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After his discussion with Yana, it seemed he may as well take her good advice now. It was painstaking work, putting information into text, and trying to do it in a way that would read accurately, but he did his very best. Doubtless his guardians would be annoyed to be hearing about this foremost via text, but he could deal with them later.

after noon all there is somthing thta i need to tell you about if you wil bare wit me
recent event took me to avondale with alies from bellee vista las night where we met a vamp
there s reason to belief that there are mor there and that they know of silfer
may be avoid avandale for a bit or if you mus go take a friend
question pleas ask me or i will give bettere explain when we meet next
call text any time any thing

There, every bear or soon-to-be bear he knew of. minus Cliff and Maxine. Unfortunately, they were on their own.

The messages rolled in in choppy waves, but Esperanza, eternally patient, would sit and watch them come in one at a time. It seemed that there would be several received before the whole point was complete, and the mother bear pieced things together bit by bit with a furrowed brow. Had there been an altercation, an attack of some sort? If silver was involved, it seemed safe to say that was the case, but far be it from Espy to make Levka text much more than he already had when it seemed to not be his strong suit. For now, she would simply send him a text of acknowledgment.

Yes sir. Please be careful! 2_hand_pray


 "What the fuck ..." It was loud and more of an eruption than anything else, a sudden bit of aggravation as she resisted the impulse to slam her fist into something at chime after godforsaken chime. Instead, she tried to breathe in and out, slid her phone off the nightstand and frowned at what little she could make out from her lock screen preview. It was from the big scary Russian one, written by an eleven-year-old who'd just shot back a couple five-hour energy bottles.

 She didn't dare open it, setting her phone back down as she swiped away the ... from what she could glean, it was something about Avondale. Instead, she stared up at the popcorn ceiling of the motel room, tried to decide how long she could get away with ignoring it. The big dumb bear part of her brain pushed for even that small bit of contact, she decided perhaps not and settled in on an internal mental pissing match.


 She picked it up again, and this time she rolled her eyes properly at the name that was tagged to it. She'd already come knocking once, she didn't want another surprise mama bear drop-in.



Between the whiskey and Levka's borderline illiteracy, Lee only made out the important bits.

Avondale, vamps, silver.

The rest of the picture more or less painted itself.


To avoid any undue stress as a result of overthinking the situation according to the tidbits their King had provided, Lee washed it down with another shot of Tennessee whiskey and resumed watching hockey, if only because he couldn't find his TV remote.

Kroc had kept mostly to herself for the last long while, staying in the favored company of the small sleuth. She chose not to reach out and to keep herself hidden for the most part, especially when it came to following Levka and keeping him safe. When he was with Yana, she felt less of this need to protect him, confident that the Cheetah Queen would do what she could to protect the both of them.

When it came to this, however, Kroc extended that protectiveness to her fellow Sleuth members.

If any bears needs a buddy, I will go
Kroc Saurturi


If he wasn’t going to let Yana write his texts for him why couldn’t he try and use a translation program? Write it in Russian, send the English translation. It might be better than this. He’d suggest it over dinner.
Jackal Volkov


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