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Eden Project 
She has brought several outfits for this in a big bag but for the moment is dressed in a large hoodie and jeggings

@"Amber Bray"

Asha felt bloated.

She wasn't, really. Just in her head. It was just were life, and not being able to like, skip meals before big events where she was supposed to look hot for a few hours. She still had to eat like a maniac to keep the cat down, doubly so since it was the full moon week. Ugh. Ugh.

But she did wanna do this for Amber. And Chloe. And herself? And maybe she'd do something with the pictures, or maybe she'd keep them all to herself.

Anyway, she waited by the entrance on rocking heels for Amber to show, nervous enough to start nibbling at her lip, but it wasn't like Beauregard was here to make her stop.

outfit annnnd her trusty camera "Buster"

"I'm walking on sunshine baby yeah!"

The song blasted in her earbuds as Amber hurried up the sidewalk. Partly cloudy skies were in the forecast, but Amber knew enough tricks to combat the limited natural light. Asha would look like a million bucks guaranteed.

Speaking of Asha...she could see her now. Already looking photo ready, oh be still Amber's beating heart. "Asha! You're here." She pulled out an earbud and sprinted the rest of the way, backpack knocking around dangerously. They would head straight for the foliage section, take a few test shots, and then get this party started.

"Now don't it feel good!"

God, she was just so happy. How did Amber stay so happy all the time, and how did Asha go back to being that happy all the time? Maybe she couldn't. Maybe just... dying was the answer, she thought in a half second of gloom before she waved it away and brightened.

Stop being fucking depressing, Asha. Stop.

S. T. O. P.

"I am!" she smiled, letting that good mood sink into her brain like a sponge. "And you too! So I brought all my stuff here, I guess I can just change in the bathrooms? Or... here, check this stuff out, tell me what to do. I'm just the model."

She grinned a little and opened the bag so Amber could peek inside and like, decide what she should wear first.

Yes, yes, yes. Maybe. Yes. Absolutely yes. Asha brought a nice variety of clothing, plenty of color options. Amber couldn't wait to get her into the orange number. That one might need to be the grand finale, after she shook Asha out of first time model nerves.

They stopped in one of the more secluded exhibits, so not to bother any other visitors. Amber set down her bag and pulled out the essentials. "I'm going to take a few test shots to check the lighting. You can pose or move around however you like." She didn't expect Asha to loosen up right away, most people got a bit stiff when in front of a camera, but Asha took to it with ease. After a couple shots, Amber fiddled with the settings until satisfied and deemed them ready to continue.

She went back for her bag and lifted out an old fashion caboodle, smiling wide. "You probably brought some stuff, but I was able to sneak out a makeup kit from a client." Amber popped open the lid to reveal an extensive array of products. "Don't worry. The makeup artist is a stickler about cleaning brushes and everything is name brand."

Test shots! So professional. Asha was a little unsure at first, but soon enough tapped into a little more human part of her, shoving the cat back and away. Fun time. For her. Now.

And honestly she wasn't even dressed up yet, but she definitely was enjoying this. Asha had always thrived when all the attention was on her.

She peeked curiously at the pink thing Amber pulled out, her eyes going a little wide for it at the explanation and the sight of it all. "Oh my gosh, that's... Wow!" she exclaimed, extremely excited for all she was also wordless.

She was gonna get fancy makeup put on her?? AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!??

To say the least, she wasn't even kind of worried about makeup hygiene. Though that did make her wonder if you could infect someone by sharing makeup brushes.

... Oh well?! Fancy makeup, please!

"I'm not a professional." She apologized, picking up a brush. "But, I'll make you camera ready." There was a convenient bench nearby to use and Amber got comfy, setting the caboodle between them. She had Asha tilt her head down and got to work.

They'd start off with something basic and then refresh after each look. Amber detested the whole same face, different outfit style the cheaper magazines used to cut corners. Her go with the flow attitude only disappeared when she got serious with her work.

A final stroke and she passed over the hand mirror. Asha could be the final judge before going off to change, while Amber stayed behind to scout good backdrops.

"I trust you," Asha smiled easily. And really. Was someone else putting on your makeup for you ever not the most relaxing. Asha just liked other people doing things for her.

It was hard to argue against anything basic looking. Asha was satisfied, perhaps moreso because it had been done for her, and gave a growingly enthusiastic nod of approval.

"l like it! I'll start with the blue thing?" she asked, going for her favored long denim shirt dress thing and pulling it out. Might as well start comfortable (and give more time for the bloated feeling to go away). Plus basic look, basic outfit. Chill vibes.

Not even ten minutes in and they had it, the money shot (not the porn type you pervs). Amber hadn't lowered the camera once, giddy with all the angles Asha was giving and loving the attitude. The girl could give Amber's selfie game serious competition.

Next came a casual blue sweater, a hair and makeup change, and then rinse and repeat.

"That one's a wrap. Outfit change! You're a natural at this Asha." Amber gave a big cheesy thumbs up.

A natural at flaunting for sure, Asha had so little apprehension at just going for it. She smiled, shrugging lightly as if she didn't have little happy tingles around her head at all the attention.

