Tiny Mouth, Big Spoon

Magic Hollow Spook-tacular 

 Some would perhaps be inclined to say that this was a lesson in how sometimes things were too good to be true. Personally, she thought of it as ... maybe something was in - well, she hadn't eaten anything or had anything to drink before everything went belly up. But this definitely wasn't real, she definitely had not gone from a normal human being to a human BIC to a ... nope. Not in the span of less than a year, not ever.

 A quick glance about and she felt the idea of misery loving company, exhaled slowly at the chaos unfolding as people and animals and who-knew-what all went into a tizzy. It was a weird angle to watch it all from, smaller than most people's shoes and easy to step o- "Oh." Easy to step on, definitely. Quick as she could, she ran towards a table, rushed for that little bit of extra coverage and grimaced at what appeared to be a talking tiger.

 It took a lot of work, considering her stride, and about halfway through a distance that would have normally been only a few brisk steps, she lurched forward and ... nothing. Tipping forward she reached out to brace herself, realized she was hovering and ... flying. That worked too she supposed, trying not to panic at the alien sensation of wings. Not elastic bands digging into her armpits, but actual and honest to god wings. It was a strange set of muscles but rather easy to manage as long as she didn't think about it too much.

 Not so trusting of herself, she reached out to grab the edge of the table once she was high enough to do so, made the active choice not to look down as she pulled herself up. Palms clammy, she considered the Mad Max landscape ahead of her, mountainous bowls and textured planes of Halloween themed paper napkins. It felt entirely plausible that she might pass out, winded and overwhelmed.

 Still, it felt relatively safe to be on the snack table in the middle of anarchy, so she meandered towards the punch bowl. Managed to get off her feet at a standstill and carefully considered how to proceed. The bowl might as well have been a lake, a cup ... well, that was just not going to happen, not to mention the ladle situation. Instead she just ... perched herself on the long handle of the spoon, hands on her hips as she tried to ignore the chaos behind her. Maybe a slow climb down, just to the edge of the fruit punch. A handful and a few sips - focused as she slowly started that steep descent along the curve of the spoon.

current form, roughly the size of a thumb from nose to tail tip

The tiger was an adventure, but in the end, a pretty benign one.

An altercation with a cupcake left her speckled in frosting. Cris had taken the time to clean her face and fur, attempting to utilize a water dispenser to help with the task but not nearly strong enough to work the lever.

Hunger satiated, she was on to another need.


Fur or not, Cris was used to wearing fucking something. She scampered along the table, eyes out for something she could fashion into an accessory.

But eventually she spotted something else entirely.

A person. A tiny one. In a dress, which, eh.

The crown, though.

She slipped up on tiny paws until she was beside the punch bowl, rising on her hind and staring up as best she could.



Well, so, hooves were a thing. And so was a tile floor. And that was how a very ungainly unicorn came staggering over to the snack table, trying her very damndest to both not fall flat on her--presumably gorgeous, though she couldn't see it--unicorn face as well as not get eaten by--holy shit was that a tiger over there? Bears? A... nope... that's definitely not a t-rex, you gotta stay far away from that so that you never confirm otherwise, byyyye.

Weird side regret--not being able to instagram any of this fuckery, because this would have been one for the ages. Get her all those followers.

Horn felt weird. Heavy. Made her head swing around wide when a cry from somewhere made her look. And with that little bit of distraction, Summer's pearly hooves slipped without traction and with a bleat that sounded foreign even to her own ears, she staggered straight into the snack table which shuddered as she basically clotheslined herself on it.

"Fuck!" said the unicorn, which seemed like it probably went against some sort of unicorn code.

 A fairy, a unicorn, and a rat show up to grab a bite ... it all happened so quick that she narrowly forgot to tighten her hold on the ladle as aforementioned horse jostled the whole set up. Her footing slipped on the plastic, she righted herself quickly enough to avoid a particularly unpleasant and diabetic swim.

 "Language." It was instant and ingrained, a default response to any f-bombs or their lesser cousins. No offense to her fellow mythical creature, but she focused instead on the rodent - tried not to dwell on how huge she looked from her perspective. "Evening ... do you need help getting a drink?" Unicorn girl could just bend at the neck, lucky duck.

