Magic Comes With A Price

outfit On a bench close to the pub, set during the day

Her fountain pen scratched against her small sketchbook rapidly as she drew out the rough outlines of the old brick building across the street. She made sure her foundation of lines was solid before continuing despite her eagerness to drawing it down as quick as possible. With a few pauses here and there, she looked up and down from the building to the sketchbook, processing what she was seeing.

The past few days included Rabbit trying to piece her memories back together. In the back of her sketchbook was a list of people she had failed to remember and those she did, confident that there was a reason why she was forgetting people of all sorts along her timeline.

The bruises around her neck were still black and blue, with green spread throughout, but she was tired of hiding them and there were others things preoccupying her mind.

Her pen came to a stop in the middle of her page as her mind drifted...

@Rowan O'Tera

Just wearing blue jeans with his navy Crestview Fire Department t-shirt and boots.

He just finished up with a shift at the station. walking with a few of the guys to the nearby bar - a favorite of theirs. It was the day after the full moon, Rowan having spent it alone, like always. He found solitude in the fact that there was little in his life that could effect him now. Milla was gone, a thing of the past, an yet she somehow shaped his whole future. Rowan had contemplated calling Gabby up to see what she was doing last night, but didn't. What was the point?

They were laughing, and he decided to chime in, albeit half-heartedly, but they hardly knew the difference. He was their boss. That was when he saw the woman on the bench, a notebook in two. Her scent washed over him, bringing a genuine smile to his lips. "Hey guys, I'll catch up with you later," he said, waiving them off, a few cat-calls echoing behind him as he turned and headed toward Rabbit. It didn't take him long to reach her. "Hey Rabbit. It's been a while. I was starting to think that you changed you're mind about wanting to see me again...." he teased before sitting down."How've you been?"

She heard some shuffling in the distance and, honestly, the last thing she was expecting was for someone to come sit down next to her. Couldn't they tell she was kind of busy and didn't want to be bothered?

Rabbit was ready to huff and shoo the person away with a snarky comment, but as her eyes drifted upwards, she stopped. She held her breath and her eyes widened at the familiar face who sat down next to her.

His smile was warm and his face was genuinely happen. But Rabbit continued to hold her breath while her grip tightened around her pen. Her desired warm feelings back towards him turned sour. Eventually, her widened eyes turned downwards into a glare along with her lips into a frown.

"You need to leave," she said darkly.

He wasn't expecting the her eyes to widen at his presence. Not in the way they had. Not accompanied with a glare and an overall tightening of her body. He hesitated, his arm gripping the edge of the bench as she spoke. This was some kind of joke, right?

"Come on, Rabbit." he pouted. "Are you meeting someone here or did you decide you didn't want me to know you're secret?" he said, forcing his voice to lower in a quiet tease. Perhaps she was just messing with him. After all, she knew that he frequented this bar.

Shifters. Dense and stupid.

Rabbit scrunched her eyes close and rubbed her temples. Dark thoughts forced their way in.

Normally his pout would've pulled at her heartstrings but now she felt hot anger instead. And he wasn't getting the message. Perhaps she would need to be a bit more forceful. She slammed her sketchbook closed and scooted away from him. The fire inside her was slowly increasing...

"I said, you need to leave, shifter," she hissed. He apparently couldn't follow directions. If he didn't listen this time around, she might have to do some better convincing. "And if I was waiting around for someone, it wouldn't be a shifter like you."

Yeah. Definitely not kidding. He leaned back, blinking at her. What had changed since the last time she saw him? Of course, it’d been a month, maybe more. Somtimes he lost track of time and the days started to bleed together. Shifter? He hadn’t even called himself that, so that was new.

His furrow increased, concern creeping in, but as she continued to speak, he couldn’t help but feeling the. Leopard inside stir with irritation. "I think you’ve been hanging our your vampire friends too much since they seem to be rubbing off on you," he said, standing. "I didn’t think you’d be the type to have been swayed so easily."

He wanted to call her “darling” much like he did everyone else, but didn’t. He remembered the first time he met her and how it had irritated her. He wouldn’t stoop that low, even has his grip tightened on the wood of the bench, the fibers groaning beneath his finger tips. Weres and vamps didn’t know where they stood with other, each considering the other an enemy before ever considering each other as a friend. At least, that’s what it was like in this part of town.... for him.

To say he was disappointed, was an understatement. Still, he couldn’t seem to bring himself to move away from the bench, hoping some part oft he old Rabbit he knew would make an appearance.

Finally that seemed to rub off on him a bit more. He was tense and irritated to which she smiled sinisterly. Her comment did it's job, but he still wasn't taking his leave. Instead, he sat there, gripping the edge of the bench. Her eyebrows furrowed together as she sat there and watched him. She still had to be smart about upsetting a shifter so she stayed where she was.

