I'm Just Not Sure How Well This Plan Was Thought Through

Magic Hollow Spook-tacular 
God, Dag was excited. He was excited from the moment his costume arrived at his door. His excitement waned a little when he realized he then had to squeeze his rotund body into the inflatable suit, but he managed it with a little bit of Vaseline and a lot of what he called 'fat man exertion sweat'. And then, there was the issue of getting himself to the party, because he'd costumed himself up at home. But he also managed that in the end, crunching himself behind his steering wheel and driving very slowly through town.

But now he was here and he was drinking and dancing, ballooning t-rex head and tail flailing with his movements. He loved parties. He loved costumes, he loved Halloween! Unfortunately, the man was so caught up in dancing, he didn't notice the stiff breeze that blew through the hall, nor the short silence that followed, the rub and creak of plastic filling his ears instead.

He did notice, however, when on a poorly executed shimmy backwards, he bowled several people over with his back end. Turning around, he quickly shouted "Sorry! Sorry!" and bent to help them up. But, he realized suddenly he couldn't reach them and they were screaming and backing away. Oh shit, did he shift by accident? Well, no he couldn't have, because he would've felt it, but he still automatically tried to cover his teeth, only for his hand to slap ineffectually against his jaw and no higher. Ugh, the suit was so constricting.

"Ugh, hang on." He started, turning and bowling another dancer over. That's about when he realized there weren't words coming out of his mouth, just guttural low growls. His heart dropped. Oh God, he had shifted. He'd shifted while stuffed inside this suit! He took a step back, huge clawed feet clicking against the floor, and then caught sight of himself in a darkened window.

A huge reptilian head. Short arms, thick back legs, a long sinuous tail... Teeth for days. WHAT.

And finally, he noticed the chaos beyond his own confusion. Monsters filled the hall. Before, they were just costumed monsters - of course, he knew some were weres, some were vampires, so like, they were real monsters but in costume, but now they were none of those things. Everybody was something else! And he was his own costume! Hell's bells.

This was... Well, ok. Time to take stock.

Did it ruin the party? Dag, now a t-rex towering over other party-goers, cautiously stalked towards the drink table, reptilian eyes constricting to silts as he peered over the table's offerings. Then he reached for a beer. And... he couldn't reach it without knocking over the rest of the punch with his giant head. Which he did, the table bucking and sending bottles clattering to the floor. Saliva looped between his huge teeth as he opened his mouth and grunted.

Yes. Yes, this ruined the party.


Halloween parties were one of her favorite things to attend, bonus because it felt like a themed birthday party for her. This one particular, albeit a bit weird of an invitation, had quite a turn out and she had excitedly dressed up as one of her icons. When you grew up with the Magic School bus and were a teacher everything said you absolutely should most definitely dress up as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween.

It was fun so far and she was excited to meet some new people, seeing what she thought were familiar faces here as well, but it could be hard to know for sure from a distance with everyone in costume. Natalie found herself by the snack area to get something to drink.

And then, chaos.

All of a sudden the lizard she had on her shoulder moved, gave a little wave, while she took a step in surprise and her breath hitching. And her dress didn't seem costume material, but really very real? A quick turn around and tons of people were freaking out. Natalie had put her hand to the wig in place, hoping to keep it from falling off, but pulled it away realizing that was real hair. What even was going on????? Liz just crossed his arms and nodded, keeping a sure grip on her shoulders. "Wait, just one second. Wait, wait, wait, you're real?" Another nod from the lizard. "And that means, I'm-," and all she got in reply was an eyebrow going up. Oh, ok then, this was really happening, aha, this was fineeeee. And looking around, everyone else was definitely not a costume. This was absolutely totally amazingly not ok.

A lumbering form out of her peripheral suddenly had her internal existential crisis external. While she'd been handling her own change pretty great, nothing could prepare yourself for seeing a tiny t-rex trying to reach for a beer. Forget vampires, this was terrifying and she was right next to it. "Do, do, do you need help?" she stuttered a bit, but offered, trying to channel her own personal Ms. Frizzle to get through this. If she was going to be just a few feet from a meat eating dino at least she could get on its good side first before it took a bite.

