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It was not often she found herself in Lavender Heights, Avondale being a pretty good distance away, especially when one did not have a car, but she had found interest in a bookstore she had found online, and was quite eager to check it out. Luckily, Larkspur was not far, and with her just having worked during the day, it was only a quick uber ride to town.

The store wasn't the biggest, but shelves were placed all around, creating a maze with books crammed in every inch of them. In most cases, it might of made it difficult to navigate, but Evelina had not come with an open mind, no there was a particular book she wished for, and after speaking with the clerk, she was led right to her goal. Pulling the large book from his snug place, she made her way towards an empty table, hand hovering over the cover of the book for just a moment.

Supernatural Being, not the most creative title, but it held the information she searched for, and so she eagerly opened it up, flipping to the index with breakneck speed. Time to find out just how many others were like her, and what exactly she was.

@"Greta Hellström"

 Greta was not much of a book person. Sure, she loved a good read, but she preferred her books to be electronic these days. A materialistic woman though she was, with little qualms to have over heavily-laden shelves, she preferred to fill her house with art than books when she could fit a whole library in the side pocket of her purse.

 Unfortunately, the book she sought was not available in such form. It was a rare occurrence, but the title she needed was only available on printed paper. So, here she was, perusing some dinky little book shop, only to be side-tracked by a tantalizing scent. It was, unmistakably, the smell of psychic blood.

 Greta would stick to the task at hand, albeit perhaps a bit more hurriedly; but once she found her desired book, she was following her nose, looking every bit like the tame old woman she was not.

 It hardly took any time for her to find the source, a beautiful young thing with fiery red hair and a book in her possession that nearly made Greta laugh. What could a book possibly know about their kind and have actual evidence to back it up?

 "Researching monsters, are we?" she asked innocently enough, fixing the young woman with a small smile.

She had been so absorbed in her reading that she had not heard the jingle of the door as another entered, enveloping herself in the text before her, only to be drawn out with a startle, as suddenly there was another nearby, speaking to her no less. Raising her head, eyes wide, Evelina turned towards the woman, hand over her heart as she pulled in a breath.

"I apologize for the overreaction, you startled me." She answered, before running a hand through her red locks, as if brushing away the initial fright.

"I suppose, with the news of monsters being real. It would only make sense that there are others as well hiding among us."

 It was apparent by the spike in the girl's heart rate that she had been startled, before she even said anything. Greta hid her amusement well, keeping the same light expression on her face as she considered her words. They were thick with an accent, but her English was very good for obviously not being her first language. For the apology, Greta's smile grew marginally and would serve as her response for now, waiting for a proper answer on her primary question.

 The old vampire would make herself comfortable, lowering herself into a seat across the table from the redhead. She let her own book rest in her lap for now, momentarily uninterested in it, and leaned her chin on one of her hands. "Oh, I'm sure of it," she hummed. "But you know... they've lived in secrecy for so long. Do you think a book will be able to surmise the ways of werewolves and vampires?"

There was a shake of her head in response, fingers running over the page before her, eyes wandering over the text. "I am not searching for either vampires or werewolves." She answered, looking back up towards the older woman, a small shrug to her shoulders.

"I just speculate that there may be other creatures we have yet to discover, if television could have gotten those two creatures right, then what is to say this book could not have as well?" She asked, head giving a slight tilt.

There had to be some creature similar to her, with the ability of fire as she, herself, had.

 Oh? Greta watched the young lady with a soft look of interest, waiting for her to continue. Her eyes glanced down at the book the girl possessed, considering her opinion. Television still knew very little about them, but it was irrelevant. Greta shifted her weight some, leaning her chin into her hand a little more heavily as she considered her options. Somewhat mischievously, the old vampire would ask in a soft voice, "Creatures like you?" The tantalizing scent of her blood gave her away, but she didn't need to know that - maybe her curiosity was self-inspired.

It was needless to say that the girl was surprised, hazel eyes widening as her head snapped back towards the woman from her book, although she quickly tried to mask it with curiosity, hands unconsciously tightening onto the sides of the book. "What do you mean by that? She feigned ignorance, although her voice did shake slightly.

It wasn't that she was particularly scared, but simply that she did not like the fact that another could know the secret that she had held so dearly to herself for so many years. It would, no doubt, be very dangerous if word was to go around that a fire user was in town, and she could not offered to be on the news as the other creature had been.


 Greta took great joy in the girl's surprise, though she kept it tightly under wraps, her expression not so much as twitching. Her Mona Lisa smile remained, her hand coming away from her chin to rest upon the tabletop. Curiosity came before thirst in this instance - it could be said that she was playing with her food, but it remained to be seen it she would be getting a bite in the first place.

