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Still holding the wallet, she led Forrest (or Forest, in her mind) easily through the planetarium doors and down to the office of the Dominus.

She'd texted Beauregard along the way, and evidently he was in a good mood for what she was bringing him, which only fed her own good mood further.

It was good to have done good.

"Just this way," Raziyya nodded, showing him to the door, which was open anyway. She greeted the Dominus with a smile and her hands locked in front of her, but would step aside.

"This is the young man I told you of," she introduced. "Forrest, this is the Dominus Beauregard."

More than anything in the world, Beauregard wanted that damn wallet. His hands nearly itched for it, so deeply nosy as he was. Pacing the lounge as he waited, the sensation of vampires approaching had him bouncing at his heels.

With a few mindful breaths, he could manage to appear calm by the time the pair arrived, he fixed a pleasant smile to his face.

Forrest was terribly tall, a gawkiness to his face accented by glasses. He gave off a sense of youth, but looks could so easily be deceiving. Raziyya appeared dressed for some sort of high school prom, and he preferred not to consider the sorts she sought to attract with such an outfit.

Regardless, Beauregard offered a quick and approving glance to the guardian for her efforts before returning his attention to the rogue.

"Forrest. It's a pleasure," he said, taking a step forward to offer out a cold handshake and leaving a deliberate space in conversation to see if the boy would fill it.


It didn't take long at all for them to arrive, Forrest surprised by the fact that it was a Planetarium that they were going to in the first place. Following just behind Raziyya, Forrest was sure that if he were a human he would have been building up quite a sweat with how nervous he was. He was typically good with meeting others, but the second he found out that they were a powerful figure, it was like all his confidence sorta came crumbling down, especially when said figure could easily just tear his head off.

It was relaxing however, to see a smile upon the gentlemans face, the older appearance calming in its own right. There was an introduction from Raziyya, along with a handshake from Beauregard, Forrest quickly making to grasp the offered hand and give it the wanted shake. "The pleasure is mine Mr. Beauregard." Forrest answered, automatically taking up the mans polite way of speaking, before faltering back into his normal tone.

"Uh, did Raziyya tell you what's up already?" He asked, hand falling lamely back to his side. He remembered her texting, but what the content had been, he was unsure.

Mr. Beauregard. He nearly chuckled but withheld for now, continuing with a smile.

And then came... a curious statement. A clumsy one. Certainly the boy gave every indication of youthfulness.

"She gave some indication. I'd like to hear your interpretation of 'what's up,'" he said, then waved a hand to the various chairs and sofas to choose from.

He'd take a seat, eyeing the wallet with a great desire to take it, but playing patient for now.

The fact that Beauregard had some semblance of an idea as to what was going on, or what had happened, was yet another calming aspect, Forrest fearing that he would just fuck up the explanation in some way due to the anxiety he was currently feeling.

Damn, why hadn't dying fixed that about him?

Following towards the sitting area, Forrest took a chair of his own, butt at the edge as his hands folded in his laps, waiting for Raziyya before speaking. "Well, a few nights ago I was at this Pawn shop in Magic Hollow, and there was this man there. He had cut his hand, and so I had intended to help when suddenly, his body started cracking." Forrest could practically hear the snapping now, head shaking ever so slightly at the obvious discomfort the man must have felt.

"I had heard of Weres before, but never seen them in person, nor had I heard of them half shifting either. He tore up the shop pretty bad, before leaving." He then fished out the phone as well, just remembering its presence. "Left the wallet and this behind." He'd hand over the phone if the man wanted it.

The pawn shop. Perhaps that's why it was closed.

He took the phone as it was offered, setting it beside him as he briefly glanced again to the wallet. Patience, patience.

"Was anyone hurt? Did he attack you?"

There was a keenness to his gaze now. This was an important story and more details felt absolutely necessary.

Forrest was not a good liar, and the intensity of Beauregards eyes did not make it any easier, blue eyes moving from the man, to the floor between his feet as he debated whether or not to mention the poor owner who had meant his untimely fate. "He didn't really attack, but a man did end up dying." He answered honestly, looking back up as he did so.

"A shelf ended up falling and crushing him." He wouldn't mention the fact that he had already been wounded before hand when his suggestion had failed.

"And as this occurred, you...?"

Watched? Perhaps on camera? Had he called the police, spoken to anyone? Beauregard wanted every damn detail and it was difficult to pull them all out patiently.

He reminded himself this boy was just a bystander, and one hardly expecting to be questioned by a Dominus.