As he gazed mournfully down at the beer bottles rolling away across the floor, it took Dag a second to process that someone was speaking to him. Lifting his head, he fixed both huge yellow eyes on the... Well, the woman definitely looked familiar. The lizard too- WAIT! Oh my God, it was Ms. Frizzle. Despite everything, a wild surge of excitement drove through him and his reptilian head bobbed up and down in elation.

He'd watched the show avidly as a child and while it didn't inspire the man to go into the sciences, it still left him with a sense of wonder. And here she was, the spitting image of Ms. Frizzle! But she looked worried between him and the beer, and he put two and two together.

"Uhhh..." That sounded quite human, which was heartening, but his next words came out like he was gargling several huge marbles. "Aaahh gus ee eeerr..." He pointed one small clawed finger at one of the bottles and then crouched, twisting his body so he could open his mouth at the ceiling. Then he jabbed a finger at his gaping maw. "Puheees?"

Oh gosh, it was turning to her and she was probably about to get eaten at a Halloween party of all things. But instead of a negative emotion, she was greeted by a much different turn out. The t-rex looked positively elated and she grinned back hesitantly. If she was Ms. Frizzle then it could easily be explained that whoever this was was a person too and their costume had turned them into this. The poor person!

What was given to her in response was a lot of noises and her brows went up in concern. A small scaly clawed hand pointed to one of the beer bottles before it twisted about, opening its mouth with what could only be assumed to be 'please'. It wanted her to pour it into its mouth, oh my goodness. "Ok, give me a minute." Grabbing a bottle, she opened it after two attempts with the opener. Turning to the dinosaur, worry ticked at her because of those teeth. Liz didn't seem very ecstatic about it either, climbing onto one of her arms to spot the movement.

"Just stay still and um, make a movement with your claws to tell me when." No need for a trex to drown in beer on this day. Taking the few steps to get close, she stopped. Take chances, make mistakes, get messy, she had this! "No biting," she said firmly, a finger coming up for a beat, trying to catch it's gaze and make a point that she was serious.

Point made, Natalie tipped the bottle, a steady stream of the liquid would then start to pour into the mouth of a mini version of the King of Dinos, all the while being very, very, very, mindful in case that mouth came down.

Even from this angle, the size and shape of his head made it fairly easy to watch her progress as she fished up a bottle from the floor. There was a satisfying hiss and the t-rex's tongue lolled out in anticipation. First, a beer, THEN he'd go ahead and try to puzzle out what was going on. Maybe Ms. Frizzle could help!

Well, actually, if he were being completely honest, it was more likely to be the other way around. He could be Ms. Frizzle's second sidekick!

"No biting,"

If he could've smiled, he would've. But he did manage a chuckle, several deep rumbles vibrating through his large reptilian body. And if he had a thumb, he would've given her a thumbs up, but he just nodded instead. Still...

When she drew close, Dag couldn't resist a bit of a joke, quickly snapping his jaw. He found he could smile, in a sense, the corners of his mouth drawing up like a dog's.

Nothing can prepare you for a giant mouth with giant teeth that are super duper sharp that you just told to not do anything, doing something. It was so jarring, Liz squeaking in alarm with her own startled cry, that she fumbled with the beer for a moment as everything about her pulled back and away from danger. The only saving light was the fact that the t-rex was smiling amusingly at her. It must've been a joke because he wasn't pursuing or biting anymore.

Holding out the beer from where it had been cradled against her chest in surprise, she huffed with a wary smile of her own. "Hey now, that was scary. Don't joke about that, you've got sharp teeth."

Even though she looked like Ms. Frizzle, frizzy hair, lizard, and all, the reaction was adorable and her chiding only had the man- er, well, t-rex 'laughing' harder, the sound thrumming deep in his scaly chest.

But now she was holding out the beer again and that was objective number one. The fact that he did have a mouth full of huge sharp teeth and that Ms. Frizzle was about to pour a beer down his gullet could be dealt with once he had a bit more alcohol in his system. This time, he opened his mouth as wide as it would go, tongue once more lolling out to one side and sat as still as possible.

