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Lee knew a couple of bears who might not have heard the news, such as it was.

Literally a couple of bears.

Hey man
there are some vamps out there no know about silver
apparently some shit went down in Avondale
so just wanted to pass it on, y'all be careful

Still better at texting than Levka.

Oh, look. Look. More. Texts. Natasha’s were still coming in, and he had just sent his out to Abraham. And there was Lee. With the same info. Which, ultimately, he appreciated.

Thanks man, news came my way thankfully

Should... should he leave it at that? It felt kind of shitty. Lee was a nice dude, and Cliff felt bad just cutting him out. Plus, with the news about Maxine having to stay with her family longer than expected (which we will get into another time), Cliff felt like Lee had the right to know.


Ease into it?

you guys be careful too, since that’s next door. How have you been?


True to his nature, Lee was late to the party concerning the latest gossip to sweep through Mountainside.

Good to hear

So long as Cliff and Maxine were in the clear, he really didn't care where they heard it first.

By that point, Lee really didn't expect much else. Cliff was a good guy and a friend, but they had fallen out of touch. It was sort of like those text conversations Lee had with his family during the holidays, short and sweet. So, color him surprised when Cliff kept it going.

pretty good, lost my remote
stuck watching hockey until I find it


Not exactly the way the conversation was expected to go, but okay.

hockey is good for your health

He informed him, just being a good friend.

good. Ish? Maxine had to move out of town for some family stuff, so I’ve been going it alone for a bit. Until i almost ate some girl on a hike.

Great easing into it.

new bear, yay.

He’d leave Indra and Natasha out of it for now.

it's fun when the players start fighting

Then came the bombshells.

Damn, man. I'm sorry to hear that
and new bear as in new to you, new to town, or like
new new bear?

Technically speaking, Wren could have been a new bear, like any other previously unmet rogue.

new, new. she was hurt on a cliff ledge and i lost it. shifted and attacked her, but managed not to make a meal of her. its been rough


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