Death Do We Part


She would had changed, but she didn’t have enough time. Instead, she got out her first aid kit, hoping she wouldn’t actually need it. Sure, Sayed had been attacked but that didn’t mean that he was severely hurt. Right? Right? Her hair hung in loose waves around her, her fingers having run through it multiple times for it to actually look presentable.

Amy was probably going to be here any minute and she hadn’t even called her to let her know that SAyed had been attacked. There are been no time. Instead, she warmed up a blood back, put it in a glass next to the first aid kit, got out a few blankets and threw her laptop and notebook for work in her bedroom.

At least the place was almost always cleaned. She hardly had any dishes to wash given the fact that she didn’t eat food, and she didn’t have human friends who did.

Outfit, rings/nails, plus leather jacket.

She hadn't set foot in Larkspur ever since the incident with one particularly pissy coyote, but as it was now, she felt more confident in her ability to fend for herself, especially given the fact that that silver dagger she'd traded for her knife so many months ago never left her person. Truthfully, though, shifters were not as big of a threat compared to other vampires.

Making it to Pandora's apartment, she'd rap her fingers twice against the wood and wait for the woman to open the door.

Socializing was what made her push onward; without meaningful people in her life Amy was good as a corpse sitting six feet underground, slowly decomposing as worms and various other insects and mites worked their way through rotten flesh.

Maintaining a positive air about her, amber eyes remained bright despite a not so great mood.

outfit something like this, but with the jeans dirty and ripped and the jacket torn up a bit.

Sayed felt awful. Not just because he was physically injured, but because he'd fucked up again. He'd own the mistake, because he knew it was the responsible thing to do, but it ate away at him worse than the half bear's teeth had. He had never wanted to cause so many problems. Back in Chicago, he was practically forgettable among his clutch. He'd been told before that being a rogue was hard, but it seemed as though people were interested in his friends and the possibility of a clutch forming when there had never been any public mention of the clutch.

Whatever had happened with the old one- the one Beauregard mentioned in his first meeting in Lavender Heights, and the one the shifter woman had mentioned earlier in the night- the one that she had apparently helped take down- it must have been a mess. And any rogues hanging out together must be suspicious to everyone else.

He tried not to think about it too much as he came to a stop outside Pandora's apartment. His hand went to his neck again and touched the sore, slightly oozing mess that was left there from the were's jaws. The pain radiated down to his shoulder, where claws had sunk in earlier. He wanted to leave. Deal with the mess on his own. Move away and not get anyone else dragged into this mess. But he needed help. He stayed in his car as he watched Amy arrive, and a new wave of guilt washed over him. She didn't even seem to know what was happening.

As soon as she was inside the apartment, Sayed carefully got out of his car and stumbled a little to the door. Between the injury and the anxiety, he felt sick. His knock was quiet and his eyes cast down as he waited.

When she heard a knock at her door, she all but ran to it, flinging it open only to see a girl there instead of Sayed. Oh, right. Amy. She was supposed to come to her apartment too. At least, she thought this was Amy. "Amy?" she asked looking down the hall to see if Sayed was behind her. She was a pretty, young thing dressed from head to toe in black, looking a lot nicer than Pandora did, but still.... she was not the one she was hoping was at the door.

She frowned. She was being rude. "Please come in. I was hoping you were Sayed. Did you hear from him? He was attacked by Weres," she said, her words sounded rushed as she ushered the girl inside. Sayed probably didn’t contact everyone, but still, it seemed like Sayed knew more vampires in the area than she did. Perhaps he had called the girl... maybe she wasn’t even a girl. Maybe she was older than Pandora, her power signature didn’t give anything away.

But still, she glanced from the girl to the closed door as she heard foot steps heading toward her door. "Um, he’s here," she said with a small, apologetic smile before reaching for the door and opening it again, Sayed’s hand still raised in the air from his knock but his eyes down cast. She frowned, "Sayed." She looked him over quickly before stepping forward and reaching for him, hoping to bring him into a soft hug. "I was so worried. Come inside."

