Another Mans Junk

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There was nothing better than another mans junk, especially when that junk was scattered along shelf after shelf, no organization in sight. It was absolutely amazing, and Forrest absolutely couldn't get enough of it. Eyes dancing along the shop, a huge goofy grin plastered on his face, it was quite obvious he was enjoying himself, perhaps more than the average human.

He wasn't human though, and so that was just fine.

Skimming through shelf after shelf, it was then that his eyes fell upon a rather amazing looking piece of junk. No, not junk, <a href=""> art.</a> He was completely awestruck, retrieving the board game from the shelf, a cackle of a giggle escaping his throat.

<b>"Well isn't this clever."</b>


Mathis had been told there were gems to find here by a fellow artist at a convention. Though he usually stuck to pottery as his preferred form of art, Mathis could appreciate a good find at a pawn shop. A quick trip wouldn't hurt, though leaving Belle Vista did put him on edge. He would make it brief. So far, there was little to be discovered, but he was certain there might be something hidden under the piles of odds and ends strewn about the place. It smelled of dust and cheap cleaner and...


Mathis paused where he was inspecting a poorly crafted cup holder made of blown glass. His body tensed, and his eyes flickered up toward the aisle to the left of his. A man stood with a box in his hand, grinning and mumbling something down at it. Mathis' fists clenched as he eyed the man, every moment passing solidifying that this was the source. A vampire.

Crack, crack.

Mathis gasped as he looked down at the glass in his hands. He'd curled his fists around it, and squeezed enough to shatter the flimsy glass. "Ah!" He said in a hiss as the sting of pain from the shattered pieces caught up to him. His hands released, and the chunks of glass fell to the floor and shattered into dust and smaller pieces that skittered along the floor. Mathis pulled his hands inward, staring down at them with gritted teeth and vibrantly amber eyes as he looked to the cuts. Not many, but there was one in particular in which a piece of glass was lodged.

The smell hit him first, a powerful scent of fish filling the air and causing the grown man to wrinkle his nose in absolute disgust. It was so similar to the woman from the costume shop, that for a second he thought them the same person, but as Forrest turned towards the sound, he noticed a man.

He was attractive to say the least, and with the blood dripping from his hand, Forrest was sure that his hunger would spike, but that didn't seem to be the case with this one. In fact, it was quite the opposite, the stench of animal strengthening, and causing the vampire to bring a hand to his face, as if shielding it would block the wretched smell that filled the shop.

He wished to leave, put distance between him and the other, but it was not in his nature to just leave some wounded (what he thought was) human all by themselves when he was perfectly able to help. Well, sorta able, he was no medic after all, and it wasn't like he just carried around a box of band-aids, but still.

<b>"Uh, just hold on I'll get the owner."</b> Or whoever was currently in charge, holding his hands up and out in a sign of 'dont move', although he did not dare draw closer, not with that smell.

The cut smarted, and the glass stung, but Mathis' focus was on the vampire. His attention was turned toward Mathis, and he spoke words that were muddled by a sudden ring in his ears. The cat was alert, and incredibly convincing right now in shifting. His teeth gritted as he fixed the vampire with a hard gaze and grasped for sense in his words. A manager. No. He didn't need people crowding around.

"No." He tried for a level tone, and stepped away from the shattered glass and the vampire. There was guilt there, in being so abrasively opposed to the man. He had done nothing to earn it aside from smell similar to the ones that had wronged him and his friends. And yet, there was a gut-wrenching hatred that welled up in the pit of his stomach and fueled the fire that threatened to burn through him. His eyes cast to the cuts, which had already stopped their bleeding. He needed to get the glass out.


Forrest's brows came together in obvious confusion, stopping in his process of searching for the manager. It was quite obvious that the man before him was very uncomfortable, hand bleeding and sending a foul stench into the air that took all of Forrests strength not to out right gag at it. It was almost worst than the ocean, more musky in it's content.

<b>"Then what do you propose I do? I can't very well leave you there bleeding."</b> He sighed, making a move closer, very confused on what to do next if this man was so opposed to another coming over. <b>"The hand needs to be bandaged."</b> Please, anything to mask that stench.

The step closer cut the restraints. His lips peeled back as an inhuman growl found its way past some invisible barrier. He took another step backward, but found that his balance was compromised by a sudden snap of the tendons in his knee. Fucking. Hell. The entire situation was plummeting downhill, and Mathis did not have any way to stop it. He needed to go. Now. With a pained yelp, he forced his weight through the knee, and turned to head the other way... only to be met with a dead end. Fucking.

The only way out was past the vampire. "Go." He said, strangled through gritted teeth as his shoulder cracked audibly, and his arm fell limp.

