Cause It's Liberating

Two Moons National Park 
She frowned and furrowed her eyebrows at him. This dude.

Wren watched him get out and shut the door, leaving her inside by herself. She glanced to the arches and back at him before grumbling and throwing the truck door open. Sliding out, she adjusted her sweater and shut the door behind her, jogging to catch up to him. Hopefully no one she knew would be here. Especially with her dressed like she shrunk three sizes and didn't buy new clothes.. She yanked up the sweatpants and tied them tightly as she walked, avoiding eye contact with her kidnapper.

Her bear was hungry and decided that she wouldn't miss the opportunity of a free meal....

 Judging by the small jump he made, he was genuinely surprised to see her pop into his periphery. His eyes widened a little and he stopped staring the moment he realized he was, but his gaze had lingered with hers turned purposefully away. Maybe she meant to go inside and use a phone, or maybe she was more willing to meet him halfway.
 He did not know, and was not in the mood to ask and open the conversation again, so he left it in silence. Luke reached out to the door handle and held it ajar for her to enter, still planning to make good on the offer to pay for her meal—necessary, unless she’d stowed cash somewhere he had not noticed while she was naked on the ground.
 Inside there was no line, and one sleepy-eyed employee at the counter looking toward her new customers like barely-tolerated bodies in her space. Cheery.

She slipped through the door without touching it and slinked behind him. The florescent lights were irritating, but the enticing smell of greasy burgers and fries made up for it. Wren wasn't one to eat fast food, ever, but this time she would have to make an exception if she didn't want to wake her hangry bear. Wholesome meals such as salmon and turkey were her usual fair but her bear appreciated the special treat of beef and potatoes.

"Order whatever, I'm going to the restroom," she mumbled, stepping past him, and unsure if he even was able to make out what she even said. Hopefully her walking off in search of the bathroom would give the hint. Wren shuffled across the tile floors and made her way to the bathroom where she splashed some water on her face. She was exhausted. Mentally, mostly.

She leaned into closer to the mirror. Her hands were rested on either side of the sink and they began to clench tightly around the ceramic as she began to worry about what was to come next. Tell Levka? Assume this dude would keep his mouth shut? Could she trust the ranger? She grumbled and yanked her hands away as she heard the cracking. The red head stumbled backwards and quickly exited the restroom.

 She dipped away from him and into the bathroom, and Luke turned to the counter. The woman behind the counter had the tendency to mumble, but the good news was these transactions were fairly straightforward and he felt little need to have to understand. Two large drinks, twenty chicken nuggets, two large fries and lots of barbecue sauce wasn’t too complicated.
  He did not move away from the counter even when given his ticket for the order, but instead waited for the food where he stood. Thankfully due to the hour, a fresh batch of fries was in store. The scent of potatoes dropping into grease struck him and made his stomach growl, in want of the flavors of nostalgia and indulgence.
 Once the tray was presented to him he grinned and offered thanks, filled a cup with Dr. Pepper for himself and claimed a seat against the wall with a view of the door to the dining room. He did not wait: he broke into his fries first, dipping them in copious amounts of ketchup before shoveling the first batch into his mouth.

She stood still while her eyes searched for her company, hoping he would be facing away from her exit, but unfortunately it wasn't the case. Wren sighed and stepped forward. Her feet shuffled her to her kidnapper and eventually she sat down across from him, watching him stuff his face with french fries.

A small frown lined her lips as she sat boringly on her side of the booth, her hands folded neatly on her lap.

"You hunt often then?" she asked, a waver in her voice. Her mind immediately went to him hunting animals that could have easily be her kind. She shuddered at the thought. It could have been her. Mounted on a wall. "Isn't it dangerous for you to be hunting? Since you can't hear?"

 Judging by the way he beamed, he was pleased when she chose to join him. It seemed her piss and vinegar had left her in the restroom—or at least he thought until she brought it up. His tendency to sign unconsciously be damned, it wasn’t a topic he liked to broach with strangers. The subject was complicated and challenging to have to explain, and currently brought up in a manner of questionable tact.
 He held her with a lingering stare while he tried to figure what she meant by that. It would be easy to become offended, harder was to bite back that initial reaction and assume there had been no venom to her tone. He couldn’t tell, he just took it on faith.
 "All the lost hunters I’ve hauled out of the woods were hearing people," he sassed her back. The raise of his brow and the way he lifted his cup to his lips to sip made it clear he meant no ill will, just to answer in a way more clever than “no”. Once done with his drink he provided a little more honesty, and a spoonful more maturity, "Grew up Deaf and hunting. Don’t know any different."


Her face immediately flushed bright red at her own stupidity. It was a dumb question and it thoroughly embarrassed her.

"I-I'm sorry," she frowned, clearing her throat, "I didn't mean to ask it like that." Goddammit. The red head sighed and shifted in her seat. Now she was even more uncomfortable.

"Maybe I should just go ahead and head on out then," she said, starting to slide from her seat, "I appreciate the ride, kind of." Wren stood up and looked over at the deaf man. Life would've been much easier had this dude not gone all hero mode on her and decided to take her to town. She could've easily just made it to her car and never had to see this dude again, but no. Playing hero was something this dude liked to do apparently.

 I didn’t mean it — — Luke nodded and shrugged, his posture and expression passive. "I know. It’s okay." This was hardly the first time he’d encountered this sort of situation, especially when he ‘functioned so well’ (whatever that was supposed to mean) to all appearances. The reminder wasn’t delivered in malice, in spite of his initial want of offense, and he’d thought to try to make a joke of it.
 She didn’t think it was funny, and seemed to be leaving. He glanced down at the array of food between his palms and shrugged again. "You don’t gotta go, but you do you."

Wren squirmed in her seat, debating what to do, but as soon as he gave somewhat permission for her to leave, or at least that was how she interpreted it, she rose up from the seat. She couldn't figure out what to say, because truly this was quite the inconvenience, but she gave him an apologetic look, nodded, and turned on her heel. Hope it didn't mind not getting these clothes back.

The redhead made a break for the door, picking up speed into a run. Out the door she went, and across the parking lot. Glancing over her shoulder, she peered inside to see if Luke was still there, her eyes glowed their predatory bright green. However, she didn't stop running until she was out of view from the fast food place.

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