The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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Jag Christmas Party 2018. Feel free to make side threads as needed, just label it so people can pop in. <3

After a rather miserable birthday, being forced to shift on it with the only bright part of it being seeing the others briefly and well wishes, Frank was more than ready for a chance to catch up with everyone and have a more or less faux Christmas to make everything suck less.

He’d prepared everything over the last couple days and now, a few minutes before the others were due to arrive, he was putting out the last bit of food. There was a cut up honey glazed ham, walnut cranberry salad, several cheeses and crackers, deviled eggs, veggie tray, fruit, and prosciutto wrapped asparagus, fudge, brownies, and of course Christmas cookies that’d been made the prior weekend. All were laid out on the decorated table to be perused upon during the evening. On the island in the kitchen were a few wines and hard liquor with necessary things, like eggnog as suggested by Abraham and Asha, and sodas by various glasses set out. The others were free to bring stuff as well, but he’d wanted to be sure everything was provided for just in case.

There was a Christmas tree set up in the living room to be seen through the window there where the wrapped gift he’d gotten for the White Elephant gift exchange was laying under. Soft Christmas piano tunes played through the decorated house, filling the silence for now.

Walking over to the fireplace, he’d turned it on and was just setting down the gas key onto the garland decorated mantel when the first vestiges of someone being here got his cat’s attention with little more of looking up and an ear flick, right before a knock itself. Walking over to the door, he’d open it with a smile. ”Happy Holidays, come in.” The door would be closed behind, but left unlocked so others could make their way inside if they wanted to let themselves in.

Outfit with black booties
This wrapping For the White Elephant gift, which is in a box approx 8in x 14 in

Vidya was used the being the first one to arrive to places! She opened the salon usually, and was often first to dance sessions. So it did not bother her one bit that she was the first car to pull up to Frank’s home. In fact, she was excited, seeing as they had not gotten a chance to really talk yet!

In her arms she carried the gift box she had made for the exchange (hoping she was doing it right), and on top sat a much smaller gift that was in a red box with a matching red bow. She had gotten the go ahead to give a personal gift, and so she had. Or would! It was for Asha, whom was the only jaguar she knew well enough to give a gift directly to. There was a little guilt for excluding everyone else, but there was always next year.

The knock on the door was answered quickly, and Vidya smiled as Frank came into view to invite her in. It smelled wonderful in here! Food mixed with jaguar was something both she and the cat could agree on. The decorations were gorgeous as well!

“And to you!” Vidya smiled as she made her way in. ”I’ve never been to someone’s house for Christmas.” She said as she looked from Frank to the tree. It was like in a movie. So pretty! ”Where shall I set this?” She nodded to the box in her hands.


White elephant gift wrapped in this paper
  1. A box about 9" x 7"
Gifts for Vidya wrapped in this paper
  1. A hexagonally shaped box about a foot tall and 6" in diameter
  2. A square box about 5" x 5"
Gifts for Frank wrapped in this paper
  1. A box about 18" x 12" x 5"
  2. A square box about 5" x 5"

Look, Asha wasn't that late, okay. She and Abraham practically pulled up just in time to see Vidya walking in. And despite the weird feelings she'd had about being asked about Mathis, very recent events had her pretty fucking excited. Even if she was going into Yana territory to be here.

Also she just wanted Abraham to also not be nervous, so that probably helped her willpower here.

They'd brought the gifts for everyone, and also brought the stuff to make boozy eggnog, and they were busting in after collectively gawking at the pretty exterior.

"Oh my fucking god this place is gorgeous. What the hell, Frank?!"

Good-naturedly. Asha was laden with things please tell her where to put them.

outfit plus he's also wearing pants

Abraham had piles of stuff for eggnog.

He also had a small gift bag because fuck wrapping.

This wasn't his favorite thing in the world, but Asha's mood was so good that it soothed him. He wanted to hold her hand, feeling close and affectionate, but they were both holding things. So he did it in his heart, sneaking a kiss on her cheek just before they went inside.