 "Don't be coy, dear girl," she prodded, tone one of amusement. She sought her wide-eyed gaze, smile widening as she made a pull for magic. "Tell me your power." The suggestion came in soft words, her voice low, hoping to encourage the young woman to reply in similar quiet.

It was strange, she had been so resistant before, but at the womans insistence, Evelina found herself more than willing to provide the answer. She could hardly even remember why she had wanted to keep it to herself in the first place, this lady obviously could be trusted with this knowledge. "I can manipulate and create fire." She answered, voice still low in case there was another around that could not be trusted.

"I learned about it when I was very young."

 Fire. Greta's eyes gleamed softly. It was a great power, worthy of fear and respect alike. Especially if she'd been wielding it from a very young age. Her brows rose some, smile growing almost imperceptibly. "How wonderful," she purred. One hand rose to gesture lightly at the book before her. "So, you are reading to seek information about yourself, or are you researching the likes of aliens and fairies?"

There was a slight shake of her head, as she answered, brows furrowed in doubt.

"Not necessarily myself, but others similar to me." Aliens was a ridiculous assumption in most cases, but what if that was what she turned out to be? Dropped off onto the earth as that boy in those Marvel movie had, maybe there were no others similar to her, and she'd have to fly off to space to find out what she was.

It was all truly confusing.

"I would like to know if I am simply a freak, or if I am more than just human." It wasn't wrong to be curious, but now that she thought about it.

"You do not seem surprised by my power." Did she know something perhaps.

 A reasonable answer. Greta hummed softly in acknowledgment, although she didn't know how much accurate information a book would have on such gifts. Her wonder was natural, for all she might be called "supernatural." Superhuman, even. Her little smile grew ever so slightly for the girl's final observation, and she would let her eyes wander around them casually. "I have one of my own," she said in a low voice. "I'd love to tell you more, but. Not here." Her eyebrows rose a little, watching for a reaction.

She would get a reaction too, the red heads eyes widening as far as they could as she jolted straighter in her chair, blinking a few times in absolute disbelief. "Truly? Is that how you knew of mine?" She whispered, every nerve in her body seeming to vibrate with a great intensity at the mere prospect that there was another like herself.

She wasn't alone.

"Where would you wish to go then?"

 Oh! So exciting! The girl's reaction was almost endearing. "Yes. I can feel it." Which was not true at all, but it seemed likely that this girl would buy it all the same. Greta knew better than to be too forward or threatening, though - vampire or not, nobody wanted to be lit on fire. "We can take a drive, if you like?" She offered. Optimal privacy, but perhaps risky in today's world.

It was not customary for Evelina to accept a ride from any type of stranger, whether they were older, younger, man or woman, but in this particular case, she felt she needed to. This woman knew about her powers, had some of her own, and was willing to tell her of them, if she were to only ride with her, and so Evelina found herself nodding in agreement.

"We can, I do not have a car however, so we would have to ride in yours."

 Her car, it would be then. Which was her preference anyway - just another mark of her being in control of the situation. She smiled a little wider at the girl, nodding her head. "Alright. Allow me to purchase my own book first, and I'll be ready." Whether or not the little redhead would want to do the same for her own (likely useless) book was of little consequence.

 She went through the motions, patient for all she was eager to go. When it was all said and done, she would make to escort the girl out of the building and into the crispy evening air towards her vehicle. "I'm Margaret, by the way. What's your name?"

Despite the fact that the other was willing to inform her more on the powers they both seemed to hold, Evelina could not resist the urge to keep the book, just in case there happened to be even more information that the the female did not know. Purchasing it in suit of the older woman, Evelina followed her out, clutching the book a bit tighter to her chest as the chill set in.

"Evelina. It is a pleasure to meet you Margaret." And she wasn't just saying that, Evelina was truly grateful in meeting the woman, excited at the knowledge she seemed to possess.

 Evelina. What a lovely name, and such a polite girl. "The pleasure is mine," she responded gracefully, and a click of a button on her key fob would have the lights on her parked car coming to life some feet away.

 She slid into her seat and started the engine, waiting for Evelina to buckle her seat belt before she took off, leaving the lot at an easy pace. "I suppose I’ll begin by saying I’m a telekinetic. I can move things with my mind - I’ve had this power for most of my life. The ability to wield fire gives you the title of pyrokinetic. You are no freak, Evelina. There are many people like us out there."

It was strange to enter the car of a complete stranger, and perhaps far from the brightest thing she had ever done, but she enter nevertheless, buckling herself up as the woman started the car. There was silence for the briefest of moments, but soon enough, there was talk of their powers again, although different from her own.

Telekinesis. She had seen the power displayed in movies multiple times, but never in person, and she found herself rather curious to see it done. Now was not the time however, and at the mention of her own, Evelina found herself whispering the word allowed. "Pyrokinetic." It rolled over her tongue nicely, seemed to fit there almost, and a soft smile spread across her lips.

It was much better than pyromaniac.

"I take it you know other then?" She mused, turning towards Greta then. "Are there many other powers?"

 It was definitely harder to ignore the smell of psychic blood in such a small space as her car, and while some small part of Greta hated to face such temptation, the rest of her had no desire to play with literal fire. A tasty meal on one hand. A swift and unceremonious death on the other. She wasn’t ready to die.

 "I have known many others throughout my life," she purred with a small smile. "And there are countless powers - it is very likely that I don’t know all of them myself. I have known people who can change their appearance at will, people who can make others hallucinate. Teleporters, invisibility. I know a man who can copy the powers of gifted people in his vicinity." A tilt of her head. "You’ve never met another like yourself then, hm?"

There seemed to be an abundance of different powers, Evelina putting each one mentioned to memory, while making a mental note to check them out later in either her book or the internet. At Gretas question, Evelina gave her head a short shake. "No, not once, only in the movies have I found stuff similar to my gift." She answered, hands folding in her lap.

"Its strange to think that so many are around, and yet, I have met none of them." The woman was older, yes, but not so much that the amount she had encountered matched the zero she herself had met.

 Greta considered the girl's words, eyes on the road ahead. "I suppose that is strange," she confessed softly. "Perhaps I've just been very lucky. And I suppose it's increasingly difficult to connect with others like us these days, with all this madness." A slight raise of her eyebrows - that much was probably true. Who wanted to be known as some kind of freak when so many monsters had been put on television? Being lumped up with beasts and bloodsuckers was probably the least of most folks' desires. Quietly, as if to settle any doubts the girl might have, Greta would engage her power, and with orange irises she called her newly purchased book from the back seat. It sailed gently through the air and came to rest on her lap without so much as a lift of a finger.

She hadn't been expecting the display of power, a gasp inevitably escaping her lips as she watched the book move seemingly on its own from the back seat onto Gretas lap. It was a far different power from her own, but in that moment Evelina felt a connection with this woman, more than she had before.

They were the same.

"It is certainly dangerous now, normal humans would certainly find fault with our abilities." She hummed, eyes roaming from the book back to Gretas face.

"It is lonely keeping a secret for so long however."

 The little gasp stroked her pride some, giving her a sense of accomplishment. It would seem that a little kinship was all the child needed.

 "Mmhm," she agreed softly to Evelina's words, and then with a little more cheer to her tone, "Well. May your lonely days be over, dear. Perhaps you could show me some fire tricks some time? Not in the car, though, please." Surely she was smart enough to know better, but it never hurt to say as much.

It seemed so, Evelina couldn't hide the smile that came to her face at that statement, head giving just the slightest nod.

She did truly enjoy the thought of knowing another power user like herself, no longer feeling as freaky as she had before. "I can definitely do that." She promised, holding back the urge to just go ahead and show her the power right then and there. She was good at controlling her power by now, but she wouldn't quite test it out in here, just in case she blew them both up.

Dying by a fiery explosion didn't sound that bad however.

"Does that mean we can meet more than just this once?"

 "Absolutely, darling," she purred, flashing a toothy smile. "Perhaps in the future I can network you further. Would you take down my phone number while I drive you back?"

It took her a moment to produce the phone from her pocket, but once retrieved, Evelina was quick to make her way to a new contact, adding the name Greta, as she waited for the number to be produced.

"Yes, I am ready for it whenever you are ready to give it." She answered, giddy with excitement, and more than content with how the day had been going, for never in her life would she have expected to meet this woman at the very shop that she had entered in hopes of learning about others similar. It was pure luck and coincidence that clearly brought a smile to the ginger girls face.

"Thank you for the ride, by the way."

 Greta would rattle off her name accordingly, knowing it off the top of her head despite having an occasionally poor memory. She smiled at her gratitude, a small closed-lipped smirk. "The pleasure is mine. Send me a text so that I can save your number in turn."

 She would drive Evelina back to the place they had met, and would see her off with a promise of some reuniting in the near future.

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