Divide and Conquer

Alteration active. Appearance

 Gabriel was not much of a sports man. Hockey was fun because they guys tended to fight a lot and sometimes got cut by one another's blades. Other than that... meh. But! Hackey sack was fun. It was a decent pastime, something to keep him occupied while boredom threatened to drive him into less savory activites. It was a one-man activity, and he was fast enough that he could keep up with it. For the most part.

 Except for when he wasn't. And he sent the little bean bag sailing through the air at an odd angle and high speed and smacked someone square in the face. Gabriel, looking not at all like his actual self, pulled off the sheepish "whoopsie" expression a lot better in this face skin he had pulled from the core of his mind. Of course, he wasn't really sorry. More amused than anything, and as he took a big whiff of the air around his sacked victim, he was both delighted and disgusted to find that this was no ordinary person.

 "Oopsies!" he said in lieu of an apology, grinning as he all but slithered up to the animal man to retrieve his lost ball.

 Today was ordinary. Dull. Quiet. The kids were at home with Avery, teenage terrors that they were. The last almost year had been a whirlwind, between Avery's pregnancy and their spawns' obscene growth rate. Taking care of them was a full time job and he had no problem admitting that, simply because it was the truth. He hadn't even gone back to work yet because between him and Avery, they were constantly and consistently teaching them about everything they could. It wasn't like they could go to school, after all, though they both expressed wanting to after watching TV. There were times, of course, when he wondered how this was his life, but he was genuinely happy it was.

 Everyone needed a break though, and today was his day, so he was out and about. There were a couple errands he had on the agenda today but mostly, his day was open and he was free to take his time. Right now, he was following his nose towards the heavenly smell of street meat. While food trucks were nice and fancy, the little hot dog stand his nose had lead him to was making him salivate. Obviously ordering four or five hot dogs would be way too obvious but two (mayyyybe three?) wouldn't be a stretch.

 He was standing in line when he was suddenly attacked by something. A bird? Ball? Frisbee? Shaking his head and rubbing his cheek where the whatever had hit him, Joey's mood wavered just a little, irritation flitting through him for a moment as he leaned down to pick up the.... hackey sack. While not amused, it had likely not been on purpose. This thought was bolstered by the fact that someone say "oopsie" came up to him. The man the word had come from hardly looked like someone that would say oopsie but, hey. All types.

 "No worries, man." Joe tossed the sack in his direction and rubbed his cheek again. He just wanted his food, okay?

 The beast man looked a bit surprised, which tended to happen when being unexpectedly hackeyed in the face, but seemed good-natured enough about it all the same. Gabe smiled at his forgiveness, catching the little bean bag easily with the top of his foot. Another long inhale, and he was reminded of his sister - the deep marks that had been left in her face many moons ago from some far off shifter. And in the next beat, the little purple-eyed girl he’d dumped in Lavender Heights more recently. The boyish vampire with a bag of dead chickens. All the people who deserved to suffer.

 Gabriel would leave the beast man be for now, standing off a few yards as he continued to play with himself. It was only when the man he’d accidentally assaulted had his food and was leaving that Gabe would make another move.

 He followed the stranger a short distance, far back in an attempt to be discreet, waiting until there were fewer people in the vicinity to launch the hackey sack at his head with greater force and intention. He hoped it hurt.

 "What are you?" He pried, intentionally nosy and instigative. "Lemme guess. Wolf? Coyote?" His grin was more of a sneer now, though he remained several feet away still, no longer concerned with his ball.

 Finally, he had a hot dog in each hand, both piled high with peppers and onions and cheese. All he needed was a beer and it was his favorite meal. Still, this made for a pretty happy hyena, who wasted no time on biting into his food. The first bite was as good as he remembered every hot dog — he didn't think he'd ever had a bad one — and honestly, he could very easily have gorged himself on the ballpark staple. As long as they weren't made with rat, right?

 His good mood was interrupted forcefully by another impact to his head, and this one actually hurt. Gold rushed to fill his eyes, his beast suddenly near the surface, their irritation at the pain sudden and immense. Joey stopped in his tracks, taking deep breaths as the hyena began to fight for control; it was a hackey sack, he told himself (and his beast). It was just another accident. It was--

 It was intentional. This was clear as the man's voice cut through the air. Disbelief colored his thoughts for a moment before Joey turned to look at him, irises still reflecting how close his hyena was to seizing control. He had to try, at least, to calm both the beast and find a way out of this situation. "Look man, I don't want any trouble. You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone." He squeezed the words out between gnashed teeth, fighting his second nature by holding on to one singular thought.

 He couldn't let Avery or the kids down.

