Meyer's Zoo & Aquarium 
It was after sunset. Dark outside for sure, but also in this part of the aquarium.

Not like, pitch dark, but close to it, that deep blue light dark. They were trying to simulate the deep sea zone, which was hard because it was meant to be a zone with no lights, but you also needed to show where the exits were and where the tunnel wound about so the kids wouldn't smack their faces into walls, so there were tiny lights strung along the baseboards on the floor.

The main attraction down here was that they had a female anglerfish, kept in a very cold tank and with no light filtering in. But from her, you could see her lighting up that bioluminescent bait, trying to fish for food. Every time she lit up, he let his hand spark, matching her. First one, then the other, then both.

He sat on the bench across from her dark and mysterious tank, watching, feeling hungry but not hungry enough to do something about it. There was something calming about lighting up with her, or attempting to time along. Like she was helping him control it or something, in these rhythmically timed intervals.

He should probably get a job. Maybe here. But not handling anything yet, because, if he ended up frying all the fish with an electric shock it would just... be... sad.

Outfit! I guess I'll throw a vamp in after all!

She hadn't been expecting to come to the aquarium. But honestly, she was lonely. Sayed still stayed with her until he found his own home, but he was out and she still was uncomfortable with him. There was a warm spot in her undead heart that cared for him, like a mothing did her child, but she could only stand being in the same, closed-off space as him. She needed to get out and do something. Thankfully, winter was right around the corner and the nights would soon become long.

With that, their food source became scarce, preferring to stay where it warm.... she didn't blame them. If she could, she would be right there with them, sipping one of those warm drinks that smelled delicious but would cause her to hurl soon after ingestion. She sighed as she walked down the hall, lit up by small lights. She could see the fish just behind the tank, her slow, lazy movements relaxing in a way. That was, until she heard the sound of an electrical current. She turned, following the sound to a man sitting across from the glow fish.

Brows creased together as she looked down the hall, people passed, but didn't pay attention. Probably because they couldn't hear the small zapping sounds like she could. Part of her wanted to continue on, but another part of her, the part that almost always hungry caused her to stay. She took in his scent, her mouth nearly salivating. Thankfully, she just had a glass of bagged blood right before she left. That didn't fully sate the hunger like fresh blood from the vein did.

After another moment of hesitation, she strolled toward him, sitting a couple of feet away, her warm eyes seeking out the fish once more. "Cool trick," she said, barely turning to look at him as she spoke. She kept her arms folded across her midsection, her legs crossed at the knee. "Please don't tell me you're planning on frying the fish for dinner?" she said lightly, her voice quiet and full of humor... though sitting this close to some unknown man put her on edge.

It wasn't like he was paying much attention to anyone passing by. He was just a guy on a bench lighting up, and unfortunately very, very focused on what he was doing.

He'd never really... pushed himself with this before. Cass had mentioned headaches. What happened if he used it enough to introduce something?

When someone sat on the bench, it only barely registered. But then she spoke, and he jolted where he sat, surprised.

"Oh," he exhaled, the zapping hands stopping abruptly as if he could hide it somehow. "I, um. No. Vegan."

A soft exhale. She was very... pretty, which made him feel some weird feeling of guilt for thinking that?

It seemed he probably wasn’t as okay with her being around as she was with him. And that was okay. She could hear his heart beat quicken when he realized she was talking to him. She offered a small smile, ever playing the warm, welcoming human woman people expected her to be.

Her skin crawled as a result of being so close but.... that smell. That alone had her fangs starting protrude, though easy enough to hide behind her lips. "Vegan?" she questioned, her accent soft. "So were you just practicing or have some sort of extreme static syndrome?" She tilted her head, leaning against the wall behind them.

Yep. Vegan. He waited for some kind of judgment about it, but instead she leapt to the other thing, and he was just now wondering if... maybe... he should have kept it hidden better?

Ugh, magic politics.

"Um, practicing. Still kind of new at this thing."

Sometimes it was just a little buzzing in his fingertips he felt. Other times... well, he thought of that incredible surging bolt he'd zapped that vampire in the face with. Accidentally, even if it was deserved.

All range of power, but he only barely had a handle and no one to practice with since Cass didn't really seem into the idea.

"Uh. Do you know a lot of people who can do this?"

She was really calm about a dude just. Sparking electricity from his hand.

She gave him an out and he didn’t take it. Albeit the “out” was over the top and unbelievable. She nodded, a human sounding before she quieted, a small family group with two children walking by. Pandora couldn’t help but look at them longingly.

He spoke again and she broke her gaze away from the children, turning toward the magic weilding human. "Not with your particular gift, but I know people with others." She couldn’t help but think of Sayed. He could manipulate foliage, and her maker had the same gift.

She could manipulate emotions or tap into whatever anyone was feeling. It helped when feeding but there was a fine line between ecstasy and bloodlust. "How long have you had it?" There was a difference between static shock and lightening. If she did try and feed. She didn’t want to be fried. She didn’t want walk around as burnt krispy just after Halloween. M’kay?

