Glitter coat

Mountainside Planetarium - Clutch Only 

What decorations went up had to come down.

Beauregard was in the lounge, gathering Halloween decorations into plastic tubs. Who precisely owned all of things and where they would prefer the items stored had crossed his mind, but in the end, he believed they rather belonged to the building now.

The absence of Ellie and Savannah was notable, feeling like something of a fresh wound, even if their intentions had been... benign. To run off on some orphan's chase for parents that had likely very deliberately abandoned Ellie on purpose.

They would be back, in time, or so he hoped.

Reaching up to a grab curiously glittery pumpkin, he found the shimmering paint on the outside to be less than secure. Brittle, it disintegrated for the slightest movement, leaving a sparkling orange trail down the front of the Dominus' shirt and pants.

His eyebrows rose as he set the pumpkin back on the table, looking at his now glittering hand.

Perhaps he could... wipe this onto a seat somewhere. His sweater seemed a loss, though.

"They say glitter is like the STD of crafts." She decided that was the best way to approach a conversation with the leader of her Clutch. Probably not, but, oh well. Safiya fixed the man with a little smirk nonetheless as she wandered into the common area of the Planetarium, eyeing the little pumpkin he'd set down. "Scotch tape is the best way to get it up." Years of theatre had taught her a few tricks. Getting it out of hair was another story. She wandered further into the room. "Want some help?" She hadn't exactly built much of a rapport with this guy, and she figured it might make Raziyya happy to know she was playing nice?

His gaze moved sharply to the sound of a voice he wasn't wholly used to yet. Taraneh's pet. He looked up with some degree of surprise, only belatedly catching her joke.

She was a jovial sort. Despite some lingering bitterness toward her, Beauregard could not deny appreciating an upbeat nature. Safiya was not empty-headed.

"I'll have to search for tape," he said, still feeling one handed given that the other was marred by sparkles. "And by all means. You're welcome to start with the pumpkin."

He smiled something approaching a smirk, sliding a cardboard box closer toward her with a foot.


She didn’t mind the sparkles, honestly. Maybe she’d put some in her hair and rock the look for a few weeks. Probably too late considering Halloween was already passed. Thanksgiving wasn’t really a “decorate yourself in weird things” holiday so much as it was a “get dressed up nice as fuck and stand around in the living room.” Except she wasn’t going to Thanksgiving this year, so. That was a depressing thought process she decided to kill with stepping toward the pumpkin and grabbing it to settle it into the box.

“Do you guys do things for every holiday?” She asked as she straightened up and rubbed her hands together to try and dust off some glitter before going for another. It didn’t make sense but it was impulse, okay? Also, vampires celebrating Christmas seemed fucked up. But she wasn’t in the place to get uncomfortable with it, since she didn’t even ever celebrate Christmas.

Pumpkin taken care of, Beauregard wandered to gather some black and orange garland, looping it loosely from hand to elbow into clean rounds.

"As a group, we haven't been around for a full holiday season before," he said. "Upstairs, in the public space, I'm sure there will be decoration. Down here, it's a matter of what members take it upon themselves to bring down."

Ellie and Savannah would hopefully be back by December. Perhaps they could find a Christmas tree or the like.

"In the end, despite the fangs and diet, we are a group of people, and people do like any excuse for celebration."

Beauregard would not be the slightest bit surprised to see Edvin in some Santa hat in a month.

Oh, right. They’d only been a thing since like May right? She couldn’t remember what Raziyya told her. “I bet it’ll be pretty with all the lights.” She said of upstairs. She could still appreciate the decorations.

“Maybe we should do a secret Santa.” She could also appreciate gifts, okay? It was an alright holiday, with the gifts and the friendship and love and all that. It just. Wasn’t a thing she did as a kid or anything.

There were some fake skulls next, and she placed them into the box beside the pumpkins. “You did make a good Hook. Maybe Santa would suit you, too.” She eyed him playfully.

He nodded to her assessment of "prettiness." It likely would be stunning in an already lovely space.

