tie was particularly confusing, and so she decided she would ask him about it. Even as she approached him, she decided she wouldn't keep him long. Busy host and all.

 "Well done, Edvin," she congratulated him with a small curl of her lips. "Everything is very nice. But I must ask you to explain the tie to me." There must be some kind of joke or reference she was missing.

Abraham Lincoln + a top hat

 Edvin was the only reason he had bothered with a costume - mostly in part because, well, Edvin was the only reason he was here at all. Dressing up seemed childish, but knowing that several other grown vampires - some a thousand years grown - were doing it made him feel a little better about it. So, he had gone through a few options that he was comfortable with, and finally settled on an apparently popular figure that he should have been around to witness the rise and fall of. Instead, he had missed an honorable man's life thanks to a totally insane bitch locking him in a house in the desert.

 He stood just outside the door to the room where the event was being held. He could hear and feel all the people inside. Suddenly, he felt absolutely stupid - his suit was nice, not some cheap costume fabric, but the fake felt beard and the too-tall hat were absolutely ridiculous. But without those two items, he was just a man in a suit. Which option made him more out of place? Lazarus ran his hands over his face in frustration; indecision was a bitch.


Okay, so Party City had given him a good starting point for the costume, but he'd had to get a bit creative here and there with the parts. The end product, was pretty snazzy and yeah, it'd probably be better with an actual Batman with him, but this was the Young Justice version thank you very much. Before leaving, Tikanni couldn't sit still and ended up doing some random Robin moves in the mirror with sound effects to pass time and try to just be calm. He was more so successful in passing time and looking like a nerd more so than anything, but it was the effort that counted.

Now at the Planterium, he made his way to where the fancy version of a Halloween Party was supposed to be partaking. He was almost at the door where noise of others already in attendance could be heard when the form of someone looking a bit indecisive here had Tikanni stop. They were in a suit and a big hat from what he could see from behind. It had a few ideas as to what they were, but he'd wait till the guy turned around to really guess as to what. "Hey, uh, are you going inside too? Did it get cancelled or something," he spoke up, concerned that perhaps both their efforts to be dressed up was for naught.


Beauregard had been in the planetarium earlier in the evening to assist in decorating and assuring the dinner volunteers were properly peppy. Weeks of notice had given him considerable time to find a variety (leaning young and attractive, of course) of humans he could convince to happily attend.

But he'd gone home to freshen up, and dress up, and laze for a bit so as not to be the first to arrive. (A rare thing for a man as punctual as Beauregard, truly.)

Flying back prevented the need to be seen in costume anywhere but a proper place for such a reveal. He'd swapped between forms rather stealthily on the way down to utilize key cards as needed.

Now ahead of him, the form of two vampires apparently a tad nervous. Beauregard was feeling dangerously chipper, and he would not hesitate to manipulate their emotions as he approached, edging negative anxiety toward happier excitement if he could.

His arrival would be quick and nearly silent, though they'd undoubtedly feel the force of his presence as he landed some feet behind them on the floor, a handsome little thing.

"Eventide does not cancel events so important as Halloween parties," he hummed in greeting, an exaggerated sense of offense in his tone. Robin and Abraham Lincoln, a comically mismatched set of costumes. "Perhaps one of you could open the door for me?"


This was another instance of what was quickly becoming a tagline for more nights than not: it sounded good at the time.

 She'd gotten the invitation same as everyone else, and at first, she had thought to let it get buried, to occupy herself with her own affairs. Hindsight, she sort of wished she'd stuck to the comfort of that policy as she made the walk up to the planetarium, focused on the sound of her heels on the cement.

 You could go home. And yeah, she supposed she could have done just that. She could have just - went home. The clutch was wonderful in the sense that no one would breathe down her neck and insist that she keep close, that they all mingle. But ... she rolled her shoulders, brushed off the front of her skirt before she pulled open the door and immediately headed down.

 About halfway their she thought about those she had at least some fleeting experience with - Beauregard of course, Edvin, Raziyya in the most primitive sense of knowing she was ever vigilant. The rest of them were familiar faces and names, there in the sense that they'd made shallow homes in her memory, but ... suddenly being strapped down with a handful of foam and wire birds didn't feel so ridiculous.