Amy felt the vampire's presence even before she opened the door.

And when she did, the woman looked distressed, the emotion so strong on her features and voice that it made the blonde raise her brows in surprise. Remaining silent as Pandora went on, the younger vampire's lips pressed into a thin line as soon as the next sentence was spoken; Sayed was attacked by shifters.

The cheetah must've belonged to a group.

The beginnings of fury burned in her gaze, but otherwise, she'd be ushered inside without issue.

Sayed came soon after.

Amy had barely made it to the living room—hadn't even sat down on the couch—when another knock at the door filled the air. Fixing her gaze towards the source of the sound, she listened to the words that followed, not finding it in her to say anything immediately.

"Tell me what happened, where."

It'd be clipped, strained when she finally found her voice.

Sayed hesitated in the hug that was offered to him from Pandora. He knew the woman had a mistrust of men, and he knew that it was best to not touch her. He didn't want to make her uncomfortable, but as her arms wrapped around him, he finally felt safe and let his arms loosely wrap around her. He pulled back a moment later, frowning. "I'm bloody. I don't want to get it all over you or your apartment."

Sayed looked past Pandora then, at Amy who was questioning what had happened. More guilt. He closed his eyes briefly before spotting a nearby chair and sitting down. "I went back to Copper Mountain to hunt," he started, assuming Amy would think him idiotic for doing such a thing. But the truth was- he wasn't that adept at hunting. So when he'd been told that Copper Mountain was a pretty easy spot, he wanted to go there to have a quick and easy hunt.

"I ran into three shifters. I heard them coming, so I tried to hide in one of the abandoned buildings. One of the shifters- a woman using a cane- set my building on fire. I tried to get out quickly and quietly, but it didn't work. And my pants leg-" he paused, looking down at the ripped part of his pants by his ankle- "It was caught on some wood so I couldn't get up and away before they all surrounded me. There was a Russian guy- I'm pretty sure he's part of the North Glenn group, and I think some Russian lady? She was the one in charge, it seemed. And she said she was friends with that cheetah we ran into, Amy."

He stopped and rubbed his face. "Anyway, they demanded to know who I knew and what friends I had. I said Beauregard, but the Russian lady somehow knew that it was me who'd been there before and upset the cheetah. She demanded to know who I was with and said she'd kill me if I didn't answer." He stopped and rubbed his face again, sighing deeply. "I was scared, so I told her your name, Amy. I just said Amy, and the shifter with the cane knew immediately who you were. I didn't tell them anything else. I didn't say anything about the clutch, and when they asked if a clutch was being formed, I said no." His voice was wavering then, as he sped up his talking, scared that Amy would get upset.

"Anyway, there was something weird going on between the three, like they were all mad at each other. The Russian lady let me go. But then the bear man followed me. I didn't know he was following me. And apparently they can just like partly shift? When he came after me at my home, he had the head and claws of a polar bear." He shuddered just remembering it.

"And he just attacked. There was no trying to talk to him. He scratched up my shoulder and I managed to kick him off of me, and as I was trying to get to my car, he came up and just bit me here," he frowned and pointed to the mess that was his neck and shoulder "and dragged me off to the side of my house to tell me that if we retaliate, they'll kill us all." He looked down then, feeling overwhelmed once more as tears stung at the corners of his eyes. "And then he ran off-" He paused as his voice cracked with emotion, and cleared his throat, "and I drove straight here."


Part of her wanted to scream as she willingly hugged him, another part felt comforted just from his presence. She didn’t consider him some unknown man that wanted to debase her in some way. Instead, she thought of his as a friend and as someone who needed to be nurtured. When he pulled back, she let him, a small breathless laugh escaped her parted lips. "Oh please. That’s what’ you’re worried about? Furniture can be replaced and everything else can be cleaned," she said softly as she used him further into her apartment and closed her door.