Continuing along the garland, he had some comment ready about secret Santa before she threw something borderline insulting at him. Beauregard turned his head to look at her, spotting lightness in her expression. Brat. Sincerely a fit for Taraneh.

"I'd like to believe I'm not quite fat or elderly looking enough for that particular figure," he said, narrowing his eyes to her, but not devoid of playfulness himself. "You should ask Ta- Raziyya about secret Santa. The two of you could certainly set something up."

Oh, maybe that came out wrong. There was a line somewhere, just like with everyone, and though she liked to toe it on occasion... maybe not with the Dominus. He seemed light hearted enough. "I just mean you can pull off a costume." She clarified with a casual shrug as she moved on to pull the black table cloth that covered the table on which the decorations she was boxing were set. "Ta?" She'd caught that, Mister.

The shrug and excuse did not suit her. He reminded himself that she was very, very young.

But Beauregard had been caught slipping up, and she was quick to call him on it. Truthfully he would have done the same in her position.

"Oops," he said, bringing a hand briefly to his face in an expression of innocence, and... unknowingly leaving a few specks of glitter there as well.

"I have known your sire by more than one name. At times, in my grand age, I do slip up and use a previous one."

Beauregard dropped the garland in a box and moved toward a collection of fake tea candles.

Oops. Safiya lifted her dark brows as she awaited an explanation. She eyed the glitter, but waited to tell him of it in case he tried to evade her and therefore lost his privilege of knowing. What he said did make sense, though, and it's sort of what she assumed. Raziyya, or Nasreen, had told her she used different names. Safiya had even taken to the practice, but she forgot a lot. "What's the name that starts with Ta?" She asked, curious. Not like it was revealing any sort of secret. Still, she wasn't sure how frank Beauregard would be with her, even about her own sire. "You got some on your cheek." She added mercifully.

Glitter on his face? He nearly pawed at it stupidly with the same hand before catching himself. Dreadful.

"That, I cannot share, but I imagine if you were to ask her, she would tell you," he said.

He rubbed his cheek against the shoulder of his sweater, scrunching his face a bit before continuing with almost mischief in his tone.

"She adores you very much. I imagine your early days have been going well?"

Secrets, secrets. That was a theme with Raziyya. And she suspected with Beauregard, too. Maybe she could get her to share, though. Maybe after a feeding from a psychic. She did like to hunt with her. They hadn't in a minute, and she found she was sort of missing her Sire since she'd moved out into her own place. Her own thoughts were bolstered by Beauregard's words, and they brought a small smile to her face. "The feeling is mutual. Yeah, they've been going good." She wasn't about to speak to soon in saying they were going better than maybe someone elses' might. There was always a chance for her to fuck up, and it was a recurring theme for Safiya to find it eventually.

"Joining a Clutch early on has helped, but Raziyya is a good sire." And a good woman, all around. "I can't imagine doing this alone." She said as she finished the table cloth and packed it into the box with the rest of the stuff.

There must have been some number of tricksy words applied to Safiya's mind. She seemed to hold no flicker of regret for her own turning. Perhaps Taraneh had offered a different take of the events leading up to it.

At times Beauregard wondered how much of his own early memories had been altered, but certainly his death had been left vivid in his mind.

"It is very challenging to learn alone. You'll grow very quickly here."

He stacked candles neatly in one of the boxes, wrapping them in tufted tissue paper.

"Have you gotten to know anyone else within the clutch?"

She hoped so. There was a weird magic to it, and the longer she belonged to the clutch, the more she realized that sticking around would get her places. Soon enough she'd be running around as some kind of animal. Or flying. That would be insane.

"Only Lazarus, really. I've been wanting to talk to whoever it was that was dressed as Robin at the party." From what she had seen, he was cute. "Are there others as young as me?" Looks could be really deceiving. Lazarus was almost two hundred years old,

Lazarus. That was... an unlikely pairing. Perhaps she forced some liveliness out of him. These were thoughts considered without complaint. The boy decidedly needed socializing.