Oh. No wonder it didn't bother her nearly as much as it still bothered him. He looked down at his hand, feeling the beginnings of a buzz. It almost felt sentient sometimes, with how rude and active it was.

"Couple months or so," he murmured thoughtfully. "I think since summer? Or maybe before that."

Karim looked her over again. "What, um... what other kinds have you run into?"


His scent was certainly getting to her. With each breath in, her fangs grew. Thankfully, it was dark within the aquarium and few people stopped to look at the glow fish. It was almost like they forgot it existed. Especially when the creature moved to the back of the tank, it's light barely visible through the murk of the water.

So as far as he knew, he was new to this. She hated what she was about to do, but the only thing that helped was that he was a man. She didn't like them. Not a gender. and she could never shake the feeling of what was done to her in the past. She nodded, taking in a deep breath and holding it there, her eyes turning gold from temptation.

She waited until he turned toward her, seeking out his gaze before she spoke, skipping over his question as the urge to drink grew stronger. "You'll willingly let me drink from you," she said as she scooted closer, holding his gaze until she felt the tingle of success rock through her. She exhaled in relief. Still, she waited for him to give her some kind of sign that it took.

He seemed like an okay guy, and she figured her suggestion was nice enough. Willingly, as if he were deciding to let him drink from him on his own. As if he would enjoy it. She supposed there were worse ways to go about it. As long as he didn't touch her, skin to skin, they would be perfectly fine. They were in public, but with this kind of setting, it was dark and anyone would think they were a couple. At least, that's what Pandora would have thought.

He thought he saw a shift in her eyes at first. He thought. But she spoke, and her words took root immediately, even if he could never, ever know that.

Drink from him. Like he was a cup to be sipped.

"Of course," Karim smiled complacently. But, just... where? He'd never been drank from before. How exactly did it work? "Did you want, umm, my neck, or...?"

He began to move his hair out of the way, tilting his head to offer her space.

Totally normal.

Fail - To see if Pandora's high is being pushed to him through her empathy.

There. She blinked, a small smile tilting her lips upward as she scooted even closer, the feel of fabric against fabric had her stiffening. She pushed through, the smell enough to drown out all other emotions. "This is fine," she happy that his hair was long, another plus at hiding exactly what she was doing. Her fangs fully descended as she moved in. She reached up, her strong grip pulling him closer, his hair separating skin from skin.

That didn't matter now though. As soon as her fangs pierced his skin that was all she thought about. She drank deeply, her body close to his, as if two lovers were embracing. She didn't know where his hands were at that point, her teeth just an inch beneath his ear.

With each swallow, she could feel the high already forming. The ecstasy building. She could feel her ability stretching seeing how he felt, though she didn't know if it was going to affect him by any means. Still, her suggestion was in place. She didn't have to worry about him pushing her away any time soon. She couldn't help but loose a soft moan at the taste of his blood, at the high that was building.

This was... different. Really, sincerely. He had no reservations about it. Really Karim was kind of into it. But he just wasn't typically a one night stand kind of guy. Random hookups didn't appeal to him. So, this? Her giving a little moan at his neck. Was different.

He wasn't sure what to do with his hands. Should he embrace her or simply keep holding his hair out of the way? That only took one hand. Well, the other could just exist in his lap, he supposed. If he put his hands around her then his hair might tickle her nose and then she wouldn't be able to feed, wouldn't that be awful?

She seemed to be enjoying herself regardless of his hand status, at least. He was happy about that, happy to provide. If she wanted to drink all of his blood, that was totally okay, too. Maybe he could stay here until she finished every last drop, and he'd be happy about it.

And also probably dead, his brain reminded him, but that was okay.

Hit! I guess Karim is going to be getting high right along side her.

She couldn't help the feeling of her abilities leaving her. With each swallow, they built and built. Her ecstasy was evident as he grip tightened. She didn't care if she had forcibly taken the blood at that point. This... this was amazing. She could see the small, dotted lights beyond her vision. As if she were looking at different coloring floating balls. Her heart lifted, and she felt like she, too, were floating.

It was over after a few minutes, picking up on the slight dip in his heart rate. Stop. she was going to take too much. She pulled away, jerking her fangs from his neck, only to lick the last remaining drop from his skin. his skin. No matter, she got what she wanted and she pulled away standing and twirling right in front of him, nearly dropping in his lap, a small laugh escaping her. "I like that you have long hair," she said, almost childishly as she looked at him.

He felt more than a little dizzy as it went on, but this was contentment. He wondered if Cass had ever met a nice vampire. If she did, she certainly wouldn't have hated them all so much.


Beyond the dizziness was a sense of floating, like the world was moving without him. Rotating. Could he be on the world without rotating with it? Maybe that was how planes worked. Maybe that was how fuel worked.


She pulled away and he smiled lopsidedly, watching her twirl and laugh.

"Me too," Karim hummed, and then offered her his wrist. "Did you drink enough? You could keep going."

Willingly, willingly, willingly.


