Friday Night Lights


Forrest had been thinking a lot, mostly about the whole 'my favorite store was destroyed by some strange cat person' and that he still had said cat persons, Mathis De Luca according to the license, phone and as mentioned before drivers license. He meant to give it back, he truly did, but he also really wanted to relay a bit of knowledge to the guy too. He had put a lot of people endanger, and Forrest was going to go ahead and blame him on the death of the store owner, because Forrest certainly had not gone there with the intent to kill.

He just needed to find the right words, and as it stood, that meant he had a ton of thinking to do, because often enough. Forrest lacked the right words. So, instead of spending the night as he should have, he was out and about, having heard of the grand show that Pegasus had to offer for the night, which consisted of all the queens dressing up as their favorite singers and putting on a dance number to their favorite song done by them.

Forrest was absolutely looking forward to it, eyes taking in every movement that the Beyonce before him made, smile stretching wide on his face.

outfit plus white pumps

Some alert from the Dominus that there was a rogue to look out for tonight, and Raziyya had set out, eager to fluster her boredom and perhaps earn some favor in the midst of his pouting the last few days.

It had taken some time. She couldn't sense exactly where in town another vampire might be. All she could really do was mill about, checking curiously.

Fortunately, it appeared luck would be on her side as she ventured near a bar and, for lack of having been there before, let herself in. She was dressed for it, after all, and she'd heard of the shows put on here.

From inside, she could feel that fainter metaphysical presence, and she wandered amongst the finery and noise until she was closer to him, or really next to him, but not focused entirely on him. There was a show to watch after all.

Still, she'd lean over with a smile, eyes on the performers. "Lovely, aren't they?"

He hadn't really been expecting to meet another of his kind here, but that didn't mean he wasn't ecstatic at the fact that there was one, eyes shifting over as he sensed the woman who was inevitably the same as him. Dead.

Well, undead rather. Watching the show just as he was, Forrest nodding his head in agreement to the comment that was made.

"Yes, these things were never acceptable when I was growing up." He answered, glancing back to the queens.

He seemed the requisite amount of surprised, to which she gave a smile. Perhaps he didn't think the clutch that owned this town would find him in such a place, but nothing was ever off limits to her.

She noted his glasses, finding them a curiosity for a vampire to wear, and as he looked to the performers she reached over to pluck them from his face.

"And these? Did they even exist when you were growing up?"

Looking through them, she found it was no different than looking through a slightly curved window. Unmagnified; at least he knew enough to rely on his own vampire sight, which was leagues better than that of a human's.

He gave a small gasp of surprise as his glasses were kidnapped from his face, blinking once or twice as his nose gave a slight crinkle from the lost weight of the frames as he turned back towards the female, cheek pinching in slightly as he gave her a curious stare as she inspected them.

"Of course they existed, how old do you think I am." He answered, mocking a hurt expression as he pressed a hand to his chest, just a hint of a smile on his lips.

"It's more of a comfort thing." He motioned to the glasses, answering an unasked question.

"Ah," she nodded in explanation to the question she hadn't asked, but appreciated the answer all the same. He must have been asked about these a lot.

She pulled them from her face, feeling intensely freer for it. "These did not exist when I grew up. You either had sharp enough vision or paid for it eventually."

A smile, and she leaned back and stretched her neck. But enough small talk. "Were you just visiting, or did you mean to meet with our little band?"

She was quite the elder then, and Forrest had thought himself old, but he supposed when it came to vampires, he was still on the younger side. "You have been around for quite some time then" He answered, finding himself rather eager to learn more about her past than he normally would have, for there was never anything better than hearing from an actual person rather than books.

At her question, Forrest's eyes widening, just not realizing that he was indeed in anothers territory, biting his bottom lip as he cursed himself for his own idiocy. Some vampires had very little tolerance for others coming into their area, and while this woman seemed to be fine with it for now, he still had risked a bit in coming by himself.

"I apologize, it seems I was not paying attention. My mind has been a bit preoccupied as of late, and so it was not intentional." He truly hoped this encounter would not go sour at this answer.

"Quite some time" drew a brief smile from her. The lack of an answer to her question did not. Whether he was so young that he did not understand the feeling of weight when entering a Dominus-ruled territory or if he was really so absent-minded to ignore it did not concern her.