She'd taken her seat with them, holding the wallet to herself as she listened and watched. Her role as the guide who brought Forrest down was now switched to the Guardian who would watch him for signs of deceit or discomfort.

The former, she did not see, though the latter she saw hints of, and hoped Beauregard would know to assuage the boy's feelings.

At the production of the phone, she eyed it, tightening her hold on the wallet. She wished she had both, truly. It would be delicious to get those longing looks for the prizes, but as long as she had one... well, it felt like a childish sort of half-victory. She caught Beauregard's last look and offered him a faint half smirk.

Behave. Listen to the tale. And it was quite one. A shelf fell on the cat, someone died apparently unintentionally. The Dominus pressed; she merely leaned back, interested to the brim.

"Oh, I tried to stop him of course." Forrest answered quickly. "I didn't think it would be good for either vampires or Weres to have yet another incident on the news. He was a bit hard to maintain however, and I unfortunately succumbed to my bloodlust before I could keep him from leaving." There was a pause of regret for this, brows crinkling just the slightest.

"I broke the computer for the security though, and tried to stage it as a robbery as much as I could before leaving." He needed to clarify he hadn't just left the building as is, there was at least a little work put in to make it seem less like a supernatural attack and more of an unfortunate event.

That was an informative answer with details that had been curiously excluded before.

Beauregard wasn't certain how security systems work, but he knew simple destruction of equipment wouldn't make a difference at the planetarium. Footage would remain.

"You managed to pull yourself back from bloodlust with sheer willpower?" he asked. "Or did you satiate it somehow?"

"The human I mentioned before..." He began, eyes reverting back to the ground. "There was a lot of blood, and so naturally in my condition, I went for him rather than the Were." Remembering what happened during bloodlust was always a bit foggy for him, just the feeling of both unsustainable hunger and anger remaining when he was of mind once more.

"It was after I fed from him that I came back to my senses, and by that point the Were was gone."

More information fed in at a trickle. Beauregard frowned a hint, appraising the vampire some.

"In future stories, I recommend mentioning these important details upfront, rather than after questioning," he said, firm but not unkind.

Then he leaned back a bit, an easing of tension.

"It is good that you escaped unscathed, and your turning over of these items is greatly appreciated. Are there any other details you'd like to share?"

Forrest didn't enjoy being scolded, whether it be by someone he knew or a stranger, and he felt a tingle of guilt, sure that if blood was running through his veins that his face would be entirely red, if not at least pink. As it stood however, his guilt could be some what masked, aside from the slight frown that came across his face.

"Of course, sorry." Forrest answered, pulling in a breath as he thought back to the night, eyes up towards the ceiling now.

"Uh, I'm not sure if it's useful or not, but the Were was some sort of spotted cat..." After some thought. "A cheetah, maybe?" There had been those weird lines on the face that he was pretty sure only cheetahs had... Or maybe an Ocelot?

Beauregard would feel the guilt. It was an appropriate thing for Forrest to experience, given that he'd been directly called out.

Making no effort to soften it, he listened to the additional information.

A cheetah. How delightful. He smiled.

"That is useful. Thank you, Forrest."

He glanced between the two other vampires.

"Have you two discussed the clutch?"

Glancing between Beauregard and Raziyya, Forrest then gave his head a slight nod.

"It was mentioned yes, but not in great detail." He began, gaze locking back onto the man,

"There was mention of protection." It was the one thing he cared about after all, especially in the case that the Were had other friend who would't like Forrest knowing about them.

Protection. Everyone wanted to be protected as they watched shifters demolish pawn shops. Beauregard nodded.

"Protection is certainly offered in a clutch," he said. "We have some simple rules that must be followed in exchange."

Simple, but not inherently easy to follow for... a select few.

Forrest was pretty good with rules, if he did say so himself, especially as a man who had once been in the army, he was sure that he could follow whatever Beauregard put down. At the same time however, he was still pretty unsure if he was even accepted, or going to be accepted, into this clutch, or if it was all on a discussion base only.

"If I were to be accepted, what would those rules be?" Better not to assume and make an ass of himself.

If he were to be accepted. A lovely choice of words. Beauregard fell into a familiar dialogue.

"Avoid unnecessary confrontation, particularly anything that could get you on the news. Shifters are allowed within territory if they mind their manners. If they don't, you simply alert the group, and there will be one less shifter in the world."

A handsome smile from a capable man.

"Leave meals largely unharmed. Wipe memories as needed, and do not hesitate to ask for help if you find you cannot clear an unfortunate incident."

He leaned back some, comfortable.

"Staying out of trouble is the crux of it all. Any questions?"