It was a fancy house, but by now Abraham was fairly certain that everyone in the world lived like this and he'd been raised a caveman.

Stepping in, he'd greet everyone with an only slightly nervous smile, willing to follow wherever he was directed to set things down.

He also tried not to look at everyone's gifts because it felt like cheating.

Following Vidya in, he smiled as she turned towards him. ”I’m happy we can correct that. You can set those under the tree with the others,” he directed kindly before the door was opened again.

Turning, would reveal a gift laden Asha and Abraham whose response had him chuckling. ”Well thanks, I’m glad you guys could make it. Here let me help.”

Walking over to them, he’d take whatever eggnog stuff was offered out. ”I was just telling Vidya, you can put the gifts under the tree. I’ll go ahead and put this up. Make yourselves at home.”

At the direction, she would nod and move to tuck her gifts below the tree. It was about the time that she was standing up that Asha and Abraham arrived, and she waved eagerly at them with a grin. She would wait until they had unloaded their things beneath the tree, then would pull Asha into a tight hug with a kiss against the cheek. She would offer Abraham a side hug, but kept the kiss out.

“How are you all doing?” She asked the room as a whole, but looked mostly to Asha as she was the most familiar.

Kiss on cheek so nice. Asha stormed in with him in tow and yelled her prior greeting. Her cat was immediately yowling at their cats in happiness.

"Aye aye!" Asha smiled and scampered over to put the gifts away.

Life was incredibly nice and even nicer once her arms were free and Vidya pulled her into a hug and a kiss. Asha kissed and squeezed back and privately enjoyed the feeling of other boobs squishing against hers because she was allowed to now.

Grinning as Vidya moved to hug Abraham next, Asha shrugged off her coat, offered to take Abraham's, and went to go put them wherever it looked like coats were supposed to be in general. "We're good!" she chirped, because Asha was REALLY GOOD RIGHT NOW SORRY WE DIDN'T JUST SPEND THE LAST MONTH MOPING AND TRYING TO GET INTO FIGHTS DID WE NOPE. "How about you guys?!"

Oh uh hi hello hugs. His cat was more excited than he was, sniffing and snuffling madly at hers. Rude rude rude stop.

But it was a nice feeling overall, and Asha seemed to be glowing. He found himself smiling, too, without an explicit reason. This was a nice change.

Everything put in its place, he took a step toward Frank once no one was holding Christmas supplies. Abraham reached out for something of a greeting handshake.

"Thanks for putting this all together, man."

Outfit w brown dress boot things U KNO THE KIND
This wrapping for all gifts.
Gift Exchange gift is in a box about 12in x 8 in and p heavy
Gift For Frank is in a box about 8in x 5 in

He was only a few minutes behind the first rush of attendees. There was some apprehension as he pulled up to Frank's home. He would be the only cheetah in a room full of jaguars, and though he was certain his cat would be alright, it was daunting. There was some tension; intentional or not; between the two parties after the deal break. Mostly, however, was the fact that Abraham would be there. He had not spoken to the man since the night he had essentially saved his life. It was something he did feel incredibly guilty about. Not even a text to thank him or make sure he was healing alright. It felt selfish and rude. And yet, he hadn't been quite able to bring himself to do it. He couldn't begin to think about why. Maybe he felt guilty for bringing up the topic of something that had caused the both of them so much pain. Or maybe he was just too raw to talk about it. But then, he had spoken with Frank about it. It hadn't felt wrong then. There was something to be said of that, he supposed, but he would swallow all of this down in favor of collecting his gifts from the back seat and heading toward the door.