 She looked from one to the other, neglected the hard to miss talking bird in the room, pursed her lips as she forced herself to focus on the door. Stay here, the party is out here. No. That's weird, three's a crowd and since when was she so ... this? A question for a different time, or optimally never.

 Instead she forced herself to give a curt nod to Abraham Lincoln and ... Superhero boy, kept her eyes down as she stepped ahead and shouldered the door. "I got it." She'd hold it too, leaning in a bit to look at the ragtag bunch expectantly. At least arriving in an influx and at the same time as the dominus would disperse the attention immensely.

 The sound of another’s approach served as some encouragement to pull himself together, to at least appear like this was not a stressful endeavor. Still, his expression was his typical brand of pensive, brows stitched up and mouth an almost-pout, as he looked at the other vampire. He had absolutely no idea who the man was supposed to be - some superhero, perhaps? His mouth opened to respond, but someone beat him to it.

 Lazarus turned quickly to apprehend who had spoken, not too surprised to find it was a bird speaking to them. The intense presence that came from the little creature suggested it must be Beauregard himself, and maybe it was just his very presence that soothes the boyish vampire. At least nobody so far had made any snide remarks on who he was supposed to be.

 A vaguely familiar woman approached almost directly on the heels of Beauregard. Her costume’s reference escaped him as well, but he would shuffle aside to let the woman hold up her word of opening the door. Lazarus would file in through it in whatever order felt most natural, uttering a quiet thanks to the bird woman. He spotted Edvin and Greta across the room, but moved to linger on the fringes of the activity, near the volunteers. He knew what they were here for, and naturally held his interest for the time being.


From the beginning, the role of Peter Pan had been played by women. It was only in recent years that a boy would be cast to hold the role, in voice or in face. But in stage productions and older movies, tradition reigned.

There were many versions of a female Peter Pan costume, and Raziyya truthfully had a bit of trouble deciding which she wanted to replicate. In the end, the Betty Bronson version seemed to have the most charm.

She was downstairs already with her Tinkerbell Safiya when she saw Edvin milling about with his crocodile mask, and Greta with him looking absolutely flawless.

Raziyya was sorely tempted to go and answer the question for him, but instead held back and listened.

Costume, But with her regular brown curly hair because fuck wigs, and These wings

A meeker girl than Safiya might have been nervous meeting a giant chunk of the Clutch at a halloween party. Safiya, however, was overwhelmingly excited. Halloween was her favorite, and the costume Nasreen had suggested was one she knew what she was going to do for within five minutes. There was only a little apprehension at being told there would likely be a lot of blood around, but they had fed before they came and Safiya was determined to keep her shit together. The last thing she wanted to do was fucking bloodlust in front of everyone in the clutch.

She trailed behind Raziyya, not close enough to look like a lost puppy, but near enough to make it know that their costumes were a set. The shimmering gold glitter that trailed behind her? That was an illusion, thankfully mild enough that it wouldn't cause her much pain to keep it up for at least the first half hour or so. So, she was Tinkerbell but with white eyes, which maybe was creepy, but the pixie dust was mandatory. Her eyes scanned the room of disguised faces, a smile on her lips as she moved about. There was a man here dressed as a crocodile, and given they were Peter Pan and Tink, it wasn't hard to grasp what he was going for after seeing the bowtie. Now, where was hook?

Her head turned toward the opening door. A woman in a costume of a lady being attacked by birds entered. Safiya spluttered, taken off guard by it. Behind her was someone she almost didn't recognize! Abraham Lincoln, but underneath that beard and hat was Lazarus. A wide grin stretched across her face at him, and she made a mental note to pry him from the wall he was heading toward at some point. Next was Robin, or at least someone dressed as Robin. Young looking guy. Most people looked young, actually, which was nice. Her head craned for who was next.