"Aww I'm glad! You're making it fun too so like. It's easy."

The blue sweater look happened. It was a cute cheesy frilly sort of thing, and she felt a little like a present waiting to be opened up.

As they went for another look after the sweater, she hummed. "Let's see... lacy red shirt?" she asked. "Then we can go into the dresses!"

Oooh, where did Asha get that top? Amber wanted one. It showed the right amount of skin and that color did wonders for her skin tone. Jealous. Shopping trips would need to wait however, there were pictures to take.

A quick shutter took five photos at once, catching Asha in perfect stop motion. Amber saved her favorite in a separate folder for later review, then decided to save the rest as well. Girl looked good.

"Give me one more sultry smirk. Doing great. Pretend you're looking at something good. Something you want to eat right up." She said from her position on one knee. "And hold it! Perfect." The direction notes given were not taught in her photography class, but Amber liked to improvise.

The attention was the most flattering. The instructions were great at bringing out Asha's natural predatory nature —

The cat stirred at the idea of eating even though they just ate so much food. It was a maneater thing, probably, and also that they'd thought about eating this person before? But for one shot, Asha's eyes were an unintentional orange before she guided the cat back down.

She would be so easy to just lunge and attack.

Whiiiiiiiich was why they had change to dresses now! "Yay! Okay, what do we do, the blue dress? The pink one?" The pink one, probably, but she'd head off to change into whatever Amber suggested.

"The pink one. There's some flower fields I'm dying to shoot you in." Haha get it? Shoot as in, omg Amber was such a hoot. She cracked herself up all the time. As Asha left to change, Amber did a little happy dance of her own. Damn, she needed to rope her other girlfriends into more photoshoots, this was so fun.

And the pink ended up being the perfect choice with some clever angling and light manipulation to make the sun look close to setting. Asha had taken on a sweeter, more wholesome look that honestly had Amber a little shook. Step off Asha. You can't be good at everything.

They spent more time on these photos, Asha getting more adventurous with posing and having no qualms about laying on the ground for a couple shots. "Got it! Take a break and we can power through those last few outfits." Amber scurried back to her bag for another memory card and scooped out a few cans of Arizona tea. Peach and classic green tea. She offered them both up.

Pink it was. Asha scampered away to do her thing, and returned in good time for the next round.

Doing a photoshoot turned out to be tiring! Even if Asha was mostly just posing and changing her clothes. So she didn't mind it when it came to some shots just lying on the ground.

Eventually they were done with these, and as Amber offered out an iced tea, Asha reached for a peach Arizona gratefully.

"Thank you!" she followed up, and then opened the tab and drank some down. But her cat wasn't going to let her forget that this girl had seen her, even taken a shot of her in her half and half form. She just had to shove that aside.

"So what's the like... eventual dream for you with photography? Are you gonna have your own agency?"

Was that a thing? Asha was sorely undereducated about it.

The satisfying hiss of an opened can greeted her. Amber sat cross legged on the grass, holding her drink with both hands. They were almost done. One or two quick changes left and Amber would be leaving with a few hundred photos to shift through and edit. She couldn't wait.

The friendly question caught her at a vulnerable moment and she spoke freely. "I would love to have my own studio. Showcase my work you know and be successful making art that was for me. Not anyone else." Huh. She hadn't ever told anyone that, which wow. Kinda crazy to realize that now.

Amber bit her lip and thumbed at the flowers decorating the can. A far off dream for now, but maybe not an unachievable one. Her brow rose as she glanced back at Asha. "What about you? Got a big secret dream of your own." Everyone had a couple. Maybe Asha secretly wanted to be a real-estate mogul or one of those hand models that got to eat all the delicious craft services because it kept their fingers pleasantly plump and photogenic. Actually, that one might be one of Amber's dreams.

That was a really, really sweet goal. Asha could see it in the way she'd always seen crazy ambitions. Optimistically.

She laughed at the return question. "Honestly, I'd just love to go back to bartending if I could." And maybe she could, but she was also sort of settled in her work from home life too, and... Yeah. Anyway. There was a question to ask, but it was mingled with a bit of uncertainty. Because like. Yana and all that shit.

Also, picture of half-jaguar Asha.

"Have you ever like... applied to show stuff at Work Release? Art studio in Belle Vista."

She drank more tea to avoid the sour taste in her mouth.

Her fingers flexed on the now empty can, puckering the thin metal. "I've been in there. Got a packet on showcasing." Amber sighed, thumb nail making another dent. "I want to, but.... I don't feel like I have something worth showing yet. I don't feel ready. You know?"

So little of her past work was hers anyway. The curse of a freelancer and pretty much the whole reason she's gonna drag Asha into the woods and hope for something magic to happen. She needed something all her own, and so unique they'd have to showcase her work.

She almost forget to listen for Asha dream, but Amber had been getting better at paying attention. Sometimes. "You should do bartending again." It was an underrated profession in her opinion, and at one point she'd even considered taking a class on it. "I have a friend who bartends at Chupacabras. Fun place, but don't go there after dark." Vampires man. Ruin every establishment.

