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Magic Hollow Spook-tacular 

Katalina was absolutely pleased with how her costume came out. It was perfect in her book. Even her makeup, which she worried she would sweat off, was a thing of art. Her costume wasn’t the only one that seemed to shine as she admired everyone else from where she sat alone sipping on her Sangria.

With the signa from her body telling her it was time to visit the bathroom, she left her seat and weaved through the crowd of creatures to do just that. As she washed her hands carefully, fully aware the she may have to do some retouching, she looked up at her reflection in the mirror. That was when she noticed the fur on her face...it wasn’t there before. In fact it was still growing. And just as quick as she noticed she had fully changed.

Now a full fledge cat sitting on the counter, she stared at the mirror in complete shock. "Did I just turn into a cat?" She couldn’t believe this was happening. Then the curiosity of how far this went grew by the second. It would seem she had actually turned into her costume so did that mean she had the ability as well? She focused as she continued to stare at herself and soon enough All there was to see was her big large smile.

Kat was feeling confused and mischievous at the same time. Should she just play into this? It was that thought that caused that huge grin to remain and with a decision made she headed back out to the public....with just the smile.

current form, roughly the size of a thumb from nose to tail tip, also holding a twig crown in her mouth, and wearing this sweater and bag omg

Cris had a crown.

Cris had a sweater.

Cris had a bag.

Cris did not have pants, or shoes, but her increasingly mouse brain didn't find a whole lot of trouble there anymore. Scampering across the banquet hall floor, dodging still dangerous footsteps and other obstacles, she had one goal in mind: get the fuck out of here.

If she was going to start her new mouse life, it couldn't be in this packed room. She wanted somewhere dark but warm, cozy but free for expansion. Maybe some kind of wall she could get behind and nest.

Tiny paws racing, she took a drifting right turn to avoid some thumping hoof, whirling around and gaining speed until very abruptly she was right in front of...

A cat.

And not just an ordinary cat. One with a giant mouth that could swallow her up whole.

Faced with fight or flight, she went for a third option, freezing in place so utterly her heart might as well have stopped.

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