And he turned and it was one of his guesses, Abraham Lincoln. Nice! There was a reply somewhere, but there was a beat where he stilled before both them turned to where a mockingbird sat and talked to them. Beauregard was attending as a mockingbird apparently. That felt like cheating a bit, but it was great news to hear the event hadn't been cancelled. Tikanni was about to open said door when a woman walked up with birds all in her hair and just did it for them. As she kept it open for them, he scrunched up his brows trying to understand her costume and if it was related to the dominus being a bird as well. Perhaps, they were going as a couple? It was a possibility at least. Perhaps, he perched in her hair to finish the look?

Smiling at her and saying a quick thanks, he walked through the door after Lincoln and took in all the decorations and others in attendance. Everyone's costumes were pretty cool. There was a fairy and Peter Pan, so they were probably friends, a crocodile or was it a fancy godzilla? and a woman knight. There was variety here and he appreciated it, but the sight of the humans in a room full of vampires had him a bit uncomfortable. So instead, he stayed away from that part of the room and made to look at where particular grouping of decorations sat, a bit confused with the flame that wasn't flame. He prodded at it, what the what.

Beauregard had a practiced sort of laugh, a handsome sound, that he utilized often and with frequent sincerity. But the noise he made as he spotted Ophelia was an unrefined noise, a genuine guffaw from a small bird.

"Delightful," he chirped, a little bow of appreciation accompanying as she opened the door. He would flutter above the heads, eyes quickly taking in his options. Dinner first was terribly tempting, but equally impolite. There were two vampires he needed to visit first: Edvin or Raziyya. Rolling something of a dice in his head, he ultimately decided on the latter. It was worth checking in on her facial bruising! (And it would be rude to interrupt Edvin's conversation.)

He'd make his approach quickly, wanting to surprise. Safiya would potentially spoil his arrival, but no matter. In a flash, he was a bird, and then he was a man, standing rather closely beside his guardian and hoping to startle her. (If it knocked her fairy into bloodlust, he could always push her into dead sleep.)

Beauregard had spared no expense in his costume, ordered literally the very night that it was mentioned to him. An exceptionally expensive replica, and one he'd snuck out in daylight hours to have properly tailored. So many layers that he would be dreadfully warm were it not for his status as "undead."

His sword had been left earlier in the evening at a table somewhere and he would need to collect it later.

For now, elaborately dressed, he tapped at his chin with a hand that at very least looked silver. (He could not find a genuine silver piece in time.)

"What is it that pirates say? Avast?"

That hook would then to move to swipe a lock of black wig hair from his face perhaps a bit girlishly. He hadn't had long hair since his youth.

She'd been so focused on her eavesdropping and on paying attention to Safiya's wonderful work of selling her costume that she managed to completely miss the feeling of the Dominus nearing until it was absolutely too late.

A small startled gasp, a little jump, and she turned on her heel to see a very churlish Captain Hook. For a moment, she left her station and rank behind and glared and huffed like he might have been her troublesome brother rather than her Dominus.

"Avast, codfish," she teased with a squint at him, feeling very much like a leader of lost boys with how extravagantly he was dressed compared to how simply she was. But that was the story, wasn't it? She folded her arms and tried not to smirk now that she was over her surprise. "It suits you. The hook and the hair and the hat, all of it."

Alas, it was not too long before he was approached. Edvin greeted Greta with a smile from beneath the scaled mask, his head tilting in a nod as he slowed and laced his hands at his lower back. It was not an impossibly hard costume to determine. Joan of Arc. Perhaps a bit tedious, given it was a religious figure, but there was no sign of any artifact that would potentially be harmful to anyone present. "Thank you, Greta." He said of the compliment. Though obscured, his brows lifted as she asked him of his bow tie.

"Ah, you see. I am part of a set." He gestured then to Raziyya and her fledgling, whom were Peter Pan and Tinkerbell respectively. "Our Dominus," His eyes scanned the room for any sign of their Capitan. None yet, though there was a gaggle of guests arriving; one of which he recognized as Lazarus. "Will be Captain Hook. I am the crocodile that ate his hand. In some renditions, he carries a ticking clock in his belly. Hence," He gestured toward the bowtie.