 Oh! What pretty eyes! Gabriel was keenly aware of the change in them, remembering well the other young shifter's brilliantly purple eyes. It seemed likely that their eyes changed color when they were in distress. His words, though, were less than satisfying, and Gabriel huffed a sigh as he produced a cigarette from his pocket and jammed it between his lips. "That doesn't answer my question," he chided as he lit it up and returned the lighter to its home. A few ambling steps brought him a little closer to the beast man. "Judging by your eyes, I bet I could find out another way if I'm persistent enough, right?" He smirked, pulling the cigarette from his mouth and blowing a great stream of smoke at the man.

 "Hyena," He growled out, an nearly immediate response to the question he was on about. Playing as though he was not exactly what this man thought him to be was entirely beyond the man now, the ability to deceive and play at being human now far beyond his reach. Pain lanced through his body, radiating from certain spots as his hyena all but threw itself at the wall of its fleshy prison cell. The hyena could smell death, its odor pungent and sickly, and knew that they were in danger. They needed claws, teeth, any weapon they could fashion.

 Joey fought, glaring at the man as he stepped closer. "Get the fuck away from me," Came the low, graveled voice, unlike Joe's normal voice. "Don't wan' trouble." Unfortunately, whether he wanted trouble or not, it looked like trouble had found him.

 Hyena! A warm sort of satisfaction filled him much in the way that smoke filled his dead lungs. Blow smoke out, breathe hyena in. He would certainly lock this information into his memory. The man demanded Gabriel leave him be, in a voice that was thick with what was surely the hint of animal. He didn't want trouble. The vampire chuckled softly. "Why not? I do," he taunted, and with the hand not holding his cigarette, he would attempt to knock the hotdogs out of the hyena man's grasp, wondering what kind of buttons could be successfully pressed.

 Of course he wanted trouble. Of fucking course he did. The hotdogs were slapped out of his hand and the reaction was quick and immediate, no thought behind it. Free of food, Joey's hand blindly went for the man's neck. Normally, he would not have resorted to such violence but between the hunger, the aggravation, and the Hyena's drive to protect themselves, violence absolutely was the answer right now.

 His hand closed on nothing. It didn't matter. At the moment his hand had shot forward, the man's beast surged similarly, rocketing up from the depths of inner-self to force their body into shifting. Distantly, he felt some measure of calm; a calm that would not serve to help him retain control, unfortunately enough. The crack of bone ricocheted, though the sound came across dull to his ears, blood rushing loudly as he fought tooth and nail. He didn't want to shift in public, didn't want to let Avery and Sadie and Seth and every other Were he knew down.

 What he wanted didn't matter. Fur sprouted across his body as the wet sound of cloth tearing accompanied the other sounds of a Were's shift. Grunts of pain, growls, the screams of human fear, etc. Afterwards, there was an initial disorientation as the fur-legged creature stood, shaking himself off before turning gold eyes to his aggressor. A warning left him, an eerie cackle that sought to warn the vampire off, away from them.

 A hand came for him with lightning speed, and Gabe made a tight face of surprise as he jerked back to evade it. No more mister nice guy, he figured with a newly blossoming smile. No mister guy at all - the thundering of snapping bones gave away the beginning of a transformation that delighted him. A part of him was tempted to strike while the beast man was so vulnerable, screaming and snarling, but the change was so fascinating to watch. To see a gigantic creature be born of an average man.

 There were people around, their collective attention slowly beginning to pool into the scene that unraveled between an oversized hyena and an unassuming man. Gabe grinned fearlessly at the growling creature, a gleam in his eye hinting at the lack of sanity inside. "Here, kitty, kitty," he cooed with a chuckle. Hardly one to wait, however, he would lunge at the great beast quickly, snaring its thick neck in his arms and utilizing his great strength to force the shifter to the ground. He would show it some humility.


 Hackles raised, lifting the striped hyena's signature mohawk along his back, doubling his already massive size as teeth were bared in final warning. This did nothing as the creature that smelled of dead things lunged. An arm around his neck and suddenly he was fighting against being pinned to the ground. Paws splayed, the hyena attempted to whip around and grab an arm, a limb, anything in its teeth but his jaws closed on nothing but air. He growled, a low, clicking sound as he thrashed about, aiming to break free while people around them watched from a safe distance,



 This thing wreaked - now that he knew it wasn't a dog, he realized that the smell was not quite dog, either. It was muskier, almost like the thing had pissed itself somewhere in the middle of ripping itself out of its human body. The sounds it made were bizarre but delivered a clear message, and as Gabe rolled his weight against its neck and mocked the noises with his mouth, amused with himself, he wondered what kind of noises it would make if he really hurt it. If he killed it. He'd like to find out.

 Its writhing and whipping finally broke Gabriel's grasp. He moved quickly, bolting away from the threat of snapping teeth, sneering broadly. Holding onto his ability and also engaging in a fight with an overgrown animal put a strain on his resolve, but it was an edge that he enjoyed pushing. A challenge, if you will. For now, his face remained not his own as he clicked his tongue at the critter beckoningly.


