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Jubilee Oval 
Evening, 7-9 PM, All welcome! Dress with a matching blue head scarf in this style

This new schedule was a little tricky. She had to work to find the right scene that clicked with what she did. It helped that the sun set pretty early, but she suspected it would get a little harder in the summer. For now, she found herself using the back room of a crystal shop tucked into one of the strips of restaurants and shops that populated the area around Jubilee Oval. It was quiet in here, soft music playing. She'd had to do without candles, so it was a little less warm than usual. But the setting was pretty much the same. Most of it was provided by the shop, but she'd brought in a few of her own things.

To kill the time as she waited for someone curious soul to wander in and get enticed by the sign outside the door, Safiya idly shuffled the tarot cards before her. No one wanted to walk in an see a psychic medium on her phone. She didn't mind much, there wasn't really anything worth looking at on her phone anyway. Plus, her mind was sort of preoccupied with the fact that she was erring on the side of hungry.


Alice was a little more than obsessed with crystals, believing very much in the energies that they gave off, and with the whole fading memory thing, she was definitely in the market for Dumortierite. A crystal that would definitely get her life back on track, and help her forget about that strange night and that missing time she had loss.

It was in her browsing of the crystals that she noticed a little sign in the corner, a psychic was making shop in here as well, and Alice practicing witch craft herself, was very much intrigued. It was perhaps fate, that she had come to the crystal shop during the time, and maybe it was through this that she would finally be able to let go of that night. Pushing into the room, blue eyes took in her surroundings, landing upon a curly haired woman with tarot cards before her.

"Mind if I come in?"

It didn't take long for someone to come peeking their way in. Safiya sat back as she fixed the girl with a keen glance and an enigmatic smile, one she adopted when doing sessions. She held herself differently when she worked, easily falling into a role of someone wise beyond her years and a witness to what lay beyond the veil of mortal existence. "Yes, yes. She said in her softer, more serpentine tone as she lifted a slender hand to wave the girl in. She was gothic, edgy. Someone that looked like the would be in a crystal shop. "Come, sit. What can Kissa do for you?" An update to her name, since Nasreen/Raziyya had introduced her into the art of coming up with creative names. Kissa was one of the favorites she'd found so far. So, it was her name for the night.

She was invited to sit, and Alice would do so, easily slipping the rest of the way into the room, and setting herself down comfortably before the girl. It was a curious thing, the art of magic, or witchcraft, and something that Alice had always found herself highly intrigued in. There were nights that she would spend hours reading up on spells or practices, learning all she could before ever attempting to practice it.

She had never once succeeded in it, but she believed it only because of her lack of knowledge, and was sure that one day, there would be a chance she could be the same as the women who sat before her. Fingers lacing together, Alice leaned in slightly, interest very clear upon her face. "Well, a few days ago something happened to me, and I'm not exactly sure what." She started, biting her lip awkwardly as she sat back into her chair. "I'm missing quite a bit of time, and the last thing I remember is leaving work, and then all of a sudden I'm on the ground with ripped clothes."

The girl sat down and made herself comfortable, and Safiya straightened up to mirror her posture. Her eyes trailed over her face, her neck. Was it worth it to make a meal of this girl? She was human, and Safiya was hungry. But she hadn't hunted without Raziyya yet. She'd have to figure it out, but for now she focused on what the girl was saying. Something happened, but she didn't know what. She was leaving work, and then she was on the ground in ripped clothing.

Safiya's first assumption was... not great. Usually when girls passed out in ripped clothing, they'd been roofied and used. But she'd left work, so? Maybe a coworker. The ripped clothing was what caught her up, though. "Ripped how?" She prompted, her apprehension at the answer obscured by the levelness of her tenor voice.

"Just up here." She moved a hand grasping at the cloth that lay between her shoulder and neck, a small shudder going through her spine as she remembered the night. "I felt fine though, no scratches, bruises or anything like that." She was pretty sure she had fallen though, so why had she not had a single scratch?

Ripped clothing, but no scratches. And the rips were... not where they would have been if she was sexually assaulted. Safiya observed her for a moment, her brow faintly creasing but her lips staying put in their steady line. Ripped clothes, loss of memory, no injury. Sounded... actually, it sounded like something she had a answer to. Maybe. She knew from watching Raziyya, it was common practice to wipe the memory of a human after a feeding. She also knew what it looked like when vampires went into bloodlust; but that had been something she knew about in true life. Last but not least, she knew from experience that vampire blood healed all wounds. So.

