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Natasha had received the invite, and while she certainly had many costumes, she was wanting to be something new this year. A quick google search, and a bit of scrolling had her wanting a pair, and with having like two friends in America, it was pretty obvious her options were limited. Opening her phone, she shot a text to the first person who came to mind. Cliff.

Hey! So I have a super important question for you!

And now she waited.

@Cliff Douglas

He’d taken to keep his phone’s sound on high lately. Just in case Riley or someone texted. It was a good thing, too, or he wouldn’t have heard the ping of a text over the whirring of the power drill he was currently holding as he screwed a leg into a piano bench.

He gave a glance toward the phone he’d set on his worktable, and focused on driving the screw all the way in before clicking off the drill and hopping up from his place on the ground. He peeled his gloves off as he grabbed the phone and unlocked it. Natasha, with an important question.

His stomach twisted. What was he going to have to explain to her?

Hey! What’s up?


She had just begun to rampage her closet when the answering text came in, clothes strewn across her room as she body slammed into her bed and grasped her phone once more, flipping onto her back to read the reply, grin spreading across her face.

So, did you get the invite to the Halloween party?


His brows furrowed at the text. What.

from who??

Was Indra throwing a Halloween party or something?

Uh, Natasha bit a lip, looking back towards her emails.

Actually not sure, but its at the Banquet Hall in town! Come with me!



Not sure, banquet hall. Cliff stared a moment, frowning. Hadn’t there been something like this for Halloween last year?

probably the city doing it. Im not big on costumes

He felt bad just turning her down like that, but. He wasn’t.

Boo! Natasha pursued her lip, brows furrowing as she type harder on her keyboard.

Come one, please. You're my only friend in America, and I found the most perfect costumes!

Please with cherries on top.

Okay, what the fuck. That was so sad. Did she have to put it like that?



show me the costumes

SIGH. Also he was being a hypocrite since he literally bought beard ornaments for Christmas. But that was mostly to make Maxine laugh. But.

that’s not a yes


Ok not a yes yet, but close enough!

Alright, prepare yourself for absolute brilliance!

[Image: adult-bailey-the-bear-funsies-costume-15.jpg]


Cliff had to set his phone down. News about vampires and silver and bears had disarmed him enough that the image killed something inside of him.

After a moment of pacing through his shop and wondering what the fuck his life was right now, he returned.

that’s a hard no

He, admittedly, did chuckle.

you realize there might be other weres there and if we showed up dressed as what we are....

Why was he talking like he was fucking going.

Natasha wasn't the type to just simply take a 'no' lying down, No, Cliff was going to this party whether he knew it or not.

What if I said I already bought the costumes, and the other Weres will be totally jealous

Dont make me meet all of them by myself!


His eyes narrowed.

ask Indra to wear the other one then

She did have a point about being surrounded by a bunch of weres alone. He was also willing to bet there would be vampires. Yikes.

I’ll go just not in those costumes

What the fuck did he just say.

He was going! Natasha was one step closer to her goal, and now she had to tread lightly, because one wrong move could have him changing his mind.

Really! Yay, but if you dont plan on being a bear with me then what will you be?

This poor costume will also just rot away in my closet collecting dust. ಠ╭╮ಠ


Ugh. Ugh.

ask Indra or Ri to wear it

What would he be?

I’ll be the moon

He joked. HE JOKED.

He was not budging, and Natasha groaned aloud.

They said they weren't interested, you're all I got.

At the comment of the moon, Natasha smiled slyly to herself.

You'd rather be this than a bear with you're best European bear pal?!?
[Image: Sailor%20Moon%20Tsukino%20Usagi%20Cospla...%29_02.jpg]

Cliff probably wouldn't get the reference, but it made her laugh.

First of all.

don’t lie

Second off all

what the fuck is that


Listen, I'm getting a little desperate. I'll treat you to any dinner you want if you wear the bear.
It's from sailor moon, that's the main character


Whyyyy did she want him to wear this fucking bear costume so bad.

She was bribing him with food, which was really unfair since food was generally his main motivation in life.



I’m making you buy me five steaks.



Natasha was literally squealing in her bed, legs kicking happily as she just imagined the burly man in the costume. Now it was time to actually buy the damned things.

I'm so freaking excited now! My first American party!


What did he just agree to.

Cliff buried his face in his hand as he sighed heavily. He scrolled back up to look back at the costumes. Fuck. Were they wearing slippers?

we actually need to be careful at this, there’s probably going to be vampires. If they’re smart they won’t start shit, but I just got information that there’s a group up in Avondale causing problems with the bears in north Glenn. So if there’s any sign of trouble, we’re out, got it?


Vampire? Natasha shifted uncomfortably at that, moving it sit up right in her bed.

Yes, sir! uh, but how concerned should I be of these vampires?


Oh, okay. Cliff grimaced a little at being called “sir.” Dont think about that one time with Maxine okay.

they’re mostly just weird, I haven’t had too much issue personally but some have been known to attack shifters. But it’s a public event so i don’t think we should worry too much


Good, Natasha wanted absolutely no one to ruin this party for her, and if any vampires tried to, well she'd eat them.

Okay good, want me to pick you up for the party? And do you want your steaks before or after?




Eye roll.
Fine, where at, or do you wish them grilled personally King Cliff


King Cliff, paired with what Abraham had said, had him a tad uncomfortable.

Rodeo's Chop House, we can go any time you're free

Okay, wording. This wasn't a date. This was payment.

Natasha being a journalist meant that her free time was whenever she deemed it to be, which was 100% the best perk of her job.

Sounds good. How about tomorrow at 7?


Oh, soon. Okay. Um.

Sounds good. want to meet there or? i can pick you up.

...It. It wasn't a date. She was Riley's age, or close to it, so she was an infant basically. He wasn't an infant-dater.

Sure pick me up!

It wasn't like Natasha knew where this place was, and if Cliff was offering to drive, then why wouldn't she take him up on it?

Kay, send me your address and I'll be there around 6:30 2_hand_call_me


Sure thing! Cant wait! ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ


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