Oh, Bother

Magic Hollow Spook-tacular 

Did she change?

Natasha wasn't sure, because not only was there no pain, but she definitely was not the same color as Mary, darker and a whole lot of brown in comparison to her bear. Strange, shifting onto her butt, Natasha lifted a paw, turning it all around as she inspected it curiously, glancing over at Cliff who was in much the same predicament as herself.

"Uh, did we change?" She asked, gasping as actual human words came from her mouth, a paw coming towards her muzzle in absolute shock.

Now that she looked around, there were a whole lot of creatures surrounding them. Some that were totally unreal, like a freaking mermaid, and was that a fairy! Brown eyes wide, Natasha rocked forward, placing herself onto all fours as her block like head moved from side to side in absolute wonderment

What the hell was going on!


Amber felt a draft, a full body draft and it was probably because she no longer had skin and muscles. However, her finger did make a delightful clacking sound when shaking them around. How exactly were these bones holding together without all the goopy bits in-between?

Oh well, this had to be some candy coma dream, so she's just going to roll with it.

Walking into the party, she moved along the side wall, avoiding the group up front. Damn, this place was hopping. Whoever sent that cryptic invite knew how to throw a party. She wandered in further and nearly bumped into a huge mass.

"Ooh, so soft." She cooed as bony fingers stroked against the fur. "Well, I guess you're soft. Can't actually feel anything. No nerve ending."

There were things that sometimes happened that Cliff just had to fucking accept. Turning into a tiny baby bear, watching Maxine shift into a fucking hybrid goat. Shit like that, where the logic of the world just refused to make an appearance. This was one such instance. One minute he was shuffling along in the stupid bear onesie, eye'd the crowd for Indra and his ridiculous costume, and the next? He was a bear.

But not the bear he was used to. He was, even though he still topped a few hundred pounds, tiny. Short and stout, lower to the ground than he was used to. It was disorienting, and it felt wrong. He still felt like him. The Kodiak was not... he didn't do this. Cliff blinked as he stared dumbly around, then turned his eyes to Natasha. She was the same, but a little smaller. Definitely not her own bear. What. The. Fuck. "I don't think-" Hello, that was his own normal voice. Whaaaaat?

He had to have been fucking drugged. But he didn't have time to get mad about it before noticing the entire party was going fucking inane. Mermaids and faries and tigers and WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT JANGLING TOWARD THEM OH. The bear lifted onto its back legs and hopped a few paced backward as a fucking skeleton rammed into Natasha, And. Fucking. Talked. Without a face or a tongue or... what was happening. A distressed maroooroorooomooooo was all he could muster.

Cliff was clearly just as confused as she was, which was totally unhelpful in finding out the exact reason as to why she was currently a bear, wasn't he supposed to know all about this Were stuff? Well, before she could voice these thoughts, there was a bump to her side, startling the fluff of a bear that she was, Natasha swinging her head to the side to witness the assault, only to see a fucking skeleton!

More creeped out than she had ever been, Natasha pulled her body away, pushing into Cliff as she stared wide-eyed at the creature before her. "Getawaygetawaygetaway." She practically shrieked, a voice in the back of her mind warning her that the creature hadn't exactly been cruel to her yet, and in fact, complimented her fur.

Still, it wasn't enough, because this thing was chilling.

Oh, the bears didn't like pets? They were wild animals, so touching the fur was probably a huge NO in all caps. But Amber was in a dream, further proof of the fact being the bear was now talking, er yelling at her.

Rude. Amber was the least frightening thing here. What could she even do? Rattle her bones at them menacingly? Please bears, get a grip. "No touching, I got it. Some of us don't have fur you know? Was just admiring it." Silently, she considered how very entitled that came across. The bear deserved a better apology. "Sorry Mrs. Bear." Huh, guess skeletons can also feel remorse. Cool.

And because she couldn't help herself, Amber decided to take the opportunity to learn more about these two wallflowers. "So you guys a mated pair? Have a little one at home whose being babysat by Goldilocks?" Hah! She may not have actual organs anymore, but at least she still had her funny bone.


