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Mathis needed to clear his head. Go somewhere for at least a night, forget everything but the sound of his own breathing and the feeling of being surrounded by nature. He might have gone alone, but the more he considered the situations he'd been faced with recently, the more he realized they had all been when he was alone. So perhaps going with somebody was what he needed.

He did not want to drag Yana from Belle Vista, and the idea of going on a camping trip with her wasn't entirely appealing. He did like her, but their relationship wasn't entirely the type for it. Charlie and Isolde were handling their own issues, and Jackie was both largely unfamiliar and busy. There was truly only one person he could think of that he would find the comfort he was looking for in. And so, he texted the man he'd been meaning to contact for some time.

Hello my friend! Do you like to hike?

If the answer was no, he would not be sour for it.

@"Frank Beringer"

With how busy life had started to get with Halloween and now in prep for Thanksgiving, Frank hadn't had much time lately to reach out in between running around like a chicken with its head cut off at work and personal life. However, he'd meant to, but it seemed the cheetah had beat him to it. Mathis' text came in the middle of a break at work, thankfully, making it easy to reply relatively quickly. Coffee in hand at a table, he opened the message and was pleased to see it was just a nice reach out and what would most likely turn into an offer to go hiking. Everything seemed well which, well, wasn't something easily accepted in this craziness called Were Life in Cordova. There was only so much he could glean from one text though and Frank decided that if there really was something, it'd come up in person soon enough. And if there wasn't and it was just to spend time, that was perfectly fine with him as well. They could all do with a break from the daily grind to just relax and have a fun outing.

Just who I was hoping to talk to. As a matter of fact I do. Are you wanting to go sometime soon? I'd love to tag along if that's what you're offering.


The reply did well to bring a smile to his face. It was a warmth that met him on every occasion that he spoke to Frank. One that was perplexing in the fact that he could not explain it. But it was something that he did not particularly mind. It was refreshing.

Im glad to fulfill your hopes then. I was planning to go on this weekend, and would be very thankful for some company


To be fair, Frank was absolutely okay with it being a hard no and just offering hiking advice perhaps with some suggestions on where to go. But seeing that it was indeed an affirmation that his presence was sought for such an activity over the weekend had him pleasantly excited.

Great, I'll definitely be free to go. Just let me know the plan and I'll be there.


wonderful! I was thinking the spire. I have not been, but I know it gets cold so bring warm clothes. and maybe extra clothing, if you would be interested in shifting at some point. we could camp, if you think it would be easier

He had not entirely thought through the plan, but now that Frank was involved, he thought it fitting that he have some say in the matter.

For the Spire part, Frank did some quick research and was quick to find out that at this time fo year it had already snowed quite a bit at the peak. They weren’t going to mountain climb, but it was something to be aware of. But, it would be a beautiful escape if the pictures were anything to go by.

All of that he could get behind, even the shifting part, but only for Mathis. If it had been anyone else, it would’ve been a hard as hell no. This was perhaps the first time that Frank had really considered he had a big soft spot for this friend just by the fact he was even willing to say yes. Since Asha had helped him out, the jaguar being in control really didn’t freak him out as much since it hadn’t instigated any recent fights between peers and seemed willing to listen, surprisingly. Still, he would keep a steady eye on it. Overall, it was more the principal of the matter of not wanting to vacate more time in his own body for a parasite.

I’ve actually been meaning to check that out myself. The Spire sounds like an adventure. I’ll be sure to bring plenty of layers.
As for camping, only if you want to. I’m good with whatever your preference. This is your trip.


Frank was ever adaptable. Mathis hummed to himself as he considered the options. It would be a very long day to hike, shift, shift back, then hike back down. Perhaps staying the night over would be for the best.

We will camp then, only for the night! the more time the better. I have been needing to clear my head lately.


So they were probably going to backpack then. Carry in gear and carry it out, unless this place had campsites they could just drive to. Mentally, Frank went through what he currently had gear wise. But also there was that extra bit Mathis had added on that sort of confirmed his hunch.

Sounds good. Let's put together a list, pool what we have together and go from there.
Also, I'll be sure to bring s'more stuff. Nothing clears heads better than sweets made in a campfire. :-)


Frank was an efficient man, and that was endearing.

I will make a google doc of my list, and you can add what i do not have

It was easier than going back and forth via text.

you are a man after my own heart. smores it is

He would get to work on the google doc, but in the meantime...

have things been improving for you? with the cat


Will do. Thanks for setting it up.

Ha, that comment had him smiling amusingly.

If that's all it took, we should've made some earlier.

Yes, I believe so. Asha has helped mentor me a bit with it. So far, so good.


He... well, he wasn't entirely certain what to make of that second text. He read it once, twice, then a third time before deciding that it was... Well. Forward was not at all the right word. Unexpected, perhaps? And still somewhat confusing. Mathis decided to not think too much into it. It incited some sensation within him that he could not pin down, and therefore he was happy to let it be. There were already a slew of emotions that made up a hurricane within him right now. What he was sure of, was that he was glad for Frank.

I am glad to hear it. Asha will make a good Queen, I think.

Despite her past mistakes. He would not dare pass judgement on those now. His eyes flickered back to what Frank had said before. His lips pursed. Curious.

am i meant to take what you said as you have been after my heart?

Perhaps he could not stomach another emotion to add to the storm. He was stupid in believing that this might snuff it, and not bring forth a flood of new ones to consider.

Asha would, he had faith in her from everything he'd seen. The jaguar group were in good hands, paws,... hand paws, yes.

However, that next text had him confused. Mathis sounded like he was hung up on perhaps the wording with that s'mores one. Yes, it could be thought of it one way, but that was more of a potential he really hadn't put much thought in. So obviously! It had to be this.

S'mores won't give you any heart problems if that's what you're asking, I assure you.


That.. was not what he had been asking. But it was clear that that was what Frank had meant. A funny way of wording it. He considered perhaps the man was attempting to be cheeky. Alas, it wasn't clear. Mathis would let it be.

-insert link to google docs-

He sent the link first, then read back over his message.

i dont think weres can have heart issues anyway. so we are free to eat all we want


As the google link came in, Frank was sure to copy and paste it on the notepad for easy reference later.

And actually, he didn't know that about the heart stuff. Health variances were a whole plethora of new information to sift through and figure out for himself.

Thanks, I'll add to it after my shift.
I didn't actually know that. That's good to know for future reference.


He was surprised to know that Frank had yet to be informed of that. It reminded him how new to this he truly was.

as far as i am aware shifters cannot suffer from any humsn sickness. no disease or anything. i have hard of it even curing blindness

He frowned at the typo.

i will let you get back to your work, and we will establish a time and place to meet later. i look forward to seeing you my friend!


Well, that was definitely something. He had heard bits and pieces, but never so clear and concise. Even that bonus about it curing blindness was really something. Maybe that's why his own attempts at getting rid of it just didn't work the same way as a normal sickness. Something about the disease ate through absolutely anything else of 'harm' it deemed to the body then, maybe. And yet, silver seemed to hurt at a rate it couldn't fend off fast enough, nor could were and vampire attacks. There was a lot of hypotheses here and all Frank could do right now was just sigh heavily. It was good and bad news depending on where you stood and he was much too tired right now to really do anything about any of it. He could settle on being at a weird twisted version of thankfulness that at least his were friends would ultimately stay healthy so long as they didn't make fights a norm.

I see. Thanks for letting me know.

I'm looking forward as well!


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