Is it really that bad if certain species go instinct

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I found out Levka is apparently coming to this party on Saturday. Definitely not my preference but I guess this party has a guest list outside my control.
If he gives you any shit at all

Well. What could he do. Levka was stronger than he was.

Let me know and I'll deal with it. If you would rather not attend j don't blame you. I'm really not happy with it but retracting it is a problem


Oh, well that fucking sucked. There was temptation to back out, but even if Abraham said he wouldn’t mind, he wasn’t going to be the pussy that didn’t go to a friends party because someone that made him mad was going to be there. It was comforting to know Abraham had his back.
didn’t know you guys were cool with him

That sounded cold.

it’s fine, I’ll still go. We can both be grown adults for one night, I hope.


This sucked.

Yana was no friend of his. Not that it was her fault: they just weren't compatible. Levka felt a lot more like an enemy, and Abraham's only two encounters with him had both been humiliating.

This party had blossomed into something that had nothing to do with Abraham, and he wondered who else was going. Maybe Asha's vampire buddy.

I'm not. I plan to stay as far away from him as possible. I guess he's having gross interspecies relationship shit with the cheetah queen, so she's bringing him as a plus one
I'm happy to stay as far away from him as possible. We can find the same corner to stand in.

He didn't want to dress as a fucking cowboy in front of Levka and Yana.


Oh, what the fuck. Levka banging in general made him frown, but banging a cheetah? Cliff wasn’t, like, speciesist. But the idea of having any sort of sexual relationship with another species of animal sounded. Weird. It didn’t surprise him, though. Levka had been wrapped around Yana’s finger for a while now. Hadn’t she been shitty to Maxine at some point?


Man that’s shit that someone you don’t want to be there will be. I wonder if Yana knows he likes to ignore any personal boundary you try and build.

Like grabbing girls he didn’t know and forcing them to talk to him. Or completely ignoring any discomfort or concerns brought up about anything ever.

I’ll definitely be a corner dweller with you. And I found a better costume than a bear

90% of it was his own wardrobe. Which was nice. There was some experimental stuff done in the hair department, and it didn’t look horrible, so.

She's either not very perceptive or doesn't care and both answers are pretty shitty
What's your costume?


guess I should say good luck with that for her then


a greaser. Asha suggested a ninja or pirate but I already have a leather jacket so. Minimal effort. Just have to get rid of the beard.

Words he thought he would never say. He’d told Maxine he would rather die. But sometimes you have to try new things, okay? The beard was a staple, but with all the change happening recently, there was some weird transformative curiousity at what it would be like. He’d probably hate it. It would be the first time he’d seen the tattoo on his neck in a long while.

Whoa. Getting rid of the beard was a big plunge. Apparently an honor that Cliff was willing to do it for this party.

get ready to be real freaked out when you look in the mirror for the first time after


I think I was like twenty three the last time I saw the chin I don’t have. But I’ve been wondering what me old person face looks like clean shaven. All I’ll have to do is shift for it to grow back


Cliff wasn't old.

maybe we can both shave our faces and levka won't recognize either of us


my plan all along. See ya then


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