Estella Toscani -
Suggested FC: Samii Ryan
23 | Human/Psychic/Were (up to the player)
  • Twin sister to Riley.
  • She’s very immature compared to her sister and relays on her to keep her afloat.
  • Currently works in Red Rock as a stripper.
  • Loves to take drugs recreationally, drink, and party.
  • Not financially responsible.
  • Bold, brash, confident. That’s how I’ve been playing her as an NPC.
  • I’m open to whatever with her. If you want to change her name, go for it! This will be your character. I only ask that the two sisters have a thread to further their story line as siblings.

  • —- Toscani -
    Suggested FC: Matthew Noszka
    28 | Human/Psychic/Were (up to the player)
  • Older brother to Stella and Riley.
  • Protective of his sisters.
  • Knows how to survive in the wild since he took care of their little family when they lived in a tent in the woods for years.
  • The rest of his personality is completely up for grabs.
  • Might have come back because Riley might be social media famous from this thread.
  • Feel free to change the face claim.

  • Wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh