What big eyes you have

Lavender Heights 

There was some inherent naughtiness in being here. Someone, perhaps Taraneh's associate, had undoubtedly mind wiped this girl. There was little doubt there, and truthfully, this should have been his cue to let her go on with her life, or to invite her to the planetarium and strangle her to death in some back room for hurting his feelings in the past.

Instead he was somewhere in between, sitting in a small but bustling coffee shop, a drink-warmed paper cup held in his hands. She would not recognize him when she arrived, most likely, and he imagined she would not expect him to look as he did. Age differences could be... misleading.

He waited patiently, having arrived early as was his way, and breathed in the scents of coffee and what could be various shades of dinner.


The darkness of the early night did little to comfort her as she made her way towards the location that "Henry" had sent her the day before. She stood before the main entrance of the coffee shop and peered inside, not recognizing a single soul. Her hands fidgeted in her coat pockets, anxiously.

Various thoughts filled her head and she began to think that Rowan was right. She shouldn't have even come, but she needed, wanted answers but this time she was taking her safety in consideration, something she felt she hadn't in the past. Perhaps that was why she ended up with lost memories and time gaps. Maybe it was because she was too naive and too trusting. But at least they were meeting in the public eye at a coffee shop. Though Rowan had reminded her that vampires could erase memories or whatever and Rabbit had no idea what she was walking into. She didn't know if this "Henry" was human or not.

Quickly, she whipped out her phone and sent a short text to him, to let him know of her tardiness.

running late.

Once she sent the message, she stepped away from the front door and walked down a short distance to gather her courage.

Time passed, and Beauregard watched the door mindfully.

But as they inched toward and past their meeting time, he didn't spot her. It left him concerned enough to look around the coffee shop, making absolutely sure he hadn't missed her here.

Certain he would have smelled her, practically tasted her on the air.


His phone buzzed and he glanced down with s slight frown.

Take your time and travel safely.

The vampired drummed cold fingers against a warm cup of coffee.

What the fuck was she going to do? She buried her face into her hands while her phone buzzed in her pocket. Rabbit took another moment to herself before she pulled out the device to check the message. And it was.. rather polite.

Tap, tap, tap, her fingers went on her phone screen.

Henry, i need you to answer truthfully, are you a vampire?

His answer would determine her willingness to meet. Earlier, she had been more that eager to meet him and get some answers, but after running into that damn shifter, he had made her second guess herself.

Naughty, naughty.

Someone was stalling, asking such invasive questions over text message. Abandoning his drink at the table, he rose from his seat to make his way outside, feeling rather dangerous tickles of irritation.

Incoming call from Henry

With a breath of cool outdoor air, he hoped to sniff her out, to listen to the scenery on the background of the call should she answer.

And if she didn't, well. Beauregard was very capable of managing a bird's eye view.

Rabbit panicked as she saw her phone began to ring with a call from Henry. She cursed under her breath and slammed herself against the brick wall she had been leaning against. Slowly, her body gave in and slid down into a sitting position against it. Rabbit rested her forehead on her knees and began to weep quietly, keeping her face hidden.

Eventually fingers fumbled with the phone and answered on the last ring.

S-something's wrong. Something's terribly wrong!

Her voice croaked, her current state easily identified over the phone.

The phone rang long enough that he began to assume she was attempting to flee. But eventually she answered, and it was obvious immediately that she was distraught.

Poor little thing. He frowned, listening beyond the call to see if he could determine where her cries originated from.

Easy, darling. Take a breath. Are you somewhere safe?

His tone was gentle, practiced, intended to soothe. Taking a few steps further, he was unknowingly moving further from her, eyes narrowed as he sought to try to spot her through strangers on the street.

She laughed into the phone, breathy and muffling. Safe? What was a safe place anymore? Rabbit shook her head back and forth.

Am I somewhere safe? I mean, I'm out trying to meet with someone who I don't even remember. I'm so fucking stupid and don't know what safe even means apparently!

Rabbit could tell he wasn't in the cafe anymore, and instead wandering around, probably searching for her. But she stayed where she was for the moment, she had no need to leave where she was. Though she lifted her head to look around to see if she could see someone on their phones, looking like they were searching for someone since she had no idea what this person looked like. But strangers are casually walking past her at a leisurely pace, no one struck out to her. Her inked hands wiped away her tears, dropping the phone from her ear.

A proper feminine meltdown. Delicious. Beauregard rose on his toes where he stood, frowning into the distance as he failed to spot her. Damn it. Turning back the other way, he continued gently in the face of hysterics.

I'm not looking to upset you. I have a sense that whoever did this, did it under some misguided attempt to keep you safe. You certainly aren't stupid. I-

He side stepped some idiot who nearly plowed into him as he walked.

I'm just outside the cafe now. If you'd prefer not to meet, I can leave you be, Rabbit.


I just wish I could forget all this. I just want to go back to living a life where I didn't know vampires and shifters existed.
she wept. They had caused her so much pain, she felt like a toy for their amusement.

She saw a man wearing a rather expensive looking suit walk by, and her name come from his mouth. Her eyes followed him from where she sat before calling out to him.

"Henry?" Her lips turned down into a frown, her cheeks wet and stained with tears.

That could be arranged, certainly. But he had little time to ponder it further.

She'd found him, and she looked dreadful. Women were ugly criers.

"Guilty as charged," he murmured, offering the faintest smile in greeting. "Here. Pause, breathe."

He pulled a pocket square from his jacket to offer to her, hardly a handkerchief, but enough in a pinch.

She looked him over silently. He was older than she was expecting, but handsome none the less. Rabbit hesitantly took his pocket square and lightly dabbed her cheeks dry while she mumbled a soft thank you.

She was suddenly short of words, unsure what needed to be said, or instead what she wanted to say. Nonetheless, she took a deep breath and handed his pocket square back to him.

"I don't remember who you are, you don't look familiar," she gasped. Rowan had to be right. Someone erased her memories, but apparently didn't do a very good job, leaving random gaps here and there.

Collected tears of a foolish girl. Were he some sort of... ritualistic creature, perhaps they would be of fantastic, magical use. Instead, it meant he would likely throw this piece of fabric away when he returned home.

Tucking it into his pocket, he looked to her with a frown. She was no Kaylee, and he wished certainly that he could make her into such a woman.


"Someone has done a dreadful thing to your mind, I'm afraid," he said. "But perhaps we can talk about what you might have lost. I have some guesses that may help shine light on it all."

"Someone has done a dreadful thing to your mind, I'm afraid,"

And he confirmed it. But how would he know? Rabbit blinked blankly at him a couple times while she still sat on the ground.

"You're a, " she lowered her voice, "vampire then? " He did say he wanted to shed some light on it, but how could she trust him? She made the mistake of being too trusting in the past. Rabbit wasn't going to be so willing this time around.

"I don't think I can trust you," she whimpered, through her face into her hands.

Oh, Beauregard, could a man so terribly charming be a member of the undead? Such a thought could leave the heart quaking.

"I am," he admitted quietly. "But you were smart enough to know that before we met."

People passed, eyes falling on the crying girl. With care, he crouched before her, looking to what he could see of her face behind her hands.

"It pains me to see you upset. You had a... clever, quiet sort of confidence about you when we met last."

He spoke with a soft mournfulness.

"I don't ask you to trust me. But perhaps we could sit in that cafe and talk. A public place, and we could even sit near the door if you decide you'd like to leave at any point."

Rabbit didn't even recognize the girl he was describing. She was none of those things, could she have possibly been that at a point in time?

She removed her hands and dabbed underneath her eyes with her fingers. His words were soft and encouraging of comfort. Clearing her throat and pushing hair from her face, she gathered herself once again. "How do I know you won't use your mind powers on me without my permission?" That was what she was mostly concerned about, less about the whole blood sucking thing.

"Mind powers." So she'd forgotten him, but knew about "mind powers." Oh, my.

"You have my word, but I'm not sure what else I can offer, to be quite truthful," he said, seeking her eyes to make it a habit now. For if he needed it later.

Beauregard reached one hand out, just enough to make it clear it was an offer.

"If nothing else, let's get you off the ground, darling."

He would rise with her, if she would take his assistance.

Rabbit saw his hand extended towards her. She looked at it for a moment before gently taking it in her own, unusually warm hand, and stood up with him. It was a bit of a struggle, being crouched for so long, but she did it with ease.

"I'm sorry for wasting your time, but I think it's best if I keep my distance from you and vampires," she expressed sadly, "I want to know what happened, but I think it's for the best I stay away." Rabbit looked down at her shoes while she spoke. She should've been called Mouse instead, for how quiet her voice was.

How unfortunate a choice.

Beauregard noted the avoidance of her eyes, and he was undeniably irate. This young woman he'd been perfectly kind to, who had been likely rightfully cleared of her memories by someone else, would choose to ignore him now.

She was right. It would be best if she stayed away from vampires. But this was a mistake already heartily made. How rude of her, to drag him all the way out here simply to walk away.

Releasing her hand, he nodded, a frown on his face as he sought her eyes.

"You're absolutely certain? I do... have some fears about who you may bump into, given some details you'd mentioned to me in the past."

And with great practice, he sought to instill a sense of regret into her, a metaphysical push into her emotions.

Rabbit felt like crying all over again as a sense of regret washed over her. Was she doing the right thing? Keeping her distance without getting any answers she so desperately yearned for?

He expressed that he was concerned about the other vampires she may have come across. What the fuck was she doing hanging around all these vampires, she asked herself.

"I do have my own means of keeping myself safe now," she added, wondering if she had ever told him about her powers.

Rabbit took a few tiny steps away from him. It was for the best. He may have answers, but she felt as if she had no one to trust at the moment, especially the strange vampire insisting he could help.

"I'm sorry, Henry, but this time I need to think about me, " she said, continuing to put space between her and him.

Did she, now?

Beauregard let her go, nodding, taking little stock in what almost felt like a warning.

"Take care, Rabbit," he said, making no move to follow.

He had her address, after all.

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