"That would be Tikanni," he said. "Who is... not terribly young, though very youthful in the mind."

Some vampires simply acted the age at which they'd died, and Tikanni was among them.

"There were two recent turnings, Ellie and Savannah, but they've gone off on a short trip. I imagine they'll be back within a few weeks."

Certainly they would like Safi, and certainly they could provide further mentorship for her.

"Tikanni is shy around other vampires, though," he gave Safi something of a mischievous look. "It would be best you not mention I told you. Perhaps you ought to seek him out sometime."

Tikanni! Cute name for a cute face. He wasn't "terribly young" but to an old old vampire, what constituted as "terribly young"? Lazarus was old to Safiya, but young to Raziyya. It was all relative, hence why she found herself not caring too much about age. People were still people, and especially when you were dead, age was only a number. There were two others, Ellie and Savannah, who were recently turned. Sounded like young girls, maybe around her age. But they were off somewhere right now, which was a little disappointing but ultimately fine. Safiya sometimes had trouble clicking with people her age. Especially females.

As for Tikanni, he was shy. Safiya cracked a smile. "I got a few laughs out of Lazarus, so I'm pretty confident I can get through to him." She said truthfully. Lazarus was like, the most reserved person. At least she'd seen Tikanni actually talking to people at the party. "But, my lips are sealed. I'm a good actor." She assured him with a nod, and started on a table that was covered in some dried flower petals.

Laughs from Lazarus. Beauregard had to assume it had something to do with Safiya being young and pretty.

With an appreciative smile to her promise, Beauregard continued to gather decorations. He by no means was overcome with warmth for the girl's presence, but his resentment had certainly begun to fade.

Not that he would tell Raziyya.

Raziyya was here.

Well, she'd entered on two legs and with the help of a keycard, but when she heard voices of Beauregard and Safi, she decided for some bizarre reason to be a bat. It made no sense. Maybe she was feeling playful.

So she switched, fluttered down the stairs, and flapped into the lounge area, seeking to land on a couch instead of terrifying either of them.


"What was that about acting?" she asked her fledgling with a cocked head, certain she looked very cute while doing so.

She resigned herself to a comfortable silence in which they would clean up. Until, of course, a familiar voice caught her attention. Safiya startled some, dropping a hand full of petals back onto the table as she looked toward where Raziyya's voice was coming from. For a moment, she saw nothing. Then a tiny little bat. Safiya's lips peeled into a grin. "Just saying how well I think I'm doing in pretending that I like you." She teased, trusting that everyone present would get that it was a joke. A harmless one. The harmless part was especially important.

The silence would not last.

Raziyya, of course, stalking after her pet, though looking much like a pet herself. Beauregard marveled quietly at how he could likely kill her with a well aimed throw of any of the heavier decorations.

But he would do no such thing, of course.

"I'm afraid she hasn't been very convincing," he said with a "tsk tsk" in his tone, shaking his head as he looked on with amusement.

Pretending to be liked! How rude. Beauregard came up with his own tease. Raziyya gave a flap of her wings that could have been a huff of some kind.

"Is that so?" she challenged, feigning hurt. "I suppose the Dominus can replace me as your sire, then, and I'll just have to take... Lazarus instead."

She'd heard that too.

Oh, this was fun.

Safiya cocked a smirk and wrinkled her nose at the mention of her switching Sires. Her brows raised at Lazarus’ name. “Can I be present to watch you and Edvin fight over him?” She fixed Batziyya with a wicked little grin.

Beauregard was and would never be anyone's sire. Taraneh, a grounded flying rat, made her quips as Beauregard moved to begin stacking boxes primarily to have something to do.

"Any excuse to be near Lazarus, hmm?"

Offered very thoughtfully, as if he had no idea of the implications.

Cheeky, between Safiya and Beauregard. Raziyya held it together, which was fortunate because a bat laughing was not a cute face.

"It won't be much of a fight, I think. I broke his ribs last time," said Raziyya, who had walked away with a concussion for several days herself. Details.

