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@"Esperanza Castillo" @"Kroc Saurturi" @"Jackal Volkov" @"Beata Hall" @"Wren Morrison"

Jackal had had good advice--when you want to write something that you need people to understand and it's longer than a few words, write it in Russian and let technology handle the rest.

Google translate had been kind enough provide some commas, but it didn't seem quite to know what to do with the lack of punctuation in general--less a matter of illiteracy than just pure laziness. It did its best.

I would like to have a meeting next month, so if you could tell me about your schedules, which would be very good, I think that this weekend or next time, if there is no working day that you prefer, we have new faces and some news is not all good but not everything is bad, I will provide food, but I will bring what you want, and we will arrange an evening esperance that you can bring alejandra if you want, but you do not need it if you can make sure that Hollis is there, I would admit that we have not seen her yet, and I think that she is expired, so let me know if you need help to convince her


Well it wasn't... terrible. It was bad, but it wasn't worse than what was borderline illiterate from the last time. He approved of the message quietly and responded quickly in a way that was very... well.... Jackal.

Jackal Volkov


Uh. What? What in the world did he just say? Was this a group message? It had to be. Then she received another text which confirmed it's group text orientation.

My schedule is very flexible. I can meet whenever! Excited to meet everyone :)


 She was with Levka, of course, when the message went out. There were new bears and considering that Lee had disappeared seemingly overnight, Kroc decided it would likely be beneficial for her to meet these others, which would put an end to her anti-social streak. Besides, it would be good for the other, newer bears to know who she was in case they needed her help with anything.

Let us know when

 It was a simple response, but that was really all that was needed since he knew she'd be there anyway.

Esperanza liked to think she was getting pretty good at deciphering the mysterious mashup of words that Levka send via text messages. This one was not terribly difficult - she got the gist of it pretty well. Even if her name was now Esperance.

I will have to get with my boss to be sure I can get the day off! LOL. I may bring Ali, we will see. I will get with Hollis and keep you updated. 9_symbol_heart_red


Honestly, waiting on Esperanza was a big part of it. She was the one heavy-hitting foundational member that didn't live with him, so... Yes. As soon as he got confirmation of her intending to reach out to Hollis and the like, he felt content in setting a time and a date based mostly on the fact that no one seemed hard pressed in their schedules.

Should we plan for the seventeenth of November? 5pm we can also consider this as our festive assembly


Sounds greats to me!


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