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After Yana drops her off to her car

Asha gave a heavy sigh to this whole night, alone in her own space, but not for long. Sorta.

She pulled out her phone, looked with a huff to Beauregard's response to her stupid text thing. Decided she kinda wanted to hear him right now instead of making him text, even if he seemed to improve at that.

Incoming call


Vampire politics hotline, you've reached Mr. Bertrand.
Beau ❤️


She let out a laugh that was tinged audibly with relief for some dumb reason, like a shaking out of her cat's coat to be out of a serious situation and into one where she could just breathe.

Hello Mr. Bertrand. Calling in to report.

An inhale-exhale followed, and she shook her head.

Couldn't get Sayed to lead me to Amy. One of the people I was with decided to go off all half-cocked after him for... no actual reason, as far as I could tell.


That was all... information, he supposed, but it was sorely lacking...

Context? For all of this. And who was your company?
Beau ❤️


Right, context. It was important.

Well. So one of the Belle Vista cats was on a shift in Avondale? And two vampires saw him and decided to say it was their place and stuff. So Yana wanted to go check them out, see who they were and if they were gonna be problem neighbors. I went, but also Yana's dumb bear brat boyfriend decided to come to... show off? I guess?

A pause. Maybe don't mention the damn fire.

We were around some dusty town area and he popped out of some boarded up building. Yana and I were trying to ask questions, but Levka decided to just... I don't know. Terrorize the guy. Ruined any chance of getting real info out of him. Then Yana told him to leave and Levka took off after him, after he got a yelling from her.

One last big sigh.

You think they'll retaliate?


Oh, my. Juicy if nothing else.

A competing clutch did not sit well with him, however. Perhaps it would be worth a visit himself.

This... bear would not leave the vampire alive to tell stories, I assume?
Beau ❤️


Well, I don't know if he is gonna kill him. Probably. And I don't know if leaving him alive is better, or... if either way, there's gonna be retaliation because he had his head too far up his ass to think.


What stupid animals.

If he is alive to share what happened, of course they're going to kill every cat they come across. Who wouldn't?

He laughed, then, and perhaps that was cruel.

I can't imagine the message I would send to my group if three shifters cornered one of my own in my territory. It would be hunting season, Asha.
Beau ❤️


Well. That laugh made her kind of uncomfortable. She pressed her lips together to listen to what her vampire had to say.

So Levka just started a war on my border.


Fucking... really great.

I cannot answer for all vampires. I don't know what mess is forming in that dreadful slum. But you would do the same, wouldn't you? If a gaggle of vampires bullied one of your own?
Beau ❤️

Perhaps they would war and thin each other's numbers. Delightful news for Beauregard.

I would. It's just... so stupid.

A heavy sigh followed.

I should... I have to. Let my people know, I guess. You're not going to. You're not going to help them, are you?

She'd said no to Yana but maybe it would help to just hear it from him.

Goodness, no. I hope you kill every single one of them if they're forming a group. I don't care for competition.
Beau ❤️

With Amy involved, could they even compete? She was sworn to good behavior, after all.

Less caring of an answer than she would have liked. It was about competition and not... care.

Honest enough.

Okay. I'll do what I can. Have a good night?



Now he simply had to keep his group far away from that mess.

Take care, darling. Clutches are weakest in their early days. If there's a problem, I'm certain you can handle it.
Beau ❤️


There was a dangerous suggestion in those words. The idea that she should move immediately against whatever was happening there, whether it was a new clutch or just a pair.

And if I go alone and end up getting swarmed during this hunting season... then I guess that's that?

She asked it quietly, contemplating the idea that she was, maybe, just an animal with numbered days.

A stupid question from a stupid girl. He spoke with scolding.

Don't go hunting alone when you have allies. I am the strongest vampire in Cordova, you know, and I don't travel alone out of territory.

That would be Taraneh's dream, anyway. He continued with intent to persuade.

Be sharp, Asha. For me? I would not want to lose my favorite kitten to foolishness.
Beau ❤️


Asha didn't know what to do with all of that. It had her biting at her lip, seeking out shreds again after so long having not done that.

Don't go alone. So what, endanger her own? Put someone else in harm's way? But they're weakest at the beginning, Asha, you can handle it, Asha, I hope you kill them all, Asha.

She thought this call would help her feel better and this? Wasn't?

I can't... do that. I can't let others I care about get hurt. So I don't... know what to do.

Like a guy who talked about hunting season would have an answer, or anything she wanted to hear.

Like there was any answer to it.

There is no leader less useful than a dead one, Asha. Vampire jokes aside. If you want to protect those around you, don't go charging in to die for the sake of foolish selflessness. Call on Yana. On her idiot bear. Strike in force. It's their mess anyway, isn't it?
Beau ❤️


I guess so.

She didn't... like this. At all. Being tethered to others, feeling like her hands were tied up either way to do things that might endanger them.

It couldn't be Abraham she dragged with her. And it couldn't be any of their others.

Yana, or Levka who started all this mess anyway, and she'd be the weakest of the batch, banging the war drum based on the reasoning of a friend whose reasoning she couldn't argue whether it was actually true or not.

Her head felt like it was spinning. Her voice felt a little weakened and removed as she spoke, and she wondered if it was because she could feel herself starting to shift. At the base of her spine, a squeeze of her vertebrae before they threatened to shatter so they could reform to a larger, longer creature's.

You're probably right.

She had to go, now.

Oh, woe, he'd frightened her too much. She was so terribly fragile.

I often am. Perhaps we could spend an evening together soon to talk some of this out. Remember, you can always poke around their territory in the middle of the day without issue.
Beau ❤️

Certainly they didn't have a Dominus


Yes. Soon, promise. I r-really gotta...

It was more of an exhale at the end than anything else. She hung up, which he'd probably wouldn't be too happy about, but. She could make it up when she wasn't in her car fighting a fucking shift.

She needed to make another call now.

"How rude," he said flatly to no one, putting his phone on his desk and frowning at it.

Shifters were such animals.

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