It was weird how at times, things seemed to move in slow motion, even for a man whose time had stopped many years ago. One moment, there was a man just simply bleeding before him, and then the next, the same man was growling, almost like a cat, as his body contorted and snap in an almost frightening manner.

Forrest's eyes widened, remembering the news of Weres, and now realizing just why this man had smelt so off putting. He was the same as him, well not the exact same, but no longer human. It was dangerous for him to be here, and dangerous for Forrest as well, the man holding his hands up in a stop formation, a cool feeling already rearing up in his fingertips. <b>"Son, you can't do that here."</b> He wasn't quite sure how Weres worked, but he really needed to stop, now.

The vampire didn't move. It stayed in place, called him son, held his hands up to block him. Whatever was left of human reason was promptly cut short. He took another staggering step forward, but was thrown to the side by the pain in a suddenly shattering foot. Bones popped and splayed and grew, tearing at the seams of his shoes. Mathis gripped the shelf, from which trinkets and objects fell to the floor. His fingers curled against the wood of the shelving, his nails sharpening and digging into the cheap linoleum surface. His heaving breathing drew ragged and dropped in pitch as his shoulders hunched and swelled, and his neck began to stretch and pop.

Perhaps it was the circumstance of facing a vampire, or perhaps it was the fact that somewhere he knew that he was still inside and in public, but the shift did not force him to the ground. He did not fold over onto all fours, his hips did not bend and his spine did not entirely lengthen. Instead, a half-man, half-beast tore its way from his body. Clothing ripped, his paw-like feet splaying and kicking away leather from the shoes. When they were free; save for a few tattered bits of sock; Mathis' feet slipped without purchase on to the slick floor. The shift was still in progress, bones still popping and hair still sprouting, as he scrambled against tile and forced himself away from the book shelf. He righted himself, heaving and jerking unnaturally with the shift as his morphing face turned toward the vampire. Teeth were elongating and sharpening between extending jaws. Eyes, alight with a vivid amber, locked onto the creature.

There was something about the creature before him that sent a shiver down Forrest's spine. The man having stood before him, now replaced with this monstrous creature that by no means matched to the horrors that bloodlust could bring in site. No, this creature was morphing into something completely different, and by the sound of it all, it was far from painless.

Bones cracked, and the man shook, flashing amber eyes his way that held only animal in them. Forrest was definitely not safe here, but he feared if he were to just run, then the other would chase, and so with quick movements, he placed his palm against the floor, sending out a slick sheet of ice out towards the creature, attempting to at least get his feet in the process.

<b>"I said, <i>calm down</i>.</b>



An anger quite unlike any that made a home in Mathis' every day life flooded him. The vampire did not flee, and it might have truly saved him from a fate out of Mathis's control. The cat was a cat, after all. Quick movements would have inspired a chase. Now, however, he was pinned. There was the option to climb over the shelving, which was looking like the best option. He wouldn't get the chance to formulate any further than that in those fleeting seconds of a stalemate before the vampire was stooping to the floor. The cat tensed, stepping back once as his knee gave a hollow pop of finality. Instead of an expected leap, the vampire spoke. Then the floor suddenly erupted in what he couldn't parse as ice until it was shooting up over his feet and ankles. The beast hissed as the ice crackled and snapped in its climb around his feet, the cold biting through the thin fur there.

His body sunk into a crouch, clawed fingers raising as he pulled back and arm. In a heavy swing, he brought the hand down. His claws clattered noisily against the surface of the ice, but only managed a few useless grooves through the top layer. Feline lips peeled backward to reveal a now full set of yellowed teeth, his brows bunching as his ears lay flat against his head. A low, monstrous hiss billowed from his chest as the sound of approaching footfalls echoed from around the corner.

The creature seemed stable for now, but it wouldnt remain that way for long, there were footsteps approaching, the creature seeming to have heard them first and letting out a loud hiss. Groaning, Forrest put a hand to the back of his head, giving his hair a hard ruffle as he looked back towards where the footsteps were approaching.

Once seen, Forrest glanced back towards the creature, and then returned his gaze towards the poor shop owner. "Hey, over here." The shocked man, twisted making the eye contact he needed for Forrest to try his hand at suggestion. "Leave, and forget everything you just saw." He commanded, only to have the stupid thing not stick.


He had one of two choices now, either kill him or let him go around talking about the whole ordeal.

Sweat was forming, but he knew, while this wasn't really his problem, he couldnt let the guy live now that his suggestion had failed. He was already feeling terrible, creating an ice shard in hand, he threw it, just missing the heart, and sending the shard straight into his stomach.

"Oh god, I'm sorry. Jesus, today was not his lucky day at all.

