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Artisan Market 
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 The air was crisp and there was still an hour or two of sun left, which the young feline was making sure to enjoy. Having parked her car at a walking distance, the femme had walked the last bit to the market in an attempt catch some of the rays. The sun was peeking through the tree crowns and the ground, and the surroundings in general, were glistening with frost. The holidays were just around the corner and the feeling of Christmas was lingering in the air. A feeling which only grew as she got to the market.

 People were lingering outside the barn, where there were Christmas trees propped up and ready to be bought. Both mulled wine and eggnod was being served to help the market goers to keep warm, as they browsed through the goods and crafts. Even Carmilla got herself a cup of warm, mulled wine before leaving the Christmas trees outside and headed into the barn. There were more visitors than she had imagined and as she found herself making her way through the, not too bad, crowd - she caught herself being drawn towards a jewellery stand. The same one it always had been; with the same old lady as previously.

 Carmilla smiled at the sight and brought the paper cup to her lips, her thoughts briefly wandering off. Shaking herself out of her own daydreaming, she was making her way when suddenly someone came running through the crowd and pushing themselves past her. Carmilla felt her body tense and her beast stirr at the sudden, and unwanted, contact. It had her stumbling into a stranger and spilling out the rest of her wine on both herself and the stranger. Although that was the last thing on her mind as the runner was soon pursued by a couple of other men, leaving the surrounding crowd whispering and gossiping about what had happened.

 "Uhh. Sorry about the wine; but clearly people aren't aware that running in crowds isn't always such a good idea." Carmilla made a half-assed attempt on a joke, as she directed her attention towards the stranger. "Hope I didn't ruin your clothes or anything?" She continued, a vague smile on her lips as she tossed the mostly empty cup in a nearby bin. "I think I've got some tissues in my purse, if you want some?" The femme continued as she dove into her bag for some paper, hoping it would save the day and spare her an annoyed market goer.

Joaquin had come out to the market for locally grown wines at Red Rock prices for, you guessed it, more Christmas shopping. He just really liked this holiday, alright? It was his first time home in years. He needed to make it amazing.

Sampling the mulled wine, he hadn't expected a sudden collision, but, well. That was what he'd gotten, and his prior white work shirt suddenly seemed to dye itself.

Why, he lamented as he stared down at himself, and then back at the woman apologizing.

"It's, um," he started, then gave a sheepish laugh. "Think it's pretty far gone, but thanks. Partying too hard?"

He'd take the tissues and blob at the mess on him.

 Offering the man the tissues, she smiled apologetically. Throwing a quick glance towards the direction the men had been seen running to, before switching her attention back to the male before him. A chuckle escaping her at his comment before she shrugged and made a overly dramatic eyeroll. "You caught me. That's the sole reason I'm here." Carmilla grinned.

 "Only here to get drunk on mulled wine. Totally beats going to an actual bar." The feline continued before looking down at his white shirt. "Really sorry about the shirt though.. Might be hard to get those stains out." She stated, frowning ever so slightly. "Think you might have to hand it in to a dry cleaner's if you want to save it." She added further and scratched the back of her head at this, quietly trying to remember if she had enough cash on her to pay for it. Or perhaps she could ask him to bill her? Hmm.

Did it really? Mulled wine was okay, he guessed. He was more of a martini kind of guy. This Joaquin thought as he nonchalantly dabbed away at his shirt like it could be saved.

"You know, I might do that," he laughed, though he had a feeling it would be money sunk. On that note, he gave up, putting his free hand on his hip. "Think I can get away with calling it a new style?"

If you're gonna be a mess, be a hot mess.

 The feline stated that.. cracking jokes wasn't her thing, really. Realising that her attempts went unnoticed, making her feel slightly awkward. At least there wasn't any tension in the air and he didn't seem to be mad about the shirt, even if she felt like a complete klutz.

 Chuckling at him, she took a step back and made a look out of eyeing him carefully. "Yep, totally. You can rock this." Carmilla smiled before tucking away a strand of her hair. "Seriously though, if you have to leave it at the dry cleaner's. I'll be happy to pay for it." Having the need to at least offer it to the man, even if it remained to be seen whether he'd take it or not.

"Thanks! And no, no, don't worry about it," he reassured, waving a hand. He was in a pretty decent mood all around with his wine haul having gone well so what was a little sticky uncomfortable mess on his shirt?

He took a genuine look at the woman finally, and Jesus, she was gorgeous. He found himself momentarily... tongue tied. "Uh— hey. I'm Joaquin," he introduced, holding his hand out lamely.

Might as well?

 Smiling sweetly at him, she stated that at least she had made the offer. "Well.. If you're sure." Awkwardly scratching the back of her neck, her hand soon dropped and she looked around briefly. There was a moment of awkwardness, silence slowly stretching.. Until it didn't.

 "Joaquin?" Carmilla repeated, letting the name roll off of her tongue softly. "I'm Carmilla, but everyone calls me Milla." She replied as she wrapped her hand around his, giving it a gentle squeeze. "You come here often? Getting bumped into by awkward girls, getting wine all over you?" Soon letting go of his hand and pulling it back.

He laughed at her joke, catching it this time as he held to her very warm hand until the handshake broke.

"Honestly, not enough awkward girls bump into me here. Pretty ones though... they can get away with it."

Slightly reddened from his own light flirting, he scratched at the side of his neck and shook his head. "I live in Avondale actually. Not far. You're from Red Rock?"

 She didn't have to be a rocket scientist to realise that he was trying to flirt with her. Carmilla couldn't help the little smirk on her lips, chuckling lightly. The femme couldn't deny that she didn't appreciate the attention, as it was nice for a change. "Gonna take a wild guess and assume that I fit into that category." She teased. "Seeing as you haven't bitten my head off for ruining your shirt."

 "Nah, not really. I've lived in Cordova before for a while, but right now I'm only visiting." she didn't know how long she was going to stay. It all depended on how things went from here and whether she could see a future at this place again. "I used to come here a lot though." She admitted, having always had a soft spot for the place.

Guilty! Joaquin laughed and rubbed the back of his neck a little. If he'd been like twenty percent more suave he would have accused her of doing it on purpose.

As it turned out, she was only visiting, but that was interesting enough, if she lived in the city but still decided to come way out here to the boonies.

"Visiting... family? Friends?" he pried, and then with a smile, "feel free to tell me it's none of my damn business."

 Carmilla chuckled and tucked her hands into her jacket pockets. "A little bit of both, I'd say." Not quite planning on telling him the whos, wheres and whatnots. "But figured I'd stop by here as well. Maybe I'm just being cheesy and nostalgic." Carmilla grinned at the thought and looked around, before laying her eyes on him again.

 "Where were you headed?" She asked, slightly curious herself.

Nothing wrong with being cheesy or nostalgic. He offered her an understanding nod for that.

Ah. But her question reminded him that he had more Christmas shopping to do. And a shirt to change... or at least hide. "Home, actually," Joaquin huffed sheepishly, scratching at the back of his head. "See you around?"

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