He would let himself in, finding that the door was unlocked. When he entered the front room, he was glad to see everyone was more or less just arriving. He greeted the room as a whole with a smile and a wave, but approached Frank first as this was his home and also the one he was most familiar with. Abraham was near him, just finishing a handshake."Merry Christmas." He said with a fond smile to Frank, and shifted his gifts to pull his friend into a familiar hug. When he stepped away, he looked to Abraham, and fixed him with a more sober sort of smile as he extended a hand for his own handshake sort of deal. "Abraham, how are you doing?" He did not expect an in-depth answer to that, but it felt wrong greeting him without acknowledging at least something of what had happened.

Laden with stuff, he’d walked towards the counter to put what had been brought down. Setting things up and the bag to the side, Frank made his way back as Asha explained they were doing well, something he was happy to hear. A group shift didn’t really give much time to catch up so, overall, he was looking forward to hearing how the others were really really doing.

At Abraham’s thanks, he shook his head, taking the extended hand. Shaking it with a smile, he responded. ”Of course, I’m glad y’all could come.” At the contact, his cat rushed forward to rub its head along the other before Frank let go and was immediately pulled into a hug by Mathis whom had just walked in. ”Merry Christmas,” he responded warmly, hugging back, smiling wide enough it hurt his cheeks.

Pulling away, he took what was in Mathis’ hands before making his way to put those down under the tree too.

Everyone got settled in, and Vidya made her way to where there was food at her cat's suggestion. At the news that everyone was doing well, Vidya beamed. "Perfect!" She chimed as she grabbed for some cheese and crackers. Just then, someone else arrived. She had not met him, and there was no sign of a jaguar, so she could only assume that this was Mathis. She smiled over at him with a wave as he entered, "Hello!" She called. She would have to go introduce herself later. The men greeted one another, so Vidya waved Asha over to linger with her. "I got you something! But you can open it after the gift exchange." She said as she popped her snack into her mouth.

LOTS OF EXCITEMENT. Right until the part where Mathis arrived. Asha hadn't needed permission to have him here at Frank's house, but it was impossible not to think of Yana as everyone went to greet him.

Deciding she could wait her turn, she smiled and nodded a friendly wave. "Nice seeing you again," Asha greeted, and then decided to let the Margaux killers converse for now.

As Vidya returned to her, Asha grinned, her accent thickening a bit. "Yes of course. I got you some too, I hope you like it. Why don't you come help me handle the eggnog, we can get all these boy cats drunk."

Little wink and she'd head to the eggnog making station with Vidya if she liked.

Frank was nice in the way that Frank was, though the demeanor changed suddenly.

Oh. It was Mathis, who truthfully Abraham had forgotten was coming. He stepped aside as Frank hugged the guy with the sort of bromance that Abraham typically reserved for Wallace.

He was fixing a polite smile and looking to take a step back, but the attention turned to him, and Abraham felt himself sweat just a bit. On his back, maybe. He took the handshake firmly, trying to remind himself that they'd had a nice frisbee time before the Margaux horror show.

"Fine, good, yeah. You?"

Frank offered to take the gifts from his arms and he accepted with a silence nod and smile of thanks, then Asha greeted him and he shot back "And you!" Before focusing his attention on Abraham. The handshake was firm and he returned it with a matching grip. "Wonderful to hear. I've been, eh, alright." Not great. The end of this year had been incredibly rough. But things were looking up. The two were likely both in agreement about not mentioning the incident with Margaux, so Mathis was comfortable to let that be and turn attentions to the festivities. "How many more are coming?" He asked Abraham, but did glance about the room.

Let’s do the timewarp~

Eventually, there was a lull in the goings on and it seemed ample time for the white elephant gift exchange. Having written numbers on strips of paper prior, they were folded and placed in a cup to be drawn from before everyone was gathered back into the living room.

With everyone present, Frank began to explain. ”Okay, everyone take a number and that’ll be the order you go in.” He held out the cup to each as he continued on with the rules. ”Whoever is first, you get to pick out a gift and open it. Then, whoever is second gets the choice of opening another gift or stealing from you. If that happens, number one can pick out another gift.” All paper distributed, Frank grabbed the last one out of the cup and set it to the side as he continued. ”From there, the next person gets to steal or open a gift and if your’s is stolen you can steal or open another. However, a gift can only have two owners and you can’t steal one back from someone that just stole it. At the end, number one gets the option of stealing. If that makes sense to everyone, whoever drawed one can go first.”