Natasha scrambled into him, and on his back legs the balance was a little off. He slammed onto his backside with a grunt, and grappled over Natasha's back with his front paws to keep from toppling over. The skeleton was fucking. Just. Making conversation. If he wasn't already a bear, he would have shifted right then and there. Now he was just panicking in bear.

"What?!" He asked, just. So confused. No, they didn't have?? A baby? They were bears and she was a skeleton and he had to be fucking high right now.

Natasha was still reeling from the fact that there was a moving skeleton before her, speaking to her in human words, and not just a series of clatters, not that there was really a defined way for skeletons to talk, BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO EVEN MOVE! Natasha was probably hyperventilating at this point, no definitely was, continuing to stare with wide eyes.

She may have been frozen in such a state if not for the last lines the Skeleton spoke, laughter bubbling up in her chest involuntarily, and while she did try to contain them, they were just too much, bursting from her mouth. "Sadly Baby Bear could not make it to the party." She giggled, ignoring Cliffs own confusion.

"Uh, I guess you're not too bad Mr? Mrs? Skeleton. But it was still a butt load of creepy.

Papa bear must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, poor thing. Amber had never seen a bear look so alarmed before. She'd offer comforting pets, but he looked more likely to bite off her hand if she dared. Mama bear on the other hand was far more friendly, her voice even a little familiar.

"Thank you Mrs. Bear. You can call me Amber." She gave a toothy grin. "What brings you two to the party? Got a weird invitation as well?"


God, Natasha. Please. Don't do tha- welp, she was just. Conversing with a skeleton. It was time to just accept that he was either on a trip or in some drug induced dream. Something he would have to deal with whenever he woke up from this literal nightmare. There were fucking unicorns and mermaids and... a tiger with a mouse. What in the actual fuck had gotten into his bloodstream?

Amber the talking skeleton was asking a question. "Yep." He grunted, trying not to think too much into it. "Not exactly what we expected." Huff.

Aw, Natasha knew an Amber, making this skeleton all the more better, because the Amber she knew had been pretty cool and it wasn't like this skeleton sounded much different. "Not at all what we expected, feels like a dream." She almost wanted to ask Cliff to pinch her, just to be sure, but she wasn't exactly certain if bears could pinch or not.

"Now that I look around, there are a lot of strange creatures." Her voice dragged towards the end as confusion began to take over once more, dark eyes wandering over said creatures, bear brows furrowing, something was definitely up.

"Totally! This is some party." Amber's skull tilted enthusiastically back and forth on her spine. Her mandible clicked as she spoke. Turning toward the rest of the guests, she observed the bizarre groupings now forming around the rest of the room.

She absolutely could not leave until she at least had spoken to the unicorn. Her six year old self demanded it.

Eye sockets back on the bears, Amber curled her phalanges and rested them on her hip bone. "Am I correct in guessing you weren't actual bears before you arrived? I personally had skin and hair earlier today, but I'm just gonna roll with this new undead look." She laughed, masking the tiny tendrils of fear with humor.

Oh, god, the clicking. This was making his skin crawl.

"Just in bear costumes." He said. And now they were actual bears... Actually. He'd noticed that someone had been dressed as a unicorn. And another person had been in a tiger costume. And now there was a unicorn and a tiger. "Maybe we're what we dressed as." Which was. Some fucking trip.

Cliff answered first, and it was all sorta starting to make sense, or at least as much sense as turning into your costume could make, but then again her whole life was sort of like this, so she supposed nothing made sense anymore. The only question now was, if they were going to be able to change back or not, because despite being a bear part time, she doubted she was ready for the whole full time shift.

"How is that even possible though?" She asked, turning to Cliff who always seemed to have an answer for the weird shit happening in her life. "Is there some drug I dont know about?" This time she looked back towards Amber, she sort of needed answers before she freaked out.

