It's Freakin' Bats, I Love Halloween!

Magic Hollow Spook-tacular 

 Looking back, there were definitely worse things in the world than being a fucking coyote. There were way worse situations to be in than her own, or at least - the one she had been in only moments ago. A few beats and she had a whole wealth of syrupy nostalgia to wade through before she could get down to the bare facts of what had all the makings of your standard Mountainside sort of fiasco.

 It felt weird, inherently wrong to be on the ground - wings folded and body all sharp angles as she tried to squint to make the whole scene a bit less blurry and hard to make out. Someone was on the ground, there was a whole variety of run of the mill panic and shouting and all the usual things that would make her want to turn into a giant dog and tear into something. But now she just wanted to get off of the ground, pushing off and winging it (both literally in figuratively).

 It seemed like you would just open your arms and ... flap. So that's what she did, taking off and confident she would be full on grimacing if she had the face to make such an expression. It wasn't so bad - tiring for certain, but ... a bird's eye view of the trouble erupting about the room confirmed they were stuck, made her wonder if this was forever.

 That thought, she immediately shut down with all the mental power she could muster. Because that would be chaos and that would also mean ... she didn't even want to entertain it. Besides there was the issue of timing this whole flapping business to attend to first, finding it challenging to level out at one general height as she struggled to find a rhythm with how goddamn loud the whole room was.

 It made the long points of her ears twitch, made her want to find a place to hang and just ... wait. In the chaos, she nearly flew into a pillar, taking a sharp left and gasping as it went from bad to worse - no emergency brake on bat wings. "Hey! Incoming!" Perhaps not exactly eloquent, but not much about this situation was.

As an aside, thread title brought to you by this most festive Vine.



Deciding to take full advantage of this weird shift and Halloweeny mayhem, Sol had decided to raid the bar.

The bartenders had disappeared. She assumed they had either ran for their lives or turned into something themselves.

With a simple leap, the tiger landed on top of the counter and started knocking over drinks to lap them up. There was a discarded bowl of nachos that she wolfed down greedily in two quick bites. Cheese clung to the white fur on her chin.

Her striped tail swayed lazily behind her.

A yell caught her attention, causing her to look up and see a bat. A very human scream escaped her as her fur puffed up, and then she very ungracefully fell over behind the bar counter.

 Instinctively she flexed, hooked herself and grabbed a hold of the back of one of the chairs against the bar. A near miss and then a landing so rough she nearly flipped over in the process. Jarred by it she reached out and clumsily crawled her way over the counter to look down at the impossible sight in front of her. Well, improbable. Not a lot in life had proven to be outright impossible these days.

"You gonna be alright there, bud?"

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