A Spoonful of Sugar

Magic Hollow Spook-tacular 

For not even the second time in her life, Cassidy Morgan missed something big to which she should have realized. Sitting at a table and regretting the decision to attend this… whatever it was, she nursed her club soda. Alongside the drink, she nursed a headache. Wearily she eyed the revelers with a better understanding of exhaustion. How many of them were freaks like her?

It was difficult to ignore their presence grating at the fringes of her mind now she knew what to look for. Cass rummaged in the carpet bag and fished out a travel sized tube of ibuprofen. She palmed two and shot the pills back with a swig of her club soda. This was managed one handed and she struggled with the childproof cap; her left hand still didn't work right after Wonderland.

Being here was a struggle and after she tore into the envelope and read the invitation, she fought the idea. But here she was, attempting to reassert her independence and put Wonderland behind her. Thing was… she kept glancing in the rearview mirror and her stomach twisted and lurched with each glance. Her heart raced and her chest ached. This was a mistake… a fucking mistake. A brisk wind snapped through the ballroom. It was fucking night and here she was out.

Cassidy stood a little too quickly and teetered forward. She gasped, pressed a gloved palm against the table to steady herself, and closed her eyes against the pitching room. Straightening her back, her fingers slid from the tablecloth. Her breath slowed and heartbeat normalized. Head held high, Cass opened her eyes and knew somehow everything would be okay.

All while this information settled, the banquet hall erupted into pandemonium.


Things were going wonderfully! Everyone's costumes were amazing, the food was amazing, and she had had a few drinks to warm her! The night was settling in quite nicely, and she was considering getting an Uber set up soon. That was, of course, until everything went dark. One moment, she was passing through some tables, and the next. There was nothing. Nothing but the sound of sudden chaos as her vision cut into total darkness. Octavia staggered, disoriented and terrified as she blinked her eyes and lifted her hands to rub them. What? What had happened. Had something in the contacts she was wearing caused her vision to black out for a moment?

Cupping her palms against her face, Octavia hunched to steady herself and tentatively tapped a finger tip onto the surface of her eye, searching for the contacts.... there wasn't anything. Just her eye, and it stung as she touched at it. A worried little "oh" escaped her lips as she rubbed again at her eyes with her lids shut. Still nothing. No sight. Around here, there was a cacophony of noise. The sound of animals and people exclaiming in surprise and. She couldn't see any of it. Fear gripped her, and she staggered to the side toward where she knew a table was. A hand reached blindly toward the edge, and as her chest tightened and panicked tears welled, she sunk to the ground. It was only when she was pressed into it that she realized the overwhelming vibration of footsteps and sound trembling below her along the ground. Panicked and confused, the girl did nothing but cry out in terror.

Cassidy startled, left hand coming to her chest as a shriek sounded close by. Huffing with somber irritation, she leant around the table's edge and spotted the woman in green. A moment of observation showed no obvious injuries. Cassidy startled again, realizing the constant ache in her chest was gone. As a test, she extended her left hand and wiggled her gloved fingers. She couldn't contain the laugh. No pins and needles, no pain, and best of all… she felt her fingers moving. It was almost too much.

The hand dropped to her hip and Cassidy was intrigued to watch a fucking dinosaur destroy a service table. A unicorn did similar deeper into the ballroom. How…what? Eyes widened as she absorbed the wondrously contrary sights. Vampires and weres had nothing on these revelers. But how? Magic. Of course. Cass remembered a few of the costumes before the event, then took in her attire. Was she…

Lips creased with an accepting smile, but—right, the woman in green. Heels clacked against the exquisite marble floor as she rounded the table and dropped to her haunches. Cassidy's skirts pooled around her as she crouched. Closer now, the young woman's costume wasn't familiar—something Asian?

"Hey, hun. Shhh, it's okay. Are you hurt?"


 Something was amiss. This was clearly the case as things rapidly devolved in the event hall. And really, she could see why. Suddenly, there were dinosaurs, bears, and mermaids around her...

 "Oh my," She had time to utter as her body changed shape, not into a cheetah but into an ... equine? And the shift in shape was not painful or violent but seamless. Instantly, Jackie's body was a pure, snowy white with a majestically curved neck and long, muscled legs. Her multi-colored mane and tail only accentuated how brilliantly white her coat was. The true glory of her form was presented in the long and pointed horn that crowned her forehead, which practically glowed at the tip.

 Suddenly taller than a great many of the patrons there and with all the chaos around her, Jackie reared in her anxiety and confusion. "What is happening?!" She tried to ask. though it came out in an anxious neigh. A neigh! Hooves on the ground once more, she tried again, turning to the two people near her — a crying girl and a woman — and exclaimed at them, an odd, distressed mix of human and unicorn.

 "What happened to me?!"

Her palms drove into her closed eyes, and her chest felt like it was going to burst. Her mind whirled, and she just wanted to wake up from this nightmare. Instead, however, there was the sound of screaming and crashing and... neighing? Then! The vibrations of feet coming close to her. Octavia shrunk back a bit, tears welling up as she gasped in fear. But there was a soft voice. Someone asking if she was alright. Lips trembling; actually, her whole body trembling; Octavia gulped and managed, "I... I can't see." in a small squeak.

Cassidy Poppins turned between the trembling blind woman and the unicorn. Alarm bells rang at seeing an honest to God, real life unicorn whinny in frustration and then speak human words. This was… too much for even Mountainside, Cassidy knew that and rallied against the absurdity. But she banished the thoughts with a smile. She sympathized with their confusion and fear, but fear did no one any good.

"Tell me hun," Cassidy soothed and placed an hand on the woman in green's arm. She gave a squeeze. "You're costume… is this person blind?"

Cassidy turned to the unicorn as she continued. There was no anxiety or confusion, just simple acceptance of a ridiculous situation. "We've become our costumes."

 The girl couldn't see and if she'd had hands she would have helped! She was a doctor for chrissakes, but also right now she was a unicorn and those two things did not match up in the least bit. Jackie whinnied nervously as she semi-pranced in place, nostrils flaring widely as the whites of her eyes showed. Rainbow mane tossed as she tried to understand and comprehend what this woman had just said.

 They had become their costumes. "How??" A question that would likely not get an answer. "Is it permanent? Are we stuck like this?!" Where the older woman was calm, Jackie was certainly not. At least they were both still human!!

Her heart was hammering so hard she could feel it in her chest. There was rumbling from all around her, and sound that threatened to drown out the soothing words of the woman before her. The voice was oddly familiar, but she couldn't fathom placing it. "Ye-yes." She choked through tears that poured. Toph was blind, but Octavia wasn't!

And then the mos ridiculous thing! They'd become their costumes???

"I think... no, I think its my contacts. I think they-" But there was another voice, ad it was questioning if they'd be suck like this. They! So it was happening to... to everyone? Octavia let out a pained little whimper. "I-I can't be blind." She stammered. Her whole job was based on sight! She had to be able to see.

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