It all sounded relatively simple, and it was honestly something that Forrest was doing even on his own. There was no point in causing trouble when it would only lead to more of it coming back on him, more so, when a group was at stake. Therefore, the rules were very understandable, and honestly to be expected.

"They sound quite simple to follow." He answered, a small smile coming to his lips. "Honestly that whole pawn shop thing was the first trouble I've been in quite some time."


"I'm glad to hear it's not the norm."

Beauregard didn't get any sense of dishonesty from the boy as far as he could discern.

"If you find yourself suited, I'm happy to welcome you into Eventide. I can get you a keycard made in the coming days and offer you a proper tour then. If you'd like time to think on it, I encourage you to do so."

Very few ever did.

It was truly a relief to have the invitation officially brought forward, body relaxing just the slightest, giving a hard shake of his head at the offer for more time. He most certainly would not be needing that, for it would be utterly stupid of him to deny joining a clutch, denying the freedom, and denying the chance to meet others similar to himself.

It had gotten a bit lonely without Ode constantly nagging in his ear.

"I'll accept it, thank you so much." He truly meant it, and he hoped that the feeling was registered by the man.

It could not have gone any easier.

"I'll have a keycard made for you in a few days. Send me a message-"

He rose some from the seat to retrieve his wallet from a back pocket and offer out a business card.

"-and I'll be sure to contact you. If you are without any further questions, you're welcome to explore the planetarium upstairs."

Beauregard smiled handsomely, his eyes briefly falling on the wallet Raziyya still clutched. He'd have to take it from her.

How wonderful was it that she could so help the clutch grow. These shifters made it so brutally easy, increasing the loyal to Eventide.

She watched the entire exchange and felt endlessly proud of herself. Another eyeing of the wallet in her hands, and she was proud of that too, to have something that caught the Dominus' eye.

He was a child and he was currently inspiring some childishness in herself.

She looked to Forrest, "We should hunt some time. Let me know your preferences and we can make a night of it."

He would take the card, glancing over the number before placing it into his own pocket, missing the glance that was thrown towards the wallet in Raziyyas hands entirely, in fact, he had utterly forgotten about it at this point in time. There was just a lot that had gone on in this short exchange after all, that he barely recalled what had happened back at the club.

At Raziyyas suggestion, Forrest gave a wide smile. "Yeah, sounds nice!" He was more chipper than nervous now, excitement seeming to buzz straight through him.

How charming of Raziyya.

Beauregard gave them both a goodnatured smile, rising to his feet and making his way to his office. A polite nod would mark his exit.

Looking at the cell phone in his hand, he poked around the edges until he found the correct button to turn the screen on.

And, much to his utter joy, it did not appear to have any sort of password.

What a joyful resource this was, enough that he briefly forgot the wallet he left behind.

He really was a likable sort of boy.

"Wonderful. I'll give you my number then," she offered, and rose to swipe the notepad and a pen from Beauregard's desk. Tucking the wallet under her arm, she wrote it out and handed it off to Forrest, satisfied.

The boy leader was mostly preoccupied with the phone, so she decided to engage. "I suppose I should just leave you to your fiddling?" she asked, a brow raised.

He had two numbers now, which was wonderful because now he currently had four numbers in his rather useless phone. Offering a wave to Raziyya, Forrest made to leave. "It was nice meeting you both, thanks again." He called, before moving to return home.

He would explore some other time.

exit for Forrest

Beauregard sat at the edge of his desk, unwilling to so much as look up while Raziyya did her scribbling.

He was feasting on the text messages within the phone already. Yana. Frank. Charlie. Isolde. Jackie.

As Raziyya asked her question, he held up a hand, a single finger. His eyes remained locked on the screen.

"With the recent fall of Bone Hollow, Levka, Asha, and myself went to investigate a couple of nights ago. There we discovered a single vampire, who goes by the name of Sayed. He was a weak, passive thing-"

A glance up and an exaggerated frown.

"So terribly rude!"

Then back to the phone, reading aloud with a sort of intentional pretentiousness.

"However since it has come to light that he is aware of our weakness to silver."

Two notes of a chuckle.

"Goodness, they think it's a secret. Blah blah blah..."

Beauregard had never seen anyone send such lengthy text messages in his life.

"Ooooh. As always, particularly now with the proximity of the threat, do not hesitate to contact me should you come across a vampire within our borders. I will handle it, one way or the other."

His shoulders bounced a bit as he looked up, expression alight with a certain fiendishness.

"I'm simply quivering in fear of this woman."