"I lost a spar to Pan there." He gestured with a nod toward Raziyya. Just then, a bird fluttered about the Guardian, and he recognized the coloring immediately before they transformed into a fantastical visage of a man. Beauregard, wig and all, a convincing Captain Hook. A hearty chuckle found its way from Edvin's chest at the display, and he lifted his hands to clap approvingly.

 Edvin was kind enough to explain his costume, and Greta made a soft "ah" of realization. They were a band of Peter Pan characters. Of course. How cute. She followed the Second's gaze to the door, watching people filter in and chuckling to herself at the sight of Raziyya starring as the main character with some pretty young thing playing the part of Tinkerbell. Complete with sparkles, how cute. "Is that so?" she purred, amusement blear in her words. "She is a wonderful opponent, isn't she?"

 There was Edvin's young, broody charge, another boyish vampire she didn't recognize, as well as the dark and lovely Ophelia, who was apparently capable of some humor after all. Where was the boy she so often had with her? Her eyes lingered on each of them in turn, and she thought she might go greet at least one of them, but the thought would be put on hold as Beauregard appeared, bursting out of his dainty bird body and into a far more... captain-y one. Another chuckle from Greta. How lovely.

 The old Swede would gesture lightly with her head towards the other three vampires in Edvin's troop, and then begin to move up to them with a little smirk. A tilt of her head to both Beauregard and the lovely young woman who must be Tinkerbell, acknowledging them with a tiny grin. "Congratulations on your victory," she greeted Raziyya, a cheeky gleam in her eye. "We'll have to start keeping a scoreboard around here."

The herd of people shuffled in, and Safiya was tempted to go bug Lazarus. But then, a bird flittered over. Like a literal bird. And then it was a man. Safiya blinked, startled but not enough to put her on edge. After staring dumbfounded for a prolonged moment, she recognized the man beneath the Hook costume as Beauregard. A smile spread wide along her lips as he and Raziyya bantered. Codfish was fucking smart, and Safiya appreciated her Sire's silver tongue.

Beau's display had garnered some attention, and Safiya turned her milky gaze toward the two approaching. Both older looking, which immediately impressed on her that they must be ancient. A woman, who was in an armor costume. And a...a man, but he was dressed as a? She eyed him a moment, her brows furrowed. Crocodi-OH. Holy shit. The crocodile. Safiya couldn't help the small chuckle. "Yours is my favorite." She said to the man as he neared.

The reaction was all he could have hoped for. Her glare was perhaps something better fitting Tinkerbell. The young girl did appear to be sparkling, an amusing touch.

"Codfish," he gasped, all exaggerated offense. Still, the compliments were well received and he smiled handsomely.

"I had long hair in my youth, you know. Though not such a terrible color and texture."

Greta and Edvin were approaching, the former in some curious armor getup and the latter simply doing his best. He murmured in preparation to the Guardian.

"Did Edvin fullfil your reptilian requirements?"

There was some giddiness then between Raziyya and Greta, and Beauregard felt faintly left behind for it. But he offered Edvin and the not quite soldier handsome smiles regardless, mustache feeling rather foreign on his face.

What a collection they all were.

"Did you? I might have found you rogueish," she commented on his hair, leaving the natural pairing of "roguishly charming" to dangle unsaid. He knew he was charming. She didn't need to feed it to him.

As Safiya met with the approaching crocodile, she heard the words of the Dominus as her eyes caught sight of the other. "Worthy of a shredded arm and a cured concussion. I think I did very well, actually."

She held said arm to her side, not wanting to reveal the gruesome display too freely, and gave him a victorious smile.

But oh dear, if her heart could flutter, Greta would have it pattering. It was a silly costume in the end and no great show of craftsmanship, but the idea of her wearing armor was terribly alluring. She laughed some to the words of the Soldier-to-be. "And if we do, you'll be on top," she gave, a sly flirt disguised as compliment.