Cris had plans, but they briefly went to shit as a horse came crashing into the table. She tumbled briefly before tiny claws found purchase in tablecloth, and she clung on tight, turning to stare down the massive stupid animal that had-

A horn, apparently. As if all of this could get any dumber. "Watch your hooves, princess," she remarked to the bigger one before her sharp yet beady gaze fell on the little cherub person.

"I want your crown," she said simply. Might as well make it very clear, because Cris was going to get it one way or another.

Summer just... well, sat there wasn't the right way of putting it. But knelt there? With her front legs hooked and her neck still down near the edge of the table. Gave her a good look at the two who were prompt to scold her. One for language, which Summer would have laughed at if she was still working over the sensation of having a table slammed into her giant throat. The other just telling her to watch her step, basically. Which was... whatever.

Except that whatever was a mouse?

If she'd been a hyena right then there might have been a mighty urge to just chomp the tiny thing in a single bite, but it was for the best for everyone that horses don't eat like that, even when they have a sword on their face.

Her dark eyes moved between whatever the one on the punch bowl was and the rodent demanding a crown. A mouse in a crown... "Please tell me you're going to wear it," she said, struck by the absurdity of everything in a surprisingly good way now that she wasn't flailing around the tile like it was ice.

 "Oh." She reached up at once, touched the top of her head and felt blindly along the ring of flowers and greenery she came across. Carefully, she pulled it from the top of her head and frowned to herself. It was pretty, different wildflowers in the colors of her dress, fern leaves and ... she looked back up and cautiously shifted her footing on the ladle. "I don't know if it'll ... fit you." Not a personal assault on Ms Mouse and more so a matter of fact about their relative sizes and the shape of their heads.

 All the same, if she was stuck a rodent she'd probably be on the prowl for something more than just fur and cheese too. "Come here, .." She held it out, cautiously leaned in and wiggled the crown a bit as if to draw the rat closer. "Let's spruce you up."

This was going weirdly better than expected. Being a mouse was problematic on a lot of levels, but apparently it meant she was treated a hell of a lot better than she was as a human.

There was the challenge of it not fitting. Maybe they could find a string, tie it on. Something.

"'Course I'm going to wear it," she said to the unicorn, but she wasn't especially mean about it. Surprisingly not mean for a Cris.

For once, there was no immediate indication that maybe she ought to be wary. Instead, she inched forward, little nose twitching of its own accord, beady dark eyes wholly taking in the fairy thing in front of her.

She was right. It almost definitely wasn't going to fit. But Cris found that she wanted to try, anyway, and she set her head level with the fairy's hands.

"I dunno maybe you were gonna eat it," the unicorn muttered very much under her breath. Horse lips wiggling. Boy, this was weird. She shifted a little and moved to get her hooves back under her finally, watching the exchange between the two tiny creatures. Her own dark eyes were heavily lashed and she felt skittish in a way she normally didn't. Her long ears twisted around back, behind, to make sure nothing dangerous was coming their way, but...

Hey, she was thirsty. And there was a punch bowl right here. She eyed her own reflection in the red surface, realized she wasn't quite so magical looking so much as she just looked like a horse with an odd growth, then snorted into the bowl in exasperation.

 From the corner of her eye she watched the unicorn, thought about a series of pencils, stickers, erasers, and who-knew-what-else from her childhood. Baby Piper loved unicorns, grown and miniature fairy Piper, well - there were bigger things to work through. Carefully, she reached the lip of the bowl, walked it like a balance beam as her wings twitched ever so slightly. Some ingrained sense of self-preservation whenever her footing wobbled or she careened a bit too far to the left or the right.

 "Let's see ..." Carefully, she moved to set it down on top of the mouses head, pulled back just as quickly and tilted her head as if she was seeing if a painting needed anything further to be considered done. "You're cute. Isn't she cute?" Halfway twisting to look at the unicorn expectantly.



Her ears twitched, and Cris wasn't really sure how to prevent that. They seemed to move on their own.

Eventually the crown was there, on her head. She certainly wasn't going to eat it, though...