"I am afraid that didn't really answer my question. Are you seeking the shelter of Mountainside's clutch, or did you prefer to stay a rogue?"

Her tone was patient, but the lack of an answer would not go kindly received a second time.

Hadn't he though? She had asked if he had met to meet with her clutch, or if he was simply visiting, and he had answered just that. He was here by pure chance, having simply missed the fact that there was the presence of a clutch in town. Still, he would keep this to himself, for the woman was rephrasing her question, and Forrest would answer it all the same.

"I admit that in coming here I was not in seek of a Clutch, but if there is one here, I am more than just intrigued in the thought of joining." It was dangerous out there, the fact he had met two weres in just a single week making that quite clear.

"Are you the Dominus then?" She certainly did not feel as powerful as what he might of expected one to be.

He had a curious way of speaking; she wondered where he was from. Still he was closer to the response she sought.

"I am not, but I can introduce you to him. Tell me more about yourself. Your name would be a good start, as well as where you're from."

Best she get some minimal interaction out of the way. A queen strutted by, and she gave her a smile.

He nodded, glancing up as the woman did so, matching eyes with a queen and offering a wink towards the stunning lady as she continued past.
"The names Forrest, and I'm actually from Colorado, just a bit further in than this, couldn't really bring myself to leave the state completely." It had a special place in his heart, and reminded him of the family he no longer had, having to leave him when the change happened, better they thought he died in the war anyway.

"And you are?"

Forest, from Colorado. How quaint; she wondered if he gave himself that name or if he was given it by parents.

"Zahra, from the Near East," she hummed, giving him a fake name because she had no idea of whether or not he would prove himself worth bringing into the fold yet. "When did you die? And have you been in a group of our kind before?"

Zahra. Forrest would put it to memory then, sure it would come to some use later on, especially if he truly was going to join this clutch she had to offer. She was interrogating him now in a sort of way, prying for information about him, that Forrest really felt no need to hide, offering it easily enough after just a moments thought.

"Died back during World War two, my sire saved me after a couple boys didn't find it to great that a gay man was in their ranks. As far as groups go, it was only me and my sire for quite some time til he died, and now I'm on my own." There was a tinge of sadness at this fact, Forrest having grown quite close to the man, but there was no true way to stop death, undead or not.

A touching story. She found it made him a bit more accessible. Softened him a bit.

So he was gay. She had always found it curious how humanity had gone from accepting homosexuality to dipping into terrible societal stoning for it. Raziyya often blamed monotheism; their tenets led to shame and guilt for what was truly normal to the human psyche.

She wondered also if Beauregard had ever been with a man. Perhaps he might be more mature for it.

As for herself, well. A stunningly large number of her preferred partners were women. Anyway.

"How terrible for him to have passed; he sounds like a decent undead. How did he go?"

Forrest didn't much like to think about it, mainly because it was one of the few sad things that had happened to him since his change, and he liked to keep his second life as stress free as possible, but if he and Zahra were to get along, he was sure it would be in his best interest to answer. "A rogue was causing a lot of trouble back in the town we were staying at just west of here, risked outing Vampires before we did it ourselves." An utter mad house of corpses, and just blatant murder.

"Ode meant to stop him, but turns out the rogue was a bit stronger than expected. I arrived just in time to watch the bastard rogue run off, probably scared at the idea of another fight. Left town I'm guessing, since no more corpses were popping up either." There was a shrug at that, an end to a rather quick story.

She listened respectfully, careful to be sure he was speaking low enough for her ears and no one else's. No one needed to know supernatural matters.

"I apologize for that."

She would let a silence pass, then pick at him again.

"What is it that has been on your mind, then? You mentioned being too caught up in it to realized you'd crossed territory lines."

Forrest gave a solemn nod to that, just the slight curve of a frown on his lips. It was what it was, and perhaps for the better as well, Ode had long but expired his time to live, and he could finally be with the rest of his family. "Thank you." Forrest answered, before the next question was brought up, eyes widening just slightly as he turned back towards the woman.

"Yeah, I was at the pawn shop just a few days ago, and the weirdest thing happened." He began, halting as a waiter made his way by, only continuing when the human was out of ear shot.

"I encountered this Were, and he went crazy, only, like,half shifting." He wouldn't mention the human he killed, because it still made him a tad sad.

