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Magic Hollow Spook-tacular 
Reference for tail! Her top has now become purple scales that fade into the green of her tail and her hair is dark red in a braid :D also GILL SLITS ON HER SIDE RIBS

Mon dieu.

She had no idea what she'd done to earn this. Had she drank from some secret monster's drink? Had she become something yet unproven?

Her tail flopped against the ground as she remained on the floor (previously she'd been standing), and she watched her scales shimmering iridescently. Her chest, too, was adorned with them, at least heavily along the sides of her sternum, while the center of her torso faded into skin.

It was lovely, she thought to herself. And yet... and yet. She also felt like there was just too much air, making her somewhat lightheaded. Oriane brought a hand to her ribs, heading slowly to a sense of disorientation as she noted how they flared shakily in and out.

Like gills. Heaven help her.


One moment he had been looking a tad bit ridiculous, fake boobs and wig as he sauntered around the place feeling nothing less than grand, and then the next moment, nothing was fake anymore. It had happened so quick, and yet felt like a lifetime, as boobs became real, hair became attached, and he became true perfection.

He was Sarah Sandersons, and with a quick look around the room, it seemed he was not the only one to become one with his costume. There were mice, pixies, tigers and even a mermaid. It was so spectacular, and while there was a bit of fear of him never becoming himself, the excitement of it all in the moment over shadowed it for now.

He then made his way towards the mermaid, who almost appeared to be in pain (or was it shock), crouching down before the creature with wide, curious eyes, brushing his REAL long blonde hair behind his shoulder. "Are you quite alright, dear?" He was truly getting into character now.

Increasingly, she was certain she needed to be in water. It made sense. It would be soothing to feel the rush of water over her gills.

A woman clad in a flowing sort of gown neared her. Oriane struggled to remember why she looked... extremely familiar. An actress of some kind? Anyway, she was asked a question, and opened her mouth with all the intent to say something to the effect of "please get me in water."

But. When she opened her mouth, the only sound that left her was a series of clicking, chirping, chattering sounds. More like a dolphin than a human.

Oriane stopped, clapping her hand over her mouth in horror, and stared up at the woman.

Well that was certainly... Unexpected.

Brows knitting at the clicks that erupted from the girls mouth, sounding like no language he had ever once heard before, and having no way to decipher its meaing, he could only continue to stare at the woman in confusion, hands unintentionally beginning to fiddle with the end of his hooded cape.

"Sorry doll, I couldn't quite understand that." Did she even understand him? She was clearly surprised at her own voice, perhaps being in the same predicament as himself. Changed.

"We may need to utilize some charades of some sort."

Had she lost the ability to speak? Perhaps that made some sense. But the sounds she made...

Charades. Right. This was not time to puzzle over her anatomy. Her head dropped, looking to her ribs, and pointed with her index finger as her gills flapped open increasingly laboriously.

She looked back up to the woman, and with her other arm, placed it horizontally out before her palm down, and made wavy motions.

Water. For breathing. Please.

He stared for a moment, looking towards the gills, and then back towards the waving of her hand. It didn't register at first, the need for water, Forrest overthinking the whole situation until suddenly, the image of a fish flopping along the shore came to mind a fist coming down into his open palm in an ah ha moment.

"Water?" He asked, although he was already moving to stand, eyes roaming around the room for anything at all that could be of some use to them.

Sadly, there was no random bathtub full of water. There was water however, only in the form of drinks, so not near large enough to just plop this women in. Running a hand through his hair, Forrest was completely unsure on what to do, or how to handle this situation, raising a hand to create a whole lot of ice that would turn into water after some time, only to have nothing at all come.

Uh what?

"Do you think just pouring water on you will help?" They were running out of options, unless this women knew of something else to do.

Pouring? Maybe, for a short time?

She gave a nod, overall helpless at this point. Maybe at least having water over her would give her some time to figure out something else.

Did banquet halls have baths? Was that an impossibility?

As the woman nodded, Forrest was off, grabbing as many glasses of water he could carry without having them topple over and spill all across the floor, meaning he held six, the boobs restricting him from carrying just one more do to their... Girth? Anyways, with the water in hand, he began to poor the water, focusing on the gills, because that was probably the most important place to focus.

This wouldn't last forever though, and whilst he poured, he continued to think of something, anything really, that would actually work. As he looked around however, there was only a DJ, people, and lots of food... Que the light bulb then.

"The kitchen!" He practically yelled,smile widening along his face. "They have those huge sinks right? For dishes!" Maybe she could fit in them, and if not, then Forrest had no clue.