She smiled, wanting to hate him but unable to. He seemed like such a sweet guy. She was happy in this state, loving how the high took away all her problems, all her pain that continued to chase her around even after years and years of so-called healing.

She laughed again when he offered more. She could... noooo she couldn't. No matter how much she loved the high in that moment, if she took more she could end up killing him, she could go too far. She knew it could happen, knew that her ability could easily drive her over the edge. Which was why she tried to stay away from these magical humans. It was addictive.

She gently pushed his wrist away and knelt before him, seeking his gaze. "I'm full for now, but you'll tell no one of this. It'll be our little secret," she said as she laid down in front of him, turning away to look at the little glow fish. "I wonder, does she have a name? Does she have feelings?" She propped her head up on a fist. "What would you call her?" Little balls of light continued to twinkle about, causing the fish to look even more luminescent than it did before.

Yes, tell no one, Karim. He nodded in a daze, as the already sparse and dim lights down here seemed to grow gently darker.

She asked of the fish, and he hummed, having forgotten it at all. Also, he felt a little colder, he thought to himself. Pulling his collar up a little more, he shook his head.

"Ahh... Dixie, I think," he said, having meant to say "Pixie" for the light she generated, but his tongue failed him. Oh well. She was Dixie now.

"What's your name? I'm Karim."

Karim. What a name.

She giggled. "Dixie’s a nice name," she said, blinking at the glow fish. Karim. Something about that name was too familiar. Karim. Ka-Kassir. She shot up into a sitting position turning to look at the magical human, her face blank.

She was still in that lovely high, her thoughts muddled and blissfully peaceful. At least, somewhat. Her late, and only, husband had been named Kassir. Karin asked her something though. What was it?

Oh. Right.

"Yasmina," she said, offering him a small smile before attempting to stand. Too bad she felt like she was drunk and fell back to her butt ungracefully. A quiet giggle followed. It was best not to give him her current name. She’d rather cut all ties to this after tonight. Besides, she had her small suggestion in place and she thought it would stick.

"Let’s get you some food. At least something from the vending machine..." she said, finally standing and straightening out her clothes. There. Good job. "Sooooo, who exactly is Karim? What do you do , what do you like?" Ever the therapist. Even on a high. -Insert eye roll here-

She got up, then plopped back down again. He thought about extending a hand a second after it happened, which was really dumb, but he did it anyway and then let it fall away predictably uselessly.

At least he knew her name. Yasmina.

Uhh... food? He wanted to protest, but wasn't sure he should, so instead he nodded and got up, a little unsteady himself, and gave her a confused look when she asked who he was.

"Just a dude with lightning hands," he nodded, as if that was the sum of his existence. Lately, it felt like that. "Who is Yasmina?"

Besides, like. You know. A vampire.

A single brow rose when he shot her a confused look, her legs feeling like jello, her body seeming to float just above the floor. Lighting hands. She frowned. He could probably burn her into a crisp if he wanted too. Especially if he could do more than just shock people. Best not provoke him then.

"Just someone who doesn’t want to be afraid," she said, frowning again, soon followed by a hiccup. What? Could vampires even hiccup? A hand shot up to cover her mouth, shocked. "Oh!" she giggled. "Excuse me!" she shook her head, before heading toward the sound of coins dropping into a machine. Great! She’d get his a Snickers. Maybe then he won’t get grumpy, or angry, or whatever emotion those commercials claimed humans got when hungry.

She dropped the coins into the machine, couching as she red the tag beneath the snickers. E4. She punched it in, staring as the bar slowly fell to the floor. She reached in and plucked it out, a smile brightening her soft features as she twirled around holding it in the air. "Looook what I got for you!"

She said something about being afraid and hiccupped and he really meant to react to it but he was kind of busy just watching her walk. It was nice. Also, he was feeling increasingly tired.

She led him to the vending machine and he wanted to lean against it. But he DIDN'T. Which was smart because he was suddenly being gifted milk chocolate, a thing he could not eat because he was vegan. It was okay. He'd give it to someone else or something instead.

"Thanks!" Karim smiled sleepily, slipping it into his pocket. "I think I gotta... just. Take a nap for a little bit."

Maybe in his car. Or maybe in front of the fish.

he took the Snickers and Pandora frowned. Eat it, she thought. Slowly coming out of her haze, the gifted human's blood buzz only lasting so long. Brows creased together as she leaned against the vending machine, her dark brown eyes studying him carefully. She hadn't take that much, just enough to get a high. Enough to satisfy her. Still, it must have been enough to make him tired. As any blood loss did for a human.

She listened to his heart, the steady but slow rhythm while she sucked on a tooth. A normal one, not pointy. She didn't dare straighten herself from the vending machine, even as a child came running up and shoving his money in the slot, bumping into her legs as he snatched his candy from the slot. She didn't bother trying to test her luck for suggestion, her dislike for his closeness suddenly giving her goosebumps. "Yes, go home and sleep Karim. Rest it off," she said, her voice quiet. She had already stayed too long. Lights still twinkled, but they were loosing their magical essence.

She had already stayed too long.

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