What a very interesting answer. Raziyya rose a brow, casting a side glance in thought, before looking back to him. She thought of the animal in the forest, how she'd tormented him.

She thought of the cat woman she'd declawed.

"What do you mean he half-shifted? Started to and then reverted?" she asked, intrigued. She'd also have to ask of this pawn shop, but one thing at a time.

"Not quite." There was a scrunching of his brows as he mulled over what exact words to use in describing it, but only one came to mind, and it was a bit embarrassing to say aloud. "So, it was like that trend about furries, the anthropomorphic animals." He began, his cheeks might of gone red if they had any blood in them.

"He was half animal, half human. Wolf Man-ish." He was giving a lot of references, but it was kind of hard to describe the sight he had seen. "Only some sort of cat."

Furries. She was aware of some sexual fetishes, but consider her unversed in full about that. Neither did she understand the term "anthropomorphic animals." Did he mean anthropomorphized? Possibly.

But as he went on to explain, she hummed thoughtfully. That made more sense. It was also interesting that humanity's legends hadn't gotten it totally wrong.

"Did this other form seem more primitive? I can only imagine it was terribly ugly."

Oh yeah, definitely ugly.

"Stank too." He added with a nod, nose scrunching up at the mere memory of the fishy stank it reeked off of his body.

As for aggression on the other hand. "I don't know if I'd say aggressive, it never actually attacked me, just sorta destroyed the shop in an attempt to escape." It sucked because that was one of his favorite places to go, and now it was pretty banged up, and with it currently being closed down for suspected murder, well, he wasn't quite sure if it would open back up either.

How terrible. She wondered if Forest knew how to defend himself from the beasts.

...She would just have to be sure!

"Silver burns them on contact," she hummed. "I often make a habit of silver jewelry, but I'm sure weapons exist elsewhere, if you're into that sort of thing."

What else.

"Did you get a look at the man before he became smelly and ugly?"

He wasn't interested in the weapons, but he most certainly would begin wearing silver if it meant some sort of protection from the beast he had encountered in the shop that night. It had escaped his ice much easier than he was comfortable with, sure that if it came to a physical bout, then he would be on the losing side.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for next time then." He answered, before moving to fish out the wallet from his pocket. "Yeah, and even got a hold of his wallet and phone as well. Its one of the other things that have been on my mind." He offered a sheepish smile. "I intend to return it, but I feel he needs to be let know just how dangerous his actions were as well." A man had ended up dead after all.

Ooh, a prize. She smiled when he did, somewhat congratulatory.

"That is very, very useful. May I?" she asked politely, holding her hand out. It was his to give, though she was not above snatching it out of his hands should be refuse. A beast in a pawn shop was a dangerous thing indeed.

Forrest wasn't usually one to just hand other peoples belongings around, but at the same time, this lady might have some idea on what to do about the whole situation, and perhaps ease the load that Forrest was feeling after that whole very strange night. Therefore, he handed it over, placing it into the womans open hand, as he leaned back into the seat.

"Sure thing."

He gave it over freely, and she opened the wallet to find and pull out the driver's license.

"Mathis de Luca. Local trouble-making cat man." There was some amusement in her voice, as if she was telling a joke they would laugh at once they'd skinned the man.

She looked to Forrest, but all the while kept her grip firm on the wallet. "Would you mind coming with me to meet our Dominus? I would like to show him this, ask if he knows this man. Even moreso, it might be worth having you drawn in under the clutch, for your protection."

Trouble making indeed.

At the suggestion of meeting the Dominus, his eyes widened, glancing down at his rather 'worn' clothes, and suddenly feeling a bit self conscious. This was a being of high power after all, and first impressions were everything, but if he was to be honest with himself, then he honestly didn't own anything better than this. Being 78 years old, with the body of a 28 year old man had done nothing to improve his fashion sense in the least, or drove him to buy any newer outfits.

This was just how he was meant to be then.

"Uh, yeah I'll go." He gave an unneeded cough of discomfort, rising from his seat.

"Shall we go now?" He was pretty sure his nervousness was evident.

She could read it on his face, and smiled.

"Yes. Don't worry, he's a very pleasant man. If you drove here, I can direct you," she offered, but either way...

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