All in all, that earned more laughs, the lizard positively elated at her reaction. She couldn't exactly laugh with him, offering instead that same wary smile with a huff as the t-rex opened is mouth again, tongue going to one side. This was a bad idea and he'd proven it with the joke. A person was in there, but she wasn't stupid enough to try again and see if he actually meant it for real next time. "Very funny. Ok, I'm going to try again and no jokes this time."

There was quick decision to perhaps, just chuck the beer into his throat, but that'd probably hurt the poor dear. So, best solution was to take a step forward, lift up the bottle to the edge of the mouth between two teeth, and tilt it slightly enough so the drink could come out. Natalie's hands were effectively out of the way, ready to jump back at a moment's notice again. It wasn't like the dinosaur could just grab her with its little claws, so this would be fine. "There we go," she smiled for real this time, happy enough to help out.

Dag gurgled as the beer was tipped into his gaping maw. With a mouth so big, he didn't even need to worry about choking. It just flowed on down, like a clogged sink. And then he was satisfied. Lifting his head, he licked his chops and let the whole beer - man, it was a bit like he'd shotgunned it wasn't it? - settle in his reptilian stomach.

Huh, he didn't really know what to expect, mixing alcohol with t-rex, but now he was getting a bit woozy. The lights were getting that golden sheen of 'wow, i'm pretty drunk right now', but it was that Goldilocks zone.

Turning back to Ms. Frizzle, he fixed one huge reptilian eye on her and realized he was quite hungry. Ducking his head forward, he took a lazy snap at the lizard on her shoulder.

That went a lot smoother and soon enough the beer was gone. Take a step back, she smiled at him, happy that he'd been on his best behavior. "Hope that worked," she beamed, happy to have helped.

Well that was until he looked at her a certain way that was suuuuuper uncomfortable. And then, he just went and snapped at Liz on her arm. Excuse her? A hand went up to Liz who was running up to hide behind her frizzy hair. "Don't even think about it, Mr. Go find some chips or something. Eating Liz would be like some form of cannibalism for you." Whoever was behind the t-rex guise was being ultra rude. She was pretty sure now it was just another person stuck in a costume.

Don't mind Kat, she's just creeping in a corner so feel free to skip me ;P || Before the change || The change (with original colors)

Kat had never experienced a crazy thing like this before but she was definitely enjoying it. Her playful side was alive as she hid herself in her new found ability of invisibility. She weaved her way through the crowd without drawing attention to herself until she found a spot off to the side where she could do some people watching. That was when she noticed a rather not-so-graceful dinosaur attracting all the attention and she almost burst out in laughter. It was so hard not to make a sound that her smile became visible but only for a few seconds before she collected herself.

Watching some lady who apparently was Ms. Frizzle try to help this T-rex drink his (or her's?) drink was certainly free entertainment. She wished she could have filmed it really. It was something you wouldn't see every day, after all. Her invisible tail happily twitched about as eyes focused on the two. The T-rex was just as playful as she was herself it seemed. Seeing as the dino was drinking what looked like a beer could only mean things could potentially become more hilarious so she remained hidden anticipating what events may occur.

Chips?! T-rex couldn't simply subsist on potatoes.

But yeah, cannibalism didn't sit well with him. Sitting down on his haunches, the drunk dinosaur immediately figured out another solution. He'd just eat people.

Pointing one stubby claw at Ms. Frizzle, he opened his mouth and insistently pointed inside it. Perfect. Apex predator.

That was something she understood quite well and it had hands closing into fists at her side, shoulders raised a bit, and a look of hurt and indignation flashing across. "No." She was not going to let some oversized lizard eat her, not today or ever, goodness gracious.

Looking towards the snack table, Natalie was quick to see various pieces of cake on plates. That would have to do. Taking steps over to them, she balanced a few in her arms, turned and absolutely refused to getting closer. "Here, eat this." There wasn't much time given before Natalie was throwing a few plates of cake towards that open mouth, four making their mark in some way while one splatted on the floor.

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