She'd at least nod and smile to the boy with all the manners the boy Dominus failed to give him. What a child Beauregard could be.

She waited, rudely shushed, and found herself wanting to chuck the damn wallet at his head. Thankfully she did no such thing. He read out a text almost immediately, which helped.

Bone Hollow. Not a terribly uncommon kind of name. Vampires did tend to like to be morbid.

She listened with a mixture of annoyance and interest; funny how they described Sayed. Funny also that he laughed about the silver, considering she was the one to inform him of its effect. Still, she smiled in amusement.

"How cute," she sighed of it all through her smile, and then wondered. "Do we know if their leaders can be suggested?"

He shook his head to her question, eyes never leaving the phone.

"Haven't tried. I imagine they're well informed enough not to make eye contact."

Beauregard found the text messages interesting but not entirely useful. Perhaps he could turn the entire phone over to police. There was more than enough clear references to beasts and full moons and the like to make it all very obvious what this was.

Finally glancing up, he held out a hand.

"You haven't even looked into the wallet," he complained, expecting her to hand it to him.

Waiting for him to look at her and be interested in what she held was torture. Apparently animal leaders weren't worth the attempt, which was torture. His expectation that he hand it over... not torture.

She held the wallet teasingly away, a challenging grin as she kept her eyes to his chest. No cheating, Dominus.

Well, he could still cheat, but regardless.

"You made it seem like the phone was more interesting," she taunted, a hint playful and innocent all at once.

She thought she was very clever, avoiding his face the way she did.

"It is. You should have taken it before I did," he said, tucking it into his pocket.

"You know I can knock you into dead sleep and take that from you."

Beauregard still sought her gaze for if she risked it.

She'd have the phone if it had been brought up to her. Alas.

"I know, and it will be boring when you do," she accused of his threat, walking around his desk as if she would hand him the wallet after all. "And since you can do it at any time, I might as well have my fun for however long it will last."

Lightning quick and emboldened by a kind of playfulness from before he took up the most powerful of mantles, she aimed to feign a punch to his face that would come short of hitting on purpose — but her other hand sought to curve into his pocket and snatch the phone right out while he was busied with that.

She'd manage the phone bit, the thing dangling awkwardly between thumb and forefinger as she yanked it out, though for how long she'd have it in her possession remained to be seen.


Some sort of challenge! He was almost amused, at least until she came swinging toward his face. His hands rose predictably, wanting to protect his handsomest feature.

Quite alarmingly, her opposite hand moved quite south, and he recoiled some in surprise. Reaching into his goddamn pants pocket. Apparently she was acting the part she was dressed for.

With an utter quickness, he reached a hand out to grab a tight handful of her hair and hold it in a fist. The goal was to get her to look at him, but truthfully, he want fussed. The hold was delightful enough.

"Terribly inappropriate," he scolded, seeking eye contact still as his hand clenched her hair.



"Agh," she fussed, head tilting in toward his hold of her hair, not wanting to lose so much as a lock to his unparalleled cruelty.

Still, she could turn this into something else, give herself the upper hand. She tucked both her hands with both items behind her back, wriggling with a show of helplessness.

"Please, Beauregard!" she protested through a shit eating smile, voice louder as she was caught in the chest with laughter she would not set free. "I'm only your Guardian, we can't do this— think of Edvin, how he loves you!"

She refused to give him her gaze through it.

She thought she was hilarious. Truthfully, Beauregard wasn't following entirely.

Holding her hair in a tight fist, he shook his head.

"Bonne nuit, Raziyya. Dormez bien!"

It would come to him faster than expected, the ability to render her abruptly unconscious, dead weight before him. She could play her games, but she was out of her element, in the end.

He would at least be quick enough to adjust his grip to grab her by the arms and let her to the floor slowly as she fell.

hit for dead sleep and hit for catching her before she ATE SHIT


Rude, how he still held to her hair, and ruder how he didn't take offense and recoil to her words. She'd hoped for so much more fun from this and not some quippy French farewell—

Raziyya was unconscious like the flip of a light switch, her hands slackening to the point where the wallet fell from her hand and landed with a soft thump on the ground. The phone remained, clinging to the fortuitously just-enough grip of her fingers. But it was slipping, so it was good he was lowering her down.

She lay like a forgotten passed out party girl, body twisted at the waist as her legs bent in another direction.

Goodnight Raziyya. Sleep well.

What a pain.

Beauregard would move to pick her up and carry her, leaving her poised rather unceremoniously on one of the beds.

Prizes won, he'd sit at this desk pleased as can be, pondering what to do next with this plethora of boring information.

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