Amelie was one who did not like arriving fashionably late, but it took longer than she thought it would to get her hair done. It had been slightest bit too short for the up-do so she had to buy one of those fake hair bun things. She could have used the ginger wig, but thought it looked terrible on her.

Dressing up was also something she did not like to do. Alas, she heard Beauregard badgering her in her head for wearing a plain dress and being a boring wallflower (she still had every intention to do the latter).

The moment she walked in, she felt self-conscious and regret in coming. She was certain she would not have been missed. However, standing at the door forever was stupid. She promptly slunk over to smell of human blood.

costume = this except no mustache

Marybeth had to take the bus here, making her upsettingly non-punctual, but even so, she was excited to come in and see friends! Savannah! Amelie! Tikanni! Piano man who didn't like her probably!! And also Beauregard AKA dad vampire, AKA very good guy who had saved her bacon quite recently. Marybeth was nervous, definitely, but still on that grind of making vampire friends and trying to become Part of A Community.

She felt very optimistic all the way up until walking through the door, at which point her costume started to feel...very sad. Very slowly, she was starting to realize that other vampires must have a lot more money than her.

She blew a quiet lip-raspberry and began an unassuming circuit around the room.

Ok, so it was electricity and it was a noted thing that existed. Obviously, Tikanni hadn't hung out in a Walmart in a while. That explained, he'd turned as some new arrivals came in, noting with familiarity each. While Amelie went a direction he was more than happy to steer clear of, Marybeth was just looking around a bit lost.

So without much thinking, he went to walk up to her, all smiles, happy to have someone to potentially talk to. "That's a really ace costume, did you make it?"

 Oh, slick Raziyya. Greta’s brow rose infinitesimally, a quiet huff of laughter betraying her amusement. The woman was somehow forward and underhanded all at the same time, but it was almost a challenge to take anything seriously between all of them dressed in their silly costumes. Greta let her laughter be her response, eyes turning to the young, sparkly thing beside the Guardian. "You must be Safiya. It’s nice to meet you," she greeted the woman. Then to their amputee Dominus, "The moustache becomes you, Beauregard." She wondered whether he thought so; maybe he would think she was poking fun at him. Her eyes turned away from their little group to assess the others in the room. A drink sounded nice about now.

The trio was quite a scene. Hook and Pan, and a glowing little Tinkerbell. Edvin did not miss Beauregard's approving nod, and Edvin returned it with a dip of his head and a humble smile. As for the laughter and compliment from the young fairy, Edvin turned his eyes upon her a fixed her with a grateful smile. "Thank you, dear. Though I don't think anyone else here has special effects." He said with a nod to the glitter trailing behind her. Edvin might have continued were it not for Greta, whom spoke the words he prepared to say. Safiya nodded with a somewhat sheepish looking smile, and Edvin hummed fondly for it. She was a nice girl, that one.

His gaze settled then to her Sire. "I trust your head is healing well?" He asked of the Guardian-turned-Lost Boy.

Beauregard had been rather handsomely roguish in his youth. His smile was genuine, less practiced, and the mood was good in this small circle.

Taraneh fell into the flirtatiousness he began to assume she would offer even inanimate objects. Greta was certainly some variety of spectacle, but he could not deny that it suited her to some degree.

Her comment felt mocking, but he was dressed in a way he knew to potentially earn as much. Beauregard offered her a chuckle, sincere enough, and twirled the end thoughtfully. (By hand, not by hook. His dexterity with the latter admittedly had leagues to improve.)

"Believe there's some stragglers I have to pester," he said, a way of excusing himself from the group. "I much appreciate you all attending."

As if Edvin or Raziyya had much choice.

Greta slipped from her, and it seemed the Dominus would do the same. How sorrowful, but at least the crocodile could entertain her.

Besides, she enjoyed their focus on Safiya. At least in front of her.

"In time," she said with a soft tilt to her head and a smile, turning her arm so the gruesome scabby injury could be viewed. But she was rather fond it, for all it still hurt to touch. "I enjoy the very classy interpretation you've gone with."

