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Katalina was absolutely pleased with how her costume came out. It was perfect in her book. Even her makeup, which she worried she would sweat off, was a thing of art. Her costume wasn’t the only one that seemed to shine as she admired everyone else from where she sat alone sipping on her Sangria.

With the signa from her body telling her it was time to visit the bathroom, she left her seat and weaved through the crowd of creatures to do just that. As she washed her hands carefully, fully aware the she may have to do some retouching, she looked up at her reflection in the mirror. That was when she noticed the fur on her face...it wasn’t there before. In fact it was still growing. And just as quick as she noticed she had fully changed.

Now a full fledge cat sitting on the counter, she stared at the mirror in complete shock. "Did I just turn into a cat?" She couldn’t believe this was happening. Then the curiosity of how far this went grew by the second. It would seem she had actually turned into her costume so did that mean she had the ability as well? She focused as she continued to stare at herself and soon enough All there was to see was her big large smile.

Kat was feeling confused and mischievous at the same time. Should she just play into this? It was that thought that caused that huge grin to remain and with a decision made she headed back out to the public....with just the smile.

hope you don't mind a little time pass ♡ she a legit mermaid

The witch woman had left her in the gigantic industrial kitchen sink, and Oriane had whiled away the time for a bit just staying in the water and reveling in her new form.

Well, eventually she was rather bored, and missing the action outside. So Oriane tested the waters, so to speak, and called out from the kitchen: "Hello! Can someone come here please?"

So polite!

Thank you for joining! And sorry for the delay <3

Though she had no idea what was happening she was enjoying her new look and ability. Walking on all four limbs she strolled out of the bathroom and not a single person noticed her. How could they? Unless they had the ability to see invisible cats it was impossible. She felt so devilish as she spied on others and some of the conversations were hilarious. She almost gave herself away with a laugh.

As she passed the doors to the kitchen, trying to sneak up on another group of strangers, she heard a voice coming from that direction asking for someone to come to them. Kat paused in her steps wondering if they were speaking to someone in particular but her curiosity drove her to investigate. Remaining invisible she opened the creaking door and much to her surprise, she saw a mermaid just chilling in a huge sink. She held her breath as she tried not to make a sound in response to what she saw. She wasn't sure if she wanted to expose herself just yet. Kat was feeling awfully playful at the moment.

no sorries!! ♡

It wasn't long before she saw and heard the small opening of the door. As if someone had heard her, and Oriane readied a smile for it, readied for some word on the chaos outside and perhaps some explanation for what had happened to afflict everyone so.

Only, there was no one there.

"Hello?" the scientist turned mermaid called out. Had they changed their mind? That was kind of rude.


Despite how much effort she put into holding it back, a snicker managed to break free her hold. It seemed her invisibility was working well. Oh, the smile she had on her face had to be ear to ear, it felt so huge. But maybe she shouldn't play with the mermaid too much. That would be rude, right?

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." She started, still chuckling. She took a deep breath before continuing. "It's just...It's the first time I was able to do something like this." Despite the fact that she gave herself away, she still remained invisible. Only because she was more focused on how she was going to get herself up to the same level as the lady in the sink. She knew cats had the ability to jump high but could she do it in a cat's body?

There was a sound. A... laugh. Oriane startled, sitting up straight as the water continued to cover her thankfully.

A woman's voice followed, words floating somewhere low. She peeked over the edge of the sink, frowning, but seeing nothing.

But there were words.

"I'm sorry?" Oriane asked, toying with her braided hair some. "Am I... am I speaking with a ghost?"

"A ghost? Do I look like..."It was then when she realized she was still invisible. "Oh! Right. My bad." Kat willed herself to become visible again. It took her a minute, give or take, but she eventually succeeded.

"Can you see me now?" She flicked her fluffy tail as she rose to her hind legs to get a better look. From her judgment, it looked like she could make the jump to the counter. But what if she failed? Looking like a legit cat calculating their next jump, she took a moment before she made her first attempt and with luck she made it. Now that she was on the same level she offered the woman a wide smile. "So you're a mermaid, eh?" Kat was on all fours now, sitting like a royal cat.

Some sass followed, to which Oriane frowned to herself. So she wasn't hearing things, she wasn't... hallucinating. Some mermaid sense, maybe?

But a minute later, there was a cat. Talking. And smiling a big big smile.

"I... can?" Oriane asked in so, so much confusion. Would she have preferred a ghost at this point? Possible. "What are you? Were you someone at this party too?"

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