Maybe? It was hard to know. Things just weren't adding up. The memory loss was the most convincing. As the fact she had no trace of a wound on her. Hm.

Safiya's eyes went to the cards before her. She gathered them in slender fingers, then offered the pile to the girl. "Shuffle, then. We will take a peek and see what we fish up." Safiya settled back into her chair as she waited for the girl to shuffle the deck. When she was finished, she straightened and took the cards back. From the deck, she drew three, placed them on the table face-down, and set the deck aside. "Your past," She said, and turned the card over. The Tower.

"Ah, here." She tapped a nail to the card. "In the past, there was a sudden change." Like bloodlust. "Not necessarily a change in you. Maybe around you." Like a vampire. "The Tower represents chaos and upheaval. Something sudden happened." Like a vampire suddenly going crazy,

"Presently," She said as she flipped the next over. Ace of Swords, reversed "Naturally, you are confused. There is no clarity, that is why you come to me." She said with a smile. "Your future." A Hanged Man, upright. Actually, it was perfect. "Acceptance. Letting go. Some things, dear, are not meant to be understood." It was likely not a good enough answer for the girl, and she felt that. It was frustrating, not knowing. Maybe... it felt like cheating, but her whole job was cheating.

"Perhaps you can find it in yourself to accept this and move on." She posed it as a helpful suggestion, but threw in a dash of magic. It was bizarre feeling, but something clicked and she knew it worked.



Alice knew a great amount when it came to tarot cards, owning her own deck back home, but never had she dared to see her own fortune in them, only using it on those around her. It was strange to be on the receiving end, but she was eager in seeing just what the cards had for her, shuffling them quickly before handing them back to the curly haired woman before her.

It was going great at first, the teller pulling cards that made the ultimate sense, that is until she got to the final card. She was expected to just move on? She wanted answers, not to just forget about it! She was about to oppose this outcome when the woman spoke again, something in Alice's mind seeming to click, and suddenly, everything was okay.

"Yeah, no need to worry about the past I suppose." She answered with a shrug.

"So how much do I owe you?" She had gotten her answers, no need to stick around.

Good. Safiya smiled. Honestly, it was better this way. There was talk of payment, and instead of money, the immediate response was on the tip of her tongue. But she couldn't just outright say "let me drink your blood", so. "Nothing monetary, An experience, in exchange. It you would trust me." Yikes, that bombed. But the girl still owed her, so. Maybe?

fail :c


She didn't want money?

Alice gave a look of confusion, but she set her purse aside anyways, hands falling onto her hips as a bit of her defenses came up, giving the female a skeptical stare. "What kind of experience are you wanting?" There was no way in hell she was going to sell her body to this creep, if that's what she was wanting.

She was worth a whole lot more than just a psychic reading.


She'd have to do this the hard way, she guessed. With a quick glance to the closed door, Safiya shifted to the edge of her seat. Before she stood, she found the girl's eyes. "You'll feel nothing for this encounter but fondness." Borrowed words from her sire. She felt the satisfying sensation of something working. With a warm smile, Safiya stood then and approached the girl. Soft finger tips trailed along her cheek, and then through her silver hair to brush it up over her ear and away from her neck. Slowly, she stooped, and she let he lips part as fangs emerged in a familiar sensation. Her skin was warm and the blood even warmer as her fangs pierced the girl's neck and that sweet liquid pooled in.

Successful bby vampyr


Something clicked in her brain, Alice nodding her head with a soft smile as the woman came closer, even going as far as to tilt her head upwards to offer more of her neck as the other went for the bite. She did not try to pull away, nor did she voice her dislike for the situation, for there simply wasn'y any. In fact, Alice enjoyed it, content in just standing there and allowing the woman to do as she pleased.

He blood was sweet, but not as sweet at psychic blood. It was fine, though. It hit the spot, and Safiya smiled around where she placed her teeth as the girl almost seemed to lean into it. Her hands grasped the girl's shoulders fondly, and eventually she pulled away. Proud of herself for not over doing it. "There will be no wound." She assured her as she stepped away, her tongue flickering across her lips to clear away any blood left over. "Thank you. You may go now." She motioned toward the door. Dine and dash. Heh.

It did not take too terribly long until the girl was finished, Alice straightening up as the psychic moved away, giving a soft nod at the fact there would be no wound left behind despite how the fangs had pierced her.

"Okay, thank you." Was all Alice said to the dismissal, leaving the venue, and even going as far as to forgetting to buy the crystals she had initially gone there to buy.



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