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She had sat in her car for a minute or three, just the tiniest bit unsettled. Trying to piece together why exactly she was going on a friend date with some random waxy old white man she'd met at a farmer's market. It was a little out of character, but it would not be the first time that impulse had directed her into some unpredictable corner.

Anyway, he had offered to buy her something, and Robin had no problem with transactional acquaintanceship as long as the opposite party respected boundaries. If he wanted to go from an evening drink to a backrub, then she would be out of there.

She psyched herself up as she drove through Cordova and muscled her way into a parking space. The Raven Queen's was heavy with a sort of steampunk vibe that she wasn't interested in, but once you got past the tryhard Victorian frills and into the actual artifacts, it was badass. She heaved the heavy front door open and flicked her eyes along the lamplit checkout space as she stepped in. Had Humbert made it here already?

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He had, in fact, arrived here before her. Finding it perhaps off color to wait in his car for her, Edvin had made his way inside. What a delight it was. It was reminiscent of a time period he had very much enjoyed, though it did take on some theatrical essence here and there. Never mind the decor, however, when the items in the shop were so very intriguing. Edvin was inspecting a scorpion suspended in some amber substance when the door opened, and he spotted the girl. His head tilted some in greeting. "This is, in fact, more what I was looking for." He told her with a thankful smile.

She knew she'd done a good job even without his confirmation, but who didn't like taking credit? Robin grinned at him and did finger-guns. "I know my stuff," she responded with good humor and plenty of pride.

She came in a bit closer to inspect the scorpion, glancing at the price and wondering at just how old it was. "Some of these things have been around longer than the t-rex," she piped up, a random science fact that was great conversation when you worked with kids, but a little random-nerd-trivia in the adult world. "He might scare your butterflies, though."

Robin was a pleasant woman. Obviously bright and interested in the out-of-ordinary. Edvin might have felt some sense of guilt in targeting her were it not for the ever present sensation of hunger. He had already put in a great deal of work to get here, and he would hate to have wasted the both of their time. "You may be right." He said softly, and turned to catch her eye. "Come along with me to the back corner, perhaps we might find something there." There was satisfaction in the success, and Edvin fixed her with a pleasant smile as he turned to lead her there, a corner at which he had determined there was no camera pointed toward. It was a rather dimly lit shop, anyway. For now, he kept his eyes on the shelving. There was, in fact, a number of interesting things here. Taxidermy cats and birds.

"Ah, I do enjoy ravens." He said with a gesture toward a set of taxidermy ravens.



Robin was bright, and open-minded, and wholly ready to believe in monsters who shifted into cats and whatever nightmare fuel the things with the teeth and finger-claws were. She had walked away from one vampire encounter with a lot of clues, and would surely put them together in short order, if only those immortals would leave her with her memory intact.

For this sharp and slightly suspicious mind, the impulse to follow this man deeper into the shop simply because he asked it was just out of character enough that it triggered a small warning blip in the back of her head. Not enough to hesitate, or to ask questions, but enough to reframe the whole encounter as a situation that deserved careful attention. Her eyes narrowed against a smile, cynical and judgy but fully playing along. As she had been at the market.

She ran a finger along the edge of one of the birds' tailfeathers. "Why's that?"

She was obedient, and Edvin was thankful for that. He watched her as she toyed with the ravens. "Smart little buggers." He said in answer. Perhaps a bit of hubris, though he did know he himself was much smarter than the actual creatures. Whilst he had her gaze, he saw it fit to cease his opportunity. "My dear, you have been very kind. You will kindly forget what happens the in next few moments as you allow me to feed from you." He said, and smiled warmly at the satisfaction of succeeding in both instructions.

Two successes for creeper


A raven's cleverness was the right answer, really. When she was a kid, she had wanted a pet raven or crow. She watched him speak with careful attention, until the next of his suggestions sank through and rendered her little more than a warm mannequin until Edvin finished his dirty business. Her expression turned to one of benign, slow confusion; it didn't suit her.

Such a bright, young woman. The dead glaze that sank over her eyes was, in fact, not befitting. Alas, he had little in the way of options now that the suggestions had sunken in. He would be hasty in his exploit, choosing her wrist to draw from as opposed to her neck. He drew her blood in, and when he pulled away, he smiled headily and made certain his mouth was free of her blood. The wound on her wrist would seal quickly, likely before she realized anything was amiss. Edvin took a moment to steady himself with a soft sigh being forced through his dead lungs. His eyes flickered to the ravens, which swam in his vision a moment before righting themselves. "Would you like me to repay your kindness with something from here, or would a drink suffice?" He questioned, his voice wavering just slightly as the ecstasy of her blood washed through him.

She watched as the old man took her wrist, drawing it up to his mouth and biting into it a little awkwardly; it was an awkward meal to navigate, lots of bone and tendon surrounding the vein. She was reminded of watching people eat pork ribs, for the moment that the thought was hers and not blacked out permanently by suggestion.



She rubbed at her arm, feeling the bite marks there and presuming them to be unnoticed injuries, or out of season bug bites. Her own head was a little dizzy, too, and she smiled self-consciously at the novelty. What the hell was going on here...?

She felt slightly weird, and her instincts reminded her that this man was being a little weird, too. Knowing this, there was only one logical answer to the question. "Let's get a drink, old man." A slightly out-of-focus smile as she struggled her way back to normal. "You can tell me all about yourself."

He was immensely grateful things had gone smoothly, despite the trouble. With her answer in mind, Edvin would make note to return here for the ravens, and usher her to a nearby bar. Their evening was brief, and after her drink and pleasantries, Edvin would bid her a good evening and excuse himself to return to the shop and purchase the decorations. Pleased with how the night had turned out, Edvin would make his way home with a small smile on his lips.

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