Tikanni's costume was kind of so good she didn't recognize him right away?? Her eyebrows shot up in giddy overexcitement as a Robin approached, hands immediately rising to pluck nervously at her shirt-onesie thing. "Oh! No, I'm bad at sewing. I bought it at a store." She then stepped in, inspecting his cape with a little tug. "You look like a movie actor!"

Her eyes moved from cape to mask, and she squinted, smiling even though she was unsure. "Are you Tikanni?"

Enthused was a good word for her and it made him awash in much the same. It was nice to have a vampire that jived with him well. They seemed to be on a similar wavelength and that was wholly appreciated.

"Well you look great. I like it." He thoroughly meant it and honestly was excited for her for finding something so original.

Tikanni watched as she fiddled with his cape and smiled big at her compliment, gripping one of his arms as she looked at his face. "No, absolutely not," he responded in a mock deeper voice to her questioning. "I'm Robin, Boy Wonder." He let go of his arm in opt for crossing his arms and changing his stance so it was a superhero pose.

The woman was incredibly gorgeous, and Safiya didn’t miss that remark Raziyya. Someone had a crush. Safiya couldn’t blame her. ”I am.” Safiya said with a bright, beaming smile. So many vampires here, and they were all so nice so far. As far as the man, he pointed out the sparkles she made. With a mischievous little smirk, Safiya accepted the compliment. Yeah, she was pretty impressive, huh?

Beauregard was excusing himself, and Raziyya was speaking to the man, so Safiya was left to decide. Speak to Joan of Arch, or go bother Lazarus in the corner? While the woman was gorgeous and all, the latter seemed more enticing. With a little nod to all those near her, Safiya spoke, specifically to Raziyya, ”If you’ll excuse me, I have a wallflower to go pick.” With that, she headed off.

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"I might have gone without the mask, but it does well to hide the bruising." Edvin hummed in response to the compliment, a gracious nod accompanying it. "I do think I might keep the shoes." He looked down to his feet, and clicked his toes together. It seemed their small little gathering was splitting into their own paths, and Edvin was more than happy to see them off, glad for the outcome of the party and each vampire's chance to reconnect with one another. He spied Marybeth, whom he had yet to meet, chatting with Tikanni, the boy whom had been so confused. Safiya made her way toward Edvin's charge, and he was glad to see someone attempting to pry the boy from the corner. Godspeed on that endeavor, dear. As for Beauregard, Edvin responded only in a nod, perhaps more thankful for the Dominus' participation than conversely.

Marybeth was startled by the joke, and a look of bewilderment transformed into giggles as Tikanni braced his arms and made the superhero pose. "Oh you look so good! You've got the right haircut, even!" She turned a bit so that she stood beside him and sighed again at the quality of the costumes around them. "I'm going to have to try harder next year. Have you ever been to a vampire party before?"

As she laughed, he relaxed with a giggle of his own. "Thanks," he grinned. Honestly, the haircut wasn't even intentional, but now that she said it, yep, rolling with it!

He wished Marybeth wouldn't be so down in the dumps about her own costume. It was really great! "I think you did phenomenal, but if you want help, let me know," he offered. Crafts were fun and making costumes, while not an every day occurrence, was something Tikanni had enjoyed with this one.

"And uh, no. This is my first one."

P H E N O M E N A L !!! ! !

Tikanni was the nicest person in the WORLD!!!! Marybeth beamed, wiggling slightly in place at the compliment. Then her arm shot out to point at the refreshments table, specifically the lemonade carafe full of room-temperature human blood. "Have you ever seen that before?" Since he had never been to a vampire party, probably not!!

She was still riding pretty high on looking PHENOMENAL, she didn't wait for an answer from her friend before making a beeline for the spook-juice!

exit Marybeth!

Suddenly, Marybeth seemed to be glowing which was a nice look on her. His eyes flew to where she suddenly pointed though and was about to ask what was so special about a fruit punch carafe. The question if he'd seen that kind of thing before hinted it was most definitely not fruit punch or whatever. "Nope, I can't say I have," coming off a bit more in a questioning tone than intended.

She was already making her way over there as he answered. So, he followed her, curious to figure out what was up.

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