Magic Hollow Spook-tacular 
current form, roughly the size of a thumb from nose to tail tip, also holding a flower crown in her mouth

Cris had her eye on one thing:

Mary Poppins.

Well, she had her beady eyes on a lot of things, on feet stomping and people yelling and things dropping and falling and overall a lot of dangers for a creature as small as the one she'd become. Frantic paws raced toward the woman, and she danced with a rodential quickness away from the many threats meeting the floor around her.

But eventually, she was close enough to begin what was a very short plan.

Step one:

"Hey hey YOU-" (Slightly muffled with the crown in her teeth.)

Step two:

Make a mad leap to try to jump onto this woman's leg and climb far enough to get off the dangerous ground.

@"Cassidy Morgan"



The squeaked hail reached her and Cassidy Poppins turned, bright eyes full of wonder and secrets from beyond the abyss flicked over the mad assortment of creatures. Some shed their humanity and embraced their new roles gleefully while others succumbed to dreadful panic. Would they soon understand the wonderous gift bestowed upon them?

The slight voice drew her eyes towards a mouse darting between footfalls towards her. Cassidy watched fondly and made no attempt to flee or avoid the mouse's frantic leap at her skirts. Carpet bag in one hand, the other moved to intercept ascending rodent. Cassidy chuckled as the mouse scurried across her gloved fingers. She then carefully raised the mouse to eye level.

"Hello there."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Cris hadn't been ready to be lifted up, but she was pulled easily into the trap of offered fingers.

Her tiny paws clung tight, her whole body trembling with a rodent's energy. She dropped the crown at her feet.

"Can you pull anything you want out of your bag?" she asked, beady eyes looking very directly at the woman as she inched forward to clasp her paws at the edge of her giant hand.

Twitch twitch of whiskers.

The tiny mouse trembled in her palm and Cassidy stilled her movement, realizing how fragile the creature was. It wouldn't take much, just a quick squeeze. At the question, Cass turned to the carpet bag at her side. Lips pursed, and considering the sparse contents packed earlier that night, Cassidy raised an eyebrow. The bag weighed next to nothing. She turned back to the rodent with a mischievous sparkle in her eye.

"I haven't tried the bag yet." She admitted wistfully. "I suppose anything is possible." That felt like a Mary Poppins answer. Having a conversation with a mouse was as normal as dancing on chimney tops.

Cassidy stepped to the closest table and put the bag atop. With a hand resting on the bag's clasp, she offered the mouse her shoulder to free her other hand.

The voice was familiar, so close to Cris' twitching nose. But the room was far from quiet, and her mind not especially focused.

The hand moved, and she clung on as best she could with scrabbling mouse toes. Offered a shoulder, she pondered, then skedaddled on. It was easier to grip on to fabric, anyway.

Holding the crown in her paws, she gnawed it idly, a steady and automatic work of destruction.

"I need something to wear," she said. "If I'm stuck like this for life."

Beady eyes peered toward the bag as she nibbled a flower into oblivion.

She side eyed the shoulder mouse, hand still resting upon the carpet bag's clasp. While no proof to the contrary, Cassidy doubted the finality of these forms. The magic used to craft this evening's entertainment felt whimsical; like a harmless practical joke. A learning moment, perhaps? It was her kind of magic. All while burdened with this greater understanding, parts of her sanity slipped and chipped. There was something to be said to ignorance. Cassidy smiled.

"Clothes for a mouse." She returned to the plot and tensed her fingers against the clasp. Metal clicked and the bag cracked open. Splaying open the metal wings, the bag yawned. The patterned fabric encircled the interior and slid into shadow. The shadow wasn't just darkness caused by an absence of direct light. It was the inky depths of space or deep ocean. It appeared solid, like a sheet of hungry darkness consuming the very light.

Cassidy's eyes widened as she stared into the abyss within her handbag, her heart frantically beating. There was nothing to fear, instinctively she knew this. But rallied against the nothingness all the same. Before Cassidy could comprehend her hand moved towards the event horizon, the polka dot gloves starkly defined against the carpetbag's unforgiving depths.

She suppressed a moment of sheer panic as her hand slid through the blackness. There was no resistance, no sensation, neither hot or cold within, just an immaterial emptiness at her fingertips. Submerged to her wrist, then elbow, Cassidy paled to imagine where her hand was. By any understood physical law, her arm was through the table now.

Rummaging, almost swimming through nothing, then she paused and withdrew her hand. The hand trembled when it presented a small knit sky-blue sweater and satchel to the mouse on her shoulder.

Cassidy swallowed hard. "This work for you?" She hoped to fuck it did.

Everything was fine right up until Poppins started leaning deeper into the bag. Cris' dark eyes widened, her claws clinging tightly until she finally began to backpedal out of worry.

If she fell in, would she appear somewhere else? Or would she just...


Or fall forever?

Retreating toward the back of Mary's neck, she waited until the world beneath her feet shifted upright again. The crown was largely savaged by now, circular only for the twiggy bits. But as the tiny clothing bounty was revealed to her, she-

She squeaked a little. Excitedly.

Cris plopped the crown on her head and held out scrabbly little mouse hands, grasping the clothing and then holding it tight to her body in some kind of hug.

"Help me put it on," she demanded, but giddily, looking for a hand she could clamber on to maybe.

Cassidy snapped closed the carpetbag's clasp. In that moment it sounded like a lock to a door better left unopened slamming home. But the mouse was happy and that was more relieving than Cassidy wished to admit. Delving in that bag again—she didn't want to, didn't know if she could. Just considering the expanse beyond was mind numbing.

"Okay!" She was happy to help if only to occupy her mind. The hand offered again, Cassidy tried for a stable platform and assist the best she could with her free hand. Mostly she propped the garment open at the waist with her fingers. Dressing fidgeting mice was never assumed an easy task, but now she knew. That morsel was heaped upon the expanse of knowledge unfurled before her and a little more of the veneer cracked.

Everyone was real obedient when she was a mouse. Maybe this would be a better life, in the end.

Making her way to the offered hand, she settled the crown again at her feet and waited obediently for the garment to be offered. She held her little forelegs up, head tilted back, wriggling into the tiny sweater and eventually through some trial and error finding the appropriate places to thrust through her paws.

It was cozy and strange, and for a moment she simply froze as if the clothing had ambushed her.

Thinking. Deciding. And then she frantically set to grooming her face, tugging whiskers and tiny soft hairs.

"Thank you," she said, slightly muffled by her efforts. In an abrupt realization, she grasped her crown into her teeth (it just didn't stay on while running).

With a quick nod to Mary Poppins, she gave a little stamp of her feet, then nodded to the floor. Down to find the next item to collect. She... probably couldn't carry many, being a mouse.

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