Note to self, stay positive, shut the fuck up, don't say anything bad, Amber wouldn't get it. "Yeah, I've heard they have like, attacks and stuff happening there." Because... apparently Alex and co could only be militant about genuinely nice vampires like Beau. "So it wouldn't make sense to be a bartender if I have to leave before the sun sets." Heheh. Whoops. Back to the first topic!

"Anyway, you have a lot of good material! I don't know what you're talking about. Just maybe like... not these portraits of me. And no furries," she winked playfully. Please god, do not enter that picture of her in. Any picture of her in. Human or otherwise. She did not want Yana seeing her at all. Ever. It would probably get struck down anyway. Oh fuck.

"Actually, don't do anything with those furry pictures. You like... never know who might see it and react."

"Ughhhhhhhhhh, you're right." Amber groaned and buried her head in her arms. "I can't showcase anyone without explicit consent. Which duh." Doing so would be career suicide and maybe even a lawsuit if you pissed off the wrong person. Damn, she could of easily messed that chance up. Creativity sucked butt sometimes.

The top of her head peeked out, a few loose curls creating a bouncy curtain. She studied Asha for a moment, wondering how to make all her goals work together harmoniously. Her furry expose couldn't be her big break in the world of art galleries, but the media sure would appreciate some more information on the other furry problem in Cordova. Vampire slayer Pete swung from a vine across her mind. "selllll thoooose photooooos," she said.

She batted Pete away, even money couldn't compromise her adherence to quality and she'd begrudgingly admit finding weres and trying to photograph them felt sleazy. But, if she got permission or better yet, met one willing to do an interview, then photos weren't a problem at all! She just had to meet one.

And that's where the were idea come roaring back to life. She needed to go to their spaces and hopefully learn more, then she could make the approach. Not with the animal of course, the person behind, inside?, the animal, or was it the other way around? Whatever. She'd figure out details later.

"I'll nix that furry idea for now, we'll plan for a different outing than the woods." She said, fully emerging from her arms. Amber would reach out to Natalie and figure out where she met the were jaguar, that'll be a good place to start.

Ughh no she hadn't meant to like, kill Amber's dreams. But it was a hell of a lot better than some were killing Amber.

What followed next was only logical. It was good Asha didn't know Amber's real ideas there.

"Sounds good to me either way," she smiled. "But if you are gonna do the woods... just like, let me know. I'm happy to go with you."

Well, dreading it really, but whatever.

"Blue dress now?"

It'd been a long enough break and they still had two looks to go. Were spotting club could commence after the shoot. She crushed the empty can in half, delighting in the sharp smooth edges it created. Setting the can aside, Amber stood up and stretched on her tip toes. All the squatting down and neck straining to get the camera in the perfect spot was going to come back to bite her later.

"Right behind you, go ahead and get dressed." She waved one hand at Asha while the other brushed off her pants.

Once Asha returned, she'd be back to zooming around her with encouragements, laughing at some of the more animated choices. She stuck to closer shots this time, circling around her model pretending she was Patrick Demarchelier. All too soon they were done and ready for the grande finale.

"There's a pavilion on the other side that'll be a perfect final backdrop." Amber pointed over yonder.

Spinning around in the blue dress: fun. Asha had too much fun being a model. Maybe she should look into this as a side gig.

Honestly, wouldn't it be good! Asha could live on attention.

"Okay!" she chirped, all ready to find this pavilion and oh my God this dress.

Barlit was gonna have a heart attack. Hopefully the good kind. Asha let her hair out, scrunching it into waves some, and prepared herself. She was fine. Most of the carbs were gone by now. Actually, she was really kind of hungry.

Feeling kind of predatory because it was better than feeling insecure at all, she put on a more seductive persona.

Maybe she could give it to him for Valentine's day.

Okay, that dress was STUN. NING. Whoever was on the receiving end of these was going to be very happy, satisfaction guaranteed with a little Amber retouch magic. Actually, did Asha ever mention a partner? A quick look confirmed no ring, but she'd bet money the girl left a string of broken hearts. Intentionally or unintentionally.

"Ooh marvelous, you love the cam-er-rah and the cam-er-rah loves you." Amber gave herself a ridiculous accent with absolutely no discernible country of origin. A final shutter click and they reached the end of the shoot. She let out a shout, pumping her fist. "And that's a wrap baby!"

"Oh my god," she'd laugh at the enthusiasm despite herself, but reclaim her persona all the same. It felt good to have roving eyes on her. She gave her own back, not only to the camera but the photographer.

What. She was allowed to find someone pretty.

Eeeeven if they were human, oops. Anyway. They carried on and eventually, that was it.

"Oh my godddddd," she stood and stretched out her arms and back, tipping onto her toes. So good. So good. "I am the hungriest. Wanna grab burgers?"

She would, of course, change.

Amber lifted herself and teetered dangerously before finding her footing. Oh boy, her thighs were going to feel it tomorrow. Hands digging in her pocket, her ears perked at Asha's happy exclamation. Same, Asha same.

Camera lens now carefully capped, Amber walked over with intent to help carry the bags. "Lead the way my muse." She giggled, the last bits of adrenaline fading into unquestionable hunger. Burgers sounded like a good plan.

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