Eyes Up, Guardian

Cedar Creek 
It was too cold for this life. Even as a Were it was too frigid for him to want to get out of bed or to go to the Brewery and the bed was far to comfortable to even go make a coffee so that wasn't happening, mkay? Mkay. Trick opened his eyes and closed them again, and he made a soft rumble of grumpiness that echoed through the shore of the metaphysical plane before he peeled his eyes open and reached for his phone with one arm while the other arm gathered Alina closer against his chest, fingers spooling through her messy brown hair.

He wasn't going to wait to see if Alina wanted to go to work, he didn't care if she wanted to go to work, they were going to have a them day goddmanit it, if it was the last thing they did. He texted the Brewery group chat to say that neither him or Alina would be going on, waited for a few replies from people that would be covering them and then tossed his phone down onto the covers, wrapping both of his arms this time around his mate, kissing the top of her head for moment before rolling them both unceremoniously out of bed into the cold floor.

 The fall was jarring, deep in the midst of a dream when it suddenly turned into a nauseating nightmare. The feeling of vertigo, the head rush she got from falling, the scream that was wrenched from her mouth all of it felt so real. Likely because it was. Her voice was loud in the morning quiet and she found herself startled awake, clutching to Trick in a vice grip as her heartbeat raced.

 It took a few moments, but gradually, Alina's death grip on his arms lessened as she came to the slow realization that, yes, she was safe and no, she hadn't fallen off a cliff. Instead, she had fallen off a bed and landed on Sullivan, who was warm and also awake and also not startled, which meant that he was likely the one that had made them fall.

 "'m gonna fucking kill you..." She groaned, rolling so that her back touched the cold, hard floor, arm thrown over her eyes because she wasn't ready to open them.

He landed on his back which was for the best. If he’d landed on top of her then he likely would have either crushed her or been murdered by her. As it was with her on his chest she wasn’t happy. In fact, she wanted to murder him anyway which wasn’t all that surprising.

He let her roll off of him and wrinkled his nose as he realized just how cold it was on the floor. So cold his dick crept into his body and stayed there. "Get in line." he said and then shifted so he was straddling her hips, sheet tossed off them to settle in a pile on the dark wood floor.

"Get up get up get up! It’s Christmas!"

It wasn’t Christmas. They both knew that. But he lived to irritate her. So.


 "I hate you." He was heavy and he was loud. She didn't want to be awake yet so why the fuck had he decided to wake her up like this? Irritated and half way awake, Alina moved the arm that wasn't over her face and balled up her fist to blindly and clumsily throw a fist in his direction. "Get off'a me."

"I know, I hate me too." He said excitedly and when she hauled off and hit him, he really didn't think that she would hit him that hard, so he let her do it. He just. Let her punch him in the cheek. That was true love right there. It stung and he wrinkled his nose. He could hit her back, but that was mean cause she was asleep and he'd already been mean enough for the first ten minutes of the morning. He leaned down over her and kissed her nose lightly. "Pussy."

Without further ado, he got up and leaned down to pick her up, cradling her against his chest and without really giving her time to struggle free, Trick carried his fiancee out of the bedroom and down toward the living room. "I'll make it up to you. Coffee."

 Her fist connected with something fleshy, metaphysical teeth snapping towards his muzzle in warning. It felt like she'd hit him in his face but the wolf didn't really care one way or another. She was just trying to make him move off of her. The kiss on her nose was met with similar hostility, growling at him wolfishly as she finally moved her arm so that she could push his face away from hers.

 Only that didn't really work very well when he was picking her up to carry her presumably. She hated this feeling, too; it made her feel helpless and childish and her grumpiness over it all only served to push her irritation further. "Put me the fuck down. I'm awake and I can damn well walk on my own."

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