Actually. It sounded weirdly good? To eat the crown? Just to have something in her teeth. She looked at the fairy, then slowly turned her head to the horse.

Then back to the fairy. Beady eyed. Focused.

"You don't happen to have spare tiny clothing?"

Even Cris wouldn't rob someone for their clothes.

When she was done being amused, she drank deep and slow from the punch. She wondered if normal horses would like the sugared up water. Her unicorn brain sure did. Summer enjoyed herself in those moments, her tail flicking behind her even though there were no flies to dissuade. Watched the exchange with one dark eye, and lifted her head again when she was asked her opinion.

"Fucking amazing is what that is," she decided. A fairy or whatever this weird thing was, gifting a flower crown to a mouse. Again, she wanted to put this on instagram, and she willed whatever unicorn powers she might have had to be able to take digital photos with her eyes. (Surprise, she could not.)

"Why ya want clothing, mousie? Cold or somethin'?" Fruit punch had stained her white nose and dripped from the hairs at the bottom of her chin.

 If you give a mouse a crown, chances are she'll want some clothes to go along with it. As out of place as it was, she laughed to herself at the somewhat hard to pin down play on nostalgia. Except the unicorn seemed to have criticism about a mouse wanting a dress, so it felt particularly mean to tease her however gently on top of it. Instead, she rubbed her hands on the skirt of her dress and looked herself over. "Uh, no, I'm afraid n-"

 A quick glance about and she was fairly certain that was Mary Poppins. "Uh - she might have ... something?" Her nose wrinkled, eyes narrowed as if to underline that it was a stretch. Turning towards the unicorn, she reached out as if to try to wipe away at some of the punch stains. "Everyone likes to feel pretty ..."

It was fucking amazing, and Cris wished she had some kind of mirror to look in.

Except maybe not, given the level of existential horror she might feel over being a rodent now.

Running her paws through her whiskers once more, she followed the fairy's eye line to actual literal Mary Poppins. That wasn't a bad idea.

And then the unicorn ran her bucktoothed mouth, and Cris whipped her head sharply enough to face her that the crown slid over one ear.

"I don't like running around ass naked," she scowled. "And maybe I do like feeling pretty."

Taking a few steps back onto the table, she pondered her options. One quick look to the fairy, then off to actual Mary Poppins.

"Thanks for the crown. Don't get stepped on."

In a little mousy blur, she shoved the crown into her mouth and took off toward the corner of the table where she could shimmy down the cloth and into the crowd.

Ass naked, really? That's what mousie thought running around covered in fur was? Clearly human in another life. Another life like... five minutes ago. She tried to imagine putting her own hyena--who she realized in a weird jolt that she didn't really... feel right now--in a flower crown or a t-shirt and found that it was just silly, wasn't it?

But hey, power to Mouse and the Motorcycle over here. Who was... going to take of.

"Bye," she said pointedly to the quick rodent, while... leaning into the the reaching hands of the tiny fairy creature. Not even consciously, just out of pure impulse, she seemed to like the idea of having her soft horse face touched.

"Think we can find clothes to fit me?" she joked.

 "That's the plan! Be safe!" She raised her voice to call after the mouse, unsure if it would reach her or if it was really all that much louder considering her size, She froze for a second, sacrificed the underside of her skirt as she wiped off her hands and turned to the unicorn properly. "Mary might have something for you too ... do you this is forever?"

 And while it was phrased rather calmly, she was fairly confident that was just her mind desperately trying to protect her from the absurdity of what life had just thought to throw her way. "I don't want to be stepped on ..."

The idea of going to Mary Poppins for a unicorn outfit was pretty amusing but ultimately... Summer didn't care enough. Maybe if it was offered to her, but she wasn't about to go follow the pawsteps of the crown-toting mouse. "Who the fuck knows how long this'll last," she snorted, then stuck her nose back in the punch bowl for another drink.

Like, if she was gonna be here, might as well drink something, right?

Giant, dark eyes settled on the fairy again. Smacking punch from her lips, she dripped into the bowl again as she commented. "Won't get stepped on if you go for a flight," by way of... wondering why this chick wasn't flying around like mad. She would have, if she were a unipegi. But no, she was just a unicorn.

