Capes, Hats, and All thats Inbetween.

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It was one of those few nights that Forrest found himself both out of work, and with nothing to do. A rare occasion for the man often made his own personal plans of movie marathons on his days off, consisting of all the classics from Lord of the Rings to every Disney movie known to man. Of course all of this could not be accomplished in a single night, and so took course over a few weeks most of the time. He had, however, just finished his marathon of Star Wars, and with Halloween sneaking up around the corner, he was eager to start on Friday the Thirteenth, but before that, there was something he direly needed to accomplish.

Costume shopping.

Yes, believe it or not, the man had yet to acquire this years outfit, and he was very close to running out of time. He knew the most popular costumes were most likely swept up by now, but Forrest had always been a man of individuality, and often just pulled together a mixture of things to make the most perfect costume. After much careful thinking and debating, the costume of this year was to be Sarah Sanderson, the queen of Hocus Pocus, and yes he knew that he would look utterly ridiculous, but that was what Halloween was all about. Dressing up and not feeling absolutely ashamed of how stupid you looked, because it was all in the name of fun!

Blonde wig in hand, Forrest carefully picked his way around the store, eyes inspecting every isle for things that just popped for his chosen character.


The middle school in Crestview was throwing a costume contest between students and teachers, and being new, Etta knew she couldn't disappoint. Halloween wasn't so much her favorite holiday since it was close to "that day," but she enjoyed it well enough and was enough of a team player to give the kids at the school a run for their parents' money.

She had an idea- Hocus Pocus was making a comeback, and being blonde, Sarah Sanderson was the obvious choice. She'd texted a few office staff and asked if they wanted to be Winnie and Mary. She didn't know if they thought her conceited for choosing the prettiest sister for herself, but she explained that she was blonde and so was Sarah. Either way, they agreed to it, and now she was in Cordova well after school to see what she could find at a Halloween store.

As she walked nearer an aisle, absent-mindedly humming Come Little Children, she smelled something horrible. She looked around, face twisted in disgust, wandering what sort of foul food someone had eaten to produce a stench that revolting. And then to crop dust it all over a Halloween store? She shook her head. It was likely a child. She did her best to ignore it as she made her way closer to a younger man also browsing the aisle.

As Etta stood next to him, she realized that he was the source of the smell. An adult! She looked at him and shook her head, and then grinned and forgot about him as she reached for the last long, purple cape.

It was strange how the smell of fish could envelope the senses so easily, masking away everything and making itself the only noticeable smell. It was terrible to say the least, and Forrest found himself crinkling a nose in distaste, finding it far beyond him to actually voice such a thing allowed, although he did find his eyes shifting around him to pick out the source. It was then that he spot her, a young blonde, but then again everyone was young compared to him, and very much shorter than himself.

As she drew closer, the scent grew stronger, and Forrest found himself shifting a bit uncomfortably, it was strange how her blood did not smell the least bit appetizing, and while he would have liked to move away from the foul stench, there was a cape he needed. Standing there, a single cape seemed to wave tauntingly, urging for Forrest to grab it and just sorta run to the next few isles over, far from this poor young lady who was in desperate need of a bath.

Fate however, held something else in store, for as his hand reached out to grasp the cape, so did hers and there they were caught at a crossroads of who was to get this marvelous most amazing cape. Let it be known, that Forrest intended to win.

<b>"Uh, sorry, but I really need this for my costume."</b> Please back off sister.

The smelly man was young; maybe in his 20s, but Etta was gonna use her middle school guidance counselor voice on him anyway. She cleared her throat and turned to look at him. "I'm sorry too, but I need this for my costume. It's for a group costume at a school." The thought that he, too, was looking to dress up as Sarah Sanderson never crossed her mind. In fact, she was sure he could probably just use some other cape. "There's a black cape over there I'm sure you could use for your costume, Darling."

She was persistent, even going as far as to mention a <i>black</i> cape over towards the corner, as if she even had the slightest clue as to what Forrest planned to be. Sarah would not be caught dead in a black cape, as if she were some vampire, and not the sexy witch that she was. No, that was Forrest, and Halloween was about pretending to be something different, better.

<b>"My outfit requires the purple cape. I'm sure you're little friends wont mind if you wear black."</b> She couldn't possibly have as important a character to play as him. Move along.

The boy was persistent, but Etta was patient. "I see," she said calmly, nodding slowly. "I'm afraid my costume needs the purple cape as well, darling. You see, I'm going as Sarah Sanderson. She's the blonde witch from Hocus Pocus. My friends are going to be Mary and Winnie, so I can't use another color. Sarah's cape is purple, darling."

She hoped that he would come to terms with the fact that she needed the purple cape more for her outfit. "It's also for a costume contest. My friends and I are hoping to win Best Group, so the cape must be purple. Is it possible for you to use a color that's close to purple? Maybe the navy one there?"

Darling? Forrest hadn't been called that since...Well, since his mom had been around, and it truly caught him off guard. It wasn't the 'darling' that truly surprised him, it was what came next. She was going as Sarah Sanderson too! What were the odds in that? Slim to none that's what, but it seemed fate was truly going against him tonight, trying to stop him from his most grand idea of the century. He wouldn't let it win though, nor would he allow fish breathe over here either.

Sarah Sanderson was his.

<b>"That's funny, because that's exactly what I was going to be as well."</b> He held up the blonde wig for emphasis, and while he didn't like to use it often, the slip of a suggestion came from his lips.

<b>"Give up on the Sarah Sandersons costume."</b> Listen, he really wanted to be the only one with the costume, and he was about giddy with excitement when it actually stuck.
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Etta was surprised when the boy said he was planning to go as Sarah Sanderson too. She'd been about to tell him that she could check another store when his eyes suddenly changed colors. She looked at him funny, but as he spoke, she no longer cared. Or really remembered. She blinked a few times and stared at the purple cape in confusion before she looked to the man took out her phone, and turned away from him.

"Yeah, I'm not going as Sarah Sanderson anymore. It's kind of a silly costume, don't you think?" she said into her phone as she wandered off to look at the other side of the store to see what costumes were available.

Yes, a silly costume indeed, one that was only fit for him.

Smile spreading well across his face, Forrest took the cape in hand, watching as the female made her exit of the aisle. It was nice to have the scent of fish ebb away as well, as he continued in his search for the most perfect parts of his dream costume. There would be no other Sarah Sanderson other than him.


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