"I think you’ve been hanging out with your vampire friends too much."

She blinked a few times at him and laughed, "Vampires? What are you going on about? Having you been reading too much Twilight or something?"

Was he trying to blame something on.. vampires? He was crazy. There was no such thing as vampires. Rabbit was naive, sure, but did Rowan seriously blame her behavior on vampires?

What? She had no recollection of the creatures she seemed to be so fond of in their last meeting. Well maybe he had imagined her fondness, but she certainly hadn’t been scared of them.

He answered her laugh was a toothy grin. "Yes, vampires. You told me you hung out with them when we were at the bar," he said, waving his hand irritatingly toward Charlie’s Pub. Part of him was concerned that she seemed to be missing a chunk of her memory, but the animal was too close to the surface now.

"If you don’t beleive me look at the news," he said, her hazel eyes glaring at her. And that was when he saw it, the discoloration around her neck, mostly hidden by her collar. His eyes flashed green, "Rabbit, what happened to your neck?"

This boy was crazy.

"Yeah, well hanging out with you was a mistake," she glared. She watched his eyes become more and more frustrated, and then move down to her neck.

"Rabbit, what happened to your neck?"

Her hand shot up and reached to cover it up. What business was her neck to him? She watched his eyes turn green. "Nothing. Fuck off, it's not of your business," her voice wavered. How dare he try to get in her business. Business that she didn't even know how it happened... Nosy shifter. Rabbit scooted further away from him on the bench, her hand still wrapped around her bruised neck. She could feel the end of the bench creeping up on her.

Yeah. He could t just not care about her. Even if she was being just... cruel. Insane maybe. It was like the cute, innocent rabbit changed. And now she had bruises. Fucking bruises. He could feel the tension beneath his skin, his fingers tightening on the bench, the sharp snap of the wood echoing between them. He didn’t move toward her. It was obvious she didn’t want to be touched.

"What’d they fucking do to you?" he growled, his green eyes glaring at her. "You suddenly hate me, you don’t even remember they exist and now you’re hurt?!" he stood, pacing away from her. Of course, Rowan didn’t even know if vampires did this. For all he knew, she could have been in some terrible accident and suffered amnesia. It was just easier to assume the other, top-predator was to blame. Still, if she told him to leave one more time he would, and only because he was loosing control on the beast within. He’d figure out what happened to her.

The sound of the bench cracking between them, sent Rabbit falling off the bench backwards with a gasp. She landed with a thud, but stayed where she was on the ground while Rowan stood up and paced. She might have gone to far, but seriously fuck him. He deserved it.

"What’d they fucking do to you?"

He wasn't making any sense. It was like he was having an entirely different conversation.

"Who the fuck are they? I don't know what you're talking about," she grumbled. Her hands began to heat up and the fire in her chest was to burst out, her eyes turning ghostly white as they darted to her sketchbook now on the ground. She thought back to her list of names...

He hadn’t even nothought iced she fell off the bench until he turned back toward her, a single hand reaching up to run through his short hair. He was too far away to notice her eyes, his own focus on the fact that he couldn’t change in broad daylight. He needed to get control of himself.

"Vampires," he said with disgust. He took out his iPhone and scrolled through the latest news. There were still stories about that girl that had been murdered. Of course the news outlets were quick to blame others. He strolled to her, offering the phone, knowing she probably wouldn’t take it. And then something clicked, his eyes widening ever so slightly.

"You told me they can alter, erase and create new memories. You told me you hadn’t the need to protect yourself from any so far, but what if...." he paced away, providing she didn’t burst him into flames before hand. "God Rabbit, what if they altered your memories?"


She looked at him with a face full anger. Lies, he had to be lying to her. Vampires weren't real...

But then he held out her phone to her to show her the latest news on a so called vampire attack. She reached a hand out to grab the phone but retreated quickly, remembering the melt fingers on her own phone.

The shifter seemed genuinely concerned that he memories were changed or erased, or whatever. But Rabbit had a hard time believing what he was saying.

"And why the hell should I believe you?" she raged, "you lied to me before and I'm sure you would do it again!" Rabbit stayed on the ground for now, lifting herself up on her elbows as Rowan paced away so she could keep an eye on him.

Yea the more he thought about it. The more it made sense. Her memories had been altered to forget about vampires and to be angry at him... for whatever reason. Rabbit wasn’t the type of woman to have anger in her heart. She had been so optimistic before.

This wasn’t her and he refused to fall for it no matter what she said.

He continued to pace, working through his thoughts, his eyes burning a pale green. A low growl was give. At her words. "I did, and then I told you the truth and said I’d never force you to do anything you didn’t want to. I said I wouldn’t hurt you because you knew my secret." he growled, not caring that people exiting the bar looked in their direction.