 The moment he felt the thing's arms around him loosen even the slightest amount, the hyena whipped around with almost manic speed to snap his jaws at him. They missed their target as the rotting thing skipped back and chittered back at him. Teeth gnashed as the hyena rumbled and click-growled at him again, gold eyes locked on to the dead thing's form. With all the two-legs around them, Joey-Hyena had very little chance of escape which made fighting his best option, at least for now.

 Loping forward, the hyena waited until more of the distance had been closed between them before lunging forward, jaws gaping he sought to grab hold of the man's arms and crunch down on it. His goal? Rip the dead thing apart limb from limb. He just had to catch one first.


 It was such an odd-looking creature, with the high rise of its shoulders rolling as it cantered towards him. It didn't seem to be moving very quickly - until it leapt at him. It sure did get a good grip on his arm, and he could feel its great teeth sinking into him, severing muscle and possibly sinking into the bone. Could it hit the marrow? Did he have marrow?

 He didn't scream - just inhaled a lungful of air that he didn't need, feeling the magic disguise of his features twitching in a threat of disappearance. There was also that familiar twinge in his jaw, a tension in his gums. Losing control so soon would be less fun! But damn, that hurt! Gabriel, teeth clenched, made a low sort of growling noise and struck at the creature's face with an open palm as he struggled to yank his arm free.


 The strike to his face was a glancing blow and nothing more. His thick skull and irritation served him the purpose of ignoring the assault in favor of trying to get a better grip on the dead thing's arm so that he could shake it. Possibly rip it off. It was when his jaws opened slightly to allow him to bite down again that the limb slipped away from him, and a lunge to bite down again was only met with the click of teeth closing on empty air.


 It was strange, how the retracting of those ugly teeth probably hurt more than them slicing into his flesh in the first place. He was, at the very least, free from the vice grip, but as he stumbled backwards, the pain blossomed through his entire body. The vampire clenched his jaw and curled his fists in an attempt to hold it together - his injured arm seemed to vibrate with agony with the action.

 Fuck it. Fighting it hurt anyway.

 Briefly, as he sank into the back of his own mind, Gabriel wondered if this was how shifters felt when they lost their bodies to an animal. Sinew snapped audibly as his jaw seemed to break free from his skull, growing down and out to make way for his teeth reshaping themselves into jagged points. His eyes burned red, fingers becoming more like fleshy daggers. His conscious mind might be present, but the man was little more than a spectator to the nightmare that ran his body. With a scream and ungodly speed, he bolted towards the lumbering beast, both hands slashing through the air wildly, dispelling his fury and also hoping to hook into furry flesh and draw that putrid blood.

hit! GET 'IM, JOE

 Dead thing became ugly dead thing and that eerie, growling cackle spilled out of his throat again. The thing screeched, a sound that grated on the hyena's ears, and the next moment it was moving for him again. Eyes fixated on the daggered hand that flashed towards him and, instead of waiting for it to connect, the hyena surged into motion to meet the Ugly Dead Thing in the middle.

 Jaws agape, his teeth latched onto that outstretched limb, the consequences of grabbing a clawed extremity with his face as far out of his mind as what color the sky was tonight. And the next natural move when his teeth found the gag-inducing flesh of his target? To crush whatever it was in his mouth. The crunch and pop of small hand and wrist bones radiated up into his skull, and the creature's head thrashed about violently with single minded purpose. Rip his prey apart.

hit 0:-)

 The damn creature would latch onto the same arm it had already bitten, but in a new and perhaps more horrifying place than before. Gabriel released an unholy scream, but there was no time to writhe in agony. Fury overrode all else.

 His free hand surged forward with every ounce of hateful strength in his body, grabbing the beast’s head and yanking with every intention of snapping the vertebrae that connected his head to his body. Die, beast.


Keep hold of hand.

Keep hold of hand.

Keep hold of hand.





Pain. Bright, blinding, numbing pain. His body reacted to that sensation, thrashing wildly while his jaws bore down on the flesh and bone fixed between his teeth. Bite. Bite. Bite. Bite. Bi--

End transmission.

RIP. :(


 The teeth were terrible things, and the pressure suddenly lifting was borderline heavenly. With monstrous strength, the vampire would fling the lifeless body several feet from him, his mangled hand hanging limply at his side, clawed fingers twitching. It registered then that the heartbeat had stopped. He had won.

 The nightmarish creature screamed, thirst still unquenched - anyone who had been around to begin with seemed to have vanished, and while his ears could pick up distant heartbeats, there was hardly a soul in sight. Just him, a dead body that was quickly reverting to its human state, and the nearing wail of sirens. What a terrible sound.

 Furious despite his victory, burning with hunger and rage, Gabriel would speed through the night to harvest the first meal he could find.

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