Fangfare, Part 2

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Incoming call
Queen Asha

"Pick up pick up pick up," she whispered desperately into the receiver before it even started ringing.

King Barlit

Quiet. Nervous. Also, he had mustard on his hand from sandwich making and he'd definitely just smeared it on his phone. :(

Talk. Me. Down.
Queen Asha

Grunted. Strained. Voice.

Fuck. Why was it always like this. Why had he even let her go. Abraham could feel the threat of her shift in his own body, and his free hand spasmed against the counter.

I- we gotta-

Ow ow ow ow it was moving up his arm ow ow ow ow.

Abraham sought for the most absurd thing he could possibly talk about.

I was looking at spurs for my cowboy costume and they're a lot more expensive than I-

And then, from some force within, he kind of burst into pained sort of giggles.

My whole Amazon recommendations is cowboy stuff now!
King Barlit


Oh god. Abraham. No.

Asha was in so much pain, writhing, and here he was struggling right with her and then fucking. Cowboy. Talk.

You're— god, you're the worst—
Queen Asha

She was laughing in her suffering, but somewhere in it her cat reached for his and attempted, via their link, to somehow wrestle her aggression at him, even from a distance. Didn't really work that way other than, like, feelings, but it was a better channel than trying to break through Asha's body, at least.

She just had to settle it all down.

Asha was laughing too! This was good. This was progress. His arm was still a nightmare and the hair was getting a little thicker?!

But progress!

I just wanted spurs but it's like th- it's like thirty dollars, Asha!

His distress over this was more over the tension in his arm, the jaguar seeming to have sunk its teeth into that particular spot.

I don't even own boots! You have to help me find boots!

H e l p .

Ohmy- oh my God, I'll help you find boots, okay?!
Queen Asha

It was more laughter now. The breathless sort, where she was gasping between syllables. And with it just this... latent sense of fear that triggered it in the first place.

She couldn't tell him yet. She was still busy laughing about the boots.

The muscles in his arms began to loosen, his gnarled fingers getting more human. Still, the cat rooed out in his head, wanting hers. Abraham wasn't even sure he was safe.

Okay. Well. You have to come home so you can help me find boots. And spurs. Okay? I can come get you if you want. I need a hat, too.

His tone was whiny. He felt whiny. Abraham just wanted her home, and he could worry about it from there.

She could feel his yearning and wished she was... home already, curled up. Murmuring.

Her laughter died in quieter huffs and she ran the back of her finger against the outer corners of her eyelids. He'd head her starting her car.

I'm coming, I'll be home soon. We'll get you a cat and — a hat and boots, cowboy.
Queen Asha

A little extra laughter for her verbal slip.

He felt very charmed, being called cowboy. That was a little embarrassing. But in the warm way that Asha embarrassed him.

You can put a hat on him. I think he'd walk funny with boots. What else do you think I'll need.


Warm and fuzzies. Asha sighed nicely.

Mmm. Boots. Spurs. Maybe a vest of some kind over that red flannel shirt I like? Chaps?
Queen Asha




I mean the chaps go over the pants. Right?

The car started, she pulled out of parking.

Google it all. Make us a list. I'll be home soon.
Queen Asha


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