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 It was not all that often that she made the decision to send off a wall of text, but some instances felt dire enough that they merited a break in procedure. The whole thing had to be cut up in many a text, annoying once she saw that it took up the whole screen and then some. Still, it was all the important information condensed. For a split second she hesitated over Isolde's name, unsure if the message would reach her or if she would even appreciate the warning. Still, if she didn't send it, if something happened ... that was a sort of guilt that would swallow her. So she did, pressing send to the coalition as a whole before tossing down her phone on the desk and exhaling heavily as she rubbed at her face.

I hope you're all faring well. As always, I try to keep you all in the loop as much as I can. Presently, we are keeping a close watch on Avondale. a little bit ago, Mathis had an encounter with a couple of vampires up at the old mining town. This encounter was not violent in nature, but not friendly.
With the recent fall of Bone Hollow, Levka, Asha, and myself went to investigate a couple of nights ago. There we discovered a single vampire, who goes by the name of Sayed. He was a weak, passive thing. However since it has come to light that he is aware of our weakness to silver. We did not encounter the other vampire who Mathis met, but allegedly her name is Amy, or Amilia - she is blond and thin in build. Presumably, she will have the same knowledge on silver.
I do not hover over you, you are your own people but we are a family. I know I don't need to remind you, but I cannot come to your aide in Avondale should you face a foe. All I ask is that you please be careful, and if it all possible avoid the area until I can say with some measure of certainty that you will be safe there.
As always, particularly now with the proximity of the threat, do not hesitate to contact me should you come across a vampire within our borders. I will handle it, one way or the other.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, now is your chance to voice them.


if you encounter won alone, I encourage everyone to try to get away without incident. i fear trying to talk and fight will both end poorly. pride is worth swallowing, i can say from experience.


Isolde was on the edge of sleep when her phone buzzed and startled her into waking. Her eyes peeled open and glanced at the illuminated screen - Yana. Ugh. A pang of guilt struck her in the gut, but as she pulled open the notification, she was simultaneously touched to be included in such a group text. A small gesture that might have warmed her if not for the dark weight that laid on her chest.

Fucking vampires. A guttural growl rolled from her as she read on. She hated them. Scum of the earth, nothing more than scourges, shit on her shoes that she could not even wipe off on the grass. Thanks for the heads up, anyway, she supposed - without responding, she turned off her phone to avoid having to read any more notifications for the time being, and did her best to return to sleep.

Charlie was in a strange place where he was harboring a secret. That secret, of course, being Isolde. So when he first got a text from Yana, he felt a wild moment of oh crap we've been found out or she's asking for an update which was... silly. Yana would understand Isolde needing time. And it wasn't like...

Well, either way, it was a battle he was having with himself, but it was something that he felt had to not be his decision. They'd deal with it when the time came. The important part was that Isolde was safe--if still mum about what had caused everything in the first place.

So uhhhh, well? This was a thing? Good thing he almost never got out to Avondale, preferring the bike trails a bit further northeast.

geeze, guys. but thanks for the info. don't worry i won't go looking for a fight

He hadn't seen them all in a while. He was still "out looking for Isolde" so it wasn't like he was going to work... But...

everybody's okay yeah?


everyone is safe for now i think. if you do get hold of isolde please send her this information.


Jackie could not immediately look at her phone, hands full for the moment as she sutured a patient's wound closed. Nothing really crazy had happened tonight, if you didn't count the rather loud person that had been strapped down in room nine, screaming something about how the Four Horsemen were coming and the "apocalypse was nigh". It was one of those nights, apparently.

And that kind of night seeeeemed to be continuing. Yay...

A small frown colored her features as she read the small novel, the expression deepening the more she read. She hadn't heard anything good about vampires and while she wasn't one to lump them in all together because of a few bad eggs, that did not mean she'd greet all of them with a bouquet of daises, ready to skip down the yellow brick road. Still, she had no reason or intention to go to Avondale, and had no problem steering clear of it for a while.

Thank you for the information and sorry for the late reply. Looks like I won't be going to Avondale any time soon.

She paused, thought for a moment, and continued typing.

If any of you are injured, please feel free to reach out to me. I have supplies at my home and am able to stitch you up, should the need arise. 9_symbol_heart_red
Jackie Cavanagh


[indents]Moments such as these, she was happy she had made the decision to text the lot of them instead of handling matters face-to-face. Sure, it got the information out quicker - but it also meant that they did not have to see her grimace at the mention of Isolde and playing telephone. There was still that dinged nerve, exposed and raw that yowled betrayal and slight. The rest of her was able to bury it, confident there was more than a sudden and oddly timed change of heart. But that, was not the matter at hand.

Thank you, Jackie.

A valuable resource for certain.

Be safe, all of you. Anything at all, you know this by now.


Everyone was safe. Jackie was awesome and offering to help in case that changed.

Tell Isolde if you get ahold of her.

Charlie was alright with lying by omission.

Charlie was less alright being more blatant about it. There was a reason he hadn't yet gone back into work, letting them assume he was still looking for their missing kin. Easier that way.

Declining to say anything at all, he felt warmly towards Mathis and to their Queen, and hoped for a slightly brighter future.

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