He’d help her up, but the anger in her eyes told him not to go near her and he’d keep his word. He would never hurt her.

Rabbit grumbled and shuffled her way up into a standing position. Sure, he eventually told her the truth, but he almost fucking killed her. Shifters were so reckless.

But was she not the same? Reckless and dangerous?

She pushed the thought from her head and clenched her hands into fists. She, too, noticed the people giving them weird looks, so she cleared her throat and took a deep breath. Hands reached for the sketchbook on the ground and she chucked it his way.

"In the back, last page," she jerked her chin at him to flip to the back, "there are two names people who know who I am but I have no recollections of." The last thing she wanted was help from a damn shifter, but she also wanted to figure out these gaps in her memories.

Rabbit finally stood and he paused in his pacing, checking her over to make sure there was nothing else amiss. He almost went back to his pacing but she spoke, his tense body pausing as he looked at the notebook she threw in front of him. Carefully, slowly, he bent to pick it up.

He quickly flipped to the back of the page, glancing over names he didn't know. What was he supposed to about it? Sniff them out? Then what? Green eyes looked up at her, only noticing the white of her own then. Right. She had her own secrets. Best not to anger her or she might get stuck in the middle of the bench.

He glanced back down at the notebook before closing it and tapping it against his open palm. "Then it would seem that someone has tampered with your memory," he said carefully. They wanted Rabbit to forget something, but what? "They wanted you to hate Weres - and that's what I am, is a Were, not a shifter, only vamps call us that - and forget about vamps."

She shook her head and pinched the bridge of her nose. Her eyes slowly changed back to their normal green as she took a deep breath, noting that his still remained their glowing emerald. "Why would they care so much do even do that?" she asked while she watched him fidget with her sketchbook. To her, it seemed like a lot of effort to even do that.

Her hands still felt hot to the touch but at least she didn't feel like she was going to explode, at least not yet. Instead of anger, she felt a wave of distress wash over her. Her memories was fucking tampered with, could she even get them back?

Rabbit wanted to scream and shout and set the fucking bench on fire, but she kept still and stood there instead, tears building up behind her eyes.

Rowan shrugged, happy that Rabbit seemed to finally be calming down. Probably because her focus was now on the gaps in her memory than what he was. He wasn’t to approach her, to tell her she’s be okay, but he didn’t. Besides, she was human and he promised himself he’d never get involved with a human again.

"I can’t answer that for you. You’re going to have to figure that out on your own," he said quietly. Defeated. Of course, he could ask around but that probably would help either. "I wish there have as something I could do," he said almost sadly, reaching out to give the notebook back to her, his hazel eyes eyeing the bench before sitting down.

Rabbit reciprocated, and reached out to grab her sketchbook back from Rowan, sitting down on the edge of the bench along with him. There had to be more reasons as to why. Why, why, why. She sat there quiet for a moment before speaking again.

"I-I woke up in an alleyway a few nights ago," she said quietly, not daring to look his way. "I don't remember anything that happened." Her mouth just started moving and she talked, unsure why she would even tell a shifter like him. Maybe because she had no one else at the moment, and because he was also the one who put the pieces together. "And I agreed to meet some person in my phone's contacts tonight in hopes they can give me answers, but I don't know if I should even go anymore. " A rock felt like it was sitting in her gut. She was getting a bad feeling about meeting the stranger now.

She took her note book, Rowan thankful that it didn’t end up back in his face as a form of defense. He could yell she was distraught about the whole situation, perhaps over-riding her newfound hatred for him. She sat in the opposte edge of the bench and he looked over to her, one hand bracing against his thigh. She didn’t seem like the happy, carefree girl he though he knew. It could definitely be the bruising, but there seemed to be a dark cloud over her.

He listened as he spoke, silent in his anger. She couldn’t even look at him. "I wouldn’t go. It sounded like you were friends with a few vampires before you lost your memory. It could be the person who did it," he said quietly. She had no reason to listen to him and he had a feeling this might be the last time he saw her. Which was sad really. But it might have to be for the best. Maybe someone wiped her memory to protect her?

Rabbit couldn't believe what he was saying. She was friend with vampires? If she was so called friends with them, then who did this to her memory? Confused, and scared, she stood up from the bench with her sketchbook in tow.

"I think it's best you try not to contact me," she whispered in his general direction. This was a lot to process and she still wasn't even sure she could trust the likes of him in the first place. Rabbit also knew she seemed to be a walking hazard as of lately. It might have been best to keep her secrets a bit more hidden and to just avoid people in general. She gave a moment for her words to sink in before she quietly stepped off...

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