Respiration was incredible when it was changed on you. She found herself focusing madly on the flow of too much air, the way it seemed to slowly be suffocating. Thinking of how caught fish on lines just slowly... died until they were gutted.

Finally, the woman was back, and Oriane realized she looked somewhat like Sarah Jessica Parker. It was probably because she was dying, until...

It was... not quite enough at all, for all the effort she gave. But it was like several frantic moments of soothing until she came up with something else.

Sinks. Could she even fit into a sink? Perhaps if it were like laboratory sinks. She nodded blearily. Good idea.

Was she strong enough to carry her?

The mermaid gave her consent, and so Forrest immediately ducked to pick her up, and while in his normal form, he might of raised her easily, in this form, it was an absolute no go. He pulled and he tugged, but to no avail, the woman would not budge, and he again found that his normal powers had been stolen away as well. This just wasn't going to do, not one bit.

Biting his bottom red lip, he glanced about the room, running to grab the closest chair and scooting it back towards the mermaid, motioning for her to help him get her in it, before bending once more and pushing to get her seated.

If he could get her here, then maybe he could just slide her into the kitchen. Fingers crossed.

Well, wasn't this embarrassing. She found the woman incapable of lifting her, and meanwhile Oriane kept thinking... it might be nice to just sleep here.

Not so fast. She was back with a chair, and making all sorts of motions. She found herself confused until she realized she meant to drag her around in it?

A better idea than sleeping here, perhaps.

She did her very best to help, though her strength was waning in itself, and her upper body strength had never been very much.

But with the other woman's help, she managed, her tail hanging off somewhat uselessly. How on Earth did fish sit, she wondered, before she realized that was a very ridiculous thought and that she was, possibly, going to die a muted mermaid.

The second she was in the chair, Forrest was off, or well he tried to be. Turned out, even if she was in a chair, she was still pretty heavy, forcing Forrest to use maximum effort in pushing her towards what he assumed to be the kitchen. Sweat was beginning to form just as he managed to push her to the other side of the room, shoving open the kitchen doors, relieved that there were very few present within.

Once near the sink, he immediately turned the faucets on, stepping back to look towards the girl and to the sinks supposing she could just like have her fin just sorta arched into the next one over, it definitely wouldn't be comfortable, but better to be alive he supposed.

"Sorry it's not the best, but this is all we got, so lets see if we can get you to fit?"

This was nice. Maybe here was the place to fall asleep? Maybe.

Except it wasn't a great ride. The sound of the chair scraping along the floor was immense somehow. And was that a tiger over there...? And. Bears?

Good bye, zoo.

Oh, but hello, these sinks were very very large. Oriane found herself flared at the gills in anticipation; she gave a weak nod. Please just toss her in, this was perfect. Her lips felt chapped and somehow she knew she was paling.

One hand reached for the edge of the sink, trying to help in whatever way as the woman would, unfortunately, have to really dig deep and do the rest.

She seemed eager enough, and that was all he needed, reaching underneath what he assumed to be her butt, but was now only scales, and lifted grunting with the effort.

God, being a woman was hard.

Somehow, fate was on their side, and Forrest somehow managed to lift her up and rolled her into the sink ungracefully, flopping into the now empty chair, panting. "I see now why dolphins weigh so much." Must be all the blubber and shit that they needed to survive in the water. Seemed mermaids might have the same thing.

That was a cruel quip, and she was far too scrunched up in her sink to properly glare for it. Pity.

Oriane settled into the sink, feeling the water flowing onto her and wishing it was far more full. It wasn't perfect. It lacked salt and all manner of other minerals. But it was enough that she felt she was no longer getting overloaded with air.

Eventually, the water started to cover her body more fully. How much better this was than walking around in air.

"Thank you," she mumbled, head tipping back.

... didn't even realize she said that in human.

As the woman began to relax, so did he, leaning back in his chair, head slinging over the back in an almost comical manner, when the mermaid suddenly spoke in words that he could actually understand, head shooting back up, and eyes wide. 'Woah you speak english!" He called, leaning forward towards the girl.

"What was all the business with chirping then?" If it all had been a joke he was going to be a little upset, no way in hell was he going to end up on the next episode of PRANK'D.


She opened her eyes suddenly as the other woman called her out, and then she realized that she was right. "I... I do not know," Oriane stared, a hand going to her throat. But there it was, human vocals.

Somewhere within her came some hunch or another, and she glanced at the water, all manner of confused as an answer slipped from her mouth. "Might be because I couldn't breathe? I meant to ask you for help but that just... slipped out instead."

Perhaps some panic instinct. Or... perhaps she was unintelligible out of water?

How she wished she had the nerve to test it, but she was not interested in that feeling of her gills flaring madly again.