As Sayed when to sit down, she grabbed the cup of blood and first aid kit. She offered him the blood first, quietly listening as he spoke. She looked up at him, wondering if she should even try to calm him. She figured it could be for the best. He had already been through so much tonight. It was the least she could do. Her brown eyes lightened as she willed her power to settle over him, to calm him as he spoke. Not enough to make him incoherent, but enough to keep him from feeling anxious.

She could feel it failing, as his emotion was too great, too wild for her to do it subtly. She frowned, focusing in on his words. The idea that shifters were targeting them was pretty scary. Especially since she heard rumors that they killed the Domina that controlled Cordova. She had been there briefly before it fell and she didn’t care of the blood bar that was there. Poor humans raised like cattle.

"It’s going to be okay," she said softly. Her gaze sought out Amy’s, "I think we should let Holly know they are actively scouting that area and that they threatened Sayed." She didn’t know Holly that well. Perhaps the two of them knew her and her partner better. "Perhaps it’s just a misunderstanding and we can talk it out...." Because that always helped everything. She had vowed, after she killed all those related to her late husband that she would refrain from violence as much as possible. Not because she didn’t think it was unnecessary, but because she had liked bring pain to her enemies. To make them feel pain and fear not only emotionally but physically as well.

It took a bit of ushering to get Sayed to finally enter the apartment, but eventually he did and the door was shut behind him. Amy remained standing as the beaten up vampire took a seat, her hands crossed over her chest in an attempt to keep her cool.

But she found it all the more difficult as Sayed began his story.

He'd returned to Copper Mountain to hunt even after Amy had told him to be wary of the area and he had the misfortune of running into not one, but three goddamned animals. Two of them were women, one of which—the one moving around in a cane of all things—set the building Sayed was hiding in on fire. His cover was blown and it went to hell from there.

She grit her teeth but said nothing, finding herself biting her tongue until putrid blood pooled in her mouth.

Beauregard's name, however, managed to elicit a snarl from her, amber eyes turning a wicked shade of crimson as she pushed Pandora's words aside for a moment. Words of warning against that bastard couldn't possibly leave her lips no matter how hard she wanted to force them, so all Sayed was left with was a wicked stare which might've as well been due to all the mess of all he knew.

Pacing about the living room uneasily to get her temper back under control, she spoke more levelly.

"Describe them to me, all three of them. Start with the one carrying the cane."

She'd been the one to ignite the fire after all, quite literally.

Pandora seemed softer with him, and he was grateful for that. Her calmness helped to ease his own worries and he began to see things a bit more clearly. Amy growled as he told his story, and he was grateful for her too. She was angry on his behalf, and not necessarily angry at him. He'd made a mistake in going back to Copper Mountain, but he didn't feel like he deserved the mess he'd gotten himself into.

Amy wanted to hear more about the three weres, and he sighed and nodded. "The one with the cane is the one who knew you by name. Amilia Hale. Dark hair. Maybe Indian or South Asian." He paused, trying to think of anything else that might identify here before. And then- "She said you were wanted for murder of some girl she'd taken care of once before. That's all I really remember about her."

The other woman was even harder to place. She didn't give much away about her at all. "The other woman sounded Russian. She knew the cheetah we ran into. Told me to avoid Belle Vista and North Glenn when she let me go."

The man was a little easier. "The man was most definitely from North Glenn. Polar bear. Sounded Russian too. Quick to anger and violence." Obviously since he'd been told several times to not hurt him.

She was shocked that Amy was so quick to anger, though she didn't show it when she looked up at the blonde. She knew nothing about this vampire, only that she was planning on joining this clutch like they all were. She decided to not pass judgement, especially since Pandora didn't know all of the specifics. Instead, she leaned forward, opening the First Aid kit and taking out alcohol pads and gauze. Vampires couldn't get sick, but that didn't mean that bacterial infections couldn't occur. And it sucked because their flesh was already dead, so they had nothing to combat said infection.