Eh, alright. Sorry, cheetah. Abraham felt bad for the guy, for whatever was going on to make things not great. But he also... just. Didn't feel that close to any skinny spotted cats these days.

To the question, he shrugged a bit, then pushed for a chuckle.

"Kinda hit and miss with the jaguars. We'll see."

And then, after a time skip, it appeared they were just this cozy little party. That was fine. Eventually they were warmed up a little by eggnog (some more than others, Abraham) and drawing numbers. Lo and behold, Abraham had...

1. One. First. He grimaced a little, listening to Frank read off the rules. Abraham "drawed one," and so after a moment of silence where he half considered trading numbers with Asha, he rose and approached the gifts. Picking Asha's felt like cheating. He'd totally pick his own, but Asha would call him out. That left a bunch of gifts he didn't know the owner of. Random it would be!

Grabbing the nicely wrapped present, he'd find his sitting spot again to open it to discover... some kind of... coffee pot?

Wait, no. It was a popcorn maker? He snorted out a laugh. It was a classic white elephant gift, the kind he'd been stuck with many times. Holding it out for all to see (or steal), he announced with monotone amusement.

"Popcorn maker here! Thanks, whoever you are."

Abraham has opened Frank's gift


Abraham had gotten one and Frank leaned against the side of the couch, waiting to see what gift would be chosen. Keeping a straight face while his was picked was a bit hard, but he managed, and watched as the wrapping paper was torn apart. The laugh had him smiling, glad it’d been found in good taste. Not able to really say anything without giving himself away as the gift giver he stayed quiet for now.

Onto the next person which, looking at his unfolded up paper, was him. ”Onto me next, I suppose.” Not wanting to steal his own gift, Frank would go to pick up a present from the pile. There was some hesitation on which, making a last minute decision between the gold vine and white one or the elephant one. Ultimately, he chose the elephant gift. ”Okay, let’s see.”

Grabbing an open seat to sit in, Frank began to tear open the paper and would reveal a book? Turning it to the cover, the title and horrible art had him barking out a laugh as something seemed to shift down and towards his thumb from the back. ”Jaguar vs Skunk, who would win? Oh my god, whoever you are this is gold.” What a great White Elephant gift. Opening the back to figure out what had shifted revealed a gift card. ”Anddd aaaa- Taking it out, he held it to the front of the book to show. ”Panera gift card. Thank you for the lunch and laugh.” He’d set both in his lap while waiting to see what the next person would do and end up with.

Frank chose Asha’s gift


The game was a little different than she had thought it would be, but it was much better! It was so exciting to see who would get what, and she sat up straighter each time a gift was picked. Abraham got a cute popcorn maker that Vidya 'ooo'd' at. How useful! And Frank got a book that had her giggling as peering over at the horrible cover. Who would win? Her cat grumbled at the thought of a smelly skunk. Seeing both gifts did make her a bit nervous that she had spent to much on hers, but then again it had been under twenty dollars, so!

She glanced at the number on her paper. "Oh! I'm next!" Vidya grinned, and moved to her knees from where she had settled on the ground in front of Asha. V peered over to the gifts, her lips pursed. Hers, and two others. Hmmm. There was one that was in a cute little bag, and one that was wrapped nicely. But! She glanced back over to Abraham's gift. She did like popcorn and movies. And the idea of stealing his gift and letting him get something else was fun! So she smiled at him and scooted on her knees, outstretching her hands. "I'll take this!" She said with a smirk.

ROO ROO ROO were Abraham's thoughts on the book. Jaguar would definitely win. Cat swiped airily at... the air in its lonely plane of existence. Quit it.