"Well, whatever it was, I'm happy it happened." He answered grinning, leaning back once more, hands placing themselves behind his head as he looked towards the mermaids tail. "Gotta say I'm not the best at charades, and this is the first time I've ever seen a mermaid in person." He assumed she was the same as him, but better to check, no?

"So were you born this way, or is it simply by chance?"

"Me as well, but... I'm not sure," she puzzled, confused as she raised the end of her fin in curiosity, really focused on the sensation now. What dazzlingly different musculature.

"I don't know if this was always a part of me or simply something that happened as the result of some drug in the drinks. Or contact with someone else. It's all very curious."

Would she have to live in sinks from now on? Perhaps move near one of the lakes here. Into, actually. Into a lake.

She probably couldn't work anymore.

What on Earth did mermaids even eat?

Well that was unfortunate, if she were born this way, then there was a chance she would not change back, then again there was still a chance he would not either, so she might be screwed either way. Forrest bit his bottom lip again, brows knitting in thought as he ran a hand through the curls of his hair.

"Well, I believe it must be something else. I was not always this way after all." The complete opposite to be honest, for he was not this fabulous of a human being, or human at all for that matter. He was already starting to miss his great strength and ice, even if the pain of hunger was no longer, it definitely wasn't worth it.

"I'm actually a man." Get that out of the way now.

All was well and good until the last line.


He had been expecting the surprise, anticipating it even, a huge grin spread along his face at how obvious the girl was, holding up a single hand as he nodded his head in confirmation. "Yes, I came dressed as Sarah Sanderson, and now I am her." Strange how things happened that way, but really he wasn't going to complain, except about the whole strength thing, that sucked dearly.

"It's sort of nice though."

Sarah Sanderson.

This lady sounded entirely insane, and yet, as she glanced at her perfect fish tail, she had the same experience. She'd come dressed as a mermaid and now she...

"This is bizarre!" she exclaimed, feeling herself in water and wishing she was in an aquarium. How fast could she swim? How long could she stay underwater? So much to learn of herself!

So was that what all the chaos was — some force had descended and turned everyone into a literal interpretation of their costumes?

"Who is Sarah Sanderson? I thought you looked like Sarah Jessica Parker."

Yeah, but, no?

Or well, maybe he was... He wasn't exactly sure how this whole change thing went, and so since Sarah Jessica Parker played Sarah Sanderson, did that mean he was her? Or was he just the character? It was all just super confusion to be honest, but either way, he was content in knowing that he was at least some one very talented either way.

"It's possible, I'm not quite sure how this goes." He shrugged before explaining. "Sarah Sanderson is a character from a movie, Sarah Jessica Parker plays her, so I guess it could go either way."

Ah, that made some sense then. Oriane hummed in understanding and looked towards the door before glancing back at him.

"Have you ever run into such magic before? You're awfully calm about it."

Maybe he ... knew things. She could at least still learn.

Did he seem calm?

Forrest supposed he was, not because he wanted to be Sarah Sanderson exactly, but probably because he had already had his life do a 360 once before, what was another time? Offering a small shrug at the girls question, Forrest gave his head a soft shake. "I figure, if this is to be permanent, then there would be no point in freaking out about it." He answered, leaning forward once again.

"Life as a mermaid wouldn't be so bad, would it?"


Life as a mermaid would be terrifying. How and what would she eat? Becoming a different species led to a different digestive system, a different immune system. Were humans better immune to things that mermaids were not? Could the sun kill her? Could pollutants in the water kill her?

To what extent could she interact with people? Were there others of her kind, or was she alone? Could she make others like her? How? How did reproduction work, if it did at all? Was she stuck in this form permanently, or was she able somehow to move between legged and finned forms?

"Many questions to ponder," she said nervously, not even touching the tip of the iceberg, she was sure. "I suppose it's for the best if I just stay here for a time, for now."

"Yes, I suppose changing into a female is a bit of an easier transition." He sighed, reaching to place a hand to the side of the sink in a comforting gesture. "But do not worry, I will wait here with you as well, so that you may not be alone." He would absolutely dread being alone himself, and so he would not do the same to this girl.

Plus, what if she wound up needing help again, she couldn't very much do anything herself.

Well, that was very kind of her. Er, him. Oriane wasn't sure what to consider the woman, or man, now. Perhaps she'd have to ask his real name.

Otherwise, they'd have good conversation, which helped some to take her mind off the worry of her new, possibly lifelong existence.

Maybe he'd have to bring her to one of the lakes. Would she die in the process? Possibly, unless he managed to find some decently sized tank to transport her in. Just a risk she'd have to take.

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