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Hey Minerva. The boys are settling nicely.

[Image: VP2xUmj.png]
Dexter is quiet the intellectual.

[Image: QewbdBi.jpg]
Bean not so much

@Minerva Heartgrove

Text messages from Zachary! Minerva beamed as she swiped to open the notifications. Dexter and a book - that was so cute, she literally squealed. And then Bean, smooshing his face into his resting place. She cackled, clutching her phone to her chest for a moment before she responded.

WOW why are they so cute that is illegal 1_face_sob 1_face_heart_eyes
I'm so glad they seem to be happy at home! How are you besides being burdened by adorable cats?


I'm doing pretty well! Works been less stressful and I've been exploring the city.

Anything new on your end?

Dexter had wandered over to sniff at the phone. Zachary smiled and leaned over to scratch the furry chin.

She was still staring at the cat pictures when his next messages came through. She smiled for his words - less stressful work and getting out and about were both great things. Anything new? Her eyebrows rose as she considered her response. Yeah, a literal little bird came and told me he thinks it's metal. And then I vacuumed my ice skates to my body when a guy with lightning power scared me!

Nice! And yeah, actually. I think it's metal? Like maybe Magneto from X Men?


Zachary had to sit up and read over her text a couple of time. A huge grin broke across his face. Minerva did it! She figured it out.

Really?? That's incredible! How do you know?

zsd a

Oops ignore that. Dexter got curious about my phone. 1_face_sweat_smile

Dexter was actually on the opposite side of the couch, licking himself. Cats made useful scapegoats. Minerva would never have to know he suffered sometimes from fat-finger-texting syndrome.

Ha! Cute Dexter! Minerva chewed on the inside of her lip as she thought about the text she was going to send. It seemed like a lot to tell.

I pulled my ice skates to me from several feet away! And I met this guy who can make lightning and I broke his watch without touching it after he electrocuted himself 1_face_grimace



Only you Minerva. I'm happy for you 1_face_joy

That's the craziest discovery story he'd ever heard, like something out of comic book. To be fair, he discovered his teleportation after also almost being electrocuted by Marlow.

Had he told Minerva about his second power? He couldn't remember...

He reread her message and paused on one important detail.

You met another guy with powers? I was almost starting to believe I was an outlier

Met like 8 others and all of them women.

He actually counted each one and yep, 8 lady physics and not another male in sight.

It was an outlandish tale, wasn’t it? She didn’t know if she’d believe it if she hadn’t seen it herself. Just kidding, she was pretty convinced anything was possible at this rate. She laughed at his messages.

omg are you kidding me 1_face_joy
But yeah! His name is Karim. I can hook you guys up!
Wow no I didn’t mean it like that

She almost sent “unless you want that” but wow she didn’t know the sexuality of either of these men and just the thought of having almost sent such a text made her turn red someone please take her phone away.

Yeah? I'd love to meet him.
Butnot liek that !
Im sure hes nice and all
an im equl opportunity
omg Minrva
please forget i said anything


Equal opportunity? Did... did that mean he was bi-sexual? Or something? Minerva grinned at his rapid-fire messages as the rang in one after the other, and she giggled.

Omg Zachary 1_face_joy
I promise your secret is safe with me!!

Was it a secret? He made it seem like it was. She didn't want to out him.

ANYWAY look I will definitely introduce you guys okay 9_symbol_heart_red
Maybe we can all go practice magic together if he doesn't electrocute himself again
Oh ouch maybe don't tell him you know about that 1_face_grimace


Practice would be great. I sure need it

If he could somehow find a way to practice life in general. Please and thank you.

Zachary rubbed the heel of his hand over his heated cheeks. Let's move on to something else.

Ice, metal, and electricity. We're like the weird cousins of the main four elements.
And don't worry, if he gets too zappy I can teleport us away!
Good way to practice too


 Practice would be great! She grinned fondly at her phone, embarrassment mostly ebbed away now as she read his messages.

LOL wow we are! We're special!


You can teleport too???????
You can be multi-magical?????


Oh so he hadn't told her. Oops. His bad.

Ah yeah, sorry. Should have mentioned it before.
The ice i've had for years. This teleporting thing only happened a few months ago
One of those other magic girls I know, she aslo has electricity and caused a power outage. I disappeared from one end of the shop to the other. Freaked me the hell out!
But I'm better now 1_face_grin3
75% accurate most of the time


Mind. Blown.

That is so cool omgggg

Years between his magic discoveries. Two totally different kinds of magic. What if he had even more magic hidden in there somewhere? What if she did? Why did she have so many questions that probably didn’t have answers ugh?!

Please take me teleporting that sounds wild!
Honestly everything is wild I’m kinda freaking out

To think she had gotten to a point of feeling like she had a handle on this reality! That she might be content with the idea that this was the limit of magic. She was going to have to stay on her toes.

I mean in a good way though. Is this real life??


Lol yeah
I ask myself that all the time.

He smiled at his phone, happy to have someone like Minerva to talk with. Made this whole thing so much easier when you had friends.


He had a friend!

Tell me when and where and we can meet up. I can go anywhere. Literally 1_face_grin3


At least she wasn't the only one who was totally blown away by this life. How many people were there like this out there? She wanted to ask Zachary to introduce her to all his lady psychic friends, too. Maybe when they went joyride teleporting.

I totally will lol. Probably after the holidays, if that's okay with you!


I'll text you after New Years then
Have a happy holiday season! 1_face_grin

She might celebrate Christmas, but he'd better be inclusive, just in case. One more text and he'd sign off. Someone was meowing for second dinner. Looking at you Dexter. Zachary knows and isn't falling for your little tricks.

Looking forward to seeing you again!


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