And then suddenly Vidya was looking at him, and his hands clenched the popcorn maker a little tighter. But he'd have to give it up, and he offered it out, looking at the remaining presents. And then Asha. Which would she want?

Didn't matter. He grabbed the nearest one, making relatively quick work of opening the heavier box. Within... well, shit, someone had overspent. He revealed one of two wine glasses with care, holding it out for group viewing.

"Gunna get fancy," he said thanks to eggnog. But there was something else, too, and he pulled it out to see... cat butt.


A wine stopper, as if anyone in the Abrahamasha household didn't finish a bottle of wine. But it was cute, so he held that out, too, the showman with about two gallons of alcoholic eggs in his body.

"Wine thing!"



This game was fun. and he was glad to be playing it again after several years. The gifts were all nice so far, and he found himself chuckling most at the book. A skunk would not get close enough to fight, but imagining the battle was laughable nonetheless. Vidya stole the popcorn maker, and Abraham replaced it with the gift he'd brought. Mathis kept his face placid, but did chuckle at "getting fancy." In truth, he'd made those glasses out of cheap wine glasses from Target and some acrylic paint he had in his studio. The stopper had been the most expensive, but it was all still within the price range.

With Vidya's turn done, and Abraham with a replacement gift, it was Mathis' turn to pick. He moved from his spot beside Frank to grab the gift with the white paper and the gold design, then returned to unwrap it. Inside was a box, which revealed a small gift set inside. Mathis pulled out some of the contents. "Nice!" He said, as he held up the jar of bath salt. The candle would likely go unused if he ended up with it, considering his cat disliked the scent. But he would use the rest!

Asha was slightly tipsy on eggnog. "Slightly" was a very, very, very veryyyy just over the "borderline slightly :333"

Anyway, she tried her best to follow along with everything Frank said. It was kind of difficult. But she would be lucky as she sat kind of cozy in a weird space between Abraham and Vidya, because she was goiiiiinnng last! So she'd get to watch the festivities and then know what she was doing after.

Her boyfriend went first, which was nice. "Gooooo Abraham!" Asha cheered, and then rest her head on the head of the wonderful Vidya in front of her.

Abraham got a popcorn maker, oh my actual god that sounded amazing, until Asha remembered microwaves existed and she giggled some. Frank was next, and he picked her gift AND HE LAUGHED! Asha gave a wide smile and laughed too. No one was revealing themselves as gift givers, but like, in her heart, she full on Olenna Tyrell'd an "It was me."

And then Vidya left her which was so so sad! But it was to steal Abraham's gift, to which Asha gave an enthusiastic "Ooooooh!"

Someone had to be the crowd here.

Abraham then took another gift! And Asha! Stared! "Those are soOOoOOOO pretty!" she exclaimed, and her cat gave a loud concerned rooing at the wine stopper because it was clearly a little jaguar was it in pain ROO ROO ROO???!

And then Mathis went, and she.


Not going to let that go to waste on a cheetah, excuse you, any word spelled like the word Rose was trademarked jaguar territory.

"Stealing that!" she pointed at Mathis' enthusiastically, then made grabby hands plz deliver you can have Abraham's gift thanks.

Also like it would just be tacky if she got Abraham gift. She was his girlfriend. They'd go home together with it. How lame would that be for both of them.

Instead they could do BATH SALTS.

The gift was in his hands for no more than a few moments, and Mathis chuckled good naturedly as he handed it over. ”I had a feeling.”

With that he rose to pick the last gift, the bag, and sat back down. From it he revealed a candle. that had him chuckling as he lifted it to his eyeline. The cat immediately lifted its head, encouraging him to sniff. He did, briefly, and the feline within him licked its lips. “I’ll have to hide this around full moons.” He chuckled.

Abraham had a plan.

If Asha didn't take the bath set, he was stealing the fuck out of it. In her honor. What an honorable boyfriend. But of course she went for it, and that left one gift.

And one person.

Oh no, Mathis. Abraham casually kind of looked away because this gift had a Thing but there was a good chance it wouldn't be noticed and oh God he was blushing a little.

The smell was strong as Mathis opened it up, and Abraham broke into a little titter as the poor guy's comment. Poker face: worst. No Thing noticed, but. He'd find it eventually.

Now it was on Abraham and... guess what? He had a pretty solid gift.

"Think I'm keeping these," he said, hugging the box toward him. "Thanks for setting this all up, Frank. You gotta tell me how that book ends."


The proceeding back and forth and reveals of other gifts was fun to watch. Everyone had done really great picking items out for the exchange. Several comments had gotten a laugh out of him and luckily, no one in the end had stolen the amazing book and Panera gift card. The book would get to rest safely on the coffee table for moons to come.

It ended with Abraham keeping his gift and that was that with the activity. It seemed everyone had had a fun time which he was more than happy about. ”I’m glad y’all had fun and I definitely will,” he replied to Abraham, setting aside his drink onto the table. ”I want to place my bet on the jaguar, but who knows.”

And then there was the matter of personal gifts. Getting up, he walked to the tree where two envelopes sat on top of a package that’d been already under the tree prior. ”I’ve got a little something for everyone.” Picking them up, he gave one to Vidya and the other to Asha which would be shared with Abraham before turning to the tree and grabbing two packages for Mathis, all the while beginning to talk again, feeling the need to explain. ”You’ve helped me a lot these last few months, so-” So even if it was a little something, he felt that it was good to show his appreciation for the people that'd become like a family to him. Carefully, setting the packages by Mathis, Frank sat back down.

Asha and Abraham got a gift card to share to a restaurant
Vidya got a spa giftcard
Mathis got a joke gift that when opened fabric will be seen first and if that is taken out it will ultimately be a cheetah shirt that's folded around one bottle of cheetah wine
The other package is the real gift which is Mirano glass wine glasses


It was a fun game! He didn't mind his gift, and would likely light it once to see how the cat reacted to it. It would likely want him to eat it. It seemed things were wrapping up with the gift exchange, and he was happy to see everyone ended up with things that were useful. Frank's book was still worthy of a chuckle when he glanced back over to it.

When his friend moved, he took a moment to look back over the candle before he put it back in its bag. It was only then that he discovered something odd at the bottom of the candle. His brow furrowed some as he flipped it over, and looked across the bottom. There was some paper, and when he pulled at it, it fell away to reveal a flash of green. "Ah!" He chuckled. He'd missed it, but there was a twenty dollar bill taped to the bottom of the candle. "Clever." He said to no one in particular. With that, he would settle the candle back into the bag when Frank approached with gifts.

A grin spread across his face as Frank explained. "I can say the same for you. He said of helping the man. Really, Frank had done much more for him. Mathis would wait for the others to open their own gifts before starting on his notably larger ones. The wrapping was very nice, and he pulled at the paper with his eyes slightly narrowed. Frank really hadn't needed to get him anything this big. A gift card would have also been appreciated. But he opened it, and what first met him was fabric. The print on it was difficult to make out, so he pulled it from the box. A shirt with cheetahs printed on it. Mathis chuckled at it, and dropped it some to look at Frank. "Fitting." He huffed. Beneath the shirt was a bottle of wine, with a cheetah on the label. He picked it up to examine. "Amazing." He hummed. There was another, but he chose to wait on it in favor of gesturing toward the tree. "There's two for you, Frank. They'll have your name."

"Awww, Frank, that's so sweet of you," she smiled as she opened up the card, leaning closer to Abraham precariously because it was for both of them, obviously.

It was restaurant money for dates, and she gave a little eyebrow raise at her boyfriend. They could eaaaaat. Outsiiiiiiiide.

"Uhm, we also did get stuff." Including Abraham because whatever okay that's what you did when you came as a package pair right?

She handed Frank's gifts to him (one and two), Vidya's gifts to her(one plus details, and two), and Mathis' gifts to him (one and two (sorry) (not really)).


But other than that, he felt a little overwhelmed by all the gift giving and just smiled kind of dumbly.

"You are all the best I'm going to get some eggnog," he said insightfully before giving Asha a giant apologetic clumsy smooch on the cheek and retreating for some space in the kitchen.

It was all nice! Really! Just. Roo roo need air.

"Bring me the bowl!" she called out immediately, sort of jokingly, she told herself. Vidya would get this joke.

The gift exchange was done, but that didn't mean the gifts were done! She was really happy with her prize, and even happier when Frank handed her a little card. "Aw! She exclaimed, and opened it to reveal a spa gift card. "Frank! Thank you!" She beamed. Asha started on her's and Vidya beamed as she went about opening her gifts. A ton of bath bombs that she would loooooove! "Ooh! I love baths, and Lush!" She squealed. And at the ornament, she held it in her hand and grinned. "This is amazing."

Abraham was getting up to get more eggnog, and Vidya giggled at Asha's remark as she hopped up to grab Asha's gift from under the tree. This was such a nice time. She skipped over the assorted wrapping papers to hand Asha her gift.

To be clear, he was not expecting anything in return. Just having the others over was more than enough. He watched happily as everyone opened their gift and seemed. The gift cards seemed to go over well and he sincerely hoped they all had a good time. And then with a bit of humor, he watched as the first box was opened by Mathis. Those ones had been put together as more of a joke than anything, knowing his friend would take it with good humor. Cheetah print and cheetah wine. Might as well have put it all in cheetah print wrapping paper.

With the mention of something from Asha and Abraham, he gave a look of delighted surprise, taking what was offered. And then so did Mathis, and okay, he’d go back to the tree and bring those back as well feeling like a kid on Christmas with absolutely no idea what to even expect from everyone. ”You guys didn’t have to, but thank you.” Back to sitting down as Abraham left to go to the kitchen for more eggnog and to apparently bring back the bowl?

He’d go about unwrapping the gifts from Asha and Abraham first. The wrapping coming off the first was quick to reveal a cutting board and storage in one. It was an item he’d never even thought existed, but something that’d be fun to try. ”I’ve never seen one of these before, this’ll be neat to try out.” And then the next packaging came off to reveal a snowman ornament with ‘jaguars’ written on a heart. That was wholly endearing and there was a tug at his heart. ”This’ll definitely have to be hung up every year,” he said warmly. ”Thanks you two.”

And onto two gifts from Mathis which was a bit confusing, but he had given the man two as well, so oh well. Starting with the bigger one would reveal cake pans and inside that were black oven mitts. Both he’d get a lot of use out of. ”These are great, I’ll definitely be using them.” And then onto the other gift. Tearing the paper off, opening the box that was revealed, he was faced with a pottery of something. Oh wait, oh god, it was a potato and that immediately had him trying to hold in a laugh. Taking it completely out, he held it out, opening the lid and then putting it back on, getting an absolute kick out of it. ”You made a potato, I’m so proud of you Mathis,” he tried to say through laughter, packaging falling to the ground. ”Thank you.”

Gift giving was one of his favorite parts about the Holidays. That, a food. Asha was quick to grab her own gifts to distribute, and Mathis was surprised to be handed two from her. His brows raised, and he felt bad privately for not thinking to bring her anything. He wouldn't draw attention to it, but he would take them with a grateful smile and unwrap them before the larger of his two from Frank. A cheetah ornament, and a pair of cat socks. "I will never forget what I am. Thank you, Asha." Mathis joked good naturedly, as Abraham seemed to have wandered off. The socks would go well with the shirt, he was sure.