"It sounds like the two women didn't want to harm you like the mad did," she said quietly, looking up at Amy but the blonde was already making to leave her apartment. Pandora stared at her as the door clicked behind her, her brow furrowing in confusion. "Drink, Sayed. You need your strength. You're welcome to stay here for as long as you need," she said, first indicating the glass of bagged blood she had offered him. "Is it okay if I clean you up?" Ever the mother figure, never actually the mother.

Permission to GM Amy granted by Kam

Sayed didn't exactly know how Amy would react, but she simply took out her phone, likely to text Holly or maybe Regina, and then excused herself; saying that she needed to cool off. Sayed nodded and sighed as she left. It was a lot to take in; especially after their encounter with the cheetah at Copper Mountain not long ago. He was glad for Pandora's calmness though. It was comforting.

"Yeah, and I don't know why they man wanted to attack me. I did nothing to them. I answered all of their questions and didn't try to hurt them or insult them or get away from them." He shook his head and closed his eyes, but immediately opened them again when the half man, half bear's face flashed in his mind's eye. Pandora was offering some blood, and he was thankful for it. He was hungry, and he'd lost a lot of his own blood in the fight. "Thanks," he said, eyes turning amber as his fangs grew out at the sight and smell of the blood. He didn't need the fangs to drink from the glass, but that was just one of the things that came along with being a vampire.

He drank deeply, only pausing as Pandora asked if she could clean him up. "Oh," he said quietly, looking to the injury on his shoulder. It looked nasty, and he imagined the one on his neck looked worse. "Yeah, if you want. I could probably clean myself up though, if you don't feel comfortable touching me."

Pandora attempted to stay calm, knowing her facade was carefully trained to make it look like she was. She sat back when he took the blood, her brown eyes roaming over his shoulder and neck, wondering if he were in any pain. She couldn’t probably help him with that as well, but her first attempt had failed. So... she figured she’d just stick to being there for him.

"I wonder why there’s such animosity between them and vampires. It almost sounds like they have a personal issue with us," she concluded, her accent light and voice low, soothing. She hadn’t been in the city long so anything before, or even shortly after, her arrival would have been over looked. Besides Sayed, she had no other vampire friends.

She let him drink, her own eyes turned golden at watching another vampire feed, soon averting her eyes and licking her lips. Perhaps he was right and it’d be better for him to clean himself. She nodded after a minute, turning to look at him and picking the First Aid Kit off her lap to give it to him. "Thats probably a good idea. The bathroom is down the all and to the left, next to the bedroom."

Sayed shook his head. He knew that the shifters were angry about the idea of a clutch being formed, but he didn't fully understand why they were so angry about it. It wasn't like they were planning on hurting any of them or even kicking them out of Avondale once the clutch took over. At least to his knowledge.

He drained the glass easily enough, and set it back down gently on the table nearest him. "Thank you for that," he said with a rather toothy smile. He noticed that her eyes had shifted too. "You know, if you need to feed, you should. I'll be okay," Another smile. He wanted to reach out and put a comforting hand on her shoulder, but he knew that his touch would not be comforting.

Soon, the first aid kit was handed to him and he was given instructions on where to find the bathroom. He stood, and realized he felt better after the blood, but he was still in pain. "Hey," he said a little sheepishly, looking back at the woman. "You wouldn't happen to have a shirt I could wear, do you? I didn't have time to pick up a change before I left home."


She offered him a soft smile he was so caring. She couldn’t help but feel attached. She wanted to make him feel better, to sooth his hair and take his pin away but she couldn’t quite bring herself to do that. For so long, she had lived without the touch of another. For so long, since she parted with her sire, she had lived without friendship. "I had a glass before you got here, actually," she said as she shook up and took the glass to the kitchen counter to clean the cup. She could t just have empty glasses that once had blood in them lying around.

She turned as he spoke, not able to keep her eyes from wideneing and laugh from expelling, her fangs flashing. She set the cup down and motioned for Sayed to follow her down the hall to her bedroom. She opened the closet and walked in, quickly sifting through her collection of clothes to grab an almost plain t-shirt. "It might be a little... small or tight in some areas." and probably loose in others. At least, it was big on her. She eyed Sayed from head to toe before turning to find a nice large pit of black sweats. Those would fit him just fine... right? She turned to offer him the pit of sweat pants as well.