A human appeared, and the vampire was momentarily distracted. The beast took that time to slam another clawed hand against the ice, and another swipe with his other hand. This time, the ice shattered into shards, scattering across the linoleum floor just as the sickening sound of something sharp impacting something soft echoed down the aisle. Mathis did not dare look. Instead, he worked on yanking his feet from their icy prison, and stumbling back onto solid flooring. His paw pads were numb and his ankles ached from the straining, but with locked jaws he bit down the urge to gasp as he stepped to the side.

He gave a cursory glance up at the vampire, whom was speaking words that he could not parse in the moments that followed. His eyes then moved to the shelving, and in a hurried leap, the beast surged forward. His hands gripped the top of the shelving, hoisting his limber body upward and over. As his back legs found purchase, he found his aim was poor, and he hissed as his ankles slammed into the edge of the top shelf. It sent him plummeting gracelessly over, and down onto the floor of the next aisle over. The shelf behind hims groaned, and as he slammed into his shoulder with a pained yowl, he grasped that the shelf was beginning to tip away, toward the man and the vampire on the other side.

The creature was free, although lacked grace in every sense of the word, stumbling over a loud yowl erupting from the other side as a shelf came falling towards both him and the poor holed shop owner nearby. Figuring there was no point in saving a man he was trying to kill in the first place, Forrest yanked himself to the side, the shop owner getting crushed in the process.

A low moan filled the shop, the shop owner finally freed of his misery, as Forrest looked back towards the creature, eyes narrowing in obvious irritation. The cat thing was obviously far beyond reason, and while he would have liked to get rid of it all together, Forrest wasn't looking to kill his conscious anymore than he already had in killing the shop owner.

He couldn't let it leave either, and so he was stuck in just like, fighting the thing til it calmed down, or locking it in the closet, or SOMETHING. God, he was clueless when it came to this stuff. Forming an ice mallet in hand, Forrest made a throw to it's head, hoping to just sort of knock it out, but seemed his aim was off, and instead, it went souring into a shelf shattering all the antiques in it's path.


Everything hurt, his shoulder throbbed, his feet smarted, his head pounded. But he forced himself to stand anyway, grumbling in low groans to himself as the shelf crashed down. He was only seconds from standing fully when something soared by his head and smashed into the shelving behind him. The creature ducked, and whipped his head to peer at the source. The fucking vampire, still standing. Mathis would not wait to let him aim another attack. With a single spitting hiss his way, the hybrid feline started off in a mad dash down the aisle. A sharp turn as he aimed toward the back of the store, where he'd spotted a back door earlier, had him sliding against the title. His paw-pads, slick with melting ice and frozen numb, had little to no grip. He staggered as he fought for traction, his shoulder colliding with a post as he went.

Luckily, the creature seemed for intent on escaping than fighting, scrambling across the slick floor towards the back door, Forrest bit his lip, debating one what to do. On one hand, if he let the creature escape, then there would be no harm done to him and he would be free of this mess. On the other hand however, letting him escape not only put harm on any humans, but also the supernatural community,

It was just putting more and more stress on the poor vampire, who had yet to ever even meet a Were, something seeming to snap within his brain. No longer was he thinking, just instincts taking over as his jaw unhinged, fangs elongating as his fingers extended nails becoming claw like. It was a new experience, Forrest running towards the threat when suddenly the scent of blood hit his nose.

He was so hungry now, throat scorching as feeding became his sole purpose, changing direction to where he now was gripping the fresh corpse, draining all that he could, and still not feeling like it was enough.

His feet slipped and scraped, but eventually he found traction. With gritted teeth, the feline righted himself and forced himself onward toward the door. He braced as the sounds of snapping jaws and inhuman sounds echoed from the aisle he'd left the vampire in, recognizing the sounds of bloodlust just as he reached the door. He would not stick around to see that transition through. Mathis shoved against the door, and it burst open into the cool night air. Without digression if anyone was at the back of this god forsaken store, the dappled hybrid beast sprinted out and across the back parking lot. A jerky right down an alleyway, then over a fence into a thicket. Only then was he certain he was free.

Some time passed before Forrest was fully himself again, the dead man laying beneath him, the store a wreck and the floor just slick with water from all the ice he had formed. Forrest gave a heavy sigh, running a hand through his hair as he made his way to the back of the building into the side room labeled 'Employees Only'.

It took only a moment for Forrests eyes to catch sight of the lone computer in the back, never having actually deleted footage before, Forrest lacked the knowledge needed, and so just sorta smashed the thing onto the floor, giving it a few good kicks for good measure, before walking back out into the main lobby. It was absolutely trashed, and so, taking money from the register, Forrest stashed it into his pocket, deciding it best to make it look like a possible robbery.

That would have been that, but on his way out, passed the Weres clothes, he noticed both a wallet and slightly cracked phone. Picking both up, Forrest took a look at the drivers license inside, deciding he might as well return the belongings. The clothes were fucked though, so he'd have to settle for just these two things.


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