Fangfare, Part 3

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In a move that would probably confuse and worry Abraham, Asha sent out a text message at a traffic light when she was about ten minutes away from home.

Hey everyone, please know that as of now Avondale is completely off limits because of possibly unfriendly vampire activity. Please don't go there under any circumstances. If you see any vampires in Belle Vista, call me or Abraham for backup ASAP.

@Abraham Barlet @Sol Fay @Frank Beringer @Abel King @Vidya Jain @Tyler Wilson


But he put on his game face and pretended this wasn't deeply concerning.

if you ever even feel weird just hit us up, we'd much rather come out for nothing than not be there when we could have been helpful


Hearing back from Asha was something he'd been worrying about since Mathis had mentioned the leader's potential foray into Avondale. Except, Frank was glad this wasn't bad to an extreme he'd thought, it was just confirming what he didn't want to be confirmed. Vampires were indeed on the border. The very idea that they'd romp down here as well had his cat very awake and loud as Frank himself felt on edge. He couldn't help a look out the window as if he'd see one right there and then as his thumb wrote a reply.

Understood. Everyone please be safe.


Oh, man. Vampires were a problem no matter where she went, it seemed. They were absolutely everywhere in New York, considering that's were the outing had taken place. It seemed liked they all swarmed there after that. But, she guessed, they were still very present here. Present, and apparently something to worry about.

Oh my! I will keep my eyes and ears peeled. Please be safe everyone.


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