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 The boy had been kind enough recently to show him around his establishment and Ramses was ever one to return favors. However, Christopher had already seen much of the museum and what was stored at Ramses' home was personal. Private. Therefore, the next best way to repay him was to honor him in some way. Birthdays were perfect for such things.

 The package arrived at the front desk of the Safe Haven. Inside the neatly wrapped box lay a few items. There was, of course, a simple card that had "Happy Birthday Christopher. You are welcome to visit the museum whenever you wish. — Ramses Nassar" scrawled in perfect calligraphy on the inside. Beside that was a worn coin, a Ptolemaic coin he had long had in his collection and had little use for and two sets of pencils, colored and sketching.

 There was no call or text as Ramses did not need verbal validation. He had compelled the woman at the front desk that the package would be delivered to Christopher at all costs.

The woman at the front desk did as she was compelled to do. The gift box made it into his hands and the thin man gave a gentle nod and thanks to the woman before taking the box into the library and settling down at a desk to open it. The card made him smile and flush from neck to forehead, put to the side with spindly fingers before opening the box.

Inside the box was another box, and Kit had a small moment where he wondered if there was going to be a flea under it all. He'd focus on that box in a moment, for now he slid his fingers over the boxes of pencils and pencil crayons carefully and he smiled to himself as he realized that Ramses knew him well enough to give him something that he's actually use. He'd have to draw something for Ramses with these and give it to him.

Now he focused on the box and he squinted at the coin inside viewable under the plastic covering. What... on earth was that?

He peeled back the plastic covering and looked closer at it, mumbling to himself for a moment before looking up and at his bookshelves for a history book he'd seen this in before. "Is this..." He brought down several books and flipped through each of their colourful pages before finding what he was looking for. This was... well it was basically Egyptian money.

"No way."

He took in a breath and picked up his phone, but instead of texting Ramses, he texted Jackie.


He paused.

Not medical assistance, but I am experiencing palpitations.


 Her night off was quiet. Chinese food, a good book, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. What more could she ask for? Friends to hang out with, probably. She should be better about meeting the other cheetahs and associating with them. Maybe she'd make a few friends then, She just had to put the effort in, right? Still, Jackie couldn't deny that quiet nights just sitting at home weren't nice. She loved nights like this, really.

 Setting her Chinese carton on the coffee table placed in front of her couch, she put a pillow on the cushion to her left, pulled the blanket off the back of the furniture and positioned it over herself. A nice, full bodied stretch later and Jackie curled up where she was, reaching to pick her phone up off the table once it buzzed.

Are you okay?


Jackie responded quickly which was for the best because Kit had resorted to sitting with his head between his knees, taking deep breaths to try and force himself to calm down. This wasn't a time for a panic attack. It was a piece of metal. A piece of metal should not cause a panic attack, Christopher. What if Ramses could see you having this attack?

He raised his head, face slightly red and pulled his phone toward him, taking a picture of the coin before babbling via text messages to his only friend.

So its my birthday, Happy Halloween.
Ramses sent me pencil crayons, and sketching pencils which is super nice! Thanks, hot guy I have no chance with in a million years!
But he also sent me this
[image attached]
It's basically Egyptian money and its gotta be worth hundreds of dollars.
And now I'm having a panic attack.


 Jackie watched the screen, waiting for the little ellipsis to pop up so that she knew Kit was okay. Even if he had said "not medical assistance", Jackie still worried. His health was steadily declining as time went on and any text that said "assistance needed" was sure to make her heart clench.

 But there wasn't anything to worry about. More texts came through and the cheetah laughed softly in relief as she realized the "problem".

You said he's a museum owner or something right??
He probably has a ton of them
[Image: giphy.gif]
1_face_star_eyes 2_face_clown


He probably had a ton of them. He was sure that was supposed to make him feel better, but this was a piece of ancient history in his hands right now and that didn't make him feel better and he couldn't just accept it. He could however play it down that it was his birthday. It was likely to be his last, so he didn't quite feel like celebrating.

Yes my birthday, thank you.
Jackie, I can't accept this. It's....way too much. Sure, we've been talking for a year, but it's not like your brother giving you that house. I don't even know if he would consider us friends or if I'm just that boy that comes to his museum and sleeps in the Egypt exhibit.
Tell me what to do.


She wanted to shake him. Honestly. If the man saw it fit to gift Kit a coin, then... There really wasn't a lot that Kit could do about it.

You suck it up!
You can't just give it back to him that's really rude
He would probably get really offended if you gave it back to him
You gotta keep it


It didn't take long for Jackie to respond and with each of her messages, Kit lifted his head and put it down on the table with a soft thud. This. Was. Stupid. "Why. Is. This. Happening." He mumbled to himself with another four thumps and he lifted his head completely, standing up straight and rubbing the front of his forehead while he tried to figure out what to say to both Jackie and Ramses now.

Come over for dinner tonight. Something small. Bring takeout and I'll pay you back.

He looked at the coin for a few more seconds, put everything carefully back in the box and made his way up the stairs to his room where he put the coin in its casing on his bedside table to figure out what to do with later and snagged his large sketchbook out from where it lived under his bedside table and settled on his mattress in the blankets with it.

He started a sketch of Ramses himself, deep in thought, and positioned the pencils he was using on the paper so that he could take a picture of the fact that he was using the gifts already. Picture snapped, he sent it to Ramses.

Incoming picture from Christopher Payne
First of all, Thank you for your thoughtful gifts. I can safely say that they will be put to good use.
Second of all, how did you know it was my birthday?
Christopher Payne


There was but the slightest smirk as Ramses looked at the first message he received. That expression grew as his eyes flit across the screen, asking a question that he absolutely was not going to answer.

You are quite welcome.

His fingers hovered over the phone, wondering if he should even give the question an answer before deciding that "should" and "should not" weren't the question. He simply was not going to answer the query.

Enjoy your day.


Kit stared at the messages. No answer to his question. Okay! He supposed that he couldn't be upset about the lack of answer, because Ramses was the type of person that did what he did and didn't need to have a reason. That was just the way that he was and Kit was pretty sure that he liked it. In fact he knew that he liked it. Ramses had confidence and Kit didn't have confidence and was that why he was attracted to him? Because if he knew why he was attracted to him, maybe he could turn it off. Maybe he could stop the feelings from happening because he was dying and honestly it wasn't a good idea to start a relationship while he was dying. Not that he thought that Ramses wanted a relationship because 'Hellloooooooooo' he was Kit and he was damaged good and this was. Ramses. Ramses freaking Nassar.

His chest tightened.


His head spun and he lay back onto his pillows with a hand over his pounding heart.

Ramses. Freaking. Nassar.


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