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Abraham was suddenly feeling, like. Weirdly guilty. About Frank. And also Sol. Maybe he could blame Cliff.

Healing up alright?


Abraham's name popping up with just a text one on one after a little over a week had Frank's stomach doing an uncomfortable squeeze. He still felt bad, ok. The reaching out just to check in though was nice and as a matter of fact, it was healing along nicely, but at a rate he hadn't seen in a while personally.

Pretty good. It's healing normal slow.


Slow healing really sucks, I've lived it a lot as you've seen from the stitching
I just wanted to say sorry if I came off as kind of a hardass, Ive done a lot of fuck ups in my early were days and I was kind of hard on you for what turned out to be a minor one


Especially when it's your face.

He actually hadn't expected that second text and it relieved some tension he'd been carrying around a bit.

Thanks. I'm hoping I don't have another anytime soon. Thanks again for coming to help.

If Abraham hadn't it probably would've been worse, but he was doing his best to move on and not dwell on that.

What... was he supposed to say now?

Abraham actually wasn't really sure. What did you say after thanks? "You're welcome" sounded almost rude.

He just kind of stared at his phone for a while.

Least I can do. Shit happens. Good luck with healing, going for shifts will make it faster

That was... some attempt, anyway.

Except that wasn't something he was wanting to do. It wasn't a hobby Frank did and like hell he was about to just give control to the damn thing after that whole fiasco. No, it was best to leave it to the full moon.

Thanks, but I think I'll manage the old fashioned way until I'm forced to later this week.

Also, while he had him!

By the way, is everything truly ok? Besides what you guys texted us. Last go round with a vamp didn't go so hot so color me concerned.


Remember that advice Abraham had given you about shifting with Asha, Frank.

Take it, dude.

Oh well. Abraham had been the same in the beginning. The question hit a little close and he wasn't sure how to reply to it for fear of setting the guy off.

It's hard to know. Levka made an ass of himself to some vampire that knew about silver and was talking about a group starting in Avondale. The vampire could just go off and be like "dude bears sucks let's not go around weres" or he could be like "dude weres suck let's be dicks to tjem*"
So we're better safe than sorry. We'll be shifting in groups on full moons, so at least we'll have numbers if anything happens.


Oh, well then. That was a lot to take in and he kept tripping up at the silver thing, subconsciously fiddling with the fabric of his shirt that hid the scarred shoulder. A vampire knowing about silver wasn't news he enjoyed and seemed stupidly unfair, doubly so if they had friends starting a group so close. Fuck.

I hope Levka is alright, firstly. Second, if they know about silver I'm going to lean towards them having an option 2 grudge.

Call it a gut reaction from all his experiences related to them.

An idea for a group shift definitely made sense in hindsight even though he was worried for one giant personal reason. Which meant, Frank needed to contact Asha and figure his own shit out before the jaguar decided it wanted a tussle unrestrained with whomever pissed it off on some random day.

But also-

Numbers are smart. Do you think this might be who or that they’re connected to whomever it was in BelleVista?


The biggest wound Levka got was pissing his girlfriend off I think, she and Asha were letting the vampire go and he fucking attacked the guy after they said he was free to go
It might be connected but I'm not sure, this vampire and his friend met Mathis in the woods somewhere and were pissy but didn't attack
I feel like if it was somekind of grudge match they's just 2v1 him


That had been really stupid of Levka, but also, probably something he might've done so there wasn't really much judgement there. Just understanding.

I'd rather it Yana than the vampire being what hurt him.

It was news to hear it had been one of the vampires Mathis had met though. Which now that Levka had attacked them then, like he'd said, a grudge was probably there or at least ill will towards three species. That was a fun thought. Bonus was the possibility it might have or might not have been the same thing that had attacked him.

Even if it wasn't them, if I was in their shoes, I wouldn't think too kindly about the neighboring territories after that. I can understand why everything is tense.


This was circling back around to not the greatest feelings. Not toward Frank, just. In general.

Well hopefully things will blow over if everyone leaves each other alone. Fingers crossed anyway

What more was there to say?

Supernatural bullshit sucked.


That was if everything was sunshine and rainbows, which reality wasn't. It didn't hurt to hope though.

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