Breakfast-time !

Lavender Heights 
"- ... you gotta be fucking kidding me. Is this ...!" the man lowered his tone a bit. "Tell me this is a bad joke."

Adam took a sip of his coffe cup, evading as he could his editor's stare of reproach. He knew this morning meeting would absolutely be terrible, and yet here he was, in an old fashioned restaurant, taking breakfast, trying to focus more on his croissant's taste than on his interlocutor's words. Good thing was, it tasted really good.

"- Look, Chris, it's not like I wasn't gonna write a novel ever again, it's just a ... re-specialization of some sort."
"- And that's the whole damn problem !" he shouted again, Adam could see the entirety of the restaurant was hearing in on them, not a hard thing considering how loud this idiot was bawling. "You got a reader base, damn it ! Think they're just gonna follow you on your damn passion for metaphysics ? They'll leave you down ! Damn it ..."
"- You're saying "damn" way too much, Chris."
"- Fuck off !"

The young author let out an exasperated sigh, though he was too curteous to simply reply with injurious talk. That was Chris's type, being worried over nothing, then becoming anxious over his worriness, then becoming angry over his anxiosity. God knows how obnoxious this devil was when he got angry, not quite intimidating though, just annoying. Slaming his palms over the table, he simply got up, the baldness of his cranium reflecting the light from the lamps.

"- It's gonna be fine, Chris !" Commented Adam as the enraged was storming into the alley, the editor exited the restaurant, leaving Adam the custody of paying the bill.

The novelist lifted his eyebrows, hardly concerned, as he took another sip of his coffee. This day was merely another promise of boredom.

She wasn't sure when it started, couldn't even pin point a period of time when it had shifted into her normal habits, but she couldn't get her day going without breakfast first. The only downside to this was when her clients scheduled a walk before she had the opportunity to fill this need. Having finished up with her first client of the day, a rather vocal Yorkshire terrier with a small dog complex, she'd set about properly fixing her morning routine.

She wasn't remotely close to home, therefore couldn't visit her local diner for breakfast, but she liked to view this as an opportunity over a downturn to her day. Slipping into the booth next to a pair of men, smiling at the hostess as she grabbed for the laminated menu, she prepared herself for a new experience. By the smells she'd been washed in since she'd stepped in through the door she didn't doubt that this would be a very fulfilling breakfast, but whether or not it would compare to her regular place was yet to be seen.

She'd ordered her first cup of coffee, just having taken the first sip, when there was a raised voice from behind her. Flinching at the unexpected outburst, she winced as she pulled in too much of the scalding liquid and felt it burn its way over her tongue and down her throat. She shot a curious glance over her shoulder, eyes watering as she had to refrain from washing it down with cold water; not wanting to blister more than it would already undoubtedly be.

Setting the mug gently upon the table, deciding it best to leave it safely on the table to either cool or for the conversation to die down, she was surprised to feel the booth shift before she caught the exit of the yelling man out of the corner of her eye. "He sure didn't sound pleased," she commented, having turned to look at the remaining man over her shoulder. She smiled softly in his direction, sure to make it clear she was jesting instead of complaining.

He barely had time to get back aboard onto his train of thoughts ... fortunately, though : these reflections weren't the most optimistic ones and getting back on them didn't really thrill the young man.

This wakening found its responsible in the person of a blonde streaked woman, who, actually, was part of the faces he managed to detail when Chris started working his vocal cords. Swallowing his beverage, Adam tipped his head on the side, strongly agreeing with this girl's comment.

"- You figured him out pretty quickly." he dropped with a smirk.

He knew Chris on a personnal plan, although he would've prefered it otherwise. He was as anxious as he was distressing, but still, not a guy to fear. There was just this thing about him always transmitting his permanent stress level to others, urging authors he was working for to publish books, without any consideration for the quality of their work.

"He'll get over it. Hopefully. Else, I'll have to find myself another editor."

She wasn't an expert on human inflections, not when most of her days were spent in the presence of animals, but she couldn't help but feel as if the man she was now speaking with was not as upset about being yelled at as she would have expected. In fact, by the words he spoke next, it almost seemed as if this was a common occurrence between the two and that only interested her more. Not one for gossip or drama, she was purely more interested on how a relationship like that was sustainable since her experience with anyone that spoke to her like that usually ended shortly after.

"Hmm. I'd say you might want to look into that sooner rather than later."

She wasn't sure what made her say it, especially as she wasn't one to judge another's life and how they handled their boss, but there it was before she could even think about it and there was no taking it back. At least there was the slightest hint of a smile, a show that she wasn't scolding or advising.

It was pretty amusing, she seemed more concerned about his own mess than he was. Well, that was probably because she didn't know Christopher, people were oftenly mistaken about how grave a situation was because of his unordinary talent at being dramatic. Adam just had his eternal passive smile accross, the one that could be considered a provocation, a sign of arrogance, when really, it was just a smirk.

"- He'll text me in about ten, if not five minutes from now to tell me he's figured something out. He's as much a good editor than he's an unsurpassed drama queen."

Lifting his cup, holding the remaining half of his croissant by the tip, he moved over to the bench seat in front of her.

"- Mind if I do ? That way you won't have to twist your neck looking over your shoulder." the mischieviousness of his smile let place to his usual tranquil tone, an absent air he's never been fond of letting go. "My name's Adam."

She chuckled at his response, beginning to get the feeling that there was more to that relationship than met the eye. She hoped there was something there, anyway, that was more lasting of a relationship than what she assumed. She definitely didn't feel like she would actively put up with someone who had such a tendency to fly off the handle. "I'm getting the impression that he works better under pressure but isn't a fan of it."

As he moved over to join her, she nodded her consent whilst taking another sip of her drink. "My neck and shoulders thank you," she offered appreciatively. It was a bit odd that complete strangers were now sitting at the same table, but it had been rather uncomfortable to turn around.

"I'm Hally."

He smiled and nodded lightly by the hearing of her name, leaving very short seconds of silence as a custom, a way of his to make his greetings of some sort. He put down the cup he had lifted just a second ago, slipping a last remark on his editor "friend".

"- But again, a good fellow. But he's like tobacco, you don't want to hold onto him too longly."

And where cigarettes can take years to take one down, Chris does it in a week, maximum. Once, he even managed to take the door at Adam's place, too bad it was not to get in.

"- What about you ? Does your job imply having to handle nerve wrecking editors, as well, or is it another set of annoying folks I know not the existence of ?"

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