Had Amber still possessed eyebrows they would have furrowed together. "I guess it's possible?" A bony finger came to rest on her jaw. "I don't remember eating or drinking anything earlier, but suddenly turning into a walking skeleton can't be normal. I still think I'm in a dream."

Drugs could be the culprit, but she preferred the much more friendly alternative that this was all just some grand dream. Amber did not want to deal with the reality that she lost all her good looks due to an illegal substance. She had spent forever on her hair and makeup!

Happy place. Happy place. Do not focus on the negative, all is well. She mentally repeated the mantra until her perky self returned. Skull turning at an impossible angle, she continued the conversation. "Hey, what are your names by the way? Unless you'd rather go by Mr. and Mrs. Bear." Were bears prone to following old fashion social norms? She didn't think so.

There wasn't really another explanation. "Unless you think we're just stuck like this for life." He grunted as he turned his eyes back to Natasha. The skeleton was pondering, and it was sight to see. So much thinking for something without a brain. Or maybe there was a brain in there, still. Yuck. He was glad he wasn't actually the kodiak right now, or else he might have thought she looked like something fun to chew on.

"Smokey. And she's Mary Plain." He said. Might as well fuck around, since things were ass backwards.

It was truly worrisome, both the whole 'may not be able to turn back' thing and the whole 'im having a conversation with a skeleton' thing. It was just absolutely absurd, and Natasha was sure that it was either a very realistic dream, or she was in fact, going absolutely insane... Maybe the whole Were thing had just snapped her brain in half and this was just the result.

Cliff wasn't so sure either, which was no good at all.

Sighing, Natasha gave her head a hard shake, fur shuffling and shaking. Amber asked for their name, and Natasha moved to answer when Cliff named her Mary Plain, a grin spreading across her maw.

He remembered!

"So what's it like being a skeleton? Do you actually feel things?" Skeletons didn't have nerve endings after all, but they also didn't have vocal cords either, and yet here she was, talking.

"An excellent question!" Without a lick of hesitation, Amber reached over and pulled sharply on her left shoulder bone. The whole arm popped off like a plastic barbie head.

Waving her loose arm frantically for a second, Amber hurried to reattach it. With an audible click it snapped back in place, drawn to the shoulder socket like a magnet. "Holy cow, that was crazy. But at least we know I don't have much feeling in these bones."

Thank god this was just a fever dream or Amber might have actually freaked out. She felt a little bad for the bears, watching her version of body horror. "Umm, how about you guys? Pretty freaky to turn into bears amirite?"

Oh, God, what the fuck. Cliff grunted and looked away as she took her whole fucking arm off. So fucked. So fucked. So-


"Pretty freaky to turn into bears."

A smirk threatened to pull at his bear lips, and he wondered if she(?) would be able to tell. Because. Bear lips.

"Huh, yeah. Bizarre." He said, and looked down at his... pretty small chest for emphasis. Well, smaller than what he was used to seeing.

Natasha, for once, was at a loss of words as Amber proceeded to remove their arm, and wave it about, dark eyes wide by both the horror and strangeness of it all, pulling back with a slight jump as it just clicked right back into place. She truly hoped that she never saw something like ever again in her life, or even just a talking skeleton in general.

At the mention of the strangeness, Natasha could not hold back her grin, nodding her head just slightly. "Yeah totally strange, but it's not the most uncomfortable thing in the world."

Papa bear was looking a little green, not literally of course, but he did look the equivalent of a bear on the edge of puking up his lunch. Now, what exactly did bears eat for lunch again? Probably honey.

Mama bear didn't look great either and Amber knew she'd been pushing the limits for a little too long. She did her best to flash an apologetic smile. All her teeth on display. Oh balls, that most certainly looked creepy too. Amber would never take for granted her friendly features ever again.

Hands back on her hip bone, she decided it was time to set the bears free. "Well, there is plenty to party to explore, so I'll leave you to it! Stick together you two, there are some strange characters here." With that, she gave an exaggerated wink and picked a new direction to go. Her heels clicking against the floor with renewed vigor.

Sorry, bone lady, but you're the weirdest one here.


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