Meanwhile, all this teasing talk of Lazarus and she had yet to even entertain his company for longer than a movie.

"Be sure you don't get pregnant," the bat pressed, imagining Safiya had not exactly gone that far with the boy.

Oh, an attempt to make her bashful. Safiya's brow arched smoothly, and she was ready with her comeback before Raziyya spoke. It did catch her off guard, the pregnancy thing. That... that couldn't happen. Right? Right. They were dead. So, onward. "Edvin, actually. I'm totally into his whole history teacher vibe." She tried for a straight faced, matter of fact delivery, but a wave of sarcasm seeped its way through the smile that she couldn't keep off her face. She tried to hide it with moving to pack up some candles on another table.

What a response. Beauregard wrinkled his face some, though thankfully his back was turned, approaching a closet he opened with one hand.

"Especially don't get pregnant then," he said, sounding scandalized.

But there was more to this, of course. Unsatisfied with her initial response, Beauregard sought to introduce small prickles of worry to her with some minute flex of his power, eyes conveniently unchanged as he turned to seek another box.

The idea of Safiya courting someone as... angular as Edvin had her all but grimacing inwardly at the thought. Beauregard stole the words off her tongue, and she almost thought she could forgive him all his teasing of her for it.

"I imagine we'll be hearing the halls of this lounge echoing with a vampire baby's screeching, soon," Raziyya sighed. "Be sure to gain some sway over the Second for it, at least."

Children were lovely, but often they grew only to disappoint. Power was far lovelier, and more reliable.

This was all a very long con joke.

Wait. Wait...


Was it a thing? Could that, like, happen? Worry seeped through her jovial mood, and her smile faded some as she looked from her Dominus to her Sire "Akhrus, tell me that's not a thing that can happen..." She said, brows knitting some, upper lip twisting a bit in a discomforted sneer. What kind of fucking demon spawn that would be.

Shut up,


It was impossible to tell from here whether her panic was inspired by the combined sentiments of the Dominus and the Guardian or something else. Only that she gave an amused huff.

"Careful now. The Dominus doesn't know you're swearing your head off," she teased, even if the 'swear' was extremely tame. But the scold was there; keep words to a universal understanding.

Unless they were words of endearment. Always exceptions to Raziyya. "I can tell you that if you wish, but it might be a lie."

Knowing Safiya could sense lies when her eyes went white, it was fun to mess with her fledgling before that happened.

Beauregard, content to leave the rest of the cleaning efforts to the women (how appropriate!), spoke as if he hadn't understood any of what followed.

"Quelle impolitesse," he hummed, looking between the girl and bat, "de parler dans une autre langue."

He approached the couch, holding out a hand so that the bat guardian might climb it.

"Je devrais peut-être vous obliger tous les deux à demander, ah, des éclaircissements à Edvin."

He wondered if either of them did speak French.

There was the temptation to roll her eyes a click her tongue at the reprimand, but there was a not-so-natural force that kept her from being too disrespectful. It was one word, though! And he could pick up context.

Raziyya continued on cheekily, and fucking duh. She had the power to know if she was being fucked with. But that comment sort of cemented that it was, in fact, a falsehood. So no need for a-

There was French being spoken. Or at least she was pretty certain it was French. Listen, she’d taken German in high school. Five years of it, actually. So even though there were some words she picked up because they sounded kind of English, she was at a loss. What a shit.

Safiya grinned, and clicked her tongue jovially. “Fühle mich nitch asugegraben.” She wasn’t perfect at it, but she was pretty sure that was right?

She meant “don’t feel excluded”, but said “don’t feel excavated”


You scold one child, and then the other disobeys. But as he held out his hand, she'd clamber up, enjoying the closeness on a base metaphysical level.

She wondered if Beauregard knew that a great many Arabs were extremely familiar with French. She had picked up enough of it amongst various contemporaries through the ages that she could play at conversation herself. But before she could, Safiya seemed attuned to the game being played.

