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do you think you're too old for me
Queen Asha

Asha wanted something from Abraham and good luck trying to figure out what that was.

Do you think I'm too old for you?!
King Barlit


remember the first time I grabbed you and kissed you and you didn't know what was happening
remember the time I made you push me up against the wall of the club
remember the time I sexted you
remember the time I made you come to the masquerade and I dragged you to my room before and after
my point is no
cliff thinks he's too old for some new bear chick he's going costuming with but when I asked the age difference he basically gave our age difference and I'm just making sure

She had a lot to say.

The texts that followed were so confusing that Abraham scrolled back up to read earlier messages and make sure he wasn't on the wrong topic entirely.

This was all so confusing. Honestly? He did often feel too old? But like. Abraham was kind of just a guy who wanted to be, like.

Cared about and all that. So if he sometime felt ancient, that was okay? Because. He liked be liked. And. Loved and all that.

I appreciate all of those moments 5_nature_flower_rose
Maybe she acts really immature
so her age seems really young because she seems really young
King Barlit

Also why was Asha having this conversation with Cliff?!

Maybe. But the only thing Cliff brought up was the age (and like, being a new bear but whatever) so it wasn't like that was super convincing.

Okay good you better ♡
I guess that makes sense

After like ten second to ponder life...

do you think Abel thinks I can't be queen


This whole conversation was a trap.

No? Why would he think that??
King Barlit


idk he says he needs more time I guess


He was in some real fucked up group before
if he didn't want to be part of the group he'd just peace out I think
just gotta give him some time like he said
King Barlit


i guesssssssss


remember when I said we could move in together but it was way too early so you were like "no"
but now we're buying a house together
it'd not really the same but sometimes stuff takes time


I don't remember that

She remembered being... not really given a real choice. Between him and her cat, back then.

Lol hey Asha wanna talk about how fucked up this relationship between you guys started off???

No, she didn't, so instead she went to get whipped cream out of the fridge and put it on a chocolate chip cookie.

Abraham sure did. His memory for fuck ups was very clear.

probably for the best it was me being real dumb

Moving on.

he'll join eventually and if he doesn't it's not on us, it's on the people who messed him up
King Barlit


i g u E s s Ss s s S

Talk about maturity.

It's just like
I'm still the Larkspur Fuckup so like why would anyone follow me lol

The lol was a sad lol.

Guess how many cats in our group care about what happened
only you
We're moving into the fanciest place in all of mountainside with the most proper fancy leader in all of mountainside approving of it
Larkspur only matters to joe or whatever and when was the last time you heard anything useful about a coyote
King Barlit


He went hard on the offensive against her sad feelings. It was nice. She wanted to curl up on him but he wasn't here so she ate her whipped cream cookie abomination thing and went to curl up on a pillow.

to be fair there's like one useful coyote
thank you ♡


Abraham couldn't think of any.

He also couldn't think of what to say. So.

[Image: CaXPQ1l.png]
King Barlit



my favorite cat!
gonna frame it and put it out for the party

Cue "noooooooo" whining. Asha smiled to herself, put the drawing on Instagram, and snuggled her pillow for a nap.

NOooooooooo Ashaaaaa :(
it's a secret cat just for you 9_symbol_heart_red
King Barlit


Asha grimaced as she thought about #how #she #had #been #showing #off #his #skills #for #months #now.

Aaaaaand still wouldn't tell him about it.

only for meeeeee ♡


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