Frank was moving on to the gifts he'd brought. First was the pans and the mitts, and Mathis was glad to see they were appreciated. Asha and Abraham had also gotten him cooking supplies, and he was thankful that Frank was so easy to buy for. But he was most excited for the smaller of the two gifts that Frank was opening, and Mathis sat a bit straighter as he waited with a smile of anticipation. The reaction was precisely what he'd been looking for, and Mathis chuckled as he moved to grab Frank's shoulder and shake it some. "You'll have to display it with the bowl. Two master creations." He joked, and glanced briefly to spot the bowl in the kitchen on the windowsill.

Everyone liked their gifts because Asha was the queen of gifting. Maybe. Don't think of questions yet. She smiled at their collective enjoyments anyway.

But. Also. Vidya was bringing her a little extra something, and Asha opened it and: "Oh my god, Vidya! These are so beautiful! Ahhhhh!" Actual screaming, and she threw her arms around Vidya and squeezed very, very tightly. And then she went to go bounce to a mirror, feeling very hazy and drunk and happy.

"Ahhhh! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God they are so pretty," she fawned as she held them up to her ears.

"Abraham! Come out and see what Vidya got me!"

Vidya bounced on her toes as she waited for Asha to open the gift, and she grinned so hard her cheeks hurt (except they were numb a little from eggnog). The squealing was appreciated and Vidya joined in with her own sounds of excitement as she was hug crushed. She would be right behind Asha to the mirror, standing behind her shoulder to look over at her reflection with them on. "They suit you so well!" She hummed.

He wasn't going to bring the bowl, Asha, that was a private Christmas ritual OKAY.

But a moment later she was yowling for him and so he hurried back out, glass in hand. What what what what-

"Oh they're so-" much "pretty!" he said cheerfully, offering a big Abraham thumbs up as he took another drink. Super great. The best. Thanks everyone.

Two master creations, god bless, he was going to never be able to go in the kitchen without getting a laugh out of it. ”I definitely will,” he managed to say after a steadying breath, trying to calm himself. ”It will be proudly displayed, don’t you worry.” An inside joke taken to the extent of actual making it was honestly an on point gift for him. Placing the potato bowl onto the table carefully, he leaned down to grab the paper and begin crunching that up into a ball.

And then Asha’s squeeing had him looking over as Vidya and her bustled off to a mirror. That had him shaking his head in amusement, glad they were enjoying themselves though not knowing exactly what was being shown. Clearly, it was something great, even getting Abraham to leave the kitchen for it.

But! Mathis still had one more gift to open sooo. Turning back to his friend, he spoke up. ”I’m afraid I don’t have a potato for you, but I hope you still like your last gift,” in response to the package still sitting there. The others had been a bit as a joke, but hopefully this next one would be an okay serious one.

"I look forward to seeing the display." Mathis hummed, but was distracted then by the squealing and uproar from the two women as they rushed to the mirror. Mathis spied the earrings Asha was trying on, and chuckled as Abraham was pulled in to admire them. Frank pulled back his focus, and he looked down to his last gift. "All I wanted for Christmas was a box of potatoes." He feigned hurt as he started on the wrapper.

The box revealed depicted four wine glasses with colored bottoms. Mathis straightened some as a smile crept across his lips, and he made to open the box. "Frank," He said as he removed the styrofoam that held the four glasses safely, and set it on the coffee table to remove the top half. "Beautiful!" The smile turned into more of a grin as he grabbed one from the casing and held it to the light. "Thank you." He said as he looked back to Frank.

At the comment, he just let out an amused exasperation. If only he’d thought of that. A bag of potatoes as a gag gift was almost too good.

As the gift became unwrapped, there was a bit of apprehension that it wouldn’t necessarily be liked. But, as a glass was taken out and admired, that was all waved away. It’d been a good choice based on the smile and response. ”I'm glad you like them. Merry Christmas,” he said warmly. It certainly felt like one with his friends in such good spirits. Maybe he couldn't go home this year, but having his friend family over for a small one helped fill the void a bit, making it feel like Christmas.

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