Blood on a Marble Wall

Cobalt Ridge Ski Lodge 
Probably v late at night. 1am ish? Maybe? Idk. @"Faokins"

 Today had been a fucking day, okay? She was done with it. One hundred thousand million percent done with it. Ignore her math -- she hadn't passed it anyway. There was no real rhyme or reason to it, either; she'd just had a bad fucking day and she was pissy about it. Pissy enough that she had wanted to get out of the house, away from work, and a bit of a distance away from the territory all together. Pissy enough that she'd gotten into her stash of liquor, grabbed a bottle or three, and hit the road.

 Where she was headed, she wasn't sure. She wouldn't be until she got there. The truck stayed steady on the path, still sober as she had only taken a few sips of the whiskey settled in the passenger seat. Once the truck stopped, she'd drink the rest of it and maybe even shift to get the anger out of her system. That sounded like a decent time, actually. Go up to the mountains, shift, and hunt. She could have done this at home but the draw of solitude was too great.

 To the mountains, it was. Turning the truck onto the interstate, Alina drove up into the mountains, heading towards the Ski Lodge since she was sure that Levka would be okay with her parking there and coming back for it in the morning after she shifted back. It was a long drive but hopefully it would be worth it.

 The lights bounced off the snow in a practically blinding manner as she parked the truck in front of the Lodge, cutting the engine and removing the key so that she could sit there and stare at the large building. Internally, the wolf paced with its hackles raised, feeding off her agitation and generally on edge being on another's territory. The itch to shift practically crawled beneath her skin but she shoved it away for the moment, grabbing the open bottle of whiskey and a fresh one before she hopped out and headed for the front door.

 Barely pausing as she crossed the threshold, Alina had no qualms about raising her voice and drawing attention to herself. "Levka!" Whether he was down on the first floor or up a few flights, he'd probably eventually hear her and come find her. Nevermind the odd stares she was getting from the sparse staff or patrons that were still awake; If he didn't show up in the next few minutes, she'd go hunting for him herself.

It was the sort of hour where he very much preferred to be asleep.

And maybe he would have been, but he'd gotten up to crack the window open after a couple of hours in bed, and even in his hazy half-sleep he'd realized... something was coming. He couldn't make out exactly what, so it wasn't a bear, but it was a were of some sort and it was unusual to have anything of the sort moving up the canyon road...

Maybe someone shifted, out on the mountain, he'd thought dismissively, too absorbed in his own needs at that moment to want to care more. But as he'd laid there, trying to sleep, the presence just infringed closer and closer. So awake, but only just, he squinted accusingly at his wall and tried to figure out why there was a were on his property at this hour.

Maybe time to get up. Shoving blankets onto the floor, he went about finding clothes, yawning and slightly irritated for the interruption of what he had intended to be a good night's sleep. Oblivious to his name being yelled a couple of stories down--thanks to the fact that soundproofing the third floor had gone both ways--he went about wondering if he was going to have to go down there.

Downstairs, meanwhile, an alarmed looking member of the night staff approached the shouting woman. Tentative at best, but determined. "Up those stairs and to the third floor, ma'am, if you're looking for the owner." A third-floor door Alina would find locked without a keycard, of course, but still would get the apparently determined woman out of the direct line of sight of late-night-coffee-sipping skiers.

Some things were better redirected immediately to the man in charge, right?

 Up the stairs, third floor. Cool. Yelling got things accomplished quick around here. Now, where were the stairs.... Her eyes followed the woman's pointed finger and found her way up. Giving a quick, two-fingered salute to the woman, Alina headed for the stairs, bottles of liquor in hand.

 As soon as she hit the third floor, she raised her voice and called out his name again, belligerent in the fact that she would make him come find her. "Levka!" If she was going to use his land to shift on, she was going to give him a bottle of liquor as thanks. She just needed to hand it off and she'd be on her way.

 So where the fuck was he?

Even as he moved out into the common room, pretty sure he was about to have... something on his hands, he could hear her. It was faint, muffled, through the locked door that was heavy and belligerent when it came to noise. Without his own keen hearing he wouldn't have even gotten that much. But as it was, he didn't recognize her voice. Didn't even pick up on it as female, actually. It was like hearing it under water, but without the distortion.

Shaking his head, like he had cotton in his ears but really just trying to ward off sleep and the desire to go back to hibernating in spite of this interruption, he went for the door that separated his lair from the rest of the world and opened it, drawing breath to tell whoever it was off.

And though he'd expected it would probably be someone at least moderately familiar to him, if they were here, he had not exactly expected the
Wolf King.

"Alina? Why are you yelling in my hall?" he asked, clearly put off and moderately confounded. Not displeased that it was her--if anything, that made this better--but visitors past midnight were unheard of. Not even Yana... except maybe that one time. Either way, he was clearly ruffled and haphazardly looking for answers. He did, however, leave enough room in the threshold for her to come into a more private space, not about to bar her from entering.

With Katya removed from the picture the last few months, he could not begin to fathom what this was about.

 Aha. It had worked. Levka appeared in a door way, tall, blonde, bear. King Bear, but still bear. He looked unkempt, like she had woken him up or maybe just that he hadn't cleaned himself up in a few days.

 Why was she yelling in his hall? That was actually a very good question. Why was she yelling in his hall? Because she could. Because no one could tell her what to do. Because sometimes it was nice to not have to act like you had all your shit together. It wasn't something that she did all that often since she was almost always surrounded by people who shouldn't see her as anything but having her shit together.

 "You weren't downstairs." She said it as if it was the obvious answer, stepping into the room as he allowed her to before turning and offering him one of the bottles. The closed one. She wasn't trashy, thanks. "I was planning on shifting and running around your place for a bit." She didn't ask if that was alright, assuming that he'd speak up if it wasn't.

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He eyed her, the bottles she had in hand, the scent of alcohol on her, and tried to get his lagging brain to catch up and figure this out before she had to tell him. You weren't downstairs, she said, and he felt his face scrunch. "I was in bed," was the immediate--if needless--explanation. And if she thought he hung out downstairs regularly with the humans who funded his Sleuth, she was wrong.

But that was neither here nor there, and somehow it wasn't surprising that her explanation for her presence in North Glenn did not exactly shed any light on why she was here in his home with liquor. She didn't need permission to shift in the Glenn...

Closing the door firmly behind them, it locked automatically and took the offered bottle with a look that was perplexed only because he couldn't track where this was going. He crossed to his couch, assuming fully she'd follow him as he then collapsed onto it with a sigh--too tired to be even a somewhat passable host. "Need to use my bathroom or something?" he attempted for a joke but it wasn't particularly funny even to him.

He used the bottle still in hand to hide a yawn.

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