Sayed himself gave a slight chuckle when Pandora laughed and easily followed her to her bedroom. It was once he realized where he was that he felt a bit like he was being invasive, and he stood awkwardly off to the side of her closet as she pulled a shirt and sweatpants out for him. "Thank you," he said sincerely, not even caring that the t-shirt had a silly pineapple on it.

He turned and went to the bathroom with the first aid kit and the clothes and set to work on cleaning himself up. Removing his jacket and shirt had been painful. Getting in the woman's shower and letting the warm water wash away the blood from his wounds had been painful. Cleaning up the wound and bandaging it with items from the first aid kit had been painful. Putting on the pineapple t-shirt carefully had been painful. Yet, despite all of it, he was only glad to do it himself. He didn't want to be more of a burden to Pandora than he already was.

Sayed exited from the bathroom a little while later, after having cleaned up any sort of mess he'd made and folding his own clothes neatly and carrying them out with him. He quietly made his way back to the living room to find Pandora. "Looks like a good fit," he said quietly, giving a little spin for the woman. "Do you have a bag I could put my clothes in?"

Success! She lessens his feeling of pain with her empathy.

She watched as he went to the bathroom to clean up. Oddly, she felt tired. Drained. As if she spent more than 48 hours without blood and her body was starting to wither away. She had a glass of blood before he came to her condo. She felt she needed it and she had. Especially seeing the sight of Sayed. She wanted to meet these aggressive shifters in person. She wanted to let that bear know exactly what it felt like to have his skin ripped apart.


Because he already did. In fact, he knew what it was like to have his bones broken ever full moon. A small, sadistic smile widened her lips.... until she could feel Sayed's pain as if it were her own. She gasped, her eyes turning gold as she plopped down on the couch, bringing her legs up to sit Indian style, pulling a heavy blanket over her lap. She shut her eyes, letting the pain wash over her.

She couldn't stand it. His voice made her jump, a hand instinctively flying to her heart. "Oh," she said, recovering quickly, and giving him a small laugh. "I think they look better on you than they do on me," she teased, letting her power leave her and wash over Sayed like his own, protective blanket. She didn't want him to feel the pain he felt. She didn't want him to feel any lingering fear. Only comfort. Only safety. At least right now. She'd see how long she could last into the night. "How are you feeling?"

It had started slowly; the pain easing away. He didn't know why. He'd been told that injuries caused by other supernatural beings would heal slow, yet here he was, already feeling better. He looked to Pandora with a smile, and noticed that she seemed a bit out of sorts. Sayed wasn't the best at reading people, so he wasn't about to say anything until he had concrete proof.

"I'm feeling better," he said softly, moving over to her couch and sitting down on the opposite side of her. "Thanks," he started, quietly. "for everything. I know it must be hard for you to have me here, since we don't know each other exceptionally well and you don't trust men. But I feel like you're my first real friend here, and I trust you. Completely."

She smiled at his softly, nails clunking against the glass of blood in comfort. Golden eyes looked up at him, evident that she was hungry or that she had used her power to ease his pain.

She followed him as he eased his way toward her, sitting on the opposite end of the couch. She braced an elbow on the back of it, resting her cheek on the knuckles of her closed fist. "It helps knowing you’re so young. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget what happened then, not what still happens today," she said softly, glancing down and looking at her glass.

She thought of all the women she continued to help via Skype. There were so many that were victims due to some sort of abuse caused by the hands, or voices, of men. She hated it. Pandora wanted to kill every single one of them, but didn’t. She was too close, the crime easily traceable. "I hope all women will eventually be able to walk through these streets without fear, which is why I liked the idea of a clutch led by women. We will have to see what Holly says about this." she offered him another soft, reassuring smile.

"For now, get some rest, you’re body will need some time to heal. Especially since you were attacked by another supernatural."

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