What big eyes you have

Lavender Heights 

There was some inherent naughtiness in being here. Someone, perhaps Taraneh's associate, had undoubtedly mind wiped this girl. There was little doubt there, and truthfully, this should have been his cue to let her go on with her life, or to invite her to the planetarium and strangle her to death in some back room for hurting his feelings in the past.

Instead he was somewhere in between, sitting in a small but bustling coffee shop, a drink-warmed paper cup held in his hands. She would not recognize him when she arrived, most likely, and he imagined she would not expect him to look as he did. Age differences could be... misleading.

He waited patiently, having arrived early as was his way, and breathed in the scents of coffee and what could be various shades of dinner.


The darkness of the early night did little to comfort her as she made her way towards the location that "Henry" had sent her the day before. She stood before the main entrance of the coffee shop and peered inside, not recognizing a single soul. Her hands fidgeted in her coat pockets, anxiously.

Various thoughts filled her head and she began to think that Rowan was right. She shouldn't have even come, but she needed, wanted answers but this time she was taking her safety in consideration, something she felt she hadn't in the past. Perhaps that was why she ended up with lost memories and time gaps. Maybe it was because she was too naive and too trusting. But at least they were meeting in the public eye at a coffee shop. Though Rowan had reminded her that vampires could erase memories or whatever and Rabbit had no idea what she was walking into. She didn't know if this "Henry" was human or not.

Quickly, she whipped out her phone and sent a short text to him, to let him know of her tardiness.

running late.

Once she sent the message, she stepped away from the front door and walked down a short distance to gather her courage.

Time passed, and Beauregard watched the door mindfully.

But as they inched toward and past their meeting time, he didn't spot her. It left him concerned enough to look around the coffee shop, making absolutely sure he hadn't missed her here.

Certain he would have smelled her, practically tasted her on the air.


His phone buzzed and he glanced down with s slight frown.

Take your time and travel safely.

The vampired drummed cold fingers against a warm cup of coffee.

What the fuck was she going to do? She buried her face into her hands while her phone buzzed in her pocket. Rabbit took another moment to herself before she pulled out the device to check the message. And it was.. rather polite.

Tap, tap, tap, her fingers went on her phone screen.

Henry, i need you to answer truthfully, are you a vampire?

His answer would determine her willingness to meet. Earlier, she had been more that eager to meet him and get some answers, but after running into that damn shifter, he had made her second guess herself.

Naughty, naughty.

Someone was stalling, asking such invasive questions over text message. Abandoning his drink at the table, he rose from his seat to make his way outside, feeling rather dangerous tickles of irritation.

Incoming call from Henry

With a breath of cool outdoor air, he hoped to sniff her out, to listen to the scenery on the background of the call should she answer.

And if she didn't, well. Beauregard was very capable of managing a bird's eye view.

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