Alas, the words that followed were not a language she understood nearly as well, and with another huff, she glanced her large eyes to the boy Dominus.

"Je retire ma gentillesse. Elle peut demander. Nous pouvons regarder la dominatrice frétillement."

A glance back to Safiya. "What language is that?" Raziyya asked, toying with the temptation of suggesting she forget it in full but deciding to be kinder to her offspring.

Naturally Raziyya would speak French. Beauregard would need to devise his own language. Her play on words was a terrible one, and he shook his head out her, holding his palm up and flat.

"À l'envers," he said, waving his other hand to indicate the flip. He outstretched one pinky of the hand she rest in, hoping she might use it to grab on.

He looked to Safiya expectantly, having some guess as to the language but not certain enough to guess.

Raziyya spoke French back, and if she were not a furry little bat, it would have been sexy as fuck. Okay... maybe still sexy. Because it was her voice. Just don't mind the tiny bat wings. At the question, Safiya grinned. "German. I took five years of it." She was definitely oblivious to her mistake, but that was fine because it didn't seem either of them knew German. What a well cultured trio they were.


"Did you say Dominatrix?" A brow raise. What had they been talking about?

Five years to learn a language. She could see easily the pride involved, and would be kind.

A huff at the word. "I said no such thing, gutter child. Your Germanified ears deceive you," she teased. "I only mentioned Beauregard's eternal partner in leadership, and other things."

And to the other child. She watched his other hand flip, harboring suspicion. Why upside down. She was wary of this, aware he could easily fling her from his hand and break her bones. Would he?

Cautious like a bat, she crawled the way to his pinky, scrunching her body to one side to hang on to him by both feet and one hook of her thumb joint, blinking large eyes from an upside down face at Safiya for it.

Safiya was notably fond of her sire, it seemed. Beauregard, once again, could only wonder at just how many words Taraneh had used to warp her mind. It left her relatively pleasant, if nothing else.

"Gutter child" was so unexpected a comment that he nearly laughed aloud. It felt along the same line as "hooligan." But she continued into some sort of accusation of a partnership with Edvin, conveniently as she crawled so strangely on his hand.

So he gave her a little shake, nothing particularly dangerous, but enough to gently scold.

Never in her life had she been called a gutter child. It was a disarming sort of hilarity that left Safiya spluttering out an unladylike guffaw. It was hard to read a bat, especially one so tiny, so she wasn't able to tell if that was a lie or not. But she took her words for truth, and grinned at the description of Edvin being Beauregard's "eternal partner." Cute.

She hummed as she cocked her head to the side to better look at the now upturned bat. "You'll have to teach me French. Gotta find something to fill the time of eternity." She glanced up at Beauregard. Maybe he could help. She wasn't quite sure if he would be the most patient teacher, though.

"Stop!" she protested immediately at the start of the brief shaking, bringing her other thumb to hook around the admittedly tiny limb that was his finger and clinging. It was over before it could do anything, but he was so rude!

A huff. She looked back to Safiya. "I imagine the Canadian has a better handle on the language, but I'm happy to supplement."

Complaint was perfectly acceptable a response. He smirked.

"You will not be foisting your fledgling onto me," he said. "It seems the two of you can handle the rest of clean up. I have some... glitter to be rid of."

The hand that held his guardian returned toward the couch, though he supposed he would be kind enough not to shake her off.

Canadian, eh? She had thought it was a little weird he hadn't sounded French, but spoke it so fluently. She wondered what Canada was like a hundred years ago. Also, he was pretty rude for a Canadian, talking like she wasn't here. "Your fledgling" felt a little dehumanizing. She guessed she wasn't really human anymore. But still. She wouldn't say anything.

"Remember the tape." She reminded him as he went to excuse himself.

Glitter-faced boy Dominus.

Raziyya would take to the couch happily... only to flap up and settle onto Safiya's shoulder. It didn't hold the same magnetism as the Dominus, but there was an enjoyment in it all the same.

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