I got bad news and bad news

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so apparently there's a group of silver wielding vampires in Avondale
And Levka might have pissed them off
so I'd just... Stay away from there for life


Oh, look. More texts. He was glad it wasn’t another girl guilting him into going to a Halloween party.

It was actually Abraham, with some news that genuinely sent a shiver down Cliff’s spine. Vampires in Avondale, wielding silver. And, mother fucking great news, apparently having beef with bears.

I’m not surprised. About the Levka thing. Thanks for letting me know.


sorry I never got back to you about the Riley thing btw. She’s doing good. Two other bears just showed up out of nowhere, and we’ve got plans for the moon. Lots happening, kinda nice. I’ll tell them about Avondale.

Okay shut up now Cliff, let Abraham talk.

Look! Good news!

man it's like once you meet one they all start appearing, it happened with us
Enough for a group one day maybe? Hypothetically

He'd already forgotten what a group of bears was called, but his mind suggested "club."

it’s weird, but weird

As for a Sleuth...

there’s enough, yeah. Guess we’ll have to see how the moon goes. Dunno who’d take up the lead. Would have suggested Maxine but she’s living with family for an undetermined amount of time, so

So. :) That was fine.

Living with family for an undetermined amount of time.

Ouch. Huge ouch.

why not you


Cliff snorted at the text. Why not him? He literally shifted at the drop of a hat, and couldn’t even hybrid shift.

that’s a lot of responsibility I don’t know if I have the power to take on. Literally the power, in that weird shifter magic sense. For now I’m chill with us just hanging out, I guess


Abraham didn't know how power worked. Wallace had been a tiger for eighty years and had fallen behind to Abraham in one.

well if nothing else company is a start
maybe once you spend some more time around them some magic were bullshit will happen
it feels like it's all just kinda made up as it goes anyway


i'll die before i figure out how it works. but company is a good start. speaking of, hows asha and the gang?


Abraham felt that. He wished he could just Google this shit.

Hanging in there, our two rookies went out and had a stupid shift and scratched each other up a little but ended up okay in the scheme of things
nice having company but also sort of terrifying getting texts asking for help with someone shifting at a motel


Yikes, man. Definitely not looking forward to stuff like that. the worst thing i have going for me right now is im being guilted into dressing as an actual fucking bear with one of the girls for this halloween thing the city is doing. are you guys going?


Halloween party?

Don't think I saw anything about it
you can't go as a bear, dude
tell her it's against werelaw


it’s sort of like the masquerade ball thing from last year.

it’s too late she already got the costumes and she guilted me by saying I’m her only friend in the entire country

she’s from England and she wouldn’t let me say no. She’s buying me steak but it’s not going to be worth it. I need at least two people to stand behind the whole night, please come


Abraham considered going, but out of character factors prevented that!

Also, damn, Cliff. Whipped by a girl he barely knew. Bearly knew.

maybe if she didn't bully people into costumes she'd have more friends
[Image: tenor.gif]


[Image: the-very-best-of-the-confession-bear-meme-277x277.jpg]


that’s actually terrifying


So with jaguars everyone is just like
a jaguar
some are spotty and some are black
but with bears it's just... any kind of bear? Together?
[Image: iwcd4yhpt2w951vr74vi]


Cliff dropped his phone. What the fuck WAS THAT.

I would run the other way if I fucking saw one of those. Imagine that were sized

The tongue would be eighteen feet long.

there’s a lot of variety it’s sort of weird. But I think all of us right now are some kind of brown

He googled more things, morbidly curious.

waiting to meet one of these

[Image: DDow_April%2B13%252C%2B2015_Sloth-Bear-Tasha.jpg]


That's weird, wonder why you all can make a group but I can't make a group with like
a leopard


one day there will be a shifter scientist that comes up with answers for all this. But he’ll probably be eaten before he can tell anyone something useful


ain't that the saddest truth


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