 Language. It felt like some sort of weird and unspoken sin to see a unicorn of all things dropping f-bombs. She watched her drink, wrinkled her nose when half the punch ended back up in the bowl for the next unsuspecting goblin, pirate, or ... t-rex. She made a mental note to avoid that one and sighed, reached back and felt the seamless transition from wing to back, tried not to dwell on it for too long.

"Piper, by the way ... you?" Resisting the impulse to remark on how well she was taking all of this considering present company was a giant horned horse.

This really did feel like it should feel weirder. Maybe Summer was totally not as spazzed about it as she should have been because she regularly spent time on four paws. Hooves were... different. But not like... so utterly different. Maybe she'd be having a lot more panic if she'd been turned into a tree or some shit.

"M'names Summer. Which sounds really fucking magical when I realize I am saying this to you as a unicorn, dear god what is going on."

She felt a weird tingle in her horn and okaaaay that needed to stop right now. She leaned her head down to rub the side of her horn on the tablecloth, as if that would help.

 "Piper the fairy isn't that much better." Although she supposed something like Buttercup would have been more fitting in that quaint English garden sort of way. Cautiously she half fluttered and half dropped down for the bowl, inched in but hugged the perimeter of it. "Need help with that or do you want me to leave you to your drink?" Content to stay near and hopefully relatively dear to something large, horned, and seemingly friendly.

"If you don't think it's weird giving it a scratch. Horn feels tingly." Had any unicorn in existence ever said that? Well, surely not, since unicorns weren't FUCKING REAL.

It was a special brand of existential crisis, and one that hopefully wouldn't last long. She went still and eyed the little fairy Piper, her own long lashes dark and almost distracting at the edges of her vision.

"I'll give ya some free pony rides if ya do."

 "Sold." It was immediate and without hesitation, the slightest hitch in her voice that might underline a genuine sense of excitement. Of course, she wanted a friggin' ride, they were basically turned into a matching couples costume of enchanted whim. But it wasn't the sort of thing that you asked someone to let you do so, thank goodness for Summer the unicorn and her sense of barter.

 Cautiously she took somewhat shaky flight, settled on the top of Summer's head and reached out to scratch along her horn. "Lemme know if I need to - higher or lower?" Not that weird in the scheme of everything, but it certainly didn't feel that way then and there.

Summer felt her tail flick in contentedness as Piper moved over to put her tiny hands against the swirled horn. Who would have thought that a tiny person could be so well needed right now, huh? It felt kinda weirdly like... appropriate. Having something on her head like that that was so small. Like having a familiar or something. Or was she the familiar?

With the scratching, her ears fell back and she nickered and pawed the tile. It was good, definitely, but could be better.

"Lowerrrr," she decided, honestly just guessing because it was one of those itches that just didn't have an obvious source.

 She hunched a bit, glanced over her shoulder at the chaos that covered the overall ballroom and moved a bit quicker as she scratched at Summer's horn. Which sounded way worse than it really was, but that was besides the point. "Okay so - your job is to not ditch me and try to keep anything from eating me." She leaned in a bit closer to her ear, dropped her voice to a whisper. "Please."

Okay, okay, that felt muuuuuch better. Maybe it was little magic fairy hands, or maybe it was the scratching itself--either way, the 'restless-leg-syndrome-except-in-your-unicorn-horn' feeling went away after a few moments and it put Summer very much in an agreeable mood.

"You got it, sister," she agreed, eyes rolled back a little at her relief. "Anywhere you wanna go? Other than maybe fucking far away from that dino over there?"

Part of Summer really wanted to see mister Rex up close, but most of her--the part that was eatable ungulate at the moment--was like... nah, son.

 "I'm going to defer to you on the adventuring, Summer - just keeping size in mind ..." She settled down, sat cross-legged on the top of the unicorns head and tangled her fingers in her mane for an additional added bit of security. "Who knows how long this will last, might as well make the best of it." A somewhat weaker echo of Summer's earlier casual display of